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  • Good evening. Thank you for coming. Thank you Cougar Logistics, Mitsui OSK Line and Olivier for making this evening possible. Want to share experience with you.
  • The red is done. The green is to go. More than third of time gone. Third of distance. I’ll be home July 2002, in theory at least! Hey, what an experience! Many thanks to Mitsui OSK Lines and Cougar Logistics for letting me use their superb communication facilties to produce this, as well as organising a fundraising cocktail where we rasied S$2000. Simon Milward 11 December 2000, Singapore
  • This it was ready to test ride in October 1999, and this first test flight was at the start of December.
  • Typically Turkish
  • Turkish delight, belly dancing
  • Bedouin family baking bread in tent, which we had with tomatoes for breakfast.
  • Jesus was baptised here
  • Taking tea on mountainside discussing Middle East problems with Sargeant in Jordanian Army.
  • Petra, Jordan, the Red Rose of the desert, ancient city carved from rock
  • Onto north India where I met the Dalai Lama, lovely man, always smiling, very infectious, bears no grudges against China for invading his country, but is confident that his people will get it back in his lifetime. Which lifetime he did not say, he’s a spiritual leader of the Buddhist faith.
  • The mandatory Indian cow on the streeets they are everywhere, I didn’t crash into any.
  • Saddhu in Nepal
  • Indonesian Musl;im elaborate wedding, Sumatra
  • UN banned me from crossing to East Timor from West Timor (pictured) on Anniversary of independence, too much violence they said. Indeed two days later 3 aid workers killed. UN pulled out of West Timor along with aid agencies…
  • 2m tall termite mound in Outback Queensland
  • Got to Sydney for start of the Olympics for fundraising, however proved to be useless, should have gone other way round Australia!
  • Uluru when rain washes off it. Trust me to get there in a downpour!
  • Umm, I had a bit of a spill riding through the Great Victoria Desert. Fair bit of damage to bike, contents of right pannier (the workshop and spares dept) spread over the unsurfaced track, as you can see my face ended up buried in the red sand. I was wearing a motocross helmet, so as you can see I was well bruried – ever used your faced as a brake…?
  • The red is done. The green is to go. More than third of time gone. Third of distance. I’ll be home July 2002, in theory at least! Hey, what an experience! Many thanks to Mitsui OSK Lines and Cougar Logistics for letting me use their superb communication facilties to produce this, as well as organising a fundraising cocktail where we rasied S$2000. Simon Milward 11 December 2000, Singapore
  • OK, now the serious part We’re fundraising for charity
  • The annual international aid budget is worth around US$100 billion year. But it benefitsusually only the donors. This is our Western taxpayers money , whislt we think it is going to the needy in the por countries, it goes in fact to companies! More often than not it damages the cultures and well-being of the ‘recipient’ countries too. To put it mildly I am ashamed and disgusted.
  • The fuel bill was covered by donations before departure. All other expenses en route covered by me.
  • cut-down 10M version

    1. 3. Start: 1 st January 2000, Western Europe Up to now: 29 countries, 88,000 miles Why? Lifetime dream Help get equality in healthcare Felt lucky to get ‘automatic ambulance’ after my motorbike accidents
    2. 4. Simon Milward was General Secretary of the Federation of European Motorcyclists Associations 1992-1999.
    3. 5. With the President of the European Parliament at the annual Parliamentary motorcycle ride
    4. 6. First test flight on the hand made Motorcycle in December 1999. The John T Overlander was built in Newton Abbot, Devon, UK. 11.5 gallon fuel tank 600cc engine Parts from 8 countries
    5. 7. The Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey
    6. 8. Belly Dancing, Turkey
    7. 9. Bedouin girl in Jordan baking bread
    8. 10. Site of Jesus Christ’s baptism, Jordan
    9. 11. Sargeant Major in Jordanian army very positive about Mid East resolution (February 2000)
    10. 12. Petra, ancient city in Jordan, ‘the red rose of the desert’
    11. 13. Pakistan visits: Karachi, Islamabad, the Karakoram Highway (silk route to China), the Smugglers Market (Khyber Pass)
    12. 14. “ His Holiness” the 14 th Dalai Lama, Dharamsala, India
    13. 15. India
    14. 16. A Saddhu of the Hindu faith in Nepal
    15. 17. Muslim wedding, Sumatra, Indonesia
    16. 18. First civil war zone, Timor, Indonesia
    17. 19. Termite mound Australian outback
    18. 20. Sydney Opera House
    19. 21. Rain at Uluru (Ayres Rock), Australia
    20. 22. Aborigine children, Great Victoria Desert
    21. 23. Aftermath going over the handlebars at 60 mph
    22. 24. … near to the world’s remotest community!
    23. 25. The jungle track ended in Laos
    24. 26. Angkor Wat, Cambodia
    25. 27. Everything is different in Japan
    26. 28. Discussing global motorcycle issues with members of the Japanese Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) in Tokyo
    27. 29. Russian Far East
    28. 30. No recycling for old boats which are dumped on the Banks of the Lena River
    29. 31. How’s that for a bridge?
    30. 32. Native Russians, the Sahas
    31. 33. Flooded Road of Bones, Russian Far East, I don’t normally park like this!
    32. 34. Two civil wars, three serious accidents, four major religions. Still alive. Christian baptism in Columbia River WA, USA
    33. 38. My great grandfather founded this ranch in Wyoming in 1880s
    34. 39. Indianapolis 500 Speedway
    35. 41. Original target $100,000 New target $170,000 Amount so far $105,000
    36. 42. Which charities? The criteria: <ul><li>Medical </li></ul><ul><li>Cost effectiveness (minimum admin, maximum results) </li></ul><ul><li>Political & economic independence </li></ul>
    37. 43. How much goes to charity? <ul><li>ALL en route donations (except pins) </li></ul><ul><li>Fuel bill covered by sponsors before departure </li></ul><ul><li>Personal sacrifice: job & life savings US$25,000 </li></ul>
    38. 44. FIRST CHARITY: International humanitarian aid organisation <ul><li>Emergency medical aid to populations in danger </li></ul><ul><li>Sends 2000 volunteers of 45 nationalities to 80 countries annually </li></ul><ul><li>1999 Nobel Peace Prizewinner </li></ul>Doctors Without Borders
    39. 45. Kosovo. MSF is best known for humanitarian aid in man-made crisis areas.
    40. 46. … administering medical aid without discrimination
    41. 47. Doctors are working in most basic conditions
    42. 48. MSF fits new limbs to landmine victims
    43. 49. Refugee camp in Angola.
    44. 50. SECOND CHARITY : Primary healthcare services in poor rural areas <ul><li>Health delivery needs reliable transport </li></ul><ul><li>Small economical motorcycles are best </li></ul><ul><li>No breakdowns with special service strategy </li></ul><ul><li>Capable, cheap, reliable & safe </li></ul><ul><li>African results: delivery improved 400% </li></ul>
    45. 51. Asian doctors want Africa system They asked me! Millions of bikes in Asia, I saw them Fantastic potential For motorcycles to save lives
    46. 52. Extent of Asian use of motorcycles in primary healthcare delivery according to my observations India – midwives Cambodia – 4 medical NGOs
    47. 53. Introducing HEALTH FOR ALL 3 year pilot project, Flores, NTT, Indonesia GOAL: Increase health service and information in 55 remote villages (population 44,000) by providing motorcycles for health workers
    48. 54. 12 motorcycles arriving in Flores resulting from Millennium Ride
    49. 56. Health condition in East Nusa Tenggara Year 2000 for 3.5 million people - 208 public health centers - 24 hospitals - Health expenditure/person/year US$4.40 - Maternal mortality rate 9 deaths per 1000, worst in all ASEAN countries
    50. 57. Main diseases in NTT Province - Upper respiratory infection - malaria - tuberculosis lungs - diarrhea - worms - bronchitis - gastritis - skin infection - anemia - hepatitis - typhoid
    51. 58. Other problems in NTT Province Health centers inadequately staffed & equipped Provincial autonomy means less health subsidy Annual income US$111 Poor roads
    52. 61. Wili Bala (right) is the Director of Health for All. He was Outreach Manager for Doctors Without Borders in West Timor when Simon met him
    53. 62. Flores: Medical workers, local children, and the bikes that are the key to their health
    54. 63. Quotes from Flores Mr. Dominggus Sarambu, MD, the District Head of Ministry of Health: “The presence of HfA is like an Angel from heaven.”   Mr. Wili Bala, Director HfA: “The Program is a breakthrough. It is truly a NEW HEALTH CARE PARADIGM and it is MOTORCYCLES and ALL PARTIES INVOLVED that make it possible. “ I have sent tens of copies of our Project Proposals to various donor agencies but responses are disappointing. They are NOT OPEN to NEW INITIATIVES, they are stuck with regular obsolete programs giving no big improvements because the money is lost somewhere else. “ We are doing ADVOCACY and DONOR EDUCATION.”
    55. 64. Budget Total HfA cost: $150,000 over three years $90,000 spent already on or collected for HfA ($15,000 sent to Doctors Without Borders) Who paid? Motorcycle riders clubs & organizations Businesses Motorcycle manufacturers Individuals Churches, schools International agencies? Nothing YET. But when we can show results…
    56. 65. Positive aspects Big potential - millions of mcs, big need, simple solution Qualified staff - from Doctors Without Borders, African trained (Riders for Health Academy), motivated people Value for money – tax deductible in US via Motorcycle Outreach IRS 501c3, no one gets rich, accounts available, all donations used in field Motorbike image - m/cs saving lives, sounds good? Leverage - international development aid agencies
    57. 66. How is money raised? <ul><li>Corporates Entitled to logo on motorcycle, link on internet, publicity, $200-$2000+. </li></ul>Individuals Pin badge and email updates, $20-$100+. Choose Doctors Without Borders or Health for All (greatest potential)
    58. 67. Motorcycle Rights Organizations ABATEofIndiana USA $6,167 SSABATE.ORG, IL USA $2,000 Anchorage ABATE USA $1,000 ABATEofOregon USA $960 Kenai ABATE USA $500 EasternIll.Abate USA $250 USA $250 Abate Local 19 (Pomona) USA $203 Wa Bellingham Abate USA $200 CAPM Canada $200 abate-of-maryland USA $200 ABATE of Ca USA $200 Contra Costa Abate Ca USA $200 Local 14 Abate, CA USA $200 Alaska Tanana Abate USA $113 + GPS MAG Victoria Austral $100 MRA Western Oz Austral $100 Events Americade USA $300   Churches WarehouseChurch IL USA $200 Clubs Worcester HOG MA USA $1420 Airheads BMW ON, CAN $1,200 Harley Riders Dubai UAE $800 Memory Ethan Filosof Can $620 Velocette OC of Nth AmUSA $500 Napa Solano HOG Ca USA $350 CelticMCC NYC USA $300 BMWBMW USA $300 Louisville BMW Ky USA $250 CapitalCityMC, CA USA $247 Shore Riders Md USA $223 Ugly MC Ca USA $200 AMTTV Canada $200 RedHotRiders Ca USA $200 Hudson Valley HOG USA $200 RamapoMC NY USA $200 Starved Rock HOG USA $200 Ulysses Club Vic Austral $100   Associations JAMAssn Japan $2,500 MIC USA $2,000 AMA USA $1,000 FIM CH $500 North Am Mc Union N Am. $500 EMF UAE $500 MotorcyclingDoctorsUSA $500 GWRRA USA $500 NAATA Canada $400 Canadian Mc Assn Canada $400
    59. 68. Businesses Harley Davidson USA $2,500 Chris & Marty Cartoons D $1,500 S&S USA $1,500 Bobcam Industries Ireland $1,300 Mitsui/Cougar Singap. $1,150 CustomChrome USA $1,000 USA $1,000 Deutsch Financial USA $1,000 Shell SingPak. $1000 DFI Hydraulics S Arabia $500 FB Price Lawyers Austral $500 Rotax.Bombardier Austria $450 Yokahama Intl School Japan $400 Netriders Japan $400 Mitsui/OSK Lines Japan $400 Seiho Publishing Japan $250 JFHillebrand Japan $250 Argyles Rover Tx USA $250 WeaselsFurOnFire USA $250 City Bike Magazine Ca USA $200 MotionPro Ca USA $200, IL USA $200 Thermolab Tx USA $200 VerhulstTouringGoodies USA $200 Pisces Paint UK $130 Lazer Helmets Belgium $130 Megarme UAE $100 Khyber Electric Pak $100 Syakar Honda Nepal $100 Motorcycle Loft Hotel Belgium $100 Bike dealers Al Mutlaq/HD S Arabia $1,000 Bridge Exeter UK $800 HD MA. USA $500 SanDiegoHarley Ca USA $500 Hollywood HD Ca USA $400 TalbotLawnandCycle MD USA $300 Munroe Motors Ca USA $300 HDVictorville USA $275 Golden Gate HD USA $250 Tesoro Oil (gas coupons) USA $250,Tx USA $250 StarvedRockHD IL USA $250 Adamec HD FL USA $200 calbmwtriumph CA USA $200 , NV USA $200 KK Mc Supply, OH USA $200 www.bmwbobs.comMD USA $200 Mahrle's HD, MI USA $200 KawasakiOfLaconia NH USA $200 Berkshire MW NY USA $200 Tom McDermott NY USA $200 MainlineBMW PA USA $200 hardingharley NY USA $200 Millers Motorworks NY USA $200 IN USA $200 GinasBMWmotorcycles USA $200 CambridgeMotorsports MDUSA $100 Flying Bikes Cambodia $100 Scuderia Ca USA $100
    60. 69. Please help $65,000 needed We can make a difference [email_address]