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    Real steel two disc blu-ray dvd combo review 2011 Real steel two disc blu-ray dvd combo review 2011 Document Transcript

    • Real Steel (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo) Real Steel is a movie taking place in the near future where boxing has taken a mechanical turn. Robots have taken over boxing. Each robot is custom made. People fight their robots for money. Winner takes all. Charlie Kenton is temporarily taking care of his son, Max who he has never met before since he dumped the family as soon as his wife became pregnant. Soon later his wife dies and Charlie sells Max to his aunt Debra and her husband ,but under condition Charlie takes care of Max, over the summer holidays . After Charlies last robot, Ambush is destroyed, he buys a famous robot, Noisy Boy, who is destroyed by Midas. Charlie and Max go to a scrap yard where Max slips down a hill and nearly falls off a cliff when he is snagged by a lodged robot arm. He uncovers the entire robot, Atom, and as a sparring robot, built to withstand tons of damage, Atomgoes on a winning streak. Eventually, Atom works his way up to fighting the World Robot Boxing League undefeated, head crushing champion, Zeus.
    • This review is from: Real Steel (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo) (Blu-ray) Real Steel Two-Disc Blu-ray DVD Combo ReviewHeres Real Steel in a nutshell. Remember that old board game called RockEm Sock Em Robots? Well now its a movie. I mean the old game was justtwo robots fighting it out in a boxing ring. Thats Real Steel. Rocky withhydraulic fluid. Your average underdog story. Add a love interest tired of herbeau staying the underdog and a dysfunctional father/son relationship andyou pretty much hit all the standard marks for an average plot line. I knowthats what I thought when I was hearing about the movie. However when ISo Real Steel is essentially the same, tired old story told that has been spunin Hollywood over and over again, but with robots. Sounds mediocre, huh?Unoriginal plot points is actually the norm these dayssaw the trailers something about it told me this was going to be a really fun movie to watch. Sure enough it was. . Only Real Steel hits these marks with such gusto and polish that it really
    • stands out in that rat race. Its not a masterpiece of script and story, mindyou. But then again thats not the intent. This is a feel good, popcorn movie through and through. Its good to see one that at least takes its audience seriously enough to make a well thought out escape. Real Steel (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo) Let’s start off with our main character Charlie (Hugh Jackman). To put it simply he is a jerk for better half of the movie. I mean the kind of jerk youjust simply cannot like. Eventually the jerk gets a clue and starts to become the kind of guy you cant help but root for. This takes take a well written script and a talented actor to make the jerk and his eventual turnaround believable. You gotta give Jackman credit for his portrayal of Charlie. Its a character with a lot of heart, even when you hate him.Next character of focus is Charlies estranged son Max (Dakota Goyo). As kid actors go we have a winner. Enough teen indignant defiance to carry thefamily feuding and enough big eyed wonder of a child to carry the story.From there you have a very good ensemble of supporting actors. Againgood, solid acting with very few boughs of melodrama (most of which justfeels like it was needed).Since this is a movie about fighting robots the "real" stars have to be just asgood as the live actors. The robots in the film all come in a wide variety ofdesigns and demeanor. More so the designs also give off a lot of character.
    • The starring robot, Atom, has just enough characteristics to make him thelikeable robot with stuff like rounded features on the face and glowing blueeyes. Its not just with the look of the robot that keep you interested, whichcan range from junkyard mean to dark and polished shiny monsters, but Real Steel (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)also with other qualities like poise and stance, how they walk, even how theyfight. The production used motion capture technology used in the movieAvatar and had boxing star Suger-Ray Leonard advise in the fight scenes.Again the results show a refinement in design and execution that makes thewhole experience with the bot feel more real and organic.The story flows with good pacing. Its not all fights all the time, and the off-time is worth watching. The underdog success story at first feels like it staysin the under part for a while, but then again thats part of the charm as yousee just how much Charlie screws up his life. When we are full on in the bigleagues is where all the previous stuff really pays off with the big excitingfight and all that feel-good emotions you would be used to by now onmovies like this. The only segment in Real Steel that I have a gripe about isthe middle when they start the transition from underdog to rising star. There
    • simply isnt any robots fights in between. We dont see Atom build up his reputation with any additional matches. This is a shame because the movieis really at its best showing these fights. You dont even get a fight montage. Still thats my only gripe for an otherwise very entertaining movie. The Blu-Ray release will of course be in 1080p and have a DTS-HD 7.1Master Audio soundtrack. DVD will have Dolby Digital 2.0. Both the DVD andBlu-Ray are announced with a host of features with the Blu-Ray rounding out some nice extra features. Here are the list list of extras (* denotes Blu-Ray exclusive): - Audio Commentary With Director Shawn Levy* - Countdown to the Fight: The Charlie Kenton Story* - Sugar Ray Leonard: Cornermans Champ* - Making of Metal Valley - Building the Bots - Deleted and extended scenes (One of each. Extended scene the Charlies first robot Ambush, and a deleted scene called Butterfly) - Bloopers and outtakes- Real Steel Second Screen: Ringside With Director Shawn Levy* (This is toaccess interactive content on your PC or iPad while simultaneously watching the movie) Real Steel (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)I am normally the type of person who shies away from "popcorn flicks" butthis one is very well worth making the exception. Its fun and excitement forthe whole family. If you ever liked underdog sports movies you gotta checkthis one out.
    • Real Steel (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo) Real Steel (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)real steel movie, real steel boxer, real steel dvd release date,real steel 2011, real steel robots, real steel soundtrack Real Steel (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)
    • Real Steel (Two-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)real steel movie, real steel boxer, real steel dvd release date,real steel 2011, real steel robots, real steel soundtrack