The grudge opening sequence


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Analysis of the first five minutes of The Grudge

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The grudge opening sequence

  1. 1. The Grudge Opening SequenceCameraA tilt is used at the very beginning to show the location of where the film is set; italso introduces the first character/victim. An over the shoulder shot is usedwhen Peter is looking out the balcony and his partner is in the bed, this showshow he is confused and it shows his emotions. A zoom in is used when Peter isfalling to the floor; the camera zooms in to the floor so that it is as if we are theones falling. A pan is used along with a tilt so that we can see the emotion onPeter’s partners face and we can see that people around the area where he diedare gathering to see what happened. A high angle is used when she is at thebottom of the stairs, this makes the audience aware that something is going tohappen and she is the victim.EditingAt the very beginning we see the two companies that have came together tomake this film. Text comes up before we see any camera work, and some of thetext gets highlighted in red “Curse”, “Fury” and “Death”. This hooks in theaudience because it makes them want to know who dies, why and they want toknow what the curse is. After we see the first victim, more text comes up tellingus the companies that produced the film and the directors and actors, etc. Whenwe see the title of the film, a hand comes on and touches the name; ripples thenappear as the name disappears. While everyone’s names are coming on thescreen, hair on water is used to introduce them. This gives the audience a clue towhat the film is about. The titles then continue in while we are introduced to thenext character.Mise-en-sceneWhen we first see Peter, he is wearing his nightwear and he is acting allconfused. This makes the audience aware that something is very soon going tohappen to him and he is acting like he is possessed by not caring what he lookslike when he dies. When we see the area that Peter lives, it look a little bit rundown which shows us that they don’t really have much money and that can linkin to something later on in the film. When we first see Yoko, she is riding her bikeand is wrapped up warm, this shows us that it is around autumn that this film istaking place in and it shows us that she is fairly active by riding her bike to work.When we see Yoko with Emma, Emma look scared and confused and we can seeby the mess of the house that she is unable to take care of herself.SoundWhen the movie first starts, we can hear quiet music in minor key, this makes theaudience tense up straight away because it matches what the text is saying aboutdeath. The music goes louder as the text goes on which links to the genre of thefilm- Horror. The music then cuts off and we hear ambient sound as we aregetting introduced to Peter. When Peter’s partner talks to him she soundsconcerned because he doesn’t talk back and he is acting strange. As Peter isfalling we hear he wind around his like on a rollercoaster and this justemphasises the speed that he is falling at. The music then starts up again and it
  2. 2. sounds more miserable then what it did the first time because it is louder andstraight after his death. When the names are introduced we hear the same musicbut occasionally you hear the sound of water and that could link to where TheGrudge comes from. The music continues throughout the clip but does quietdown but it makes the audience feel tense and it makes them wait for somethingto happen.The opening sequence for The Grudge creates suspense for the audience. Theopening sequence keeps the audience on the edge of their seats because they areready to either be scared or jump. The music helps add to the suspense becauseit isn’t happy music; it is music that makes the reader want to keep watching.The text at the beginning makes the reader want to know about what hashappened in the past and what the effects are. With the camera movements andangles, we are shown the area that is Japan and in Japan people believe that ahouse is cursed if someone dies there, this however does not explain why Peterdied unless he had seen The Grudge. When we see Peter suddenly die, theaudience wonder who he is and if he has any significance but later on in the filmwe know that he had an affair with the grudge before she died.