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SearchLove Love - the advanced search marketing conference organized by SEOmoz and Distilled. Advanced actionable SEO training from industry leaders. Book your seat at

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SearchLove London 2011

  1. 1. Hello!Thank you for purchasing a ticket to SearchLove London, in partnership with SEOmoz.Inside this pack you will find a full schedule for the day, including details on registration, information about theconference venue, and the networking drinks in the evening.Please do plan your travel to SearchLove in advance - there is no access via the Northern Line from TottenhamCourt Road station, the nearest Northern Line station is Goodge Street.If you have any questions regarding the conference, please feel free to get in touch with myself or Lauren Brady.I look forward to meeting you all at SearchLove.Lynsey LittleEvents Manager - DistilledE T 0207 183 0767 @lynslittle
  2. 2. Seminar LocationRegistrationRegistration will open at 8.00am at The Congress Centre on Monday 24th October.You will be given a lanyard whichyou will be required to wear over the course of the two days, and to the party on Monday evening.You will not receiveany form of paper ticket to bring to the conference. Pl Ri n dg dg toCongress g Nearest rin m r underground tube ou ou To M nt station:Centre Goodge line ae ale Northern Ga Street Tottenham Court Road tS tS Goodge St rd de Northern line ies t Street (3 minutes walk to the en er ns28 Great Russell Street Ch Congress Centre) Al lLondon fre r St PLEASE NOTE: d dWC1B 3LS er Pl Northern Line is closed Be Be m rti Mo from this station, use d dfT 020 7467 1318 St t or or yS ey Goodge Street for dF 020 7467 1313 y ll ye Ba Sq Sq Ba access to the Northern uaE Line. re St eW Mo y rc To Pe rw ot we t St Excellent transport te ellRefreshments will be e ll S en n nh ph t links by tube to: Stserved to all delegates in ll S Ra am St e sse atthe three breaks each day. Ru Euston, Charing Cross, at hb Ct Ct Gre bo Waterloo and Liverpool Rd Rd ne Street mainline stations. eP St xford Pl ew O l N Two public car parks d St located nearby the Oxfor S h Soh Tottenham venue on Great Russell o oS Court Rd St and Museum St. t t Central Line De e e Av an Gre G e n y S St ur ek kS sb S
  3. 3. Monday 24th October 20119:00 - 9:10IntroductionDuncan Morris CEO Distilled9:10 - 9:55Everything’s easier with fans Rand How to build a passionate community to do your job for you and propel your business to SEO and social Fishkin media success. Rand has not only built a phenomenal community of his own, but also advised companies around the world on how they should go about it. Expect to hear tips he’s never shared before.9:55 - 10:40Big business SEO Tom As companies grow, they get good at some things and really, really bad at others. SEO is often one of theCritchlow things they get bad at. Having suffered through the frustrations first hand many times over, Tom is going to share some of the specific ways big businesses fail and tips and tricks for overcoming their failings.10:40 - 10:55Break10:55 - 11:40The next level of social integration Mat Custom actions mean you can allow your users to broadcast how they interact with your site. Doing so Clayton can supercharge your user acquisition, retention and site usage. Mat will walk us through his experiences as a Facebook launch partner on the new social streaming features and show you how you can use these techniques on your site.11.40 - 12.25The modern SEO’s toolkit Will To be truly effective as an SEO in 2011, Will argues that you need to be able to mash tools together,Critchlow build your own “hack-tools” and prototype more complex tools for others to build. Are you comfortable making your computer do the work for you? Will’s going to show you how to multiply your effectiveness and get comfortable with large data-sets.12:25 - 1:15Lunch1.15 - 2.00Social media:Are you keeping up with the Joneses? Joanna You know when your boss asks you how your competitors are doing in social media, what they’re Lord investing in, and what’s working for them? If you don’t have a good answer to that question yet, you will after Joanna’s talk.
  4. 4. Monday 24th October 20112:00 - 2:45Wordpress SEO Joost Wordpress is one of the easiest platforms on which to build a site. In general, this is a good thing, but out de Valk of the box, there are a bunch of things you should be doing to get the best SEO performance. With his canonical SEO plugin for Wordpress having just moved to version one, Joost is the best person to tell us what to do.2:45 - 3:00Break3:00 - 3:45Outreach:Is it all about hustle? Rob Rob is going to share the lessons he has learnt from hiring, managing and training link builders since opening Ousbey the first Distilled US office at the beginning of 2010. With recent experience managing the process end to end, some great results and an internal focus at Distilled on improving our processes in this area, Rob is perfectly positioned to share the details.3:45 - 4:45Your content strategy is partof your link building strategy Wil Are you guilty of treating content strategy like the poor relation to your link building efforts? Wil is passionate Reynolds about ways that businesses of all sizes can truly shine when they consider them one and the same.4:45 - 5:30Give it up All Getting all our speakers on stage at once to share a single brief snippet of awesomeness is one of the most Speakers popular of all our sessions. With a strict “no-tweeting” rule, the only way to see what is shared is to be there.6:30 - lateParty TimeFoundation Bar
  5. 5. Tuesday 25th October 20119:30 - 9:40IntroductionDuncan Morris CEO Distilled9:40 - 10:25Personalisation, Profiles and Privacy Ciarán Since 2009, Google has personalised all search results, with social signals playing an increasingly important Norris role. Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), plugged into audience science tools, mean that display ads can now be targeted at individual impressions, based on a predicted user profile. Since earlier this year, the use of cookies has been regulated by the EU. How are these three things connected? What do they mean for marketers? And is any of this a good thing? Ciarán is going to help us understand it all.10:25 - 11:10Making competitor analysis useful Wiep Wiep won plaudits last year for his incredibly transparent and actionable link building examples. This year Knol he’s back to talk about how he uses competitor research to inform specific link building activities.11:10 - 11:25Break11:25 - 12:10Gamification:The art of getting everyone else to do your work Richard How you structure your website, how you design your outreach and content strategies, how you build Baxter a community; all these things are greatly impacted by how incentivised your users are to help you out. Richard will be sharing real campaign experience of adding game theory and behavioural economics into SEO campaigns and explaining the difference between game dynamics and game mechanisms.12:10 - 12:55Real world link building case studies Patrick Do you ever wish you could be a fly on the wall as the best in the industry build links? As he reveals Altoft details of what has worked for him and his clients, Patrick will let you watch over his shoulder.12:55 - 1:40Lunch1:40 - 2:25The past, present and future of link bait Hannah Covering past failures, the current state of the art and trends that will shape our link bait activities in Smith the coming months and years, Hannah’s talk will give you an insight into how we think about link bait at Distilled.
  6. 6. Tuesday 25th October 20112.25 - 3.10What does a CRO expert bookmark? Stephen After an off-the-cuff comment at #mozcon in July, we have persuaded Stephen to break open his personal Pavlovich Evernote account. This is where he stores everything that inspires him on- and off-line. If a salesperson’s greatest asset is their rolodex, a CRO expert’s might just be their swipe file. This session is the only way to see the secrets.3:10 - 3:25Break3:25 - 4:10How brands should do SEO Martin As a global integrated agency, OMD have access to unique cross-campaign data points that exposeMacDonald detail of the big brand advantage in ways never before seen outside the research departments of huge agencies. He will be sharing some of the secrets learnt from campaigns for the likes of Waitrose and McDonalds as well as telling smaller brands how to make the most of the same effects.4:10 - 5:10Head to Head - Live Site Reviews Will You might have seen the nail-biting finish to the head-to-head “presentation-off” in Seattle where RandCritchlow snuck in ahead after a recount of the audience vote. Will and Rand have competed head to head to give Rand Fishkin the best presentation at all of our events and this year we are trying something new. At lunchtime on the second day, they will each be given some websites and a few hours to prepare their decks from scratch ready for a live site review at the end of the conference. Hold onto your seats - this is going to be frantic as they take all the stress of preparing a head to head presentation and compress it into a few hours.6:30 - lateNetworking DrinksCrown & Sceptre Pub Seminar Recap Following the conference you will receive an email with instructions on how to provide feedback and download the session slides. Network Chat with other delegates on LinkedIn:
  7. 7. Speaker ProfilesWhat makes ourspeakers tick?What do they thinkabout Google+ thePanda update and more. Rand Fishkin Tom Critchlow Mat Clayton Will Critchlow Joanna Lord Joost de Valk Rob Ousbey Wil Reynolds Ciarán Norris Wiep Knol Richard Baxter Patrick Altoft Hannah Smith Stephen Pavlovich Martin MacDonald
  8. 8. Mo rd Pl nt agNetworking Party Be ue df t St yS or yle d Ba Sq uaFoundation Please wear your re St Mo y St lanyards to the after rc Bu To Pe rt rwBar lbe ry party to gain entry, as tte St Gi Pl ell en this is a private event. nh ph St St ell am e ssMonday’s Party St Ru at The venue is a 9 minute Ct Gre walk from the Congress Rd Mu5 Langley Street Centre. There will be St ford seuWC2H 9JA Ox arrival cocktails and New St mS all canapés and a free bar kn Dy c t Bu until the tab runs out. otT 020 7836 5005 D rn tS Tottenham olbo urE t igh H y Court Rd H LaW We hope that the ne Central Line evening will be a great En opportunity for you de veThe after-party at ll to network with your yA Gre Monmouth St TotFoundation will start at St fellow delegates and the ur ek n tenh6.30pm and will finish late, to sb speakers, and will be a el Stfor those that can handle te Sh chance to unwind from af astaying on their feet for mC the first days’ learning. Shthat long. The venue has a St We have laid on some N t Rd eacloakroom that can store La casino tables, and be lS ngcoats and bags, but please re t sure to check out the ley Frit Ac Mdo be aware that the venue er ng bubble bar... St hS cewill accept no responsibility Lo Covent r t Stfor belongings left in the Gardencloakroom. Piccadilly LineTuesday DrinksOn Tuesday night, as another excuse to get everyone Just a short walk from the Congress Centre, theretogether, we will be hosting a free-to-attend networking will be a free bar until the tab runs out. If you know ofevent at the Crown and Sceptre Pub. anyone else that might like to come along, feel free toWe are hoping this will give you the opportunity to catch extend the invitation.up with anyone who you didn’t have chance to speak toon the Monday evening, as well as having a much-deserved We hope that you are able to join us:drink after two days of concentrated learning. 26-27 Foley Street, London, W1W 6DY
  9. 9. Where to go Rid Litt A Mor Congress Centre ing St le P ield Gosf H time 28 Great Russell Street Cl i p ortl ous C r St ston and e St B Foundation Bar son S t Han St e 5 Langley Street St St Ri ls di Fo el C Crown and Sceptre ng W l ey H H St St ow ou 26-27 Foley Street ss au St se Na la n d nd la St e ev M St Cl or t eS tim tt lo To St ar er ers Ch tte n Ber St nha m t nS ad ma o St Ne w tR ur Co a m nh tte To Goodge Pe rc Street y St Northern line St ep a d he t Ro n ur St Co m ha Ke n tte p To pe St ek lS Gre t Gre oad Tottenham at R Be sR Court Rd Cros ar e aring df Ch Central Line u uss Sq or A or d d t e wS f Av ll St ha Be Ea rns e ree St St af er te t sb New Tow ur yA ve Oxfor St d St er B ce r St ag u e St Gi M St y t le on lb ll g M an de er L Pl En tP New Ox Covent d l or Sh Garden df e Ln Be lt Fl Piccadilly line on ry or ford St ru St al St D St uk Lo el M ng ey ac A St kl cr Pa St in e rk St ow erRu St B St ss t on ell New St