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  1. 1. Stash Media DVD Programs Commerical Animation Motion Graphics October 2008 Catalog Number: M2100A Sinostar Ltd. UNIT A4, 3/F HI-TECH IND. CENTRE, 5-21 PAK TIN PAR STREET, TSUEN WAN, N.T. HONG KONG TEL: (852) 2417 4522 FAX: (852) 2490 9742 E-Mail : sinostar@sinostarltd.com Web Site: http://www.sinostarltd.com The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.1
  2. 2. Dear Colleague, We are glad to inform you that our website has been updated. Effective immediately, we will add our updated catalogs on the web site. You can search them on the “Latest Catalogs”. Also, you can find our homepage linked to the website of all our exclusively represented vendors. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions you have. Our website: http://www.sinostarltd.com Preview!! Please go to http://www.stashmedia.tv to watch the preview programs. PRICING Pricing in this catalog provides for non-theatrical use with public performance rights. Shipping charges will be added. Please contact us to secure quotations. The prices are subject to change without prior notice. The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.2
  3. 3. The world's most outstanding commercial animation, VFX and motion graphics on DVD - 12 times a year. STASH delivers the planet's most innovative and outstanding commercial animation, VFX and motion graphics plus insightful behind-the-scenes extras in a monthly DVD magazine. Also tucked inside the STASH DVD case is a companion book of color stills, details on the featured work, credits and tech notes. STASH is the essential resource for ad agencies, broadcasters, animation and VFX studios, designers, post houses, production companies and schools. AUDIENCE The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.3
  4. 4. STASH is a trade publication sharply targeted at the leading producers and buyers of animation, VFX and motion graphics in the advertising and broadcast industries. ADVERTISING STASH does not accept advertising from companies directly involved in the production of animation and effects. STASH does accept advertising from industry supporting players: software and hardware makers, festivals, awards shows, etc. BEHIND THE SCENES STASH offers all contributors the opportunity to include behind-the-scenes material with their work. These mini-productions may include story boards,conceptual art, maquettes, wire frame models, render and compositing tests, director/animator/producer commentary etc. The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.4
  5. 5. New Release 3D ANIMATION COLLECTION 1 Releases August 1st If you crave hardcore 3D inspiration in all its forms, the new Stash 3D ANIMATION COLLECTION is a must-have DVD. Forty of the world’s most influential and innovative 3D-heavy masterworks strapped together into a riveting 98-minute program complete with Behind the Scenes extras and a 44-page book of stills, tech notes, credits and links for every project. Ambitious and award-winning commercials, short films, music videos, virals, broadcast design and game cinematics are all here, including the Oscar-nominated short “Gopher Broke” from Blur, Psyop’s landmark Coke “Happiness Factory” spot, Neil Blomkamp’s sci-fi masterpiece “Alive in Joburg”, massive game trailers for Starcraft II, Hellgate: London and Warhammer, electrifying music videos by David Fincher for Nine Inch Nails and by Framestore for the Chemical Brothers PLUS epic work from some of the planet’s most important directors, 3D artists and studios, including Smith&Foulkes, Daniel Kleinman, Frederik Bond, Joseph Kosinski, Satoshi Tomioka, Wilfred Brimo, Moto Sakakibara, 1st Ave Machine, BUF, The Mill, Animal Logic, Tronic, Digital Domain, FilmTecknarna and Tokyo Plastic. Compiled from the Stash archive of over 1,500 films, the new STASH 3D ANIMATION COLLECTION joins the extremely popular Stash MOTION GRAPHICS and MUSIC VIDEOS collections released in March 2008. The Stash collections. Inspiration. Just the way you want it. 3D ANIMATION Disk: www.filmtecknarna.com NIKE “EVOLUTION” TVC :30 (director’s cut) Agency: WEIDEN + KENNEDY USA Director: NEILL BLOMKAMP Production/animation/VFX: THE EMBASSY VISUAL EFFECTS INC www.theembassyvfx.com VISA "MONSTER CHASE" Cinema 2:00 Agency: CLEMENGER BBDO, SYDNEY Director: BRUCE HUNT Production: @RADICAL MEDIA VFX: ANIMAL LOGIC www.animallogic.com HUMMER "EVOLUTION" TVC: 30 Agency: MODERNISTA! Director: BORRIS NAWARTIL, DAVID NORD Design/animation/post: FILM TECKNARNA The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.5
  6. 6. NIKE - ART OF SPEED "LES JUMELLES" Branded content 2:05 Director: JOSEPH KOSINSKI Animation/VFX: KDLAB www.kdlab.net CITROEN C4 "TRANSFORM" TVC :30 Agency: EURO RSCG LONDON Director: NEILL BLOMKAMP Production: SPY FILMS Animation/VFX: THE EMBASSY www.theembassyvfx.com ADIDAS "UNSTOPPABLE" TVC: 60 Agency: TBWACHIATDAY Director: BRIAN BELETIC Production: SMUGGLER Animation/VFX: DIGITAL DOMAIN www.digitaldomain.com The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.6
  7. 7. "GOPHER BROKE" SONY DREAMS Short Film 4:17 “LITTLE PONY” Writer/Diretor: JEFF Branded content FOWLER Director: Design/Animation: STYLEWAR/FILIP BLUR ENGSTROM www.blur.com Production: SMUGGLER VFX: "ESUVEE" THE MILL Cinema and TVC :60 FRAMESTORE CFC Agency: BARTLE MOVING PICTURE COMPANY BOGLE HEGARTY, SMOKE & MIRRORS NY A52 Director: DANNY SWAY KLEINMAN Production: KLEINMAN PRODUCTIONS BMW M5 "ROAD VFX: FRAMESTORE CFC MONSTER" www.framestore-cfc.com Viral :60 Agency: WCRS MTV "FLOWER" Director: PHILIP Broadcast design :30 HUNT Client: MTV Animation: STUDIO INTERNATIONAL AKA NETWORKS www.studioaka.co.uk Director: TOKYO PLASTIC AIDES Animation: TOKYO PLASTIC Short film 3:30 www.tokyoplastic.com Agency: TBWA Director: WILFRID "STRANGER'S BRIMO WRATH" Production: WANDA Game cinematic PRODUCTIONS Director: LORNE Animation: AKAMA STUDIO LANNING www.akamastudio.com Design/animation: ODDWORLD HELLGATE: www.oddworld.com LONDON Game cinematic GIZMONDO Developer: FLAGSHIP “BUMBLEBEE” STUDIOS TVC :30 Director: PHIL SHENK Agency: MOTHER Animation: BLUR STUDIOS Director: JOHAN www.blur.com RIMER Animation: VISUAL ART NINE INCH NAILS "ONLY" THE CHEMICAL Music video BROTHERS Record label: I “BELIEVE” NOTHING Music video Director: DAVID Record label: VIRGIN FINCHER RECORDS Production/animation/VFX: DIGITAL DOMAIN Directors: DOM & www.d2.com NIC Production: FACTORY FILMS VFX: FRAMESTORE CFC www.framestore.com The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.7
  8. 8. CARLTON DRAUGHT "BIG “ALIVE IN AD" JOBURG” TVC :60 Short film Agency: GEORGE Director: NEILL PATTERSON BLOMKAMP PARTNERS Production: SPY Director: PAUL MIDDLEDITCH FILMS Production: PLAZA FILMS VFX: RATEL VFX: ANIMAL LOGIC www.ratel.ca www.animallogic.com AEON FLUX JOURNEY INTO Game cinematic THE WEST Game developer: Film trailer TERMINAL Director: MOTO REALITY SAKAKIBARA Director: BLUR Animation: SPRITE Animation: BLUR ANIMATION www.blur.com STUDIOS www.spritee.com ADIDAS "MODULAR MAN" TOOHEYS EXTRA TVC :30 x 2 DRY "WAR OF THE Agency: 180 APPLIANCES" AMSTERDAM TVC :60 Director: ARVIND Client: LION PALEP NATHAN Animation: 1ST AVE MACHINE AUSTRALIA www.1stavemachine.com Agency: BMF ADVERTISING Director: GRAEME BURFOOT Production: FILMGRAPHICS FOXSPORTS VFX: ANIMAL LOGIC "NASCAR 2006" www.animallogic.com TVC :60 CD: ROBERT GOTTLIEB GUINNESS Production: "NOITULOVE" FOXSPORTS Cinema / TVC :60 Animation/VFX: BUF Agency: AMV BBDO www.buf.fr Director: DANIEL KLEINMAN Production: RENAULT MEGANE KLEINMAN PRODUCTIONS "HEADS" VFX/animation: FRAMESTORE CFC TVC :30 www.framestore-cfc.com Agency: PUBLICIS LADO C Director: SMITH & SONY PSP "A DAY FOULKES IN THE LIFE" Production: NEXUS PRODUCTIONS, THE LIFT TVC :60 www.nexusproductions.com Agency: TBWA Director: ALEX RUTHERFORD Production: RSA FILMS VFX/animation: THE MILL www.the-mill.com The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.8
  9. 9. SKY HD “FEEL "EXIT" EVERYTHING” Viral Cinema :60 Director: SATOSHI Agency: UNITED TOMIOKA LONDON Animation: Design: VENTURE KANABAN THREE GRAPHICS Animation: THE MILL www.kanaban.com www.the-mill.com SNICKERS “DON’T STOP” “WARHAMMER: TVC :90 MARK OF CHAOS” Agency: IMPACT / Game cinematic BBDO DUBAI Client: NAMCO Director: JOERI BANDAI AMERICA, HOLSHEIMER CINERGI Production: X-RAY FILM AMSTERDAM INTERACTIVE, Animation: VALKIESER CAPITAL IMAGES GAMES WORKSHOP www.valkieser.com Director: ISTVAN ZORKOCZY Animation: DIGIC PICTURES www.digicpictures.com SAAB “BLACKBIRD” TVC (spec) COCA-COLA Director: JOSEPH “HAPPINESS KOSINSKI FACTORY” Production: Cinema / TVC :60 ANONYMOUS Agency: CONTENT WIEDEN+KENNEDY, Animation/VFX: SPEEDSHAPE, LOS ANGELES AMSTERDAM www.speedshape.com Directors: TODD MUELLER, KYLIE MATULICK Animation: PSYOP “COLIN MCRAE www.psyop.tv DIRT” Game trailer Game developer: AXE / LYNX CODEMASTERS “MILLIONS” Director: WIEK TVC :60 LUIJKEN Agency: BBH Animation: AXIS ANIMATION Director: FREDERIK www.axisanimation.com BOND Production: MJZ TARGET VFX: THE MILL “MARBLES”, www.the-mill.com “REVOLUTION” Outdoor branded films Agency: CATALYST COCA-COLA STUDIOS “VIDEOGAME” Director: TRONIC Cimena / TVC :60 Design/animation: TRONIC Agency: www.tronicstudio.com WIEDEN+KENNEDY Director: SMITH & FOULKES STARCRAFT II Production/animation: NEXUS PRODUCTIONS Game trailer www.nexusproductions.com Game developer: BLIZZARD ENTERTAIMENT Creative director: NICK CARPENTER Animation: BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT www.blizzard.com The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.9
  10. 10. The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.10
  11. 11. GUINNESS “IT’S ALIVE INSIDE” TVC :60 Agency: IIBBDO Director: STEVE COPE Production: RED BEE MEDIA VFX: THE MILL, LONDON www.the-mill.com ORANGINA “NATURALLY JUICY” TVC / viral Agency: FFL, PARIS Directors: TODD MUELLER, KYLIE MATULICK Production: STINK , PSYOP Animation: THE MILL, LONDON www.the-mill.co The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.11
  12. 12. MOTION GRAPHICS COLLECTION 1 Releases March 15th A sweeping treasury of 60 motion design projects guaranteed to inspire – all in one place and all in glorious full resolution. It’s a collection curator Justin Cone calls, “as close to definitive as I’ve ever seen”. Includes genre-defining work from: Smith & Foulkes, Lobo, Psyop, Blur, Motion Theory, Logan, Shilo, Nakd, Framestore CFC, Passion Pictures, Universal Everything, Againstallodds, Trollback+Co, Stardust, Transistor, FilmTecknarna, Brand New School, Exopolis, Sehsucht, Bent Image Lab, Hornet, Nation Television and many, many more. Also includes a beautifully printed, full-color booklet containing tech notes, stills, credits, and links for every project. MOTION GRAPHICS DISK ONE: ANIMÉ NETWORK HONDA HATE "GIRL POWER", "GRRR" "INVASION: Cinema and TVC :90 BEACH", "ACTION Agency: WEIDEN + ZONE" KENNEDY Broadcast design Director: SMITH & Client: ANIMÉ FOULKES NETWORK Production: NEXUS Director: MATEUS DE PAULA SANTOS www.nexusproductions.com Production: THE EBELING GROUP Design/Animation/Sound: LOBO "RESFEST 2004" www.lobo.cx Film trailer :90 Director: MOTION BOMBAY SAPPHIRE THEORY "STEP INTO BLUE" Production/VFX: Cinema and TVC :60 MOTION THEORY Agency: MARGEOTES NYC www.motiontheory.com Director: JAKE BANKS GETTY IMAGES Production/Animation: STARDUST STUDIOS "BIG IDEA" www.stardust.tv Branded content APA 50 AWARDS Viral :34 Client: www.gettyimages.com/thebigidea ADVERTISING PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION Director: ADAM HUFF MAIN TITLE PARRY CREDITS Design/Animation: FRAMESTORE CFC Broadcast Design www.framestore-cfc.com Broadcaster: SHOWTIME NETWORKS Directors: ANDRE SINGER, JOSE GOMEZ, CHRISTOPHER MARKOS VFX: SHILO www.shilodesign.com The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.12
  13. 13. NIKE SHOX HP "IT CONSOLIDATES" TVC :30 Client: HEWLETT PACKARD Agency: GOODBY, SILVERSTEIN & “SHOXPLOITATION” PARTNERS TVC :60 Director: MOTION THEORY Directors: KYLIE MATULICK, TODD MUELLER Design/animation/VFX: MOTION THEORY Animation/VFX: PSYOP www.motiontheory.com www.psyop.tv FINE LIVING LEMONY NETWORK IDs SNICKET'S A Broadcast design x 3 SERIES OF Director: JON BERRY UNFORTUNATE Design/animation: EVENTS PLUS ET PLUS TVCs x 4 www.plusetplus.com Client: NICKELODEON TOONAMI IDENTS CDs: NORN KITTIAKSORN, JENNIFER MILLER Broadcast design x 4 Design/animation: BLUR STUDIO Director: MATT PYKE www.blur.com Production: UNIVERSAL HONDA FR-V EVERYTHING “TOGETHER” Cinema and TVC :60 www.universaleverything.com Agency: Animation: ZEITGUISED, MATEUNIVERSE WEIDEN+KENNEDY www.zeitguised.com Client: HONDA www.mateuniverse.de Designer/director: BECK "E-PRO" DAVE DANIELS Music video 4:00 Production: TANDEM FILMS Record Label: www.tandemfilms.com MERCEDES BENZ “SOUNDS OF SUMMER” TVC :60 INTERSCOPE/GEFFEN Agency: SPRINGER Director: SHYNOLA & JACOBY, Production: THE DIRECTOR'S BUREAU DRITTE VFX/animation: SHYNOLA WERBEAGENTUR GMBH & CO KG www.shynola.com Client: MERCEDES BENZ/ Daimler Chrysler Directors: TIMO SCHAEDEL, OLE PETERS Animation: SEHSUCHT WORDSTOCK 2005 www.sehsucht.de “HOW TO WRITE A STORY” THE OBSERVER TVC :30 "FOOD Agency: CALENDAR” FOURSTORIES, TVC :30 PORTLAND Agency: MOTHER, Director: CHEL WHITE LONDON Production/animation: BENT IMAGE LAB Design director: CHRIS DOOLEY VFX/animation: NATIONAL TELEVISION www.natl.tv The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.13
  14. 14. WINDOWS XP BLACK DAY TO "BREAK UPS", FREEDOM "STEPHANIE" Short film trailer TVCs :30 x 2 Client: BEYOND Client: MICROSOFT Director/animation: Agency: THE RONIN www.ronin.co.uk MCCANN-ERICKSON Director: RALF SCHMERBERG REEBOK Production: @RADICAL MEDIA "WRAPSHEAR" Design/animation: STARDUST TVC: 30 Agency: MCGARRY BOWEN FOX SPORTS Director: MOTION "MLB" THEORY TVC :30 Production/animation/VFX: MOTION THEORY Client: FOX www.motiontheory.com NETWORKS Director: MARK INFINITI SUMMER DENYER-SIMMONS EVENT 2005 Production: MARSHA HUNT PRODUCTIONS "BEACH", Design/VFX: MOMENTUM LAB "OVERLOOK" TVCs :30 x 2 AUDIO BULLYS Agency: "SHOT YOU TBWACHIATDAY DOWN" Director: KYLIE MATULICK, TODD MUELLER Music video Design/animation/VFX: PSYOP, MASS MARKET Record label: VIRGIN RECORDS Director: JONAS NOISE FESTIVAL ODELL Identity refresh Production: NEXUS, FILMTECKNARNA Client: NOISE Animation/VFX: FILMTECKNARNA FESTIVAL CD: ADAM GARDINER MOTOROLA Design/animation: "GRAND QUBE KONSTRUKT CLASSICS/ FROM www.qubekonstrukt.com ZEOTROPE TO MOTOROLA" TVC 1:27 HONDA Agency: THE FISH "MINIBIKE" CAN SING TVC :30 Director: SMITH & FOULKES Agency: WILSON Animation: NEXUS EVERARD www.nexuslondon.com Director: TIM KENTLEY Design/animation: XYZ STUDIOS NIKE FREE www.xyzstudios.com "NATURE", "STRENGTH" In-store videos :30 x 2 HONDA CIVIC Client: NIKE DIRECT "REBIRTH" Director: NATIONAL TVC :60 TELEVISION Agency: RPA VFX/animation: NATIONAL TELEVISION Director: JJ & www.natl.tv MAITHY Production/animation: HORNET INC. www.hornetinc.com The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.14
  15. 15. NICKTOONS Animation/VFX: REFRESH DIGTAL KITCHEN Broadcast design www.d-kitchen.com Client: NICKTOONS MTV MOTOROLA NETWORK LOAD "PARK" CDs: THOMAS Montage MARKERT, DARWIN Client:: MTV TOMLINSON INTERNATIONAL Animation: EXOPOLIS Director: FOREIGN OFFICE www.exopolis.com Animation: FOREIGN OFFICE www.foreignoffice.com CURRENT TV IDs Broadcast design THE SOUTH BANK (montage) SHOW TITLES CD: ALEXEI Broadcast design TYLEVICH Client: THE SOUTH Design/animation: BANK SHOW / LOGAN MELVYN BRAGG www.hellologan.com Director: SSSR Design/animation: PASSION PICTURES MOTION GRAPHICS Disk Two: www.passion-pictures.com NISSAN "SOAR" TVC :30 Agency: MTV "HISTORY OF TBWACHIATDAY DANCE" SHOW Director: JAKE OPENS BANKS Broadcast design x 3 Client: MTV Design/production/animation: STARDUST NETWORKS www.stardust.tv Director: UNIVERSAL EVERYTHING Animation: RENASCENT "JAPANESE www. renascent .nl BALLS" Short film Director: MARCIN BANCO REAL SLAWEK “TREADMILL” Animation: LUNA TVC :60 PARK Agency: TALENT www.lunapark.pl Director: LOBO Design/animation: LOBO NIKE GOLF www.lobo.cx "SASQUATCH" In-store film "TREAD SOFTLY" Agency: NIKE JAPAN Short film Director: JOE Director: HEE BOK WRIGHT LEE Production: TROLLBACK + COMPANY www.trollback.com Animation: SPECIAL BRANCH MTV HD "CROW" COCA-COLA TVC :90 BLACK CHERRY Client: MTV VANILLA NETWORKS TVC: 30 Director: MARCO Agency: SPIER, MARIE FITZGERALD + HYON COMPANY Production/animation: PSYOP Director: DIGTAL KITCHEN www.psyop.tv The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.15
  16. 16. SEATTLE HP "HANDS" INTERNATIONAL TVC :60 FILM FESTIVAL Agency: GOODBY, Trailers/TVCs x 2 SILVERSTEIN & Agency: WONG PARTNERS DOODY Director: MATHEW CDs: JUSTIN CULLEN, LEIBOW, WILL HYDE JONATHAN DAYTON , VALERIE FARIS Design/animation: FAD Designers: GABE DUNNE, JOSH NIMOY www.superfad.com Production/VFX: MOTION THEORY www.motiontheory.com OFFF BCN 2006 OPENING Event design X GAMES 12 "EYE", Client: OFFF "HEART", Director: DVEIN "BRAIN", "SMILE" Design/animation: TVCs x 4 DVEIN Agency: GROUND www.dvein.com ZERO ADVERTISING Directors: GNARLS BARKLEY AGAINSTALLODDS , PSYOP “CRAZY” Production: BLACKLIST Music video Animation/design: AGAINSTALLODDS, PSYOP Record label: www.againstallodds.se DOWNTOWN www.psyop.tv RECORDS, WARNER MUSIC Director: ROBERT HALES DUPONT "HI SCI" Production: HSI TVC :60 Design/VFX: BL:ND Agency: OGILVY www.blind.com NYC Director: LOBO Production: THE WRITE GROUP EBELING GROUP “STITCHED UP” Animation/design: LOBO TVC :30 www.lobo.cx Agency: SAATCHI & SAATCHI, NEW ZEALAND DOVE Director: GLENN "EVOLUTION" ROBSON Viral Animation: KALEIDOSCOPE ANIMATION Agency: OGILVY, www.kaleidoscope.co.nz TORONTO Director: YAEL VERSION2 AICP STAAV SPONSOR OPEN Production: REGINALD PIKE Event design VFX: SOHO Director: VERSION2 www.26soho.com Production/animation: VERSION2 www.version2.net The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.16
  17. 17. CBS RE-BRAND VOLKSWAGEN "WE ARE CBS" PHAETON Broadcast design "GALANTY SHOW" Client: CBS TVC : 85 Director: Agency: GRABARZ TROLLBÄCK + UND PARTNER COMPANY Director: MICHAEL Animation/design: REISSINGER TROLLBÄCK + COMPANY Production: DELI PICTURES www.trollback.com VFX: DELI PICTURES NBC RE-BRAND www.delipictures.de Broadcast design Client: THE NBC AGENCY Director: NBC MAGIC AUDI RS4 Animation/design: CAPACITY “EMOTIONS” www.capacity.tv TVC :30 Agency: DDB SPAIN TOYOTA Director: DAVID "SPORTIVO", RUIZ "STYLING" Production: TVCs :30 x 2 RUIZ+COMPANY Agency: MOJO Animation:METROPOLITANA PUBLICIS www.metropolitana.net AUSTRALIA Directors: JONATHAN NOTARO, JENS GEHLHAAR MASTERCARD Design/animation: BRAND NEW SCHOOL “JUST A LITTLE www.brandnewschool.com PIECE OF PLASTIC” TVC :30 " BATTLE OF THE Agency: AGENCY AD BANDS IV" CREATIVE Viral Directors: PARKORN BUPPHAVESA, HAEJIN CHO Client: FLUID Animation: PSYOP Director: UGLY www.psyop.tv PICTURES Production: CURIOUS PICTURES, FLUID MTV PRIMETIME Animation: MAN VS MAGNET LAUNCH www.manvsmagnet.com Broadcast design (montage) THE SOFTLIGHTES Director: JAMES "HEART MADE OF PRICE SOUND" Animation: Music video TRANSISTOR STUDIOS Record label: www.transistorstudios.com MODULAR RECORDINGS JUSTICE Director: KRIS MOYES “D.A.N.C.E.” kmoyes.com Music video Post: FRAME SET AND MATCH Record labels: ED www.fsm.com.au BANGER RECORDS, BECAUSE MUSIC Director: JONAS&FRANÇOIS Production: EL NIÑO @ 75 Animation: EL NIÑO @ 75 www.elnino.tv The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.17
  18. 18. SPRINT “DREAMS” “TAKING TVC :60 LIBERTIES” Agency: GOODBY, Documentary film SILVERSTEIN & excerpts x 4 PARTNERS Distribution: Director: REVOLVER DAYTON/FARIS ENTERTAINMENT Production: BOB Director: SIMON INDUSTRIES ROBSON VFX: BRICKYARD VFX Production: NEXUS PRODUCTIONS www.brickyardvfx.com Animation: NEXUS PRODUCTIONS www.nexusproductions.com The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.18
  19. 19. MUSIC VIDEOS COLLECTION 1 Re-releases August 1st Gorge yourself on this 2-hour feast of the most innovative music-driven projects the planet has ever witnessed. This spectacular 2-disk set delivers an incredibly diverse program of 40 films including The White Stripes “The Denial Twist” by Michel Gondry, Groove Armada “Get Down” by Pleix, Beck “E-Pro” by Shynola, The Horrors “Sheena is a Parasite” by Chris Cunningham, Gnarls Barkley “Crazy” by Bl:nd, Chemical Brothers “Believe”, U2 “Windows in the Sky”, Bjork “Oceania”, Audio Bully’s “Shot You Down”, Gorillaz “Feel Good Inc.”, Alias “Sixes Last”, Faithless “Music Matters”, Nine Inch Nails “Only”, Thom Yorke “Harrowdown Hill”, The Knife “Like a Pen” plus many, many more. Also includes a beautifully printed, full-color booklet containing tech notes, stills, credits, and links for every project. MUSIC VIDEOS Disk One: "WE WILL ROCK YOU" SUBTLE "FK-9" Music video 2:39 Music video Record Company: Record Label: LEX UNIVERSAL RECORDS LICENSING MUSIC Director: SSSR Agency: BETC EURO Animation: RSCG SSSR/PASSION Directors/designers: SOANDSAU PICTURES Production: WIZZ www.passion-pictures.com Animation: INVISIBLE EMILIE SIMON "FLOWERS" BECK "E-PRO" Music video 2:35 Music video 4:00 Music label: Record Label: BARCLAY/UNIVERSAL MUSIC FRANCE Directors: NO BRAIN INTERSCOPE/GEFFEN Production: COSA Director: SHYNOLA Animation: NO BRAIN Production: THE DIRECTOR'S BUREAU http://no.brain.free.fr VFX/animation: SHYNOLA www.shynola.com BJORK "OCEANIA" Music video THE CHEMICAL Directors: LYNN FOX BROTHERS Production: “BELIEVE” COLONEL BLIMP Music video Record Label: VIRGIN Animation/Compositing: LYNN FOX RECORDS www.lynnfox.co.uk Directors: DOM & NIC Production: FACTORY FILMS VFX: FRAMESTORE CFC The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.19
  20. 20. GORILLAZ “FEEL GOOD INC.” Music video ALIAS "SIXES Record label: LAST" PARLOPHONE Music video Directors: JAMIE Record label: HEWLETT, PETE ANTICON CANDELAND Director: ARVIND Production/VFX/animation: PASSION PICTURES PALEP Animation/VFX: 1 st AVE MACHINE www.1stavemachine.com AUDIO BULLYS "SHOT YOU DOWN" FUNKSTÖRUNG Music video "PUNK Record label: VIRGIN MOTHERFUCKER" RECORDS Music video Director: JONAS Record label: !K7 ODELL RECORDS Production: NEXUS, FILMTECKNARNA Director: JAN Animation/VFX: FILMTECKNARNA MATHIAS STEINFORTH Production/animation/VFX: MATEUNIVERSE PHEONIX www.mateuniverse.de FOUNDATION School : HAWK HILDESHEIM , GERMANY "HITCHCOCK" Music video Record Label: U-ZIQ "FALL OF FESTIVAL ANTIOCH" MUSHROOM Music video RECORDS Record label: Director: REUBEN SUTHERLAND PLANETMU, VIRGIN Production: JOYRIDER FILMS RECORDS VFX: REUBEN SUTHERLAND Directors: STEPHAN www.joyriderfilms.co.uk BETZ, MEGID HOFF, FLORIAN WITZEL www.fallofantioch.com Production/animation/VFX: GEORG-SIMON-OHM- NINE INCH NAILS FACHHOCHSCHULE NÜRNBERG , FRAUNHOFER "ONLY" INSTITUTE Music video www.fh-nuernberg.de Record label: I www.iis.fraunhofer.de NOTHING Post: DAS WERK Director: DAVID www.das-werk.de FINCHER Production/animation/VFX: DIGITAL DOMAIN www.d2.com COLDER “TO THE MUSIC” Music video SHERYL CROW Record label: "GOOD IS GOOD" OUTPUT Music video RECORDINGS Record label: Creative director: INTERSCOPE MATT CLARK RECORDS Production/design: UNITED VISUAL ARTISTS Directors: KYLIE www.uva.co.uk MATULICK, TODD MUELLER Production/animation/design: PSYOP www.psyop.tv The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.20
  21. 21. JEREMY THE WHITE WARMSLEY STRIPES "THE “DIRTY BLUE DENIAL TWIST" JEANS” Music video Music video Director: MICHEL Record label: GONDRY/PARTIZAN TRANSGRESSIVE VFX: THE MILL RECORDS Director: BEN ROLLASON CONSTANTINES Production/VFX: DRAW PICTURES "WORKING FULL- www.drawpictures.co.uk TIME" Music video Director: DREW GNARLS BARKLEY LIGHTFOOT “CRAZY” Record label: SUBPOP Music video / THREE GUT RECORDS Record label: DOWNTOWN RECORDS, WARNER I LOVE YOU BUT MUSIC I'VE CHOSEN Director: ROBERT HALES DARKNESS Production: HSI "THE OWL" Design/VFX: BL:ND Music video www.blind.com Record label: SECRETLY CANADIAN THOM YORKE Director: EMMANUEL HO "HARROWDOWN Animation: EMMANUEL HO HILL" www.emmanuelho.com Music video Record label: XL RECORDINGS GNARLS BARKLEY Director: CHEL "GONE DADDY WHITE GONE" Production/animation: BENT IMAGE LAB Music video www.bentimagelab.com Record label: DOWNTOWN RECORDS, WARNER MUSIC VIDEOS Disk Two: MUSIC Director: CHRIS MILK THE HORRORS Production: @RADICAL MEDIA "SHEENA IS A Animation: SABOTAGE PARASITE" Music video Record label: THE SOFTLIGHTES LOOG/POLYDOR "HEART MADE OF Director: CHRIS SOUND" CUNNINGHAM Music video VFX: GOLDEN SQUARE Record label: www.goldensq.com MODULAR RECORDINGS MADONNA "GET Director: KRIS MOYES TOGETHER" kmoyes.com Music video Post: FRAME SET AND MATCH Record label: www.fsm.com.au WARNER BROS. Director: LOGAN Production: LOGAN Design/animation LOGAN www.hellologan.com The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.21
  22. 22. SUBTLE "THE U2 "WINDOWS IN MERCURY CRAZE" THE SKIES" Music video Music video Record label: LEX Record label: RECORDS INTERSCOPE Director: SSSR RECORDS Animation/design: Agency: PASSION PICTURES MODERNISTA! www.passion-pictures.com Director: GARY KOEPKE Post: THE MILL NY SKANK www.the-mill.com "ONESONG" Music video FAITHLESS “MUSIC Director: LOBO MATTERS” Production: THE Music video EBELING GROUP Record label: Animation/VFX: COLUMBIA LOBO RECORDS www.lobo.cx Director: LUIS NIETO Production: PARANOID US COLDCUT "SOUND Animation: MIKROS IMAGE LAB MIRRORS" www.mikrosimage.fr Music video Record label: NINJA TUNE TRANS AM “TESCO Director: UP THE V. SAINSBURYS” RESOLUTION Music video Animation/design: UP THE RESOLUTION Record label: THRILL www.uptheresolution.co.uk JOCKEY RECORDS Director: LUNG THE KNIFE "LIKE A Animation: LUNG PEN" Music video Record label: MUTE GROOVE ARMADA RECORDS "GET DOWN" Director: ANDREAS Music video NILSSON Record label: SONY Animation/design: ANDREAS NILSSON BMG www.silverbullit.se/andreas Director: PLEIX Production: CHASED "LOOK HERE KID" BY COWBOYS Spec music video VFX: MACGUFF Director: WES www.macguff.fr RICHARDSON Animation: WES RICHARDSON JUSTICE http://lookherekid.com “D.A.N.C.E.” Music video Record labels: ED CLARK "HERR BANGER RECORDS, BARR" BECAUSE MUSIC Music video Director: Record label: WARP JONAS&FRANÇOIS RECORDS Production: EL NIÑO @ 75 Director: R JAMES Animation: EL NIÑO @ 75 HEALEY www.elnino.tv Production: COLONEL BLIMP Animation/VFX: R JAMES HEALY The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.22
  23. 23. THE FRATELLIS FUJIYA MIYAGI “OLE BLACK ‘N’ “ANKLE INJURY” BLUE EYES” Music video Music video Record label: Record label: GROENLAND UNIVESAL ISLAND RECORDS RECORDS Client: MARTINE Directors: JON YEO, JOHN SUNTER MCDONAGHY @ Production: WEILANDS MANAGEMENT Animation: THE MILL Director: WADE SHOTTER www.the-mill.com Production: FACTORY FILMS Animation: YUKFOO JUSTIN www.yukfoo.net TIMBERLAKE “LOVESTONED” LIARS "PLASTER Music video CASTS OF Record label: JIVE EVERYTRHING" RECORDS Music Video Director: ROBERT Record Label: HALES MUTE RECORDS Production: HSI Director: PATRICK Animation: BL:ND, SUBVERT DAUGHTERS www.blind.com Production: THE DIRECTORS BUREAU www.subvert.us VFX: METHOD www.methodstudios.com The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.23
  24. 24. BEST OF STASH 2007 Releases February 1st Available for the first time on disk, this superlative collection delivers 40 of the most inspired and spectacular commercials, music videos, virals, broadcast designs, game cinematics and short films of 2007. Now you can own the full 60-minute BEST OF STASH 2007 touring program AND the 32- minute BONUS disk of extraordinary animation, VFX and motion graphics projects PLUS a 60-page book of stills, credits, production notes and links. Carefully selected from over 2800 submissions by the editorial crew of Stash DVD Magazine, these fresh and surprising pieces are important not only for their creative and technical excellence but also for their ability to make us rethink what is possible in the world of animation and VFX. These are the projects that will remain inspirational and relevant well beyond 2007. TELEVISION SPOTS GUINNESS “IT’S LLOYDS TSB "FOR ALIVE INSIDE” THE JOURNEY" TVC :60 TVC :60 Agency: IIBBDO Agency: RAINEY Director: STEVE KELLY COPE Director: MARC Production: RED BEE CRASTE MEDIA Animation: STUDIO AKA VFX: THE MILL, LONDON www.studioaka.co.uk www.the-mill.com BANK OF IRELAND SNICKERS “DON’T “BOGEYMAN” STOP” TVC :30 TVC :90 Agency: IRISH Agency: IMPACT / INTERNATIONAL BBDO DUBAI BBDO Director: JOERI Director: RORY HOLSHEIMER KELLEHER Production:X-RAY FILM AMSTERDAM Production: COMPANY FILMS Animation: VALKIESER CAPITAL IMAGES Animation/VFX: GLASSWORKS www.valkieser.com www.glassworks.co.uk CHEVROLET AIR ACTION "BUILDINGS" VIGORSOL TVC :60 Viral and TVC :30 Agency: MCCANN Agency: BBH ERICKSON, MEXICO LONDON Director: THE Director: BEN EMBASSY DAWKINS Animation/VFX: THE EMBASSY Production: STINK www.embassyvfx.com Animation: MOVING PICTURE COMPANY www.moving-picture.com The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.24
  25. 25. VIRALS MUSIC VIDEOS MCDONALD’S CLARK "HERR “CHICKEN BARR" ROMANCE” Music video TVCs :30 x 2 Record label: WARP Agency: DDB, RECORDS PRAGUE Director: R JAMES HEALEY Director: WOLFBERG Production: COLONEL BLIMP Animation: STILLKING FILMS Animation/VFX: R JAMES HEALY www.stillking.com FAITHLESS “MUSIC V ENERGY DRINK MATTERS” “DATE” Music video Viral Record label: Client: FRUCOR COLUMBIA Agency: COLENSO RECORDS BBDO, NEW Director: LUIS NIETO ZEALAND Production: PARANOID US Director: WILFRID BRIMO Animation: MIKROS IMAGE LAB Production: WANDA www.mikrosimage.fr Animation/post: DEF2SHOOT www.def2shoot.com GROOVE ARMADA "GET DOWN" CHRISTIAN Music video BEVILACQUA, Record label: SONY THERAPY BMG Recent work Director: PLEIX PARKERS "DODGY Production: CHASED DEALER" BY COWBOYS Viral VFX: MAC GUFF www.macguff.fr IDEAZON Viral BROADCAST DESIGN Agency: JOHN ST., TORONTO NICKELODEON Director: ALEX LATIN AMERICA WITTHOLZ Broadcast design Animation: HELIOS Director: TOTUMA DESIGN LABS Animation: TOTUMA www.heliozilla.com www.totuma.net ZUNE ARTS ESPN X GAMES 13 “DOGFIGHT” TVCs :30 x 3 Viral Agency: THE Client: MICROSOFT MARTIN AGENCY ZUNE Director: SUPERFAD Agency: Animation/design: 72ANDSUNNY SUPERFAD Directors: FULLTANK www.superfad.com Animation: FULLTANK www.fulltank.tv The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.25
  26. 26. CN REFRESH "FALL MUSIC VIDEO" Broadcast design Client: CARTOON NETWORK Director: SHILO Production: SHILO Animation/design: SHILO www.shilo.tv CORPORATE CARTIER “BALLON BLUE” Corporate film Director: H5 Production: H5 Animation: MACHINE MOLLE www.machinemolle.com SPECULATIVE SAAB “BLACKBIRD” TVC (spec) Director: JOSEPH KOSINSKI Production: ANONYMOUS CONTENT Animation/VFX: SPEEDSHAPE, LOS ANGELES www.speedshape.com GAME TRAILERS AND CINEMATICS “COLIN MCRAE DIRT” Game trailer Game developer: CODEMASTERS Director: WIEK LUIJKEN ANIMATION: AXIS ANIMATION www.axisanimation.com “TRANSFORMERS: THE GAME” Game intro/trailer Game developer: TRAVELLER’S TALE, ACTIVISION Director: BLUR STUDIO Animation: BLUR STUDIO www.blur.com The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.26
  27. 27. HARMONIX “ROCK BAND” Game trailer Client: HARMONIX MUSIC Director: PETE CANDELAND Animation: PASSION PICTURES www.passion-pictures.com STARCRAFT II Game trailer Game developer: BLIZZARD ENTERTAIMENT Creative director: NICK CARPENTER Animation: BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT www.blizzard.com SHORT FILMS “KEY LIME PIE” Student film School: SHERIDAN COLLEGE Director: TREVOR JIMENEZ “8848” Student film School: SUPINFOCOM Directors: MAËLYS FAGET, GRÉGORY JENNINGS, KEVIN FRANCZUK COCA-COLA “HAPPINESS FACTORY – THE MOVIE” Viral Agency: WIEDEN+KENNEDY, AMSTERDAM Directors: TODD MUELLER, KYLIE MATULICK Production (live-action): SEVEN SENSES, MADRID Animation: PSYOP www.psyop.tv The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.27
  28. 28. “A GENTLEMAN’S JUSTICE DUEL” “D.A.N.C.E.” Short film Music video Director: FRANSCISO Record labels: ED RUIZ, SEAN BANGER RECORDS, MCNALLY BECAUSE MUSIC Animation: BLUR Director: www.blur.com JONAS&FRANÇOIS Production: EL NIÑO @ 75 Animation: EL NIÑO @ 75 BEST OF STASH 2007 Bonus Disk program: www.elnino.tv SONY BRAVIA LIVE EARTH “TEN “PLAY-DOH” THINGS YOU CAN TVC: 90 DO TO THE Agency: FALLON, EARTH” LONDON Short film Director: FRANK Client: SOS/LIVE BUDGEN EARTH Animation director: DARREN WALSH Director: ROMAN COPPOLA Production: GORGEOUS PRODUCTIONS Animation: RC STUDIO INC Animation: PASSION PICTURES www.romancoppolastudio.com www.passion-pictures.com VFX: MOVING PICTURE COMPANY "SAMURAI" www.movingpicture.com Branded content Agency: BBDO NEW RENAULT YORK “FISHERMAN” Director: THREE TVC :30 LEGGED LEGS Agency: PUBLICIS Production: GREEN PARIS DOT FILMS Director: EBEN Animation: THREE LEGGED LEGS MEARS http://threeleggedlegs.com Production: STINK, PSYOP VFX: MASSMARKET ANMESTY www.massmarket.tv INTERNATONAL Short film MAIL ON SUNDAY Agency: TBWA PARIS “BATTLE” Director: PHILIPPE Cinema Agency: BARTLE BOGLE HEGARTY GRAMMATICOPOULOS Director: TRAKTOR Production: MR. HYDE Production: Animation: MAGIC LAB PARTIZAN LONDON http://arthur.gordon.free.fr VFX: MOVING PICTURE COMPANY www.moving-picture.com “HOW WE MET” Viral “CITY OF GOOD” Client: SAMSUNG Short film ELECTRONICS CO. LTD Director: JAKE LUNT Production: THE VIRAL FACTORY Animation: SPY PICTURES Publisher:YOUWORKFORTHEM www.spy-pictures.com Director: SHILO Animation: SHILO "LOOK HERE KID" www.shilo.tv Spec music video Director: WES RICHARDSON Animation: WES The price shown are in US dollars and exclusive of shipping charges P.28