Results resumes presentation Athens State


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This presentation, given virtually to Athens-State University students and alumni helps individuals take their resumes to the next level by focusing on results.

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  • -It’s a foot in the door-discuss how to limit to 2 pages- it won’t get looked at if it is more -focus on results, and don’t repeat the same info under every job if tasks were similar- if results are there there won’t be a need to repeat tasks -limit to 1 if less experience -references don’t go on a resume
  • I’ve taught a resume and interviewing class before that focused solely details of resumes (sections to have, chronological vs. functional, etc), instead of focusing on what is going to get you to stand out. Example of Task Statement (give overview of customer service jobs):-Answered customer callsResults statement:Answered approximately 100 customer calls per day while meeting all quality and timeliness goals which resulted in reduced customer complaints and/or customer call backs by 95%. Many of the questions people ask me are about technical details of resumes, like should I list the year I graduated from college? Won’t that date me if I do? Or- Should my education or my work experience be listed first? Its reactive, instead of pro-activeYou should be thinking instead of big picture questions like what is do I need to change about my resume that is going to GET me the job instead thinking what should I take off that might harm my chances of getting a jobGive example of Nancy last bullet- created webpages for church, baseball league, etc which lended itself to the area she was trying to break into
  • Your handout walks you through this process, and we will walk through it in this webinar
  • If you aren’t going to do it, who will? Think about what you are proud of!Take a minute to use your worksheet on page 2 and record and least 1 professional/school related accomplishment and 1 personal/volunteer accomplishment. You can use the verbs at the side of the page to begin your accomplishment statementsExample 1: Dee is a 23 year old college senior in Management. She is interested in getting into an entry-level management role in a retail or bank setting. She’s worked part-time as a cashier at her neighborhood CVS while attending school. In high school, she was employed as a hostess at Applebee’s. She has also served as a member and officer of the school’s SHRM Chapter and as a coordinator for a Relay for Life team in her community.Example 2: Sam is a 44 year old supervisor at Wal-Mart. He has been there for 15 years working his way up from cashier. He is studying for his BS in Accounting and will graduate in May. Sam would like to go to work for a small to mid size accounting firm instead of working for a company in the accounting area. He is active in his church where he serves on the finance committee and volunteers with Big Brothers Big Sisters keeping their books.
  • What she came to us with on her resume. Are these tasks or accomplishments?Tasks
  • -Where is budgeting info or accounting info- what he wants to do- has to do some of this in his roll as a supervisor
  • So we asked her- what are you proud of, and here was her listAsk them to generate 1 personal and 1 professional accomplishment on their handout- share
  • Ask them to generate Key Skills for themselvesGive suggestions: Capture these in a summary of qualifications statement at the top of your resume instead of an objective!
  • Generate for one of your examples on page 5 of your handoutThis is also a very good tool for preparing for an interview!
  • Generate for one of your examples on page 5 of your handoutThis is also a very good tool for preparing for an interview!
  • Emphasize to them to highlight key words in the job posting and use in the statements they create.
  • Results resumes presentation Athens State

    1. 1. Shift your thinking!
    2. 2. Turn to Page 2 of your Handout
    3. 3. •Greet customers and check them out•Restock shelves•Help in photo processing•Member, SHRM•Relay for Life
    4. 4. •Manage 12 cashiers•Oversee inventory management•Cashier for 10 years•Big Brothers Big Sisters Volunteer
    5. 5. Turn Back to Page 2 of your Handout
    6. 6. Consider putting Key Skills in a Summary of Qualifications HeaderTurn to Page 3 of your handout
    7. 7. Turn to page 5 of your handout
    8. 8. Page 5 of your handout
    9. 9.