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  • Strategic Planning for K-12 School Systems through Career Development Facilitator Training
    1. Demonstrate how the CDF training can be utilized to help school systems think strategically about career development for students.
    2. Highlight a school system and a community college that utilized the CDF training for career coaches, guidance counselors and career tech teachers to equip them with the resources they needed to help students while, at the same time aiding the system in putting together a comprehensive career development plan for grades 6-12 to meet strategic goals for the system.
    Wondering how Career Development Facilitator (CDF) training can help you meet student needs while at the same time help you plan strategically for career development service implementation? This workshop will highlight one school system that utilized customized CDF training to achieve both of these outcomes.
    This workshop will show how the 12 competencies of the CDF training can be taught through a customized approach to help K-12 and Higher Ed professionals achieve school, system, or statewide objectives through this professional development training. The workshop will showcase how projects to aid in learning from the training can drive strategic thinking to implement a comprehensive career development plan (which is emphasized through the competency of program management and implementation in the curriculum).
    With an increased demand in schools to think strategically in order to achieve results tied to student success now and into the next century, having methods for tying professional development training, like CDF training, to these objectives will be imperative. In addition, the next century for NCDA and it professional members will require a focus on how the resources of the organization can be leveraged and customized, while always insuring the integrity, value and consistent delivery of the flagship training of the organization.
  • Forest = the goal
    Trees = the day to day that gets the strategy done- your knowledge, expertise, experience, and implementation
    The trees make the forest and the two should go hand-in-hand but oftentimes we’re planting trees so far apart that they can’t facilitate the growth of the forest and the results. Having a strategy can help us get there.
  • Sometimes there is one huge tree in our way, and that is the day-to-day work, that keeps us from being able to focus on growing the forest.
    Putting a plan in place can help with that, as the Ole Miss Career Center Director said, at least we have a plan now. And can also help you plant a needed tree of professional development to nurture the forest.
  • But before we can talk about incorporating these two things- what is strategy?
  • Take out your phone- what is strategy?
  • What is strategy?
    Strategy can be something that is so big we just don’t get it or do it
    Plan or method to get to the goal- so what is your goal or the organization in which you work for goal? Write it down
  • a plan, method, or series of maneuvers or stratagems for obtaining a specific goal or result: a strategy for getting ahead in the world.
    Example: 100% Career and College Ready Graduates for Decatur City Schools
  • CDF training can be the tree you plant to help you with individual professional development that is needed to grow the forest and help you put the plan in place to make sure you get a forest, not a bunch of scattered trees
  • 12 steps in program creation or redesign which is really a strategic planning process much like the one on the one on the next slide we use to guide corporate strategic planning
    It’s a method to reach a goal- so instead of just talking about the method, we do the method in the training, projects are geared towards implementing this process
  • What had to happen for this
    100% student enrollment in Kuder- timeline for this
    -incorporated their focus on technology and on communication- tactic for this- email communication with parents- all parent emails in the system
  • What is one of your objectives? Turn to a partner next to you and tell them what one objective is you have that could help reach your overall organizational goal.
  • What has to be done to achieve your objective? What resources do you have to do this?
    Example- DCS created checklists at each grade for what had to be done in Kuder as well as other things to meet objective.
  • DCS was a comprehensive plan for the entire career development area for the whole school system, can be done on a smaller scale to tackle 1 area of what you do as well, Example- Ole Miss and increasing the use of EmployUM tool
  • For Ole Miss- what came first, more employers using it, or more students using it- both needed to happen
  • What programs do you have currently that need more strategy? What is something you could do to develop and market the program.
    Ole Miss- create handouts/presentations on EmployUM for instructors to use in introductory class
    -create lunch and learn for faculty and staff to learn about employ UM
  • You can utilize the cdf training to meet your goal of professional development- it’s the tree of knowledge so to speak,
    But if you are going to learn the knowledge it needs to be utilized.
    CDF training can also be the avenue to create the instruction manual for planting the tree- if you don’t have a guide for planting and a plan to do it with them the tree of knowledge dies
  • Plant the seed for the tree and the forest through customized CDF training
    Handout plants and pass around bucket for business cards
  • Strategy and cdf

    1. 1. What is your organization’s goal? What is your goal?
    2. 2. EXAMPLES
    3. 3. Decatur City Schools College & Career Readiness Plan 2020 100% College/ Career Ready Graduates High School Middle School Communication 06/17/14 Provide an innovative learning community committed to academic excellence and meeting the unique needs of every individual T e c h n o l o g yElementary Objectives and Programmatic Focus at Each Level to Reach Goal
    4. 4. #5 Write Clear, Concrete, Measurable Objectives “Fully utilize Kuder as an Individual Learning Plan Tool for Students”
    5. 5. #5 Write Clear, Concrete, Measurable Objectives
    6. 6. #10 Develop a plan to promote and market the program