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  1. 1. WEIS FIRE ATTACK 400 TANK The tank shall have a capacity of 400 gallons manufactured UPF. The tank shall include the following features: Fill tower with removable screen Sump with anti-swirl plate and drain fitting 4" vent and overflow pipe 1.5" refill fitting 3" tank suction Liquid level sight gauge The outside of the tank shall be black. There shall be a crosslay tray provided on the lid for up to 100' of 1.5" fire hose. Mounting strips shall be molded to the bottom of the tank to allow mounting to heavy duty skid frame. The tank shall have mounting blocks located at each rear top corner for mounting of rotating red lights. The tank shall have a lifetime warranty. A copy of the warranty shall be provided with the apparatus. TOP MOUNT PUMP CONTROLS All pump controls shall be provided in the walkway at the front of the apparatus. The top mount control panel will have all pumping functions except for the tank to pump line, and the primer. The top mount controls shall not add to the overall length of the fire fighting unit. The control module and console shall be attached to the skid to allow easy removal of the entire firefighting unit from the fire body. The control module shall enclose the plumbing and manifold. Removable panels shall be provided for service. Each discharge shall be properly function labeled. SKID The tank shall be mounted to a heavy duty skid. The tank shall have under tank mounting system allowing the tank to be mounted to the skid at the front and rear of the tank.
  2. 2. The skid shall also incorporated angled cradle supports at the four corners of the skid to eliminate any movement of the tank The skid shall be constructed of 2.5" heavy duty thick wall tubing The pump mounting platform shall be 24D" x 36W" to provide a mounting point for the pump, manifold, fuel tank and optional foam systems. The pump platform shall have a .125" aluminum overlay. The skid shall be primed and painted red with acrylic enamel paint to provide superior corrosion protection. PUMP The pump shall be a Hale HP200X powered by a 18 hp Briggs and Stratton Vanguard engine with the following features: 3.0" inlet 2.5" outlet with N.P.T. bolt on flange Electric start with rope back up Pump panel 2.5" liquid filled gauge Throttle control Choke Primer controls Exhaust primer Three gallon fuel tank Low oil pressure light Work light with switch There will be two work lights mounted on each side of the tank facing the rear of the truck for night time operation and will be switched independently. PLUMBING All plumbing shall be heavy duty galvanized plumbing. When necessary high pressure hose shall be used with stainless steel fittings. A 4" square manifold shall be utilized. All discharges shall be plumbed from this manifold. The manifold shall have two (2) 1.5" fittings. One shall be an inlet from the pump, one shall be for the 1.5" preconnected crosslay. The manifold shall have four (2) 1" fittings. One shall be for the booster reel, one shall be for the tank fill and recirculating line. There shall a quarter turn brass drain valve located at the bottom of the manifold.
  3. 3. The entire discharge plumbing system shall be hydrostatically tested to 300 psi for two minutes prior to installation. This is to insure that the entire plumbing system will not leak and to insure the safety of all fire department personnel. The discharge plumbing from the pump to the manifold will be plumbed with 1.5" pipe. There will be a 1.5" discharge plumbed to the crosslay tray with a 1.5" brass swivel to allow the hose to be pulled to either side of the apparatus. All discharge valves shall be heavy duty, full flow, fire service quality quarter turn ball valves. The tank to pump line shall be plumbed with 2.5" plumbing. A wire reinforced flexible connection shall be used to provide ease of service and to reduce vibration. The tank to pump valve shall be a 2.5" heavy duty, full flow, fire service quality quarter turn ball valve. There shall be a 2.5" suction with a 2.5" chrome plated cap and chain NOTE: Only fire apparatus style valves are acceptable for discharge or suction lines. NO EXCEPTIONS The 1.0" tank fill and recirculating line shall utilize a 1.0" quarter turn ball valve. There shall be two (2) 8' whiplines provided on each side of the top mount control module 1" forestry hose and two POK 10-20-25-40 GPM nozzles with pistol grips. Each nozzle shall have a nozzle clip. The booster reel shall be plumbed with high pressure hose with stainless steel fittings BOOSTER REEL A Hannay EF-30-23-24 heavy duty electric rewind booster reel mounted over the rear pump will be provided with 100' of 1" booster hose. One (1) Viper 1" adjustable gallonage nozzle with pistol grip will be provided. The booster reel will be provided with two rewind switches located one on each side of the unit, as preferred by the department. The booster reel shall be provided with twin chrome hose roller and spool assemblies. A 40 amp circuit breaker will be provided.
  4. 4. WEIS SUPER DUTY WILD LAND BODY The fire body shall be constructed of heavy duty steel subframe with an .125 aluminum NFPA COMPLIANT deck plate covering the entire top surface of the bed. The cross members shall be 2" x 4" extruded aluminum tube on 12" centers for rigidity and longevity. The sills shall be 6" channel. The body sills shall be mounted to the frame utilizing a The fire body shall be 108" long, 96" wide. There shall be a 20" walkway between the cab and the Weis Fire Attack fire fighting unit. There shall be a recessed stepwell on each side of the walkway. Each stepwell shall be approximately 18"D x 21". Located at the walkway shall be positive locking swing gates on each side. The gates shall swing to the inside. There shall be non slip under body ladder style steps located on each front corner of the apparatus to allow access to step well and walkway. There shall be a .125" NFPA compliant diamond plate covering the entire upper surface of the body. There shall be headache rack at the front of the body that will also serve as a light bar mounting platform. The headache rack shall be constructed with double wall thickness for rigidity and strength. The lightbar platform shall be properly gussetted. A 96" deep x 30" wide x 5" high tool compartment at rear of the apparatus with a horizontally hinged, drop down door with chain. This compartment shall provide for underbody storage of department supplied shovels, brooms, rakes, etc. There shall be a 2" minimum tubular aluminum grab rail located on each side of the body that shall start just behind the top mount walkway and shall run to the rear of the apparatus. It shall be at least 36" tall. All stop, turn, back up, corner, and DOT lights shall be provided. A flush mounted fuel fill hole with be provided for one fuel tank. A four inch white scotchlite stripe shall be provided as per NFPA The apparatus shall be lettered as per the fire department instructions up to 60 3"
  5. 5. Smart Gold letters. EMERGENCY LIGHTING SYSTEM An emergency lighting system consisting of the following shall be provided. A Whelen Model Freedom all LED 55" light bar shall be mounted on the headache rack located at the front of the fire body. Six (6) Whelen LED flashing lights shall be provided with chrome bezels. The LED lights shall be located two (2) one red and one blue at the front of the apparatus mounted on the brush guard, and two (2) red at the rear of the apparatus and two (2) red on the sides. There shall be two Whelen red rotators at the rear of the apparatus on mounting brackets located on the rear of the tank A Whelen model 295HFSA1 full function 100 watt siren shall be provided. A Whelen SA122FM Projector 100 watt speaker shall be mounted at the front bumper. There shall an alternating flasher installed for the headlights. A back up alarm shall be provided. All emergency lights shall be controlled from a module located inside the cab. OPTIONS ELKHART SIDEWINDER A Elkhart Sidewinder 8292-01 with joystick control and electrically operated valve shall be located at the front of the apparatus. A Ramsey winch guard shall be mounted on the chassis and shall be the mounting platform for the Sidewinder. The Sidewinder shall be plumbed with a 1" high pressure flexible hose. CLASS A FOAM SYSTEM A Hale 1.0V Class A foam system shall be provided and will be plumbed to the manifold to provide foam to all discharges. The unit shall be plumbed in a manner that foam will not enter the water tank. The control panel shall be located on the driver side of the pump panel. A 10 gallon integral foam tank shall be provided. FRONT AND REAR RECIEVERS WITH WINCH Front and rear reciever hitch will be provided with Ramsey 9500 Quick Mount Patriot
  6. 6. winch. TOW HOOKS FRONT AND REAR REAR WORK LIGHTS FLOOD LIGHTS Two (2) FRC 12V swivels to be mounted on the fire body SIDE COMPARTMENT ON RIGHT SIDE There shall be one (1) compartment with two (2) lift up doors located one on the right side above the body.. Dimensions shall be 72"W x 30"H x 20" deep. The compartments shall have two (2) adjustable shelves. There shall also be automatic lights in each compartment with a door open light and warning buzzer in the cab. HONDA MOTOR N/C