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  1. 1. LOCAL HONDA DEALERSHIP: BEDFORD MOTOR SPORTS 7011 Lincoln Highway Bedford, PA 15522 Phone: 814-623-6151 Fax: 814-623-7143 SEE US BEFORE YOU BUY A NEW HONDA OR KAWASAKI MOTORCYCLE OR 4-WHEELER!! Region B, PA Chapter ‘W’ Directors Larry & Ellen Faupel 299 Sleek Road New Paris, PA 15554 G.W.R.R.A. Warrior Riders PA “W” Everett, PA AUG-SEPT 2010
  2. 2. GOLDWING ROAD RIDERS ASSOCIATION WARRIOR RIDERS PA “ W ” EVERETT, PA CHARTERED AUGUST 2, 1997 AUG-SEPT 2010 NEWSLETTER Chapter Directors Assistant Chapter Directors Larry & Ellen Faupel Chuck & Evelyn Stone 299 Sleek Road 105 Robin Lane New Paris, PA 15554 Everett, PA 15537 814-733-4349 814-652-6554 Email: WHAT WHO(M) CALL (all 814) EMAIL Chapter Educator Chapter Goodies Alice Feathers 652-5407 Chapter Historian/ Special Alice Feathers 652-5407 Activities Coordinator Greeting Cards Newsletter Kathy Stockenus 623-8007 Public Relations Coordinator/ Gary Washington 623-7102 MED Coordinator Treasurer/Special Activities Ralph Feathers 652-5407 Coordinator Chapter Couple of the Year Our Chapter gatherings are held at 9:00 a.m. on the fourth Saturday of every month at Kelly’s Scenic View Restaurant, on east Main Street in Everett, PA. Our ride departure location is the Masonic Temple parking lot, on Main Street in Everett, PA. Northeast Region PA District Directors Assistant District Directors SW Tom & Renee Wasluck Jim & Diane Heffelfinger 279 Church Road 245 Baker Lane Mountain Top, PA 18707 Altoona, PA 16601 Phone: 570 474-1014 Phone: 814 943-1392 Email: Email: PA District Website at: Document Download Page at: Northeast Region Website at:
  3. 3. Gold Wing Road Riders Association, Region B District of PA CHAPTER ‘W’ NEWSLETTER AUGUST-SEPTEMBER 2010 Director’s Corner by Larry & Ellen Faupel, Chapter ‘W’ Directors Our July 24th gathering was well attended by our Chapter as well as Jim and Diane Heffelfinger and Joe and Sally Shedlock, Chapter Couple from Chapter S. Our 50/50 drawing was won by Diane Heffelfinger, congratulations Diane. Our Bug Ride in July was cancelled due to rain and rescheduled for August 21st at 5:00 p.m. We will meet at the #3 exit on I-99 in Cessna. This will be held in conjunction with our Dinner Ride to Sassy Sisters in Portage, PA. Our LEFT and RIGHT ride was also cancelled due to the heat. On July 11th, Chapter W was represented by nine members at the Southern Cove Dice Run. It was a beautiful day for a ride and a great time was had by all. Evelyn was a lucky winner with the highest number in the dice rolls. On July 20th, again nine members rode to the Cowpoke Ice Cream Stand in East Freedom. We were joined there by Christie and their granddaughter, Sydney. Our Ice Cream run for August will be Tuesday, August 10th. We will be going to Claysburg across from Zigler’s. We will meet at Cessna at 6:00. Our next gathering will be held August 21st at Kelly’s. We are meeting the third Saturday instead of the fourth due to the PA Convention. I hope everyone is looking forward to the PA Convention in Johnstown on August 26 - 28. It should be a wonderful time for all. A lot of fun activities are being planned for everyone. Don’t forget to bring your food for the food bank. BE HAPPY, BE SAFE Larry and Ellen, PAW CD’S I would like to thank everyone for all your phone calls, thoughts and prayers for Larry; we appreciate every one of them. Thank you, Ellen
  4. 4. FROM YOUR ASSISTANT CHAPTER DIRECTOR: Hi everyone: Summer is flying by, the heat wave continues and we start to realize that the days are getting shorter and the fall season will soon be with us. Look on the bright side, there is still a lot of good riding left. Our bug run on July 9th was cancelled due to bad weather, but is rescheduled for August 21st. On July 11th we participated in the Southern Cove Fire Co. Dice Run and Evelyn won the High Roller in the amount of $100.00. Our trip on July 17th to Antietam or Harpers Ferry was cancelled due to lack of participation. On July 31st, Evelyn and I went to All Chapters East in Carlisle. Chapter “K” put on a very nice event which was well attended with 89 people attending the evening meal. The Chapter rode a total of 840 miles during the month of July. As a Chapter we have ridden a Total of 3,897 miles on Chapter Rides during the months of May, June and July. Come out and join the fun, you won’t regret it. The Chapter has another busy month planned for the month(s) of August and September: 08/10 Ice Cream Ride – Meet at Cessna at 6:00 p.m. 08/15 Cumberland Scenic RR Ride, leave 9:00 a.m. from 220 bridge. 08/21 Gathering at Kelly’s followed at 5:00 p.m. by our Dinner Ride and Bug Run. Meet at Cessna to get your targets. 08/26-28 PA Convention at Johnstown, PA. Chapter “W” is responsible for registration from 12:00 noon till 2:30 p.m. 09/09 Ice Cream Ride – Location TBA 09/12 Leap Frog Ride, Leave from Everett Masonic Temple at 9:00 a.m. 09-17-19 Attending All Chapters WEST, Meadville, PA, (stay overnight?) 09/25 Gathering at Kelly’s followed by East Broad Top RR and Trolley ride. We want to thank everyone for selling the “CASH BONANZA tickets. Our Chapter sold 167 tickets returning 33 unsold to the District. On Sunday, August 1st we hosted a covered dish dinner followed by the envelope stuffing for the PA Convention at our home. There was plenty of good food and fellowship. Those who assisted were DD-Renee Wasluck, ADD’s –Jim and Diane Heffelfinger, From Chapter “S” CD Randy and Deb Rupert and COY Joe and Sally Shedlock and from Chapter “W” ACD’s Chuck and Evelyn Stone, Gary and Kathy Stockenus and Chris and Christie Hull. Chapter “W” is responsible for Registration at the GWRRA Keystone Convention in Johnstown on Thursday August 26th from 12:00 noon till 2:30 p.m. In addition we will be selling 50/50 tickets along with Chapter “S” on Thursday afternoon, and ALL DAY Friday and Saturday. ALL HELP WILL BE APPRECIATED. Chris and Christie along with me will be taking the OCP class at the Keystone Convention. One last thought, our group is growing with new folks joining us at each gathering, so often we get involved with talking to the folks around us that we overlook the rest of the folks in attendance, so make sure you take time to introduce yourself to the new members and greet the present members and make everyone feel welcome. Hope to see everyone at our Gathering on August 21st. “Ride Safe & Ride Proud” Chuck & Evelyn Stone Chapter “W” Assistant Chapter Directors
  5. 5. FROM YOUR CHAPTER  EDUCATOR  The following article was taken from the PA District Newsletter. It was submitted by John Steele, PA District Educator. Here is a must read article by Don Francisco from Chapter IL-A. Lightning is the MOST UNDERRATED weather hazard. On average, only floods kill more people. Lightning is most often seen in thunderstorms. In fact, lightning is what makes thunderstorms. Lightning makes every single thunderstorm a potential killer. Forecasting when and where lightning will strike is not yet possible and most likely never will be. In the United States, lightning routinely kills more people each year than tornadoes or hurricanes. Only lightning can strike outside the storm itself, and is the first thunderstorm hazard to arrive and the last to leave and knows no boundaries. Since lightning is so unpredictable no one can guarantee an individual or group absolute protection from lightning. However, knowing and following proven lightning safety guidelines can greatly reduce the risk of injury or death. While no place is 100% safe from lightning, some places are much safer than others. Buildings that are NOT SAFE (even if they are "grounded") have exposed openings. Convertible vehicles offer no safety from lightning, even if the top is "up". Other vehicles, which are NOT SAFE during lightning storms, are those which have open cabs, such as golf carts, tractors, and construction equipment. The safest location during a thunderstorm is inside a large enclosed structure with plumbing and electrical wiring. If lightning strikes the building, the plumbing and wiring will conduct the electricity better than a human body. If you are using any electrical appliances or plumbing fixtures (INCLUDING telephones and computers), and a storm is overhead, you are putting yourself at risk! If no buildings are available, then an enclosed metal vehicle such as an automobile, van, or school bus makes a decent alternative. If you are inside a vehicle, put the windows up, and avoid contact with any conducting paths leading to the outside of the vehicle. Lightning can strike as far as 10 miles from the area where it is raining and many people are unaware of how far lightning can strike from its parent thunderstorm. If you can hear thunder, you are within striking distance. Seek safe shelter immediately. Remember this lightning safety rule...When thunder roars, go indoors and stay there until 30 minutes after the last clap of thunder. DON”T wait for the rain to start before seeking shelter, and don't leave shelter just because the rain has ended. There is NO SAFE PLACE outdoors during a lightning storm. If stuck outdoors on a highway, you could find a highway overpass and park the bike and get as high as possible from the road, high enough to be out of any water, on the embankment between the highway and the bottom of the bridge. At the same time, do not touch the metal of the bridge. You are trying to get away from metal and water conductors. Lightning can be as hot as 54,000°F (30,000°C), a temperature that is five times the surface of the sun! Water and metal are excellent conductors of electricity. The current from a lightning flash will easily travel for long distances. The average lightning bolt carries about 30,000 amps of charge, has 100 million volts of electric potential. These amounts can burn through ANY insulator (even the ceramic insulators on power lines!) Besides, the lightning bolt may just have traveled many miles through the atmosphere, which itself is a good insulator. Practice Safe Riding.
  6. 6. CHAPTER W ACTIVITY and MEETING SCHEDULE Aug 10 – Ice Cream Run – claysburg – Leave from Cumberland Truck Parts in Cessna – 6:00pm BIRTHDAYS: Aug 15 – Cumberland Scenic RR Ride – Leave Aug 07 – Evelyn Stone from 220 South Bridge – 9:00 am Aug 14 – Larry Faupel Sept 04 – Buzz Grimm Aug 21 – Monthly gathering 9:00am at Kelly’s Sept 07 – Bonny Robinson Scenic View Restaurant in Everett, PA Sept 14 – Bill Grimm NOTE – THIRD SATURDAY NOT Sept 30 – Arlene Duppstadt THE FOURTH Aug 21 – Dinner and Bug Ride to Sassy Sisters, ANNIVERSARIES: Portage – Leave from Cumberland Truck Parts in Cessna – 5:00pm Aug 10 – Chuck & Evelyn Stone Aug 18 – Chris & Christie Hull Aug 26-28 – PA Convention – Johnstown, PA Sept 03 – Don & Helen Burket Registration duty 12:00-2:30 the 26th. Sept 17 – Blaine & Bonny Robinson Sept 09 – Ice Cream Run – TBA ROLL FOR THE DOUGH: Sept 12 – Leap Frog Ride – Leave from Schellsburg Church parking lot – As of 08-03-2010 twelve chapters have 9:00am earned points. The top 5 are: Sept 25 – Monthly gathering 9:00am at Kelly’s Chapter V – 14 points; Scenic View Restaurant in Everett, PA Chapter H – 12 points; Chapter R – 11 points; Oct 02 – Road Kill Café – Leave from Everett Chapter B – 7 points Masonic Temple – 9:00am Chapter I – 4 points. Oct 17 – Directors Ride – Leave from Everett Masonic Temple – 11:30am CHAPTER W NEWSLETTER: Oct 23 – Monthly gathering 9:00am at Kelly’s The newsletter editors will be on vacation Scenic View Restaurant in Everett, PA the month of September so a newsletter will not be sent out during that time. We Oct 30 – Family Halloween Hay Ride followed by will resume in October. hot dog roast at Faupel’s – time TBA
  7. 7. District Director Notes: August, 2010 move to the pumps. Guess the driver was not Just can’t believe it is August already. watching where he was going because he We have been really busy planning for the backed right up into our trailer. The impact upcoming convention at Johnstown. Believe it almost pushed us out into the street, with traffic or not we have also been working on finalizing coming at us. Damage was minimal except a contract for 2011 and working on a location where the trailer hitch on the truck struck the for 2012. side of the trailer. As I got off of the trike and Since we attended our daughter’s approached the driver, the first words I heard wedding during the 4th of July weekend we were those you seem to always hear after an were unable to attend Wing Ding this year. accident, “I didn’t see you.” We got all of the Heard that it was a big success and went well. insurance information exchanged so that we Next year’s Wing Ding is going to be held in could get on our way. The trailer was still Knoxville Tennessee. Plans are already in the drivable. works to make it next year. Hope to see you Our third travel day took us to Newport there. Maybe a chapter of the year??? RI. We spent the night so that the next day we Not being able to go to Wing Ding had could tour some of the mansions in Newport. It us thinking about somewhere we have never is amazing to see the work that was done to been before. We decided to attend the New these homes during the era that they were built. England Convention, touring the New England Lucky we used the town’s transportation system states, before the convention started. With three to go from mansion to mansion because it really other couples from Chapter H we set out to see rained between moving from one to another. some of the states we have never been to. At the After leaving Newport we traveled more end of our trip we were able to attach a few beautiful roads to Bar Harbor ME. Again we more of those little diamond stones on our map used the town’s transportation system to go into of states our Goldwing has been. town for dinner. What else is there to do other Our first day was a short trip to Oneonta than to make sure you get to eat some of the NY. Stopped here specifically to make sure we best lobster that Maine could offer. We spent could eat dinner at Brooks Barbeque. Funny the night in a motel in which our room was how trips are planned around places to eat! The about the size of our bathroom in our house. second day put us touring through some of the Even with that, the motel was extremely clean most beautiful roads in NY going through Lake and the owners were very friendly. That made Placid and ending up in Swanton VT. the stay worthwhile. If you get a chance ask This part of the trip was a little less Renee about how well the air conditioner exciting since we had a little mishap. Seems as worked! The next day we went touring through though that saying you always hear after a Arcadia National Park, had lunch at Jordan’s motorcycle accident “I did not see you/them” Pond, and went up to the top of Cadillac was said again once more. As we were getting Mountain. Great view! We had to cut the park ready to leave a gas station a couple pulled up tour short because we had reservations on one of along side of us and was looking at the trike. the whale watching tour boats. The four-hour We smiled and waved to them and they waved trip out on the ocean was well worth the money back. We pulled forward to the exit area of the spent. We got to see five different whales. The lot waiting for traffic to go by. humpback was putting on a great show around While waiting, the couple must have decided the boat. The only bad point during the trip out that they needed gas and started to back up to was there were several people around us that
  8. 8. could not handle the motion of the boat. Don’t Putting the convention issues aside, think we need to say more. please remember that we will be supporting the We all left Bar Harbor and headed to the Johnstown Food Pantry again this year. If the New England convention in Gorham NH. Had a economy has had any effect on you, just good time during the convention. This was a imagine what kind of affect it has on the people time to meet up with old friends and make new that have been struggling to keep their families ones. It was also a time for us to sit back and fed. If each and every one of us could bring enjoy the convention without worrying about something the Food Pantry can use, such as what was going on. That’s going to change in a household size nonperishable food items, any few weeks! paper products and baby supplies. There will be Congratulations Pennsylvania for being fewer of us at the convention this year so if All the largest District in attendance, and to Chapter of you that will be attending could help; we R for being the largest chapter outside the NE want to make the collection of food for the food England states. Those Roll for the Dough points pantry a success. are adding up! We’re sure you will find changes once you get Now we headed home only to find out to the convention this year. Make sure you that one of the power plants I work at had went check your packet for a new up dated schedule down because of a problem. I had to get back to of events. We will try to have a bulletin board work and working 16-hour days made me miss located in the registration area to list any All Chapters East. Renee was able to attend. changes that have been made to that day’s Chapter K did a great job with All event. There will be changes in the Rider Chapters East. Just goes to prove you can Education seminars, Leadership Training accomplish a lot working together. It was a very seminars, new events associated with this year’s relaxing day, watching people play the games, theme and Pennsylvania will be hosting the catching up with friends, and of course Region Couple of the Year Selection. snacking. Saturday night’s dinner was great. All Chapter Directors have received The center always does a great job with it. their Chapter Assignment for the Convention Thank you again, chapter K for all the in the packets at the District Staff Meeting, so time and effort you put into make this a check with him/her to see how you can help. successful event. We will need help and participation from There will be a change in location for the ALL CHAPTERS. This is the only way our Pennsylvania District Convention in 2011. We Convention will be a success and everyone can will announce the location and dates at the enjoy it. SO REMEMBER WHEN closing ceremonies in Johnstown. SOMEONE ASKS YOU TO HELP JUST The economy has had a big affect on SAY “YES”. each and every one of us. The District The Convention Registration form has convention and the sales of the District Raffle been sent out to all the Chapter Directors, tickets are not immune to this problem. Assistant Directors, and appears on the PA Registration for this year’s convention is at an web page. The pre-registration date has all time low. Sales of the District raffle tickets is passed but it is still not too late to register for down, with only 53% of the tickets returned to the convention. us sold. All of this considered we have been All Saturday Day Pass with Banquet will doing our best to put on a convention that you have until the August 20th deadline to register. will still be able to enjoy. We can only work If you registered for this, you will have to come with the funds that all of you help to make. It is to the registration table to pick up your packet extremely hard to plan over a year in advance on Saturday. not knowing if the funds will be available. With Don’t forget that Friday night, we are only three weeks till the convention we have having a talent show. Miguel Lebron & Gracie been making changes so that at the end of the Tirado, the District Couple will be in charge of convention we will be able to pay the bills. this event. If you would like to entertain the
  9. 9. membership, or simply show off your talents, We have received permission from the please contact them at Johnstown City Manager to make a second loop . We from Point Stadium to the War Memorial. As need all of your help to make this event a long as there are no emergencies in the city the success. We cannot do it without you. police department will cooperate with us. During Friday night’s Talent Show we would like to have a best dressed Clown contest. BIKE SHOW: Plan on dressing up as a clown when you come to the talent show and you could be the lucky There will be changes in the bike show winner of a first or second place prize for the this year, with classifications and judging all best dressed clown. taking place on Saturday. There will be no official judging because Classifications are planned to start at the judges will be mixed in with the attendees of 9am and go to 11:30am. Judging, as of right the talent show and could even be dressed as a now, is planned for 1pm to 2:30pm. A Saturday clown just like you. day pass will permit you to enter the bike show. Remember, the hospitality room will be Depending on the convention schedule these open to everyone who comes to the rally. If you times are subject to change. Be sure to check come on a full registration or a day pass you are your packets when you arrive at the convention. welcome to stop in the hospitality room. With this being said, remind everyone that is coming CONVENTION RAFFLE TICKETS: to the convention to help keep the hospitality room supplied with snacks by bringing WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP something to share with their fellow members. WITH GETTING THE DISTRICT RAFFLE We have promised the Pasquerilla Center all TICKETS SOLD! food and drinks will stay in the hospitality Please turn in any sold tickets room. monthly to your Assistant District Directors. Chapter Directors and Assistant Chapter The deadline for your Chapter to receive Directors look over the schedule for the credit for selling the tickets is fast approaching. convention. There will be a question & answer It is August 10th. seminar about the Couple of the Year program on Friday. This seminar is for you to ask UP COMING EVENTS: questions about the program and see how important it is for your chapter. There may be ALL CHAPTERS WEST hosted by Chapter N some changes made for the 2011-year and it on September 17th & 18th, 2010. Location is would be nice if you were on the same page as the Kozy Rest Kampgrounds in Harrisville, Pa. all of the chapters when it comes to the COY program. We believe this program is very PENNSYLVANIA DISTRICT important for the chapters to be involved in. CONVENTION, August 26th, 27th and 28th in This seminar may help you with getting a Johnstown, Pa. couple to become your Couple of the Year. Tom & Renee Wasluck Pennsylvania District Directors LIGHT PARADE: SW_ASSISTANT DISTRICT DIRECTOR: For many years, Gary Dunn sponsored our light parade and kept it going. Please, plan HI Everyone, on riding in the parade on Thursday night, so we Summer has sure gone by quickly this may all pay a tribute to someone who had done year. In the midst of all the hustle, we were able so much to keep this tradition alive! Come out to spend ten beautiful days touring New and ride with us in the light parade even if you Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward don’t have any other lights then what the wing Island with nine of our chapter friends. This trip comes with. enabled Jim to check off two more of his “must
  10. 10. do’s”. After reading about Cabot Trail on Cape We want to close with some thanks to Briton in Nova Scotia and about walking on the the GWRRA members. First to the members of ocean floor at Hopewell Rocks he knew that he Chapters S and W for hosting the convention had to see this by bike. We did and have both this year, we say thanks. We also would like to Kodak memories and those in our mind of the thank all of the members throughout the state beautiful cliffs, ocean views, and nature. for selling the Cash Bonanza tickets. The district Although we never saw a moose, we saw convention would not be able to exist without several Bald Eagles that were absolutely your help and support. We salute your magnificent. It was a great trip and one we dedication! would not have been able to share with these Jim and Diane Heffelfinger friends if not for belonging to GWRRA. PA S.W. Assistant District Directors This month, we attended Chapter W’s gathering and had some good laughs. Larry and CONVENTION GAME ARTICLE: Ellen Faupel, along with their assistants, Chuck and Evelyn Stone, had a nice turn out at their Greetings from PA-V. Can you believe gathering as their membership continues to that it is August already? We will be in grow. We would like to extend our get well Johnstown in a few weeks visiting old friends wishes to Larry. We hope that he will be back to and making new friends. himself sooner that he expects. Let’s talk about, “ Don’t Let the Crap We also attended All Chapters East in Hit the Fan”. This game you will launch an Carlisle with a Saturday day pass. We were not object and try to have it land in a bucket. To able to camp but after talking with those that make it more challenging the bucket will be did, it was quite an enjoyable weekend. Chapter under fan blades. You will get one practice shot K, once again, put together another great and three shots for score. weekend. It was fantastic to have ten chapters “Ring a Peg is self explanatory. Toss six participate and hope that All Chapters West is as rings, rings a peg to score points. well attended. If you haven’t registered yet, you The games are ready are you? So far we still have time. All Chapters West is being held have 9 teams registered for the games. Don’t at Kozy Rest Kampground in Harrisville the miss out on the fun. Register your Chapter’s weekend of September 17 and 18. Chapter N Team today. Send it to needs your registration by August 30. . The PA District Convention is now only See you in Johnstown days away. The talent show on Friday night sounds like it has plenty to offer. The games are Denny and Kathy Brillhart all set for the carnival atmosphere. This will be Chapter Directors, Black Rose Wings the last year in Johnstown and next year’s venue GWRRA Chapter PA-V will be announced at the banquet. Even if you have attended the convention in Johnstown the last two years, there are still plenty of local places to visit and ride. We really have some GET_WELL WISHES: beautiful roads and sites within the surrounding area. The convention is one huge reunion for The District sends get well wishes and prayers those friendships that have developed at earlier to: Larry Faupel, (Chapter Director of PA W) times. It really is good to see old friends and was diagnosed with leukemia. He will be reminisce about the good times that were had. undergoing some intense radiation. Cards can be Take the time right now, to send in that sent to Larry at: 299 Sleek Road - New Paris, Pa registration so we can see you at the convention. 15554 National News: GWRRA is going through many changes, as you may or may not be aware. In my opinion, most are in the positive direction. Some, like the declining Membership are not. The increase in new Member benefits, which I will explain shortly, are definitely a positive for our Members and potential Members.
  11. 11. The training of our Officers, a great Wing Ding (that just occurred), a new Director and his approach to improving Chapter Life...are all positive changes in GWRRA! But we need more, and we need your help. In order to do that, we are going to be doing more surveys, both electronically and by phone. We will be placing polls on the GWRRA Home Page, so please participate. Just go to and let your opinion be known. Also, make sure you and your fellow Members have an accurate email registered with us in your "official" record. This is so we can send you surveys and ask your opinions on a variety of subjects about how to make GWRRA better and provide you the products and services you are seeking! We need and want your feedback. Remember, you always have the option of opting out of any electronic emails or surveys, but we really want your feedback. That is the only way we can provide you what you desire! Help us, help you! We now have more new Member benefits and discount programs to offer you. With that being said, we apologize to our Canadian and overseas Members as most of these new discount programs do not apply outside the United States. We are always looking for benefit programs that apply to all our Members. So, if any Members in Canada or other countries have programs you would like me to investigate, please contact me and I will be happy to follow-up with you. Here is a short description of each of the new programs: The GWRRA Vacation Center has partnered with America's largest cruise agency, CruisesOnly®, to offer the lowest prices in the industry to Gold Wing Members and backed by the only 110% Best Price Guarantee in the industry. Wyndham Hotels (20% discount at eleven different Wyndham chains including Days Inn, Ramada, Super 8 and more) GWRRA Members save 20% on the best available rates at all Wyndham Hotels worldwide, including Ramada, Wingate, Hawthorne Suites, Days Inn and many more. KOA Gold Wing Road Riders Association Members who purchase a Value Kard Rewards Membership for $18, regularly $24, will also receive a bonus of 6500 points (equaling $10 off their next stay)! Value Kard Rewards entitles Members to receive 10% off the daily registration rate at any KOA in North America, plus the ability to earn kamping points which translates into dollars off future camping. Additionally, because they received the 6500 points they would be placed in our bonus earning level, where they accrue points at a 10% faster rate. I started with GWRRA when I was 30...that's almost 32 years ago! GWRRA has been around for more than 33 years now, so I expect and want GWRRA to be around another 33 years at least. This depends on you, our Members. Please help us by contacting me, participating in our surveys, filling out our polls, contacting your local Officers, Mike Stiger, whatever you need to do, to get your voices heard. This is your Association; and if you want GWRRA to provide you the services, products, gatherings, events and more importantly, "Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge", stay involved! And remember, I also need your articles and stories for the Wingin' It, so we can continue to make Wingin' It a truly Members' e-Newsletter and GWRRA a great organization. Please e-mail me your input at Have a safe riding season, Ed Price - Marketing Director, GWRRA "Friends for FUN, Safety & Knowledge" The Region Directors: At the time of this printing, the Region Newsletter had not been published. Hope to have news in our next newsletter. 2010 CHAPTER EVENTS
  12. 12. AUGUST 01 – Chapter G – Summer Picnic – Albion Park 07 – Chapter Q – Poker Run – Brokenstraw Campgrounds – Pittsfield, PA - 10:00am 14 – Chapter N – Poker Run – Conneaut Lake Park – Conneaut Lake, PA – 10:00am 15 – Chapter B – 1st Annual Ride-In – C.R. Lapp’s Family Rest. – Quarryville, PA – 12:00pm SEPTEMBER 03-06 – Chapter Q – Campout and Chicken BBQ - Brokenstraw Campgrounds 12 – Chapter A – Annual Picnic – Boyertown Community Park – Boyertown, PA – 9:30am 17-19 – PA All Chapters – West – Kozy Rest Kampgrounds – Harrisville, PA – PA-N Host 19 – Chapter V – Annual Picnic – Codorus State Park – 9:00am 25 – Chapter D – Annual Pig Roast – 919 Rockdale Rd – Butler, PA – 6:00pm 26 – Chapter K – Hobo Stew – Turnpike Ramblers M/C Club – RT944 Carlisle, PA – 9:00am DECEMBER 04 – Chapter D – Christmas Dinner/Party – Knights of Columbus Hall – Wexford, PA – 6:30pm 04 – Chapter G – Christmas Party 04 – Chapter L – Christmas Party 04 – Chapter Q – Christmas Party – Youngsville Fire Hall 04 – Chapter T – Christmas Party – Beka House – Boswell, PA – 5:00pm 04 – Chapter W – Christmas Party – Ivy Stone Restaurant – 6:00pm 11 – Chapter I – Christmas Dinner 11 – Chapter N – Christmas Party 2010 Region Events: Jan 7-9, MD District Rally, Winter Thing – Ocean City, MD Aug 5-7 New York/New Jersey Districts Jun 30-July 3, Wing Ding 32, Rally – Bridgewater, NJ Des Moines, Iowa Aug 26-28, Pennsylvania District Rally July 22-24, New England District Rally, Johnstown, PA. (ME,VT,NH,MA,RI,CT) Sept 12 – NJ District Picnic aboard the Gorham, NH Battleship USS New Jersey “In God We Trust” AUTUMN BEGINS SEPTEMBER 23rd LOOK FOR OUR NEXT NEWSLETTER IN OCTOBER