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Sitecore - Digital Marketing
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Sitecore - Digital Marketing


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Sitecore's præsentation om konvertering på vores Digital Strategi Seminar d. 2. oktober 2013.

Sitecore's præsentation om konvertering på vores Digital Strategi Seminar d. 2. oktober 2013.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • The Connected Customer…
  • ChallengesThe content of Metroselskabet’s website was primarily about the construction work of the metro and did not have the daily operation as the primary purpose. The really big challenge was therefore to change the purpose of the site to being targeted towards the end users and their needs to a higher degree. The website had to support the daily use of public transport and the new primary goal: To get as many people as possible to travel on the Metro.SolutionsCreuna has created a website that meets the users’ needs for operating information, timetables, as well as information about the use of the Metro. The site also helps the users to combine a journey on the Metro with other forms of transport. The Metro’s design has been carried on into a digital context and user-friendliness has been intensely worked on. The solution is implemented on Sitecore’s CMS platform and is integrated with, e.g. Google Maps and Rejseplanen. The site is created with responsive design, which gives the user the same experience whether they sit at a computer or look at a mobile phoneResultsThe solution has given Metroselskabet a website that now focuses on the users. The site has a logical structure that makes it possible to find information quickly and an easier and faster publication of information about operating status. The new Metro site represents a whole new way of thinking communication and navigation. First of all, the traditional menu has been dropped. Instead, you navigate via the route map.This means that information on the new City Ring is included as part of the site, and as the new stations are finished, they will be added as an active part of the navigation. When you click on a station, you receive further information on the construction process. At the same time, sales are incorporated into the solution as a declared business target. The same goes for user-friendliness.
  • All of these have won multiple website awards and have enabled these brands to much better engage with their audience
  • When you look at how marketers spend their budgets, the majority of the spend is on search marketing and display advertising. Overall, global digital advertising will take a 20% share of total ad spending this year. eMarketer estimates companies will spend $107 billion for online advertising worldwide this year, up from $88 billion in 2011.We marketers spend a lot of money trying to attract visitors to our webistes.Read more:
  • More and more digital, buyers, on their own, are finding suppliers.More than 70% of B2B purchase cycles are self-directed, trust-based, social — and invisible to vendors and suppliers.70% of a buyers’ journey is completed before he gets to talk to a sales rep …80 percent of the buyers claimed that they found their supplier and not the other way around ….
  • The good news is that your potential business is increasing ….The bad news is that you are probably missing more potential customers than ever before ….
  • So I can imagine Gordon Ramsey shouting … Are you blank listening to your leads. You may think the blank is a word that starts with F. But actually the word is “digitally”.
  • Valtech: IP lookup – Country -> sprog
  • Profiling
  • Profiling
  • Profiling
  • When you compare a traffic acquisition approach vs a conversion optimization approach, you can see that the profit earned from traffic is less that just a .2 percent increase.This is true in the case of SC because so many options are provided in the system without additional cost.
  • Valtech - On the way with Predictive personalisering
  • Transcript

    • 2. • Sitecore siden 2011 • DMS + ECM specialist • Eksisterende kunder Kristian von Magius Sales and Business Development Manager
    • 3. Verden ændrer sig HURTIGT...
    • 4. Det handlede om teknologi It used to be so easy...
    • 5. det er ikke længere nok
    • 6. På tværs af kanaler - Mange touchpoints
    • 7. The Copenhagen Metro Challenge: • Enhance the commuters’ needs • support the daily public transport • increase the amount of passengers. Solution: • New way of thinking communication and navigation. • Focus on user needs. • Responsive Design gives users the same experience on computer or mobile device.
    • 8.
    • 9. $107 billion is spent on traffic acquisition (2013) $107 billion is spent on traffic acquisition (2013) Why is it that for every $92 spent on traffic acquisition only $1 is spent on conversions? Source:
    • 10. “70% of a buyers’ journey is completed before he gets to talk to a sales rep.” Wow!
    • 11. The Good News More Opportunities The Bad News Invisible Opportunities
    • 12. Sitecore Compelling Web Experiences rev111130 Page 12 Are you _______ listening to your visitors?
    • 13. Sitecore Compelling Web Experiences rev111130 Page 13 Sales Enablement
    • 14.
    • 15.
    • 16.
    • 17.
    • 18.
    • 19. Det Digitale Fingeraftryk Keywords Country Region City Device OS Referrel Campaign IP adress IP Owner Visitor identification Language Day Time
    • 20.
    • 21. “During the easyJet January Sale, easyJet’s biggest to date, our personalised homepage was helping fill two planes every minute” Head of CRM Richard Levin
    • 22. Det Digitale Krops-sprog Which Product/service Phase in Buying Cycle Relevant Content Intent
    • 23. Using Predictive Personalization  Indentify visitor intent via behavior and target with relevant content and actions Business oriented Exploration oriented Family oriented
    • 24. Patterns
    • 25.
    • 26.
    • 27.
    • 28.
    • 29. Engagement Automation
    • 30. Start Scenario: Increase Traffic Acquisition (10%) Scenario: Optimize Site Visitors 87,000 95,700 87,000 Average Conversion Rate 2% 2.00% 2.20% Average Revenue per conversion $150 $150 $150 Cost per Visitor $1 $1 $1 Revenue $261,000 $287,100 $287,100 Cost $87,000 $95,700 $87,000 Profit $174,000 $191,400 $200,100 * Conversion Rate Optimization Report 2012, eConsultancy Acquisition vs. Conversion Optimization
    • 31. Engagement Automation Combine Channels
    • 32.
    • 34. Message  Create message using familiar Sitecore Editing Tools  Re-use website assets across the email channel  Use A/B split testing to optimize email effectiveness  Full personalization
    • 35. Pandora  Currently about 50- 600.000 emails dispatched per campaign  Able to launch several of these campaigns daily  About 120 million emails/year
    • 36.