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Honda Low Down shahram shiva The 5 Flavors of Honda's VTX 1800
Honda Low Down shahram shiva The 5 Flavors of Honda's VTX 1800
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Honda Low Down shahram shiva The 5 Flavors of Honda's VTX 1800


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  • 1. Honda Low Down shahram shiva The 5 Flavors of Honda’s VTX 1800 VTX1800F in Pearl Yellow 10-spoke racing-type cast wheels. F or the past several issues in this column I've been covering BMW and their new renaissance. Their major recent brand transforma- tion was certainly worth a closer and more in-depth look. Honda VTX1800N Starting with this issue I'll be switching gears to focus on perhaps the most The Neo-retro art version is now available in new Metallic Black/Red commercially successful two-wheel company in the world: Honda Custom Art and Dark Red/Red Custom Art colors and is offered in three dis- Motorcycles. When I was growing up, Honda CB750s where the hottest tinctive build variations: Spec 1, 2 and 3. Unique features include, neo-retro bike you could ride. They seemed massive in the eyes of a 12-year-old kid styling with cast-aluminum wheels, custom hot-rod retro-look front and rear in love with speed and with a nice pipe you could hear them roar a few steel fenders, wedge-shape mirrors, flangeless 5.3-gallon fuel tank, high- blocks away. capacity radiator, bullet-style turn indicators with chrome visors, clear lenses Honda has about 25% of the US two-wheel market share, including and amber flasher bulbs and flush-mounted double-chevron LED brakelight scooters and dirtbikes and they ship about 1.2 million bikes worldwide. and taillight. They certainly have done well since the CB750 days. Honda's 2007 line-up includes the mighty VTX 1800 custom cruiser Honda VTX1800R offered in 5 different flavors. This V-Twin powerhouse comes in C, F, N, R The R-model takes retro custom styling to new extremes. This Retro & T designations. Here's an overview of the different styles. comes in Black/Red, Dark Blue Metallic/Metallic Silver and Black. Some unique features include, two styles of cast wheels--- satin-brushed or highly Honda VTX1800C polished, full-flowing, deeply valanced, classic retro-style front and rear VTX-C offers street-rod styling and high torque in a distinctive mini- steel fenders, wedge-shaped mirrors, flangeless 5.3-gallon fuel tank. The malist styling. The “C” comes in red/black Flame and solid black colors. chrome-plated VTX badge surrounds jet-black-filled graphics, and the tank- Other unique features include custom-designed wedge-shape mirrors, bullet- mounted speedometer features a meter face with black background and clas- style turn signals with chrome visors, clear lenses and amber flasher bulbs, sic taillight design. flangeless 4.8-gallon fuel tank and low dragster-style seat. Honda VTX1800T Honda VTX1800F New to the line for 2007, the VTX1800T combines retro-custom The “F” is styled for performance and comes in Pearl Yellow, styling and long-distance-touring amenities to become Honda's most power- Red/Black Tribal and Metallic Black. Some unique features include bobbed- ful V-Twin tourer. The T-styled VTX is offered in Black/Red, Dark Blue style front steel fender with straight-cut rear steel fender for a drag-racing Metallic/Metallic Silver and Black. It builds on the Retro package of the look, low 27.6-inch two-piece gunfighter-style seat which features a remov- already comfy “R” with added touring accessories such as backrests and able passenger section for an enhanced custom look. A streamlined headlight rear carriers, windscreens, leather saddlebags and chrome billet add-ons. features a smaller hooded lens for a unique minimalist look and aggressive Visit for more info. 10
  • 2. Top left: VTX 1800R, Silver/Blue retro-custom Above: VTX 1800T, the long-distance runner. Left: VTX 1800N, full- blooded hotrod art. VTX1800C in tribal flame mode. 11