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This workshop walks through the basics of job interviewing, including information on behavioral based interviewing. Designed for Athens State University Students and Alumni.

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  • Article on the new rules on dressing for success by Tom Searcy-Know the company’s “uniform”-Dress 1 step up from that-Its not just what you wear, but how you wear it-’Grooming trumps style”A bank requires a suit. A construction job requires steel toed boots, nice slacks and a nice shirt (even though the uniform may be jeans-one step up)Know that the beards seem to be the thing now b/c of Duck Dynasty, but shave it, or keep it very well groomed-Try it on before you go- set it out the night before
  • If there is a question that it could be a distraction, don’t wear it
  • Drive by- do it at the same time of the day your interview is scheduled for from where you will be coming from to see how long it will take you- add extra time to make sure you are there on timeBe 10-15 early; earlier if they for example tell you to arrive 30 minutes early to fill out an application (example at Blue Cross)On the interview from arrival- example at Blue Cross of girl in waiting room
  • Look up things about the company online- most basic way; if publically traded, more than just the company’s website- look at public financial data, etc.Talk to people who you may know that work thereAll of this is good information to have in your mind when you are being interviewed
  • Make sure you are yourself when you go in- don’t try to be someone you’re not- this helps with being able to relax as well and can also help you be a better listner
  • -leave your phone in the car- don’t even bring it in. Example of phone not only ringing in an interview but someone answering it-no other people (relatives, kids)-gum or other things in your mouth
  • seePrep to be a STARUnderstanding and Acing Behavioral Based InterviewsBe a star by utilizing to the STAR methodExplain the situation, task, action, resultNotes on practice: some people find value in writing out examples then using them to help them practice with a person. If you don’t want to practice with someone else, video tape yourself and critique yourself, correcting problem area- you can use the chart on the worksheet to help you in writing these down
  • seePrep to be a STARUnderstanding and Acing Behavioral Based Interviews
  • Remember you are in the interview the moment you walk in the door. Example: Plant manager in town was hiring an adm assistant. One was rude to the current adm assistant, and the plant manager sent her home before he even interviewed her.Had a candidate joking around and actually cussed in the waiting room before the interview. This was communicated to the recruiter and the interview was cut short.-Firm handshake, don’t be forceful but don’t be limp-Make eye contact-Be prepared to listen, a lot of nervous mistakes occur because you haven’t been listening
  • Be long winded in answering questions with details that are not job relevant
  • Evident practice did not take place; he did not have a a good work related example to share, and was unable to demonstrate STAR in this situationHat is a distraction and inappropriateOther don’ts- fidgeting, slouching, etc.
  • Appropriately dressedBrought resume/nice portfolioResponded to question with a work related/job related answer, not personal- in the case of this being an internship he is applying for, appropriate to not express detailed skill level
  • Refer to your seePrep to be a STARUnderstanding and Acing Behavioral Based Interviews
  • Thank you note- if you are unable to get a mailing address, email is appropriate.
  • Write the thank you note immediately, within 24 hoursIf you have not heard something within the timeframe they stated you would hear something (if you’ve asked good questions) it is okay to call
  • Slideshare includes today’s presentation as well as other handouts and worksheets related to interviewing and other job search topicsYoutube channel has sample interview dos and don’ts videos like the clips shown todayResources from the career center at Athens State
  • Interview Workshop

    1. 1. The workshop will cover: • How to prepare before an Interview Prep for appearance Prep for arrival Prep to know the company Prep to be a STAR (situation, tasks, action result); Questions you need to know how to answer • What to do during an Interview First impressions Dos and Don’ts Questions for you Questions for them • How to follow-up after an Interview Following up An Offer! How to negotiate
    2. 2. APPEARANCE • Dress for the position • Grooming • No perfume/colog ne • Minimal jewelry • Appropriate fit of clothes
    3. 3. APPEARANCE KEY Question to ask yourself: Is anything about my appearance going to be a
    4. 4. ARRIVAL • Do a drive by • 10-15 minutes early • Realize you are in the interview the moment you pull into the parking lot
    5. 5. KNOW THE COMPANY Why do you want to work here?
    6. 6. WHAT TO TAKE WITH YOU • Nice portfolio to hold your information • Copies of your resume (and references if asked for them) on nice paper • Prompts to help on interview questions • Questions you’d like to ask them • Any work samples if it is job relevant • Your true self! • Listening ears
    7. 7. WHAT NOT TO TAKE
    8. 8. BE A STAR • Behavioral based interviewing is: past behavior = future performance • Describe past behaviors and results through: • Situation or • Task • Action • Result • Practice, practice, practice • Realize you are just having a conversation with another person- tell your story
    9. 9. SAMPLE BEHAVIORAL BASED QUESTIONS • Tell me about at time when you had a conflict with a co-worker? What was the situation and how did you handle it? • Describe a project you have had to complete at work. • When have you had the opportunity to lead a group or an effort?
    11. 11. DON’T
    12. 12. DON’T
    13. 13. DO
    15. 15. QUESTIONS FOR THEM • Contact information/business card • Next steps/how the hiring process will proceed • Ask if there is any other information you can provide them • Avoid asking questions about salary or benefits, especially on the first interview. Save these questions until an offer is made.
    16. 16. FOLLOW UP • Send a thank you note • Within 24 hours • Handwritten is preferable • When it is okay to call if you haven’t heard something?
    17. 17. YOU GOT AN OFFER! • First, take time to celebrate! • Most offers now come in the form, first, as a contingent offer- you still have the drug screening and background check to complete • Complete your drug screen ASAP • When negotiating salary • Let them speak first if possible • If they ask you for your requirements, ask them if there is a salary range for the position • If they will not let you know a range for the position, state a range for yourself so you don’t sell yourself too high or too low
    18. 18. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES Search for “Horizon Point Consulting, Inc.” Then “favorites”
    19. 19. QUESTIONS ?
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