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Make a Great Living Freelancing from Home ...

Make a Great Living Freelancing from Home
Fire your boss and start living your dream life. We have all the freelance jobs you need to start making good money from the comfort of your own home - doing work that is, fun, enjoyable and very profitable. Join now and discover how great life can be as a freelance professional.



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    Find a Freelance Job & Micro Work For Money From Home Find a Freelance Job & Micro Work For Money From Home Document Transcript

    • Find a Freelance Job - Make Money TodayEvery day, we bring you hundreds of greatfreelance jobs that you can start right away.Most can be done from home, and the rates ofpay vary from good to excellent. Getting startedis easy, just check out the jobs that interest youbelow - and apply for as many as you want.
    • Here is a sample of the types of Freelance jobsone can do from home.  Freelance Article Writing Jobs  Freelance Banners And Ads Jobs  Freelance Brochures And Literature Jobs  Freelance Copywriting Jobs  Freelance Creative Writing Jobs  Freelance Data Entry Jobs  Freelance Database Software Jobs  Freelance Ebooks And Videos Jobs  Freelance Editing Jobs  Freelance Featured Jobs  Freelance Graphic Design Jobs  Freelance Illustration Jobs  Freelance Lead Generation Jobs  Freelance Logos Jobs  Freelance Mailing Lists Jobs  Freelance Mobile Apps Jobs  Freelance Proofreading Jobs  Freelance Social Media Jobs  Freelance Translation Jobs  Freelance Videos Jobs  Freelance Web Content Jobs  Freelance Web Programming Jobs  Freelance Website Design Jobs  Freelance Word Processing Jobs  Freelance Work at Home Jobs  Freelance Writing and Editing Jobs
    • Make a Great Living Freelancing from HomeFire your boss and start living your dream life. We have all the freelance jobs you need tostart making good money from the comfort of your own home - doing work that is, fun,enjoyable and very profitable. Join now and discover how great life can be as a freelanceprofessional.Working from home is not slacking offA large majority of the population measure a person’s worth by the job they hold. If they work for thebig companies, even if they do the simplest clerical work, they get a measure of respect. But if youdo the exact same job with the same pay and say that you are working from home, you get a fewraised eyebrows. While there has been some shifts in this perception, most people still think you areslacking off or being a bum. Anyone who has ever opted for working from home will know thattelecommuting is actually much more demanding and productive than office-based work.
    • Working from home arrangements benefits employers Working from home benefits employers in many ways. For workthat is hour-based, there is watcher software available that monitors the work online, sotelecommuters have to be at their home work stations for the time they are being paid. They alsoneed to do their work, and nothing else, so that eliminates non-work related activities. And sincethere is no commute involved in working from home there is less tardiness and absenteeism.Working from home also results in considerable savings for the employer. You need less officespace when some of your employees work off site, and utility bills are also lower when fewer peopleare using the electricity, water and Internet onsite. Even office maintenance costs are lower becausework-at-home employees provide their own equipment and service.Working from home can change your lifeBut the benefits are not all for the employer. Working from home can change your life in many ways.You save a lot of time and money from having no need to dress up and go to work every morningand getting stuck in traffic on the way home. You can use what you save to spend it with your familyor on yourself. You can spend more time with your kids and spouse doing everyday things you neverhad time for before. You can also start hobbies and get into sports. or simply start taking walks in thepark. You are more relaxed and less stressed when working from home.Aside from what you save in terms of time and money, you can actually make more money byworking freelance. Freelance work pays more when you work more, and gives you the flexibility togo about your work when and how you want. Of course, not all work can be done from home, butenough can be for a large population of the labor market to benefit. If you are a member of thispopulation, then consider working from home.
    • Not all freelance writing jobs online are the same There is a whole zoo of freelance writing jobs online to choose from, butthey’re not all the same animal. There are many different kinds of freelance writing jobs online andone or two will be a niche that you can work with admirably. Some niches may not work so well, andit is only through trial and error that you will find a good balance of effort and income. There aresome rules of thumb that you may want to keep in mind in choosing the kind of freelance writing jobsonline you will get.Major types of freelance writing jobs onlineThe most flexible type of freelance writing jobs online is search engine optimization(SEO). Thereare very few rules to follow outside of standard grammar and spelling rules. Keyword density is thecrucial element with SEO freelance writing jobs online. The client will dictate the desired density for
    • each project. The irritating thing with SEO writing is that the keywords or phrases are sometimesawkward to repeat 8 times in a 500-word article. It can be done, but it needs a lot of ingenuitysometimes. The nice thing about SEO articles is the variety. You get to write about almost anythingunder the sun.Data entry is also a form of freelance writing jobs online although “keying” is probably a moreaccurate term than writing. It’s simple, and doesn’t require much thinking. But because freelancewriting jobs online in the data entry category is by nature repetitive, it can also get boring. You haveto be doubly careful not to make mistakes because when you keep doing something over and overagain, you tend to become careless. You won’t get paid for work with errors, and you are not likely toget work from that client again.Academic writing, on the other hand, requires a certain mindset. Freelance writing jobs onlinethat specifies a certain referencing style or format is much more finicky than other types of freelancewriting jobs online. While many of referenced work is double spaced so fewer words required perpage, there is a level and quality of research involved, and may take much longer to do than otherkinds of freelance writing jobs online. Accordingly, you should charge more for referenced articles.Choose your particular freelance writing jobs online poisonWhatever type of freelance writing jobs online you choose the first few times will give you an idea ifit’s something you’d like to do over the long term. Since these are freelance writing jobs online, youcan pick and choose the projects you can live with. If you plan to do freelance writing jobs online asfull-time work, you should do something you like so it won’t feel like a mill around your neck. How much of the population favors freelance work at home
    • There are a growing number of employees who feel that much of what they do at work can be doneas freelance work at home. There are more than 17 million telecommuters in the US as of 2008,based on the findings of the 2009 report. Many office-based employees maintainpart time employment as well as their day jobs, and about 85% of the part time work is spent doingfreelance work at home. Currently, more than 33 million people work freelance work at home in theUS.What these statistics are saying that that more job seekers are looking to freelance work at home forfull time employment, and that more employers are willing to offer this alternative to office-basedemployment. It also shows that more people look to freelance work at home to augment their regularincome. With the growing popularity of e-commerce, it seems a logical progression from brick-and-mortar to online businesses.What is the profile for freelance work at home jobseekers?More than half are male, between the ages of 18 and 54, 52% with just a high school diploma orsome college or vocational training. About half of these teleworkers have a household income ofmore than $75,000 a year, although a third of the total teleworker population earn between $40,000and $75,000 annually. This tells us that there is a wide range for which the pool of freelance work athome is targeted, and almost anyone can get work from home. This is good news for the millions of employees who find it harder tomake ends meet on their regular pay. It seems that despite having a good income, rising fuel pricesand cost for goods and services have negated a goodly portion of an average American’s buyingpower. The unemployment rate has also been on the rise as many businesses find it hard to sustaintheir overhead expenses. This trend can be seen in most states, especially in Nevada, California,Florida, Rhode Island, Michigan, Mississippi and Kentucky where the unemployment rates arehighest. Inflation rates are highest in cities like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.Freelance work at home adds needed income
    • It would be fair to say, then, that freelance work at home may be the best way to augment regularincomes in a stricken US economy. It would also be fair to say that such freelance work at home isideal for all types of educational attainment, employment status, sex and age. Anyone can qualify forfreelance work at home as long as the willingness to work is there.Not only geeks work at home The days of conspicuous consumption have passed the mark, and work athome is just one indication of this. Dressing smart and having a flashy car is no longer the onlymeasure of success. It’s the time of the nerds and the geeks who always seemed to be the butt ofjokes in high school and who are now the ones raking it in. Many of them did work at home becausethey had no need to fit in their own comfort zone and got more work done. With the Internet, evennon-geeks can make a success of work at home jobs.Work at home makes senseAnd it just makes good sense to do work at home nowadays. The costs of “going to work” have risenconsiderably in the last 10 years. This includes gas, clothes, day care costs and food. When youwork at home, you eliminate most of these costs, and that can mean enough savings on a monthlybasis to cover your mortgage payments, credit card bills and maybe even put away a bit for a nestegg. When there’s a recession, every little bit helps.When you work at home, you also help the environment by keeping your car in the garage. It maynot amount to a lot if it’s just you, but the more people who work at home, the fewer toxins go intothe atmosphere. Again, every little bit counts when you’re on the brink of environmental disaster.In one sense, work at home may seem like anti-social behavior but actually you begin to develop ahealthier society. If you have a family, you spend more time with them, if only the hour or two thatyou usually spend commuting, so you have a better relationship. There is also none of the jealousyand spitefulness that goes around in offices when personalities or politics clash, and socialinteraction is confined to social situations. You can afford to be more amiable when people you don’tget along with aren’t in your face constantly and sucking up to the boss stops being a competitivesport. Work at home jobs are usually based on actual performance rather than personality, so thecompany you work for becomes more productive.
    • Employers are on board with work at homeMany employers are also starting to realize the advantages of having their employees telecommute.Office space is usually at a premium, not to mention the utilities required running a big operation,and cost cutting comes in very nicely if even just a small percentage of the employees work at home.People who work at home are also less likely to resign, so employee attrition is less, which is bigsavings to an employer in terms of human resource costs.Of course, not all jobs translate well to work at home positions, but enough of them are to make it aserious consideration for both employers and employees. The trend is towards telecommuting, sodon’t get left behind a desk. If you can manage it, try to find a job which you can accomplish as workat home.Pick and choose with freelance job sitesThe Internet has become an important way to find freelance work primarily because of freelance jobsites. It has made finding part-time or full-time online employment easy, if not necessarily quick. Youdon’t have to go through individual websites offering online work because freelance job sites placesmany of these opportunities in one place. Freelance job sites also make a targeted search within thesite itself easier through filters. If you go to freelance job sites looking for writing gigs in Atlanta orNew York, for example, you can choose to get a job list with these elements in common.Benefits of freelance job sitesFreelance job sites also provide the foot in the door of many corporations, where entry levelemployment is often fiercely competed for. With freelance job sites, the human resourcesdepartment can be sent all applications online and do an initial screening economically. You cansave a lot of money and time in the initial stages of the hiring process by using freelance job sitesinstead of doing in-house receiving. Those who pass the initial screening are more likely to bequalified for the position, and interviewers are only given a short list to go through. Some freelance
    • job sites even verify the claimed skills of job seekers by requiring them to pass a series of testsdesigned to measure their abilities for the work they want. When these freelance job sites sendemployers the resumes of recommended job seekers, the chances are greater that the job seekerfits precisely into the requirements of the employer.The benefits of freelance job sites go beyond convenience for both employers and employees.Because freelance job sites list both online and offline employment opportunities, you get morechoices and reach more people than if you rely on local newspapers and temp agencies to help youfind what you need. For many freelance job sites, the main thing about being online is that there areno limits to the number of people who can access it, and no limit to the location of the freelance jobsites member. Many companies find that outsourcing much of the administrative work out of state oreven out of the country on a per project basis has resulted in significant savings in both labor andemployee benefit costs.Freelance job sites for part-time workUsing freelance job sites also gives those who have full-time employment the opportunity to vie forpart-time freelance work as a sideline. Much of the work posted in freelance job sites gives the jobseeker the freedom to pick and choose the projects they like or can conveniently do withoutneglecting other, perhaps more important, tasks.Those who have used freelance job sites successfully before can usually count on former clients forrepeat business, and can dispense with freelance job sites altogether. But since the freelance workmarket is highly dynamic, good freelance job sites keeps its members up to date with new trends,opportunities, and client bases.All this convenience and potential for a favorable turn-over for both employers and job seekers havemade freelance job sites important in the job market, well worth whatever fees job seekers need topay for the privilege of posting their resume and applying for positions. But be careful about thefreelance job sites you sign up for. Choose only freelance job sites that have a good track overseveral years.Before there was freelance work online
    • As a stay-at-home parent, I have always managed to dosomething like freelance work online to make money and keep from dying of boredom, althoughmaybe at home rather than online before 1998. I’ve tried selling insurance and that paid a lot, but ittook me out of the house too often. I did some desktop publishing stuff from my home computer,making calling cards and designing menus for local businesses in my area, and this was quite anaccomplishment as I have no creative training whatsoever. At that time, the only software I knewhow to use was presentation software, but I managed. I did that for almost two years then I lostinterest as the competition started getting stiffer and my profit margin narrower. I did a stint with apublic relations firm to do their press releases, and I actually still do about half a dozen every yearfor the same company to this day. I also went into the direct marketing business, selling cookwarethat was really great but way overpriced, so that petered out pretty soon as well. I still have my ownset, however, and I love them!How I started in freelance work onlineThe point is, before the Internet was even a mote in anyone’s eye, I was already doing freelancework online in a sense. Getting married and having kids early may have been the reason, but mytemperament is way suited for freelance work online because I like to work independently and in myown way. Any boss of mine would either fire me or have a coronary. I would not have been able tostick to a nine-to-five for more than a few months.But I have made quite a nest-egg with what I have done so far, and now I am truly in the freelancework online niche. I started checking out freelance job sites about 10 years ago, and I subscribed totwo or three that seemed reasonably well-stocked with job postings and charged minimal fees. Ilanded freelance work online almost immediately doing copy writing, a cinch with my experiencedoing press releases. After a couple of months, I already started turning down some projectsbecause I was already going at full capacity without sacrificing my duties to my family. I also startedcharging a little higher for each project as my portfolio got fatter.How freelance work online has paid off for meYou’re probably wondering how much I’m making doing freelance work online. Well, let me put it toyou this way. Since I started freelance work online as a copy writer I make about $500 a week aftertaxes, working about 4 hours a day Monday to Friday. When I’m in the zone, I take in more projects
    • and work about 6 hours a day, so I can make between $800 and $1,000 a week. Since I stay athome, I didn’t need a regular babysitter and I never sent my kids to day care. I know everythingabout what’s going on with my three teenagers (well, everything they tell me anyway) and I’m homefor dinner every day. I don’t need a car, and I do work in my house clothes. I only have two pairs ofshoes, a pair of black dress shoes and sneakers. For those who have to go to the office every day,I’ll let you do the math. Suffice it to say that I don’t have to worry about sending my kids to college,and we have two family vacations every year.So does freelance work online work for me? Definitely. Is this something I would recommend toother people? Without a qualm. But not everybody is cut out for freelance work online. Freelancework online is hard work, and you have to be disciplined if you want to do freelance work online fulltime. For many people, I would say that freelance work online as a sideline is your best bet.Not everyone can do freelance editing jobsFreelance editing jobs are much more difficult to do than freelance writing. Those who do freelanceediting jobs usually already have editing work under their sleeve, or have undergone training inediting. Freelance editing jobs are technical in nature, and require a higher skill set than youraverage freelance writer in terms of grammar, spelling, form, structure, and sentence construction. Ifyou think you have what it takes to take on freelance editing jobs, then consider the following typesof freelance editing jobs you can do online.Common types of freelance editing jobsThe simplest type of freelance editing jobs available online is copy-editing, also referred to as lineediting. Your main concern with freelance editing jobs like these is to ensure that the article,manuscript, book, letter or paper that you are editing uses correct grammar and spelling. Foracademic papers, you also check if the required referencing style or format is followed throughout. In
    • books or letters, you may also look into serious errors in the flow and consistency of the text. As acopy-editor, you are not expected to critique the content or question the veracity of the statements. If you tackle freelance editing jobs that requirecomprehensive editing, however, that’s a different bag of beans from copy-editing. As acomprehensive editor, you will need to look into the structure and content of the document. In someinstances, such as in books or novels, an editor may need to make corrections to inconsistencies incharacters or voice, and make organizational changes to improve the flow of the content. Somefacts or claims in the book may also need to be verified by the editor. Some may need add or deletepassages to comply with the requirements of the publisher. Since such radical changes require theconsent and collaboration of the author, comprehensive editors need to be in constant touch withtheir clients. But thanks to the Internet, such remote coordination is extremely possible, making thisa viable type of freelance editing jobs.Some editors restrict their work to special areas of freelance editing jobs. Fact checkers is one ofthem, and they are not concerned with grammar or structure, but only with content. In non-fictionalwork, for example, the fact checker verifies that dates, names, places, events, references and otherdata mentioned in the document are true, Fact checking as a type of freelance editing jobs have anarrow but vital scope. In some documents, even single errors can have grave consequences.Format editors, on the other hand, only concentrate on the structure, such as font size, font style,placement of graphics, format of tables and graphs, and the like. Some people refer to this work asproofreading, although they are not precisely the same thing. These types of freelance editing jobsare purely mechanical, but still quite finicky. You need to have a good grasp of the word processingsoftware and a keen eye for such details.Another specialty in freelance editing jobs is translation editing. The content in some documentsthat are converted to other languages can often get lost in the translation. Freelance editors thatspecialize in two or more languages will be able to supply the correct translation in terms of culturaland social aspects to preserve the essence of the original document.Do you think you can do freelance editing jobs?
    • Each of these freelance editing jobs are important aspects in publishing, and all written work hasgone through one or more types of editing. But if you want to do freelance editing jobs, then youhave to be sure you have the skill set needed for the particular type of editing work you choose. Ifyou feel that you have the necessary qualifications to do editing, then there should be no dearth infinding freelance editing jobs,Source: Go FreelanceBrought to by Wes C @The Fun Market Place - Freelance Jobs – Micro Jobs – GigsBuy. Sell. Have Fun.http://HotPlugin.comFreelance Article Writing Jobs, Freelance Banners And Ads Jobs, Freelance Brochures And LiteratureJobs, Freelance Copywriting Jobs, Freelance Creative Writing Jobs, Freelance Data Entry Jobs, FreelanceDatabase Software Jobs, Freelance Ebooks And Videos Jobs, Freelance Editing Jobs, Freelance FeaturedJobs, Freelance Graphic Design Jobs, Freelance Illustration Jobs, Freelance Lead Generation Jobs,Freelance Logos Jobs, Freelance Mailing Lists Jobs, Freelance Mobile Apps Jobs, Freelance ProofreadingJobs, Freelance Social Media Jobs, Freelance Translation Jobs, Freelance Videos Jobs, Freelance WebContent Jobs, Freelance Web Programming Jobs, Freelance Website Design Jobs, Freelance WordProcessing Jobs, Freelance Work at Home Jobs, Freelance Writing and Editing Jobs.freelance, freelancers, freelance jobs, online freelance jobs, micro jobs, jobs, online jobs, work fromhome, make money online, make money from home, fast cash online, fast cash from home.