Hotel Clark Greens - Airport Hotel & Spa Resort


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We would like to introduce you to the elegant Hotel Clark Greens, New Delhi. Conveniently located adjacent to the Indira Gandhi International Airport, and a mere ten minutes away from business hub Gurgaon & Delhi. Hotel Clark Greens is a prestigious addition to the city’s hospitality industry. Whether you’re here for a romantic interlude, a getaway with friends, or a business trip, Hotel Clark Greens provides you with 24 hours gourmet dinning, exquisite amenities, and fully wired event space, setting a stylish, energetic tone for a hotel accommodation at your budget.

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Hotel Clark Greens - Airport Hotel & Spa Resort

  1. 1.
  2. 2. You feel it the moment you enter. <br />We would like to introduce to you, the elegant G1 Clark Greens, New Delhi. Conveniently located adjacent to the Indira Gandhi International Airport, and a mere ten minutes away from business hub Gurgaon & Delhi, G1 Clark Greens is a prestigious addition to the city’s hospitality industry. <br />
  3. 3. We practice the attitude of gratitude. <br />Graceful architecture blends aesthetically with all the modern facilities. Spacious accommodations, a relaxing spa experience, an outstanding 24 hour multi-cuisine restaurant and exceptional service to spoil and pamper guests, makes a charming and unforgettable experience for you.. <br /> Clark focuses on developing great hotels in strategically important locations and building trusted relationships with the guests it serves. As an upcoming hotel, the entire G1Clark Greens organization is committed to providing warm and engaging hospitality. To ensure this, we have professionally trained and experienced staff to take care of the guests round the clock along with concierge service to guide them round the city.<br /> <br /> <br />
  4. 4. There are places where you stay; And then there are places that stay with you.  <br /> <br />Guest Room Information<br /><ul><li> Total number of rooms: 23
  5. 5. Floors: 2
  6. 6. 6 Suites
  7. 7. 5 Interconnected Family rooms
  8. 8. 6 Premium Clubs
  9. 9. 6 Premium </li></ul>In-Room Facilities<br /><ul><li> High speed Wi-Fi Internet
  10. 10. Telephone
  11. 11. Satellite TV
  12. 12. Air Condition
  13. 13. Mini Bar
  14. 14. Hair Dryer
  15. 15. Coffee Maker/Tea Maker
  16. 16. Flat Screen LCD TV
  17. 17. Electronic Safe
  18. 18. Luxurious Bath Rooms
  19. 19. On Demand Movies
  20. 20. On Demand Massage</li></ul>Property Information<br /><ul><li> Banquet Hall
  21. 21. Conference Room
  22. 22. Multi Cuisine Restaurant & Café
  23. 23. Spa
  24. 24. Secure Parking Place
  25. 25. Sports Facility
  26. 26. Lawns For Events
  27. 27. Mini Golf Course
  28. 28. Basket Ball Court
  29. 29. Badminton Court
  30. 30. Games Room
  31. 31. Kid’s Zone
  32. 32. Gym</li></ul>Services<br /><ul><li> 24 hrs Front Desk
  33. 33. 24 hrs Airport Pick Up & Drop Service
  34. 34. 24hrs Room Service
  35. 35. Dry Cleaning & Laundry
  36. 36. Concierge
  37. 37. Travel Desk
  38. 38. Money Changer
  39. 39. Event Management Desk
  40. 40. Yoga </li></ul>Japanese Suite<br />Banquet Hall<br />Café <br />Asian Suite<br />Luxurious Toilet<br />Yoga <br />
  41. 41. Relax Rewind and Rejuvenate your self in Lavende Spa.<br />Diseases which can be cured.<br /><ul><li>Spondylosis (Cervical & Lumbr)
  42. 42. Arthiritis (including Rheumatoid)
  43. 43. Sciatica
  44. 44. Neuralgia
  45. 45. Frozen Shoulder
  46. 46. Fibrosis / Fibromyalgia
  47. 47. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  48. 48. Carmps
  49. 49. Prolapsed invertebrate disc.
  50. 50. Bell’s Palsy (Facial paralysis)
  51. 51. Ankylosingspondylitis (pain only)
  52. 52. Calcaneodynia (Pain in the heel) / Calcaneal Spur
  53. 53. C.P (Cerebral pulsy)
  54. 54. Slip disc
  55. 55. Osteo-arthritis
  56. 56. Sprains and Muscular pain
  57. 57. Lumbago
  58. 58. Sciatica
  59. 59. Urine retention
  60. 60. Inflammations / swelling
  61. 61. Post fracture fomentation
  62. 62. Degenerative chnages / disc
  63. 63. Herniation in the spine etc.</li></ul>The therapy mainly works with the “Bio-energy” which is present in leaves, flowers, fruits, stems, barks, roots & seeds of plants by way of using natural organic oils.<br />The basic cause of any diseases is the accumulation of waste materials and impurities in the systems that have been steadily accumulating in the body through years of wrong habits, improper food habits, improper care of the body and also the victimization of the body through conventional medical treatments such as side-effects of drugs and removal of vital bones, tissues and glands due to surgery.<br />Along with our unique oil extract and different massage techniques the Treatments aims to improve the basic cellular and molecular behaviors, the pulsing and impulsing systems, lymph and blood circulatory systems, the digestive and excretory systems of the body. Which leads to a clean detoxified body and makes you feel rejuvenated .<br />
  64. 64. India’s Latest Luxury Wedding Destination In New Delhi<br /><ul><li> 3 Acres of beautifully lushes landscaped area along with running </li></ul> fountains, river & water falls, set amidst tranquil & scenic <br /> surroundings.<br /><ul><li> Multifunctional banquet hall for pre- wedding ceremonies.
  65. 65. Customized Welcome themes &imaginative Event Concepts.
  66. 66. Extensive Wooden Deck & open lawns ideal for exclusive </li></ul> Dinners & Receptions.<br /><ul><li> Complete event management with one window contact </li></ul> throughout the function.<br /><ul><li> Wide choice of menu options that will surely flicker your taste </li></ul> buds. <br /><ul><li> In Room Spa Therapy for both Bride & Groom.
  67. 67. Vale Parking for guests along with massive parking space.
  68. 68. A Complementary Room.</li></li></ul><li>Thousands of images rise up, sloe-eyed women in brilliant sarees, swaying down village streets, Luminous TajMahal, the spiritual tranquility of Haridwar, Rishikesh, Pushkar,etc. Rich with history and glowing with the promise of tomorrow, India is, most of all, destination to be savored. Thus to show you the incredible India we offer a range of packages for sightseeing in and around Delhi and for travel destinations near Delhi.<br />Packages on offer include:<br /> Golden Triangle Package:<br /> Delhi – Jaipur – Agra.<br /> Spiritual Package I:<br /> Delhi – Pushkar – Ajmer.<br /> Spiritual Package II:<br /> Delhi – Haridwar – Rishikesh.<br />Facilities Provided:<br /><ul><li>Air-Conditioned Car with Chauffeur.
  69. 69. Complimentary In-Car Refreshments.
  70. 70. Mid Way Meal.
  71. 71. Luxurious Accommodation At Destination.
  72. 72. Shopping & Sight-Seeing Excursions.
  73. 73. Local Guides On Request.</li></li></ul><li>Our multi cuisine restaurant is just the right place for a quick coffee, business lunch, afternoon tea or a leisurely dinner. Offering a range of international and Indian delights made with the finest ingredients, the restaurant is open 24 hours a day to serve our guests in utmost comfort and with mouth watering dishes.<br /> <br />
  74. 74. Photo Gallery<br />