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Quick look at some work created by Hook for restaurant & beverage brands.

Quick look at some work created by Hook for restaurant & beverage brands.



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Hook restaurant work Hook restaurant work Presentation Transcript

  • Hello from Hook, an ad agencyin Charleston, South Carolina.If you’re looking for a big bowl of tastycreative for your restaurant brands,we would be thrilled to help.Following is a peek at what we’ve done fora other brands in the food & bev world.Friday, May 3, 13
  • Who we are:We’re known for our strategic sensibilities, digital tendencies and courageous creative.Friday, May 3, 13
  • Reason for being:Were in business to help businesses do business better.Friday, May 3, 13
  • We invent and implement creative devices that draw attention to,and business for, client brands.What we do:Friday, May 3, 13
  • Find a space in the market you can own, then own it.Avoid convention. Sameness is the enemy.Whisper. Shout. Just don’t mumble.Grab the consumer by the heart and don’t let go.Invent media, surprise is better than frequency.Rules that guide us:Friday, May 3, 13
  • How does the process work?Our King Street office in downtown Charleston.Friday, May 3, 13
  • PartnersFriday, May 3, 13
  • How does the process work?Tom Jeffrey - Creative Director/WriterFriday, May 3, 13
  • Brady Waggoner - Creative Director/Art DirectorFriday, May 3, 13
  • Phil Waggoner - StrategyFriday, May 3, 13
  • So far so good ... smart, award winning creative that works.What we’re known for:Friday, May 3, 13
  • Friday, May 3, 13
  • Now let’s get to the fun stuff, the work.Friday, May 3, 13
  • SaucedBrand new restaurant/bar in the metropolis of Staunton,Virginia.Our job:Logo design, branding, website, interior signage/posters,coasters, ads, and direct mail postcards.Friday, May 3, 13
  • logoFriday, May 3, 13
  • print adFriday, May 3, 13
  • print adFriday, May 3, 13
  • interior postersFriday, May 3, 13
  • interior postersFriday, May 3, 13
  • interior posterFriday, May 3, 13
  • interior posterFriday, May 3, 13
  • interior posterFriday, May 3, 13
  • interior posterFriday, May 3, 13
  • responsive, mobile friendly websiteFriday, May 3, 13
  • coastersFriday, May 3, 13
  • Sauced opened with much success.So far, reviews have been positive and we’re happyto see people mentioning our creative in tripadvisor reviews.Friday, May 3, 13
  • Taco BoyYucatan-style taqueria with locationson Folly Beach and downtown Charleston, SC.Our job:Logo design, branding, menus, guerrilla advertising,collateral, website, mascot and direct mail postcards.Friday, May 3, 13
  • logoFriday, May 3, 13
  • This is an actual image of a fake road sign we designed and attached to realdirectional signs. Knowing this stretch of road backs up on Saturdays withbeach traffic, we thought it was a smart way to point people toward Taco Boy.Friday, May 3, 13
  • This abandoned boat sits along the road into Folly Beach.People paint birthday and anniversary messages on it almost every day.We painted Taco Boy on the boat for the grand opening.Friday, May 3, 13
  • This guerrilla marketing message involved a homemade“car for sale” sign, a phone number and voicemail.Friday, May 3, 13
  • When people called to inquire about the car for sale,they were treated to the voicemail message above.“Hi, this is Wendy. If you’re calling about the car, it’s beensold to Taco Boy. He’s looking forward to some road trips,getaways and maybe an occasional high-speed policechase. Taco Boy’s motto is skip siesta – let’s fiesta. Youought to go hang out with him at his new restaurant onFolly Beach. It’s really cool and the food is good too. Askhim to tell you about his trip to Vegas with his bestfriend’s mom. You’ll laugh your butt off. The poor womancame this close to polygamy. Anyway, go visit Taco Boy atFolly. And if you have a little too much fiesta fun, maybehe’ll drive you home in his new car. As long as youpromise not to barf in it.”Friday, May 3, 13
  • Another clever Taco Boy tactic was fake parking tickets.Street teams ticketed the cars of beach-goers.The tickets directedpeople to Taco Boy for a good scolding and a refreshing cocktail.Friday, May 3, 13
  • sample parking ticketFriday, May 3, 13
  • During elections,Taco Boy ran for Taste Council.Friday, May 3, 13
  • Tequila menus were created using retired license plates.Friday, May 3, 13
  • Friday, May 3, 13
  • Taco Boy was a slam dunk from day one. One year later theyopened a second location in downtown Charleston.Both locations have built a loyal flock of fans.Friday, May 3, 13
  • Charleston MixCharleston, SC based brand of Bloody Mary mix.Our job:Label design, branding, strategy, social media, website,efforts, redesigned their website, apparel design, sellsheets and custom sampling kits for the press contacts.Friday, May 3, 13
  • label designFriday, May 3, 13
  • websiteFriday, May 3, 13
  • print campaignWinner of a 2012 Graphis Gold AwardFriday, May 3, 13
  • print campaignWinner of a 2012 Graphis Gold AwardFriday, May 3, 13
  • print campaignWinner of a 2012 Graphis Gold AwardFriday, May 3, 13
  • blazer t-shirt designFriday, May 3, 13
  • custom package sent to media outletsFriday, May 3, 13
  • Charleston Mix has gone from start-up to being distributedin South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Tennessee.Friday, May 3, 13
  • Fischer BeerOur job:Assigned to create a print campaign.We coined the term“Infrenchions” to highlight great inventions from France, one of whichwas Fischer Beer. Our client loved the idea and asked us to create anInfrenchions microsite to complement the print campaign.Campaign won Best of Show at the 2011 Charleston ADDY Awardsand a Gold Addy in the District ADDYs.Friday, May 3, 13
  • Friday, May 3, 13
  • Friday, May 3, 13
  • websiteFriday, May 3, 13
  • mobile version of websiteFriday, May 3, 13
  • Juanita Greenberg’s/Andolini’s PizzaGroup of Pizza and Mexican-ish restaurants in Charleston, SC.Our Job:Develop a print campaign that played up the quirky vibeof these value driven eateries.Friday, May 3, 13
  • Print ad introducing Spanglish to the restaurant.Friday, May 3, 13
  • Wove in their sister restaurant,Andolini’s Pizza, into this ad.Friday, May 3, 13
  • Small space ads targeted thrifty students.Friday, May 3, 13
  • McCrady’sSouthern fine dining restaurant in Charleston, SC.Our job:Build buzz for a specialValentine’s Party at McCrady’s.Once the first ad,“Marry Rich,” hit the papers, it created an uproaramong the restaurant’s regular clientele.An article appeared in the CityPaper about the party and the stink around the ad. Buzz was created.The second ad never ran.The party was sold out.Friday, May 3, 13
  • Friday, May 3, 13
  • Friday, May 3, 13
  • Birra MorettiItalian Beer BrandOur job:Help get the attention of the men at beer distributors.We designed a hybrid football-soccer balls to demonstrate the “perfectblend of football.” The football was a hit with distributors so weordered 5000 to in stores that carried Birra Moretti.We also threw a few Monday Night Football parties with Birra Morettiin which people would try to toss the “foccer” ball through a target.Friday, May 3, 13
  • Our blend of Italian soccer and American football.Friday, May 3, 13
  • Footballs were soldat retail outlets.Friday, May 3, 13
  • Monday Football party passing contests.Friday, May 3, 13
  • The hybrid footballs helped Birra Moretti get the attention of beerdistributors in key markets across the US. Footballs were also used as aprizes at beer festivals during an Italian Football Trivia promo on Twitter.Friday, May 3, 13
  • PhyThe end.How can we help you?DesignDigitalSocialAdvertisingStrategyYou can view more of our work at HookUSA.comFriday, May 3, 13