Hotel & Facilities Management by Leisure Connection


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Hotel & Facilities Management by Leisure Connection

  1. 1. Hotel Facilities Management by Leisure ConnectionWORK P L AY We will take care of everything
  2. 2. 2Introducing Leisure ConnectionAt Leisure Connection... What this means for you...We are passionate about supporting our clients: We shall embrace your brand standards and, By opting to outsource leisure facilities, hotelexceeding expectations and introducing innovative through the most innovative investment, deliver owners can actively drive revenue through theways in which to manage their Health and Leisure a de-risked facility that enhances your guest door.Facilities. experience, and leads to improved revenue returns for your hotel. In fact, since 2010, we have increased the leisureWe will take care of everything. revenue of our Carlson Rezidor Hotel portfolio by an impressive 35%. Leisure Connection – working in partnership with leading hotel brands across the UK, to enhance guest experience, increase membership and revenue.
  3. 3. 3We are experts in providing comprehensivesolutions to managing hotel health &leisure facilities – transferring both therisks and stresses of managing the facilityin-house.
  4. 4. 4 1991 Leisure Connection established 1994 Awarded contract for BP’s corporate leisure facility at Sunbury – retaining to this day 2007 Wyboston Harpers in the Top 3 Private Club of the Year (2500+ members) 2008 Partners in Sport Facilities Management Award - Winner Leisure Report CSR Award - Winner 2009 Achieved Carbon Trust Standard Accreditation Fitness Industry Association Future of the Flame WinnerThe Company Client of the Year Low Carbon Performance Award WinnerWith over 20 years’ experience in managing We have specialist expertise in the outsourcegyms, swimming pools, and wider Health & conversion of Hotel Health & Leisure facilities.Leisure facilities, we have the stability, expertise, Our relatively recent diversification has been 2010 Champion of the Year in the Hospitalityand pedigree to service your hotel’s facilities. We remarkably successful, and our performance in Assured Awardsbelieve in service - Outstanding Service – and we the Hotel sector to date has set a strong Hotels & Private Management Division createdunderstand that achievement of this is contingent foundation for future hotel partnerships.upon every element running smoothly, efficiently,and professionally: from exceptionally well- 2011 Flame Award Finalistmaintained facilities, to exceptionally well-trainedstaff. Preferred Operator for Rezidor Park Inn & Radisson Blu leisure facilities 2012 Five winners of Quest Awards Four Flame Award Finalists
  5. 5. 5 Our exceptional Customer Service ethos means we actively invite feedback, and respond to all customer communication within our ‘We are Listening’ platform.Why work with us?An intelligent and responsible partnerOutsourcing to Leisure Connection Hotel & Private That said, we never presume to know a client’s Whatever we do in your hotel will be consistentManagement offers a stress-free alternative to needs. Rather, we listen to our clients and with your brand standards, and we shall ensuremanaging your hotel’s leisure space. Our extensive adopt a very flexible approach to meeting their that your leisure facility is an extension of the hoteland comprehensive facility management and requirements – tailoring our solution accordingly. service – not a separate entity.staffing programmes promise quality leisure Therefore, our solution for your hotel will be entirelyfacilities that enhance hotel guest experience and ‘needs based’: we do not subscribe to ‘one size Furthermore, with Leisure Connection’s expertise,increase membership sales. fits all’. you can rest assured that your Health & Leisure facilities are compliant with industry standards andOur expertise is two-fold: we are the market We understand that improving guests’ experience government legislation.leader in Leisure Facilities Management – and and looking after their well-being are essential,we understand what is important to hotels. We given the hectic lives of corporate guests and Everything we do is geared to improving theappreciate the importance of Guest Experience families alike. And that a very accessible, expertly business metrics of guest experience andand brand standard preservation – and the managed gym is key for business and leisure revenue.requirement for all hotel ventures to positively clientele, alike.impact on your business metrics.
  6. 6. 6 The investment we made into one of our Park Inn portfolio hotels resulted in the facility’s direct debit run almost doubling in value, within 10 months, and an increase in membership of 30%.Why Work With Us?Commercial & Operational benefits for your and our expert team of engineers, your position fact, than the norm. Our research-based intelligentHotel will be de-risked: maintenance issues logged are induction programme is pivotal in securing responded to within 48 working hours, with a 97% membership past the first critical 6-week period,We shall invest in the fabric, staff, and equipment first fix success rate on fitness equipment. as we know that, statistically, more members dropwithin your Hotel. We undertake a comprehensive out during this time. Our purposeful approach tosurvey of the fitness environment and invest in From our state-of-the-art gym equipment, to our member retention means that you derive betterwhatever is needed to bring the facility to the industry-leading market intelligence gathering, not value for money from a Leisure Connectionrequisite standard, in keeping with your brand. We only do we enhance the guest experience, we outsource programme.have the financial strength of private equity backing capitalize on the local demographic, increasingand can invest immediately in such areas – only gym membership and footfall into your hotel, thus Through seamless management, weredeeming that investment over time. You will have introducing additional spend. Furthermore, as the shall increase membership, revenue, andoptions on the equipment we install, and a say in facility’s membership and revenue increase, we profitability - all delivered and driven by athe facility branding – it will all be entirely befitting of can tailor a risk-reward mechanism with you. team of leading industry specialists, with noyour hotel. financial risk to your hotel. We work tirelessly and proactively to keep yourWe are the ideal partner with whom to share your members once we get them. Many of our staffReliability and Maintainability risks. Through our training initiatives are to this end; therefore, it is noPPM scheduling, 24/7 Technical Support Line, fluke that our retention is so high - 33% higher, in
  7. 7. 7 Of members recently surveyed across our sites, 85% indicated they would recommend joining the gym to a friend or family member, 75% rated the facility 8 out of 10, or higher, and 85% stated their visit today had been ‘Good’ or better.A focus on well-beingOur primary expertise is in managing the well- Your guests will benefit from familiar staff andbeing of your guests. We are the company with regular instructors, which means continuity ofexceptionally well-qualified instructors and the care and bespoke, closely monitored trainingmost personable and welcoming staff, who will programmes. Guests will be known by name and “I have always fought with depression... I reallyencourage your guests to use and enjoy your afforded a very warm welcome, thus providing a wanted to kick the reliance on prescriptionhotel’s gym facilities. seamless link from Reception to Gym. medication. My GP referred me... and I wasThat our staff retention rate is significantly higher We shall ensure that your guests remain our put in touch with a specialist trainer whothan the industry norm is a testament to the value absolute priority, while enhancing your brand designed a personal plan. What a differencewe place on our colleagues. Such minimal attrition, proposition. This will release you to focus on it has made...I work out four times a turn, means that we can invest in our staff, and managing your core business, in the confidence and have ceased my reliance on prescriptionprovide an exceptional experience to all guests, that we have your leisure facilities covered. medication.”in a caring environment to which guests will returntime and again. Our commitment to investing in our people will lead to exceptional care and attention being provided by our staff
  8. 8. 8“I can’t believe how fantastic the personaltraining team is. I always thought personaltraining was too expensive and not for me –how wrong I was. I can’t imagine working outwithout my PT now.”Why work with us?What we mean to your guestsYour guests will benefit from bespoke health We shall design courtesy cards to display in your Complementing your Service…and fitness programmes, as we recognise that guestrooms. These will extend a warm welcome, Amongst numerous options, we could provide aeveryone is different. This personal treatment will briefly outline the hotel health and leisure facilities, swimwear concession in the fitness facility, for theassist the hotel in ensuring that every guest is and invite guests to refer to the Hotel Room convenience of your guests.made to feel special. Directory for further information. Along with the other facilities and treatments offered, the fitness … or Extending your Full Service OfferNot only will we invest in and actively improve the suite will be well documented in the Directory. We can offer exciting opportunities to broadenLeisure environment for guests, we shall devise Included will be clear and welcoming guidance your guest service provision, through spa services,ways in which to encourage your guests to make that will serve to both invite and disinhibit, through nail bars etc. – elements we are proficient inuse of and enjoy the fitness facility. detailed information on how everything works. introducing into a variety of environments Your guests will be welcomed into a fully integrated Health & Leisure facility that will enhance their stay with you.
  9. 9. 9 “The continued investment and expertise provided by Hotel & Facilities Management by Leisure Connection, in conjunction with the Hotel, Park Inn Harlow, is having a positive impact on the Health Club facility. They have actively engaged the community with marketing initiatives, leading to a significant increase in club members. We look forward to One member, making 3 visits to a continued partnership with Hotel & Facilities your hotel’s health & leisure facility, Management by Leisure Connection to drive constitutes 156 opportunities per club member & guest satisfaction.” year to sell your hotel services Kieron Golding - General Manager, Park Inn HarlowCollaborative MarketingWe shall work closely with your Marketing teams: We shall liaise with your hotel with regard to the We will design all internal and external marketingsupporting all your marketing campaigns and annual marketing plan and, together, devise to best retain and promote your hotel brand.enhancing whatever events are hosted by your a ‘Campaign Calendar’ for the forthcoming Alternatively, we can deliver bespoke brandingHotel. Our approach to marketing focuses on year. The Calendar will be planned for, and for your hotel, by creating the right image andstrategy – not the process itself. Using advanced adhered to throughout the year – but always marketing to best suit your environment. ForLeisure software, we have the ability to analyse with the flexibility to accommodate short-notice example, we have designed and developed newdata and generate full Mosaic profiles of members events. Our dedicated Hotel & Facilities Sales & health and leisure facilities brands to best supportand non-members within the local area. We then Marketing Manager will serve as Communications each of the Park Inn and Radisson Blu brandshave the acumen to use this assessment to Coordinator, and we shall send out details of within our Carlson Rezidor portfolio.advise you on how to optimise your marketing and upcoming events to all the gym members.maximise your membership. Enhancing the hotel’s profile and revenue, through collaborative and purposeful marketing
  10. 10. 10 Over 15% of our staff have“The Swim School instructors are second to been with us for more than 5none. They have taught all my children to swim yearsand now they’re teaching me... At 45, I didn’tthink I’d ever swim a width, let alone...what I Over 11% have been with us forcan now achieve.” more than 10 yearsWhy work with us?Industry-leading Training DevelopmentOur approach to training is both innovative and The well-being of guests depends upon them We foster a sense of community and commitmentcommitted. We are constantly invigorating and feeling comfortable, safe, and in the hands among our staff, which translates into superiordiversifying the programmes we provide, to ensure of professionals within your leisure facility. All standards of service.a positive trend in our staff retention. instructors recruited are qualified to Level 2, as a minimum, and are enrolled on our Lifetime Leisure Connection colleagues are the bestOur teams complete many of their developmental Training Scheme to ensure continued professional trained in the industry – this is why we cancourses on line: minimising downtime, and development. We ensure that there is always a guarantee that your members will receiveensuring that they remain close to your members. First Aid at Work qualified individual, or Emergency an outstanding service, in keeping with yourIn addition, we secured the only direct Skills Responder lifeguard, on duty at all times. brand standardsFunding Agency contract in the industry, of justunder £1½ million, to deliver an apprenticeship We are known for valuing and developing ourand NVQ programme – with 374 colleagues staff, and are absolutely committed to successionbenefitting, last year. planning. People coming into the Leisure industry can see that they have a bright future with us.
  11. 11. 11 Joe was given a work placement with Leisure Connection... “I was amazed at how fast my knowledge and confidence grew... Learning on the job alongside other trainers and instructors was perfect... when I passed my Level 2... I was ready for the working world.” The leisure centre offered him a full-time position as a fitness coach earlier this year. Daily Mirror 02.02.12Comprehensive Management Information andReportingOur approach to MI production and reporting ‘one stop shop’ for the management of any the majority of MI generation and reporting can beis both client-centric and innovative. We have fitness-specific operation. The package delivers bespoke to your hotel.robust systems and processes for all our reporting significant levels of information that may not beelements. The ‘Leisure Connection Quality currently available to you, including direct debit This information is invaluable and can be usedManagement System’ controls all procedures and management, till operation, member-profiling to inform many aspects of our enhanced serviceprotocol – and any MI produced is unique to your reports, sales prospecting management, delivery: from e-marketing, membership referralhotel and/or group. Once we have ascertained bookings, and income management. The product campaigns, and community development projects,your MI drivers, we can report against these criteria is also web-based, which offers access 24-7 from the potential impact of its inclusion is profound.– and generate hotel or group-wide data. Quite any location. This enables us to ensure that all Our fully transparent, industry-leadingsimply, you can readily assess whatever elements performance against KPIs is readily available on systems and processes reduce risk, increaseare important to your business. one platform, at any given time. In addition, the control, and improve performance against system will generate any report required on usage, your business metricsAs a matter of course, a leading Front of House dwell time, demographic profiling of members andsoftware package is also implemented in each of area, joiners, leavers, etc. Furthermore, due to theour contracts. This has proven ability as a sophisticated nature of our Management software,
  12. 12. 12“The handover and mobilization of the healthclub operation across to Leisure Connectionwas seamless, with every aspect coveredand no stone left unturned. The club wasrefurbished and opened on time with zerodisruption to the hotel, whilst 100% of the teamtransferred across.The new club is a fantastic asset to the hoteland membership has increased significantly inthe initial 9 months of the partnership.”Richard Moore -Area Vice President for Carlson RezidorGetting the Basics RightExpert Mobilizations…We are fully aware of the importance of a seamless As comprehensive as our mobilization planningmobilisation – particularly in environments such is, often it is not the plan itself that defines theas hotels, where the guest experience must be mobilization: it is how we react to the unexpected.consistently good – 24/7. Although we try to plan for every eventuality, there is always some new challenge that presents itself.We have one of the most meticulous mobilization We consider the issue carefully, respond withschemes in the industry, whereby our approach efficacy, and have the knowledge and experienceis comprehensive, considered, and totally to know that our response will pull the programmeflexible. Our collaborative style ensures maximum ‘back on track’. In the last 18 months, we havefuture benefit, with minimal disruption. Once the successfully mobilised 11 new hotels.provisional plan is drawn up, we consult withmembers of every discipline – HR, Marketing, H&S With over 200 years’ collective senior– until we arrive at the final draft. Even then, as we management industry experience, we canrecognise that each environment is entirely unique, confidently proclaim ourselves experts:should any changes be necessary, we adapt our offering the lowest ‘risk of change’ and themobilization plan accordingly. highest potential for success
  13. 13. 13 In partnership with WheelPower, the national charity for Wheelchair Sport, we manage the National Centre for Disability Sport at Stoke Mandeville Stadium – the birthplace of the Paralympics. Spurred by recent high profile events and a decade-long change in attitudes, all inclusive sport take-up has increased significantly, with public and private investment facilitating greater awareness and participation. As part of Leisure Connection’s commitment to the community, we instigated the Stoke Mandeville Institution for Sport Education (SMISE), a partnership involving many notable entities, including WheelPower and the English Federation of Disability Sport. SMISE was created to deliver against a number of KPIs, including ‘empowering disabled people to play an active role in sport and physical activity as coaches, leaders, officials and volunteers’. As a key partner to SMISE, Leisure Connection has taken a leading role, particularly in fostering local community relations, and promoting the value of sport to, and for, disabled people. Our engagement has promoted better local awareness and has undoubtedly been a significant contributing factor to the ongoing success of the Stadium. The increase in footfall – to almost half a million visitors – is a testament to the facility’s successA Caring & Responsible Company to PartnerCorporate Social ResponsibilityIn line with the caring ethos of our organisation,our dedication to CSR is absolutely sincere. Thiscommitment is unequivocal, and our participationin the community is celebrated at many of our sitesacross the UK.Stoke Mandeville Stadium is just oneillustration of our whole-hearted commitmentto CSR. ‘Consistency and co-ordination withthe community’ is our philosophy to socialresponsibility – and is one that we shall integratewith that of your hotel brand, as appropriate.
  14. 14. 14 Leisure Connection were the first Over the past 3 years, we have site in the UK to install poolside LED reduced our Carbon Footprint lighting - at their Stoke Mandeville by 37% and over last year saved facility, in 2011 enough energy to power 400 homesA Caring & Responsible Company to PartnerThe environmentWe have an ongoing strategy to effectively control Our endeavours were rewarded in October 2011 We always operate responsibly, so we areand reduce energy costs, and are committed to when Leisure Connection was ranked as the committed to minimising our environmentalreducing CO2 and energy usage. highest placed Leisure Operator in the inaugural impact within your hotel and will support you Carbon Reduction Commitment league table. This in all your ‘green’ initiativesSince 2008, energy consumption has been initial success was followed by ‘Client of the Year’reduced by over 35%, on a like for like basis. in the CIBSE Low Carbon Achievement RewardsThis has been achieved through significant team for our commitment and results within the Nationalmember engagement, to change the hearts and Skill Development Corporation contract.minds of those who operate our facilities everyday. These cultural and behavioural changes have We are fully committed to the government Carbondelivered over half of the savings made, whilst Reduction Commitment legislation, havingsince 2011, over £1.5 million has been invested in achieved Carbon Trust Standard accreditationenergy reducing technology. across our estate. In 2013, we plan to deliver a further investment of £500,000 in Carbon Reduction Technology.
  15. 15. 15 As part of an ongoing investment programme, Pool Covers have been introduced into our facilities – they can reduce Pool Hall energy consumption by 20%!Complete FlexibilityAnd finally... Our people work hard to achieve outstandingShould you not wish to outsource your hotel’s We would be delighted to work with you – to align results for our clients and their guests. We doleisure facility, fully, we can offer intelligent and ourselves with your brand, and be part of the not simply invest in the fabric of hotel leisurepractical service solutions through a consultancy future of your hotel. facilities; we also invest time and care inarrangement. ensuring that our service is of an exceptional From outstanding facilities and expert quality, and that we preserve the integrity of theWe are experts in the field of health & leisure, and management, to exceptional staff and flexible hotel brand.are proud of the services we deliver; our rapid solutions – we will take care of everythinggrowth is a testament to the excellent work we are I believe this commitment to quality servicedoing. has been a fundamental factor in our success over the past two years: we consistently have aThe uniqueness of your hotel is important to us positive impact on our clients’ business metricsand we shall invest ourselves in achieving your – enhancing guest experience and improvingobjectives. We can be as flexible as you need us revenue.”to be! Julian Nicholls - Chairman
  16. 16. Hotel Facilities Management by Leisure ConnectionPotton House, Wyboston LakesGreat North Road, Wyboston,BedfordshireMK44