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Jan Feb 2012- 101st BSB Newsletter


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Jan Feb 2012- 101st BSB Newsletter

  1. 1. The Guardian January-February 2012 From the Battalion Commander: GUARDIAN SOLDIERS & FAMILY MEMBERS, It’s with great pleasure that my wife Maureen and our four children join the Guardian Battalion Family. I’m ex- cited to be part of a unit with such a proud history and 101st BSB great reputation. The Guardians have proven time again “Let Us Carry the Burden”HIGHLIGHTS worthy of living up to the Big Red One motto of: No mis- sion too difficult…No sacrifice too great… DUTY FIRST! Thank you for your service, shared sacrifices and commitment to each other, our unit and the Army.BN CDR Message 1 I also want to express my thanks to LTC Grubbs for welcoming me to the Battalion and for a great transition process. This is a strong team. Our initial priorities include:BN CSM Message 2 receiving tactical equipment, refining and re-establishing home station administra-BN Chaplain 3 tive, maintenance, supply, training management and Family Readiness systems andHHC 4 beginning home station training (taking it slow during the RESET period) while weAlpha Co. 5 continue to provide uncompromised direct support to the DEVIL Brigade.Bravo Co. 6 Though our tasks during the RESET phase are many; I am committed to ensuringCharlie Co. 7 systems that achieve maximum predictability for our Soldiers and Families. No Sol- dier operates in a vacuum and the support of our Families and loved ones is critical toEvent Info. 8-10 getting the job done. I appreciate all that our Families do to set the conditions for the success of our Soldiers and Team. It’s an honor to have the opportunity to serve and lead this fine Battalion! I look forward to continuing to meetour Soldiers and Family members as I circulate through the unit area and at future events. GUARDIAN 6 Jim Waddick LTC, MS Commanding Portons Les Fardeaux…“Let us Carry the Burden” It is with great sadness that I write my final installment of the Guardian Newsletter. What an amazing 31 months it has been! As a commander, I could not have asked for a better team of Soldiers, leaders and Families to serve. There is a lot I could say but, I think one statement will cover it all—Thank you! Thank you for the countless hours spent serving our Nation and not receiving the proper thanks for what you do every day. Thank you for volunteering to serve when our Nation is at war and knowing that you are putting yourself in harm’s way. Thank you for sustaining the Devil Brigade regardless of the mission. Thank you for doing everything that was asked of you and doing this with a quiet profes- sionalism and maintaining a level of discipline that earned us the respect of the entire brigade.To the Families, who didn’t volunteer and don’t get paid, thank you for supporting your Soldiers, the battalion and being therefor all of us each and every day. We are better because of you. I have served in many units throughout my career and I havenever served in a unit that is so much like a family and it is that way because of the time and sacrifices that you make for thebattalion, the Army and our Nation.It is sad for me to say farewell, but I know that you will enjoy serving with LTC Waddick. Please give him all of the supportthat you gave me throughout the last 31 months. It has been a true pleasure to serve you.Guardian 6, out“This is the newsletter of the 101st BSB that contains both official and unofficial information. The inclusion of someunofficial information in this FRG newsletter has not increased the cost to the Government, in accordance with DOD JIM WADDICK4525.8-M.” LTC, MS 1 Commanding
  2. 2. PAGE 2 THE GUARDIAN From the Command Sergeant Major: Guardians, Since our last newsletter, we have been very busy with a lot of hard work to reset the battalion. It is always difficult to tran- sition from a war time mission to a garrison environment. So many of you are on orders to new assignments and I wish you well at yourCSM Jeffrey Adams new duty stations. Reorganizing equipment, personnel, and files is always time consuming and most of us do not enjoy change. I want to take the timeto highlight some events that went well for the battalion. The battalion ball was amazing and Ipersonally had a lot fun at it. You made it a wonderful event. The change of command cere-mony showed your discipline and commitment to the Army standards. I was very pleased. Some of our Soldiers went before the promotion board this month and I’d like to CONGRATULATE SPC Wilborn who is now promotable ! I would like to take this time to thank all the Families for supporting your Soldiers through the late nights, deployments, and schools. Your love and devotion carry us through some of our tough- est times. Your ability to be a single parent and carry all the families’ burdens through these tough times always amazes me. You are definitely a great part of the Guardian family. Thank you!Time has flown by so quickly that it seems like I just in-processed into our great battalion a fewdays ago. Alas, it has been almost three years and it has been an honor to have served with allthe awesome Soldiers in this great battalion! Your abilities and accomplishments will be re-membered for years to come. I only hope that you will remember the team work and espirit decorps that you incorporated into our last three years. Thank you for all the great contributionseach one of you made during my time here. Thank you for your service to our nation and theArmy. Only 1% of our nation serve in the armed forces and most of you joined during war. Iwill not say goodbye, but I will see you on the high road again some day.“Guardian 7” Jeffrey O. Adams (signing off)Command Sergeant Major 2
  3. 3. Chaplain’s Corner So what is your theology? First, what is theology? Noun: The study of the na- ture of God and religious belief. Religious beliefs and theory when systemati- cally developed: “Christian theology.” What a person believes is who they are and who they are is what they believe. While on my way to PT, I heard James McDonald give this little sermon note: Dog Theology V.S Cat Theology “Dog theology:” You feed me, You shelter me, You clothe me, You must be God! “Cat theology:” You feed me, You shelter me, You clothe me, I must be God! Which theology have you adopted? Humorous I must say, but as we do a survey of our own heart, and if a mirror could reflect the moral character of the Chaplain Adriatico person beneath the skin, uniform and titles, what do you see? Society tends to tell us we are special, unique, etc., but the truth is, you’re not! You’re not asnow flake, “one-of-a-kind” so rare and special, entitled to the world and perfect beyond reformation but sim-ply a normal person living with other normal people full of flaws and in need of improvement, to become bet-ter and stronger in your faith, your love for your family and a devotion to where God has called you to be. An-other identity issue I have encountered is that people lose sight of the true meaning of life by being their job.Psychologically, they have misunderstood that work is just work and not who they are. In recognition of this,they neglect their families, relationships and even their own well-being. This is not smart nor is it effective orefficient for the survival or prosperity of any unit. Your net worth is beyond the materialistic. The moral integ-rity of who you are as a person is what matters. Another thought I have for you this year is to understand thatGod does not need you but that you need Him. Dreaming big is good but dream in such a way that it is notself-centered nor unrealistic. The difference that separates those who fail and those who succeed is utilizingfailure as a learning tool to grow and to see dreams as a goal within the proper limitations of one’s self. Keepyour eyes and hearts centered upon your faith in God and watch His power work in your life. Remember theachievements acquired and what is done will be forgotten, but the integrity of a person lives forever! Be thatexample and be that individual part of a big team to do the impossible. There is strength in numbers and wis-dom in the word of God. “ 1 Blessed is the one who does not walk in step with the wicked or stand in the way that sinners take or sit in the company of mockers, 2 but whose delight is in the law of the LORD, and who meditates on his law day and night. 3 That person is like a tree planted by streams of water, which yields its fruit in season and whose leaf does not wither— whatever they do prospers. 4 Not so the wicked! They are like chaff that the wind blows away. 5 Therefore the wicked will not stand in the judgment, nor sinners in the assembly of the righteous. 6 For the LORD watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked leads to destruction.”HAVE A GREAT 2012! Respectfully, Chaplain (CPT) Adriatico 3
  4. 4. PAGE 4 THE GUARDIAN HURRICANES-January/February 2012 Hurricane’s, Family & Friends: Happy New Year! I hope that everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather while it’s here. Things at work have been pretty busy and the company is working hard to re-establish systems so that we can de- velop a battle rhythm that provides Soldiers and their families a little 1SG PostaCPT Alvarez, CDR bit more predictability in the coming months. Every section has worked hard since returning from block leave and I appreciate everyone’s positive attitude andhard work over these past few weeks as we drew our vehicles from LBE, conducted 100% inventories and took overDevil’s Den dining facility. Everyone is doing an outstanding job! Our FRG has been working hard to plan out severalevents through the summer, I encourage everyone to provide your support as much as possible. I would alsolike to congratulate our FRG leader for receiving BDE and DIV volunteer of the quarter awards. Thank you Lacey for your dedication to the unit and their families! Keep up the great work! “HURRICANE 6” Congratulations to our recent WLC graduates: SGT Poole SGT Simon PFC Brinson PFC Winecoff SFC Copas SSG Niebels SPC Strader 35F 25B 25B 92M Brookville, OH Columbus, GA Sioux Falls, SD Kanorado, KS PVT Mohammad PV2 Dowie SPC Rosales PV2 Farley 92Y 25U 25B 25U Clearwater, FL Orlando, FL EUA Beach, HI Eatonton, GALacey Kopecky,As we enter 2012, I’d like to welcome all of our new Hurricane Soldiers, I look forward to meeting all of you!During our first FRG meeting on 24 January we voted on a change to our SOP and it now includes a baby giftfor Soldiers welcoming a new addition to their family. We always look forward to meeting new families andSoldiers who are interested in volunteering their time, talent or ideas with us; if you have something to shareor would like to contribute to our mission please join us at one of our volunteer meetings. Our next meetingwill be held on February 16th at El Tapatio on 6th Street in Junction City at 6 pm; if you will be attendingplease text or e-mail so that we can ensure we have enough seating available. This meeting is very informaland serves as a forum to brainstorm ideas for future unit family events to have in lieu of a formal FRG meet-ing. If you are new to the battalion, we hope you stop by at one to share ideas; CPT Alvarez is always in at-tendance and can answer any questions you may have! If you have any questions, you can contact me viaone of the methods listed in the page footer. ~LaceyUpcoming Company Events:March 17th- Hurricane Challenge (St Patrick’s Day 10K/2 mile run)April 2nd- Annual Pie in the Face!June- Spouse Challenge! Do you have what it takes to spend a day in your spouse’s boots?Check out Fort Riley MWR for area events at and also on FACEBOOK!To become a volunteer or for assistance with any matter, please contact your Family Readiness Group Leader: 4Lacey Kopecky, 785-317-2660,
  5. 5. PAGE 5 THE GUARDIAN ALPHA COMPANY, 101st BSB CPT Bender and 1SG HollifieldFrom CPT Bender, Alpha Co. CDR: I hope everybody had a great holiday and New Years and has begun 2012 offto a great start. For Alpha Company, we began the new year welcoming in a newbattalion commander and starting to settle into our daily routines now that theblock leaves periods are complete. The next few months will begin to get a bit busier as we will begin focusingon training and sending Soldiers to schools, such as, the Warrior Leader’s Course,Advanced Leader’s Course, and the Senior Leader’s Course. The next few monthswill also be a great time for Soldiers to focus on individual civilian education aswell, in which I encourage everybody to take full advantage of and strive for excel-lence. Avalanche is still looking for someone who is motivated to assist the com-pany as a Family Readiness Group Leader. This position can be a very fulfillingand rewarding experience that has a direct impacton all of our Avalanche families. In the upcomingmonths, we will be looking at different events or Congratulations tofunctions that we can do as an FRG, ensuring that SGT Murillo and his wifewe can take full advantage of the opportunities who welcomed Cesar Omar Murillo, bornthat are offered to both Soldiers and our Families on November 26, 2011here in the Fort Riley area. If you have some good ideas that we can do as an FRG or are interested inhelping out with the FRG, in any capacity, please let us know. AVALANCHE!! Captain Michael Bender 5
  6. 6. PAGE 6 THE GUARDIAN From CPT Thomas, Bravo Co. CDR GOOD DAY, BULLDOGS!!!!! serving the Bulldog We have survived the Family are appreci- Holidays and a plethora ated. You will forever of 4-day weekends with be a Bulldog in our ZERO incidents!!! That’s hearts! While Mrs. the Bulldog Spirit! Keep Supanich’s departure signals a closing of a chapter up the good work Bull- in Bulldog history, it also opens an opportunity fordogs. another spouse to step up and undertake an adven- ture unlike any other. Please, raise your hand if thisThings are progressing at a break-neck pace. We sounds like something that you want to farewell to the best when 1SG Saroglou de-parted. A true Bulldog if ever there was and a Bull- CONGRATULATIONS!dog for life!! BULLDOGS, HOOAH!! The Bulldogs Promotions: PFC to SPC:also welcomed 1SG Swarts to the Dog House! Wehave nearly doubled in size since our redeployment. SPC Jette, SPC Kavanagh, and SPC Vargas!We continue to receive equipment and Soldiers. The Bulldogs BidThis makes for a very exciting time for the Bulldogs. Farewell to:This also means that we need to be extra vigilant as LTC Grubbswe are working more and more with Soldiers that we MAJ Neilldon’t know and equipment that is in need of some 1SG SaroglouBLC (Bulldog Loving Care). Bulldog sub-hand re-ceipt holders are busy locating their equipment. Hail to:Squad leaders are chasing down information on LTC Waddicktheir new charges and the Bulldog FRG is preparing MAJ Rozhonto bid farewell to our fearless and diligent, FRG 1SG SwartslLeader: Mrs. Jessica Supanich. We want you toknow that your hard work and long days and nights Bulldog 6, Out! From the FRG Leader, Jessica Supanich I hope you all had a great holiday! I know Bravo Co. has received many new Sol- diers and spouses (Welcome!) in the last 2 months and I do apologize if you have not yet been contacted by the FRG. The unit is still trying to get a complete roster together, but as soon as I receive it you will be contacted! All the FRG positions currently need to be filled so if you are interested please contact me and I can answer any questions you may have.The positions available are: Funds Custodian, Alternate Funds Custodian, and Key Caller.As some of you may have heard, we are scheduled to PCS to Fort Drum this spring. My husband is leavingin April for school and will report straight to Drum after that. I will remain the FRG Leader until around mid-March and then I will be stepping down. The kids and I will remain in the area until school is over in May.Thank you to everyone who has been an active supporter of the FRG, past and present. I appreciate all thehelp you have given, volunteer time you have donated, and your presence at monthly meetings. If there isanything I can do for you between now and March, just let me know!Our next FRG meeting will be held on February 16th at 6 p.m. in the ACS Annex on Huebner Rd. On-sitechildcare will be provided with prior registration. Your child must be registered with CYSS to use this care,also please bring each child’s shot records with you that evening.I have been granted an extension this time until Feb 13th for FRG childcare for our meeting, but please getsigned up soonest.Bravo Bulldogs Rock!!!For assistance from your FRG, call Jessica 785-461-5091 or Email: 6
  7. 7. PAGE 7 THE GUARDIAN From CPT Li, Charlie Co. CDR: As January comes to a close, the Cyclones have been getting back into the swing ofthings, as work days have transitioned from half-days to full-days. The reintegration process isnow complete and the Soldiers along with their squad leaders and platoon leaders have beenworking very closely with unit supply to complete the change of command inventories. Al-though we are short on personnel because of schooling, the remaining Cyclones have beenworking diligently to complete all missions and tasks. We would like to congratulate the newly promoted NCOs in our company. SGT Allen(Evac Platoon), SGT Andrews (Treatment Platoon), and SGT Newman (Evac Platoon). Onceagain, we would also like to congratulate SGT Kenney (HQ Platoon) and SGT Kuchenbecker(Treatment Platoon) on achieving the same accomplishments during the deployment. GreatJob! We have many people leaving whether that is transferring to another post or ETS-ingout of the Army, but we also have new Soldiers and NCOs arriving. CPT Charles (PA) de-parted our Cyclone family and we will miss her knowledge and her mentorship to the medics.SFC Hamilton, SFC Warren, SFC Wright, and SSG Elssesser will PCS this month and will bemissed due to their leadership and dedication over the years. Good luck! We welcome SPC Aguilar, SPC Al-Mohareb, PFC Ramirez, and PFC Phyall to our com-pany! I would also like to welcome Amber Alfred and Carla Devries as our newest volunteers toour company FRG. I am excited to welcome CPT Kelley but sad in the same regards to leavethe Cyclone families. I would like to thank the Cyclones for all their hard work and making mytime in command easy. I will soon depart Charlie Company as I transition to IACH for myHFPA internship and I wish all Cyclones and CPT Kelley the utmost success in their future! ~CPT Li, Cyclone 6 7 email: or call 785-239-9527 for assistance
  8. 8. Search: 101st Brigade Support Battalion Guardians Are you a new Army Spouse?Army Community Service (ACS) has all the resources you needto successfully adapt to military life! Call today: 785- 239-9435WELCOME NEW GUARDIAN SOLDIERS & FAMILIES! If you are new to 101st BSB and/or are not sure who your FRG Leader is, please contact: Mrs. Hope Stanley Battalion Family Readiness Support Assistant (FRSA) 785-239-1772 or 8
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