Using slideshare to find decision makers


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Use SlideShare as a prospecting tool to find decision makers for your sales and marketing efforts.

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Using slideshare to find decision makers

  1. 1. 398 Fifth Street, San Francisco, CA 94105   The Electric Slide: Using SlideShare to find decision makersIn this post I’m going to cover some of the techniques I’ve used to harness theamazing sales intelligence that is wrapped up in SlideShare’s presentation index.In case you’re unfamiliar, SlideShare is a place where presentations areuploaded and digitized, making all content on these slides searchable viaSlideShare’s site. It’s the YouTube of PowerPoint presentations, if you will.But, what can you learn from a presentation hosted on SlideShare? 1. Contact information. Important people, likely including decision makers at some of your target prospect companies, like to give presentations. It’s commonplace for a presenter to include their social media handles and/or email address somewhere in their presentation. This is usually on the first or last slide of the deck. 2. Context about the contact and the company. A presenter often gives a brief overview of their company and their own professional background. This information can be really useful in helping you craft a custom pitch for this contact. 3. Common ground. I am a big believer in finding common ground with a prospect as a way to start building your credibility. Making an intelligent comment about a presentation that the prospect may have given in the past is potentially a great way to cut through the cold email noise.There are three types of searches that I’ve had success using on SlideShare: 1. Company name. This will help you find presentations that are either by, or about, the company you are targeting. Often, this will help you find context and contacts. 2. Contact name. If a contact you are targeting is mentioned in a presentation and/or has an account on SlideShare then they will show up in the search results. 3. Industry or role. You may not have a specific company or contact in mind. That’s OK! Try searching for an industry or a target buyer role (i.e. VP of Marketing, CTO) to find prospects that meet your criteria.
  2. 2. 398 Fifth Street, San Francisco, CA 94105  What if you can’t find the specific contact you are looking for? Not every CEO orcompany executive is on the conference presentation circuit, after all. Trysearching for folks in community management or evangelist type roles at yourtarget organization. While these folks may not be your target buyer, they areoften a great way to get an internal referral. These folks typically give lots ofpresentations and are often very accessible.As with any prospecting technique, results will likely vary based on the types ofcompanies and industries that you target. Give SlideShare a shot and see if it isa valuable addition to your prospecting tool kit.###