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  1. 1. The Line January 2009, Volume XIX, Issue I http://www.gwrramdb.org Gold Wing Road Riders Association Northeast Region B, Maryland District, Chapter B 2009 Polar Bear Riders Can you name these Willing Worker Bees Chapter Director Bruce Hill, 301.856.2329 bruce.hill8@verizon.net Assistant Chapter Director Rider Educators Grayson Dixon, iletudwn@aol.com Bruce Hill Treasurer Ms. SunShine Charles Simms, Lillian Cruz-Bradford, 301.257.2557 Newsletter Production & Dist. Team Membership Enhancement Coordinators Shirley Dorsey, shydee@comcast.net Hamp & ShaRon Conway 301.210.5091 Margaret Dockery, margaretdockery@verizon.net ummhamp@yahoo.com redbeelips@yahoo.com Visit Coordinators Historians Shirley Dorsey, 301.843.7721 shydee@comcast.net Harry Dockery, 301.856.2911 Newsletter Editor Goodie Store Proprietor Kenneth Trass 301.430.5119 trass5gw@comcast.net Kenneth Trass 301.430.5119 trass5gw@comcast.net MD-B Webmasters Ride for Kids Coordinators Richard & June Reynolds, (301) 890-8943 Lillian Cruz-Bradford, 301.257.2557 richrey99@aol.com, jmpreynolds@aol.com Sharon Summers, 703.751.8751 Phone tree Coordinator Motorist Awareness Coordinator McAllister (Brad) Bradford madbradmd@aol.com 301.3369.2514 Kenneth Trass 301.430.5119 trass5gw@comcast.net Maryland District Directors Allen and Gwen Willingham (MD-J) Phone: 410-535-0414 hawillingham@verizon.net 1
  2. 2. Chapter in the District From The at least Desk 2008 TRAINING/SEMINARS: and Delaware of the Chapter once. I propose that we Remember the challenge in the January 2008 set a goal for this year Director Newsletter stating that at the end of the year there would be to do it again. For special recognition for the highest number for years, we have won the Training/Seminars attended. Well Chapter “B” you did it and District’s travel award based on the information that each of you provided to us (based on a point regarding the Training/Seminars that you attended we were system) for our able to compile the following list; at the December 15, 2008 Chapter Gathering we congratulated and thanked each of the I also would like to see the Hive be contenders following Members who took that challenge, and in again in 2009 for the high mileage award at the District parenthesis next to their name is the number of level. This is also an achievable goal. We would like to Training/Seminars attended: have more members turn in their mileage, because the Shelley Greene (1) , Ken Trass (5), Sharon Summers top ten high mileage counts towards the Chapter’s (2), McAllister Bradford (1), Marlene Bobo (3), Dan Bobo Mileage award. We were edged out last year for the (2), Richard Blake(4), Jackie Whitney (4), Maggie Brooks Chapter award, but won the individual Male and Female (1), Lana Chapman (1), Hampton Conway (1), ShaRon high mileage awards. Conway (1), Barbara Cruise (1), Betty Harris (2), Clifton Some of us ride all year and even though some Harris (1), Allen Jackson, (1) Audrey Saunders (1). of us consider this to be off season. I just wanted remind We had three (3) members who took the challenge to you that motorcycle safety is the responsibility of all of the top and they were awarded a special plaque for their us. So let’s not drop our guard and when the others come efforts, they were as follows: out of moth balls and hibernation, we’ll be able to ride and welcome them. I want to remind you, there will be a business meeting immediately following the Chapter Gathering next month on January XX (a new date due to the Presidential Inauguration traffic in the Metropolitan area). So plan to stay a little later and bring any ideas and suggests you have for the coming year with you. WINTERTHING 2009 It’s not too late to join us in Ocean City, MD. I hope you will be able to participate in WinterThing, January 8, 9, and 10. This is a good opportunity to recertify your rider education “KNOWLEDGE” and “SAFETY” requirements for the 2009 riding season (Co-Rider Seminar, CPR/1st Aid, etc.). If you can’t stay for the whole time, hopefully you can come for a day or two. Chapter B has the responsibility for fresh fruit at Hospitality Room. We are also responsibility for running The People/Chapter Games from 2:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday. Chapter B members can gather at the Cabana room next to the pool. Soda will be provided and you can drop off snack starting Thursday night. We are Listening, What is your Solution? Bruce Hill MD-B Chapter Director 2
  3. 3. themselves. The noise level arose several octaves. Old Saint Nick was in the house. Every child (all ages and sizes) sat on Santa’s lap and told him all the things he/she wanted for Xmas. And Santa, in his jovial way, gave all the kids a big hug and sent them on their way. All the kids were given toys (which were organized in groups by age and gender), and a bag of treats. You should have been there to hear all the commotion going on in that room! And for the grand finale twenty five 66 thirty, all of the kids names were placed in a pot and two bicycles were given (boy and girl) and scooters too! The quality and selections of gifts were outstanding. A special thank you goes out to 3rd Place Plaque Winner was Lillian Cruz- Bradford who attended 7 Seminars. 2nd Place Plaque Winner was Bruce Hill who attended 9 Seminars. 1st Place Plaque Winner was Regina Smith who attended 10 Seminars. Again, congratulations to all the above members. Keep up the good work and continue attending training and seminars. Thanks Again. Charles & Shirley Dorsey Former Chapter “B” Educators KIDS CHRISTMAS PARTY 2008 T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse………….. I am sure all of you are familiar with that Christmas Story of old, but on Wednesday, December 10, 2008, Maryland Chapter B of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association, wrote its own Christmas story. Chapter B showed up in force. Everyone participated in setting up tables and chairs to get the Recreation Center ready for the start of the festivities. The ladies set up a banquet table of the most tantalizing those involved in that process. foods. There was turkey with dressing and gravy, ham, What a heartwarming event. Kudos to everyone of mashed potatoes, candied yams string beans, macaroni our Chapter B members who made this happen, because and cheese and the list goes on and on. Then there was without your donations and the generous giving of your time, the desserts—cupcakes, cookies, cake—all of our this could not have happened. Thanks to all for giving the favorite things. In all, approximately 100 kids and children of the Seat Pleasant Recreation Center a very Merry recreation staff were served. What a feast!! Christmas. And then to everyone’s wandering eyes appeared Chapter B recognizes the true meaning of Christmas Santa Claus. And what a jolly Santa he was (our very —by giving generously of your time and gifts we can own Damon Hill in full Santa attire). Oh what emulate the great gift of Christmas. excitement from the children! They could hardly restrain 3
  4. 4. W.C. Jones wrote “The joy of brightening Chapter Director others’ lives, bearing each others’ burdens, easing others’ loads and supplanting empty hearts and lives with generous gifts, becomes to us the magic of Christmas.” Grayson Dixon Assistant Chapter Director MD-B Ever wonder how cold it really is? Here is a Wind chill chart to answer those questions for you. WIND CHILL CHART Temperature in ?F 50 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 -5 -10 -15 -20 Calm 50 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 -5 -10 -15 -20 Wind Speed MPH 5 48 37 33 28 21 16 12 -7 1 -6 -11 -15 -29 -25 10 40 28 21 16 9 4 -2 -9 -15 -22 -27 -32 -38 -46 15 36 22 16 9 1 -5 -11 -18 -25 -33 -40 -45 -51 -58 20 32 18 12 3 -4 -9 -17 -24 -32 -40 -46 -52 -60 -67 25 30 16 7 0 -7 -15 -22 -29 -37 -45 -52 -58 -67 -74 30 28 13 5 -2 -11 -18 -26 -33 -41 -49 -56 -63 -70 -79 January Birthdays 35 27 11 3 -4 -13 -20 -27 -35 -43 -52 -60 -67 -72 -82 40 26 10 1 -5 -15 -22 -29 -36 -45 -54 -62 -69 -75 -88 Little Danger if DANGER OF FREEZING EXPOSED FLESH Tommy “4 Paws” Malson 1/1 Poperly Clothed Ethan Trass 1/1 ShaRon Conway 1/6 Robert Malson 1/7 Christmas for the Kids 2008 Linda Waters 1/8 I want to thank all the Bee-Elf’s of the hive who came out on Wednesday, December 10, for the annual Christmas Party for the kids of Seat Pleasant Community Center, in their after care program. Some members were there as early as 1:30 pm to help set up and decorate. A big hand for Regina Smith and her helpers. Regina headed up the collections and gift purchase assisted by Karen Smith, Sharon Summers, Lillian Cruz, Grayson Dixon, Stan and Shelley Greene, just to name a few . Thanks to all those that shopped or gave donations for the gift shopping and those non-GWRRA folk who also gave donations of toys and/or money. This year from some non-GWRRA member we Larry Harris 1/10 received 2 NEW bicycles and 2 NEW Razor scooters with Eric Waters 1/10 safety gear. Kesean McNeeley and Jennifer Trigueno won the Jackie Bell 1/14 scooters in a draw of names and Akira Williams and Yared Ruby Price 1/17 Jackson won the bicycle in a draw. Marlene Bob 1/18 A very special thank you for the person that gets the Ronald Dyson 1/26 longest distance travel plaque, Santa himself (Damen Hill) Debbie Lewis 1/26 who has been doing this now for 10 years, and always does an Cedrick Harris 1/28 excellent job! Let us not overlook the sorting and wrapping party at the home of Sam and Debbie Lewis, on December 6, there January Anniversaries was Sam and Debbie of course, Rich & June Reynolds, Stan Greene, Lillian Cruz, Regina Smith, Charles Simms, Dwight & Anthony & Ruby Price 1/19 Maggie Brooks, and your truly. That was also a good time. Again, I want to thank you all for whatever part you Hospitality played, because the effort by all of the hive is what made this event a huge success. December was a busy month for the Hive. We started with the Seat Pleasant Community Center’s After School Program Bruce Hill “Christmas for the Kids” on December 10. It was a huge 4
  5. 5. success. Ms. Sunshine coordinated the food. The Hive’s Stan Greene, Kenneth Trass, James Bradford, Bruce chefs worked overtime on a beautiful meal. Regina Malson, Bruce Hill, Lillian Cruz and Rich Reynolds. Smith coordinated the gifts. We had an early visit from Santa Claus (Thank you Damon Hill!!!!) None of this June Reynolds and their daughter Ashley were there would have been possible without help from all the to send us off and meet us for lunch. Hive’s elves donating their time and money: preparing The ride traveled through northern Prince and serving the food, purchasing and wrapping the gifts, Georges and west to central Arundel counties. It and opening their home so we could wrap gifts (Thank was 51 miles in distance which took about 1 hour and you Sam and Debbie Lewis!!!). Please give yourselves a big THANK YOU!! 20 minutes to complete. The planned departure of 0915 was not met. The ride leader delayed The following Monday, December 15, the Chapter’s departure to allow the group to assemble (what a Christmas Pot Luck was just the invitation needed to wimp). It was a part urban and part country road fellowship during this Christmas Season. We had good ride. Thanks to the cold (what crazies would be out food and good Friends. Even though we didn’t have an ice cream ride that night, we did have “ice cream cake,” in this weather voluntarily) and the Holiday pies, cookies, banana pudding and cakes. The Pot Luck festivities of the previous evening the roads were was delicious. It was a blessing to have some of our empty of drivers even leaving at 0945. The roads member’s who because of work schedules had not be were hazard free. We were blessed not to have any able to attend as many Chapter gatherings as they would precipitation in the days prior to the ride. have like to this year joined us. Members of Maryland Chapter I also joined the celebration. Thank You We stopped for a meal at the Double T Diner. Chapter B for a bountiful meal!! Pulling into the parking lot, you had to wonder who picked this place. It was packed. We were in a back The Hive is looking for members to prepare the up just to get into the lot. The line was out the Hospitality for the months in 2009. Please contact me at 301.257.2557 to let me know which month you can door. Discussions emerged about changing locations provide a meal (homemade or from the store). The but to our surprise we were seated in about twenty Chapter will reimburse you for your expenses. Just a reminder, the Chapter provides the beverages and paper products for each month’s gathering except for March. Instead of a gathering, we meet at a restaurant to celebrate the Chapter’s anniversary for the month of March. Ms. Sunshine Hear Yea, Hear Yea Polar Ride 2009 It was a cold 25°F when this group of B’s on Bikes Pictures warm blooded MD-B riders took to the road for the annual Jan 1 ride. They are left to right, WANTED DIGITAL OR HARD COPY RECENT or LONG AGO For Our Newsletter Front Cover Send to Kenneth Trass trass5gw@comcast.net 5
  6. 6. minutes. The food was good and we had a great time in fellowship with one another. There was supposed to be a second leg but due the late departure and other commitments (particularly the ride leader) it was not run. Kenneth and Brad experienced some nuisance electrical problems during the ride, nothing that hazarded the bikes however. All in all a good time was had by all. Kenneth Trass Newsletter Editor for the HIDDEN NUMBER $10 6
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  9. 9. MD-B Members at the Kids Christmas Party 9
  10. 10. Maryland Chapter Gatherings Maryland District Directors - Allen and Gwen Willingham (MD-J) 410-535-0414 MD-A - 1st Sunday - 8 AM Eat/9 AM Meet -The Golden Corral, Arundel Mills Mall - Hanover, MD • C/D Bill Cogburn 443-904-0639 thecogburns@comcast.net MD-B - 3rd Monday, 7 PM Eat/7:30 PM Meet, Seat Pleasant Community Center, 5720 Addison Rd., Seat Pleasant, MD, • C/D Bruce Hill, 301.856.2329, bruce.hill8@verizon.net MD-C - 2nd Sunday, 8 AM Eat/9 AM Meet, Old Country Buffet, 6619 Ritchie Highway, Glen Burnie, MD • C/D George & Jen Heffner 410-757-6236 jadams4305@aol.com MD-H – 3rd Sunday, 8 AM Eat/9 AM Meet, Golden Corral, MD – Rt. 22, Aberdeen, MD • C/D Steve and Cathy Kelley 410-879-3063 cathykelley@jetware.net MD-I - 1st Sunday, 8 AM Eat/9 AM Meet, Old Country Buffet, Rt. 301 South, Waldorf, MD • C/D Robert & Juliana A'Hearn 301-997-1254 rahearn914@aol.com MD-J - 3rd Saturday, 8 AM Eat/9 AM Meet, Nautilus Diner, 1709 Transportation Dr., Crofton, MD • C/D Michael & Kathryn Mangum 410-266-0092 familymangum@gmail.com MD-K - 3rd Saturday, 4 PM Eat/5 PM Meet/dessert ride at 6 PM. Legends, 532 Baltimore Blvd. (Rte. 140), Westminster • C/D Weldon & Ellen Hall, 410.876.8687, wghall2350@aol.com MD-L - 2nd Sunday, 8:30 AM Eat/9:30 AM, Meet, Denny’s, 206 US Highway 50 (8394 Ocean Gateway), Easton, MD • C/D Danny and Paulette Horton, 410.827.8342, dannyhorton@mris.com Delaware Gatherings District Directors - Brian & Missy Gillard, brgmag@comcast.net (302)995-6544 Delaware A – 4th Saturday Eat at 8 AM/Meet at 9 AM – 1st State Diner, 1108 S. College Avenue (Rt. 896) Newark, DE • C/D Mike & Judy DeGeiso 302-479-7525 Mike.Judy@comcast.net Delaware B – First Sundays - 8 AM Eat at the Golden Corral, Seaford, DE 19973 Gold Wing Road Riders Association Northeast Region, Maryland District, MDB 4436 Quillen Circle Waldorf, MD 20602 10