Making the most of your hostel stay
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Making the most of your hostel stay

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1st time in a hostel? Here is an interesting piece about how to make the best of your hostel stay

1st time in a hostel? Here is an interesting piece about how to make the best of your hostel stay

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  • 1. SanPolo1890-Venice30125,Italy•Ph+390412415785 • Fax+390412413870 • • MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR HOSTEL STAY T he first time you stay in a hostel, you will either have an amazing time – full of newfound friends, fresh experiences and loads of conversations – or an awful, horrified time – because you’re either shy or maybe the place isn’t exactly what you expected. But after a few experiences from all across the board, you will begin to realize what to expect, as well as what it takes to make the best of your stay. Hostels are simplified nightly arrangements that are notorious for offering corner-cut amenities and quirky ways of doing things, but the experience of staying in a hostel can be the best time of your life, or it can be the worst experience of your life – the choice is yours. With that said, there are a few things that can’t be helped if you chose a less than ideal facility. So, figure out what you’re wanting and expecting, and then once you arrive, no matter what happens, learn to make the best of it with these points... • Take some time to adjust to your new surroundings: • Unpack your bags into your locker • Lie down for a few minutes and relax • Take a shower and refresh yourself • Take a walk around the facilities and get acquainted with the layout and its offerings • Meet the various hostel workers: getting to know some of the works will allow you to have a somewhat familiar face while you stay. You could make a buddy who may show you around the town, or at the very least, give you a few tips of good places to visit or maybe even give you a few perks within the hostel • Most of the time, the workers that hostels employ are travelers like you and they make friends often, so this can lead to you becoming a part of the ‘group’ of friends/workers – this can make your time there much more comfortable • Don’t be shy, put yourself out there: by taking a seat in the common areas, you open yourself up to making new friends and exponentially improving your experience • Don’t be afraid to join other people’s conversations. In hostels, it’s perfectly normal to randomly grab a seat in a group and awkwardly introduce yourself. Remember, most people are in the same boat as you • If going up to a random group scares you, then try buying 2 beers and then go and offer one to someone who looks like a loner too Book great hostels at