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Finding a great download for a flight simulator

Finding a great download for a flight simulator






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    Finding a great download for a flight simulator Finding a great download for a flight simulator Document Transcript

    • ==== ====See The Most Realistic Flight Sim On The Market Here:http://evernano.net/Learn_More/17==== ====A flight simulator, in many regards, gave us our first real taste of virtual reality. From its inception,it was the first substantial answer to a dream we all had since the inception of desktop computing;the experience of some form of "other world". Boys (and girls) of all ages suddenly had theopportunity to take to the skies and fly - and do so relatively safely and without any kind ofexorbitant financial outlay.Suddenly, you could streak across the sky in a Spitfire over the channel during the Battle ofBritain, or simply just wrestle a huge Boeing 747 off the ground en route to any destination aroundthe world. We have become spoiled for choice when deciding on a flight simulator. Or so it wouldseem.The landscape is littered with flight sims products that promise the world. And yes, some evendeliver a portion of it! But what is it that really separates an adequate simulator from a great one?What is that single differentiator that topples the odds in favor of one flight flight sim over another?As hardware improves and technology races ahead, so does the potential for creating incrediblyrealistic scenarios. Weve seen that in all kinds of games. A good simulator can now also do stuffand feel more real than ever before. Of course, it has become more involved and intricate. Afterall, flying an aircraft is no simple matter. What started out as young boys arcade game a fewyears ago, has grown into a crazy realm of possibility with software mirroring real experience withbreathtaking authenticity to offer gamers an experience they may never otherwise be able toafford.Realistic AircraftAny reputable sim should offer a variety of aircraft. The one I use offers 120, including helicopters.Mine makes sure I have an aircraft for any conceivable occasion and mood! And from any periodin history that might tickle my fancy on any given day. If I want to fly with the Wright Brothers, noproblem - I have just the plane. If I want to participate in the Battle of Britain, I can do so in aSpitfire, a Hurricane or a Messerschmidt. And more. Thats the kind of variety Im talking about. IfIm simply in the mood to cruise around, I take my 747 and fly to the Far East to make a lowswoop (yes, it works with Google Earth) over my brothers house in Taiwan. I can even, onadventurous days, try our specialty aircraft such as a Zeppelin or Microlight. Whats more - (this Imade sure of when I bought it) everything is so realistic that I would instantly recognize any planecockpit in real life if I had flown it on my own flight simulator.Realistic SceneryOutside scenery really tests a simulators mettle. Again, it is all about mimicking the experience of
    • flight as accurately as possible. What use is it if the inside is perfect, but the outside stinks like apot of cold onion gravy! The flight simulator I eventually purchased, offers me the most fantasticscenery ever. The data engine on this software is run off actual high definition military data. Now,you can imagine - the realism boggles the mind! And its not only the rendered detail on the screenthat takes your breath away in this flight simulator - the sky, with all the stars and planets - isexactly right according to your virtual time! Talk about attention to detail. You can pick the weather,or, with this flight simulator, you can fly in the weather, as it is at the moment in any destinationaround the world.The simulator I got after about two months worth of research also lets me choosefrom more than 20,000 airports around the world, copying in great detail the real airports youwould fly into with a real plane.Realistic ControlsOn some of the sims I flew before buying, everything felt sluggish. It was as if the data engine andthe graphics machine were stretched to the limit and aircraft performance suffered accordingly.One of the strongest reasons for buying the product I bought, is the spectacular control realismand accuracy. When I pull a lever or press a pedal, my virtual planes behave just like the realthing, from the lag time to the slight bounce and roll caused by the weather and air currents. Allthose things in real life that make it a challenge to stay in the air and on course are realisticallyduplicated in the desktop cockpit I finally chose. In short - I wanted a flight sim that makes myflying experiences completely lifelike.Which Flight Simulator To Choose?The landscape is littered with simulators that do an adequate or mediocre job. My quest was tofind a product that blows my mind - a simulator I could fly and fly and fly without EVER gettingbored or having to repeat myself. Realism was the key. And accuracy. As was variety, both inaircraft and scenery. Graphics therefore needed to be the best available and flight data (exteriorscenery, airports, weather patterns and global positioning) simply couldnt be compromised. WhenI finally bought a simulator, I got one that didnt merely meet my expectations - it exceeded them. Itsupports flight controllers such as pedals and yokes and runs on both Windows and Mac. (Thiswas important to me as I use both platforms). Something I was also finicky about was theupgradability. Without regular updates, a flight sim would be outdated quicker than a high schoolsweetheart. The simulator I bought gives me a lifetime of free upgrades. Needless to say - thisreally works for me.Why dont you take a peek at what I fly - I have NO doubt it will blow your socks off.Free flight simulator information you simply must have. I researched downloads for flightsimulators intensively before I bought mine and Id like to share the pitfalls and successes I hadwith you. This information will have you taking to the skies in no time flat! Also, I included some funarticles and information for those who just want to have a great read.This information and more [http://downloadsforflightsimulator.com/Articles] will help you make aninformed decision about your downloads for flight simulator and also show you what makes a goodflight simulator download [http://downloadsforflightsimulator.com/Articles/goo-flight-simulator/].
    • Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Mathew_McNamara==== ====See The Most Realistic Flight Sim On The Market Here:http://evernano.net/Learn_More/17==== ====