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  1. 1. Civic takes a bold new direction. With power, handling, safety and sheer style, when you get behind the wheel of the Honda Civic you’ll just want to drive. Go see what’s down that side road you pass every day. Discover what lies around that distant bend. Explore anywhere and everywhere. It’s such a fun driving experience, you won’t want to stop.
  2. 2. When you first set eyes on the stunning design you’ll be overwhelmed by its elegant, sporty body shape. Then as you follow the seductive, sweeping curves you’ll find yourself doing so almost furtively. 1.8S Every last detail will entice you. With super-sleek lines stretching For Honda designers, style has from the cleverly shaped dual beam headlights that slant towards the ultra-smooth windshield rake, then always been about motion and this onto a beautifully pert rear. Take a closer look and you’ll also notice the road-hugging stance, sport alloys sports-sedan is no exception. and big, oval dual exhaust pipes. Every carefully considered contour not only looks great, but also deflects But don’t be shy, you’re not the wind effortlessly over the car. The Civic first to stare and you certainly quite simply demands attention. won’t be the last.
  3. 3. Comfort, convenience and style – everything you need to enjoy the experience of driving the Civic. With its spacious body, a sweeping curve of dashboard and a flat rear floor, the Civic creates an extraordinary feeling of space. The leather-wrapped sports steering wheel is both height (left) and reach (right) adjustable. Ingeniously placed in all sorts of handy locations are useful storage compartments including cup holders for both front and rear passengers and storage for over 18 CDs. The cabin’s design does more than soothe your senses. It actually makes your driving safer. The cockpit features a ‘dual-display‘ The height of sporting luxury meets console with the instruments you use most – like the speedometer – located high up near your line of sight and focus. the epitome of safety. A superbly The secondary instruments are located in the traditional position, while audio and cruise controls are set on the leather- appointed driver and passenger wrapped steering wheel. This means your eyes stay on the road – and your mind on your driving. space not only increases your driving pleasure but also makes your journey safer. Surrounding you are the six speakers of the powerful 45 watt x 4, MP3/WMA capable CD audio system with in-dash auxiliary audio input jack suitable for a portable music player. Cooling you is climate air conditioning.
  4. 4. With a comprehensive range of models to choose from – 1.8S, 2.0S and Hybrid – each available as a Sport model, the Civic sets a new benchmark for its class. The Civic makes no compromises. Add more with the 2.0S: not 1.8S Sports performance and handling only do you get more power is matched by world-leading safety but it also comes standard and security technology, and with unique 17” alloy wheels, finished with more features and ducktail spoiler, leather style than you would ever expect. upholstery, in-dash 6-CD stacker, HID headlights The range begins with the (High Intensity Discharge) for For the ultimate indulgence, the Sport models take 1.8S, which has almost every a brighter, safer view of the style to the next level with front, side and rear under conceivable feature as standard. road, and a one-touch sunroof. spoilers plus a boot spoiler. Choose the Hybrid for lower emissions and improved fuel economy, while retaining Civic’s outstanding performance and unique style.
  5. 5. The power of dreams drives Honda engineers to achieve the seemingly impossible. A new generation of engines show that power can come with economy. The Civic uses Honda’s Formula One bred i-VTEC – an intelligent technology that increases power and improves economy – in a choice of three power-trains: a new 2.0-litre derived from the award-winning Accord Euro, a completely new 1.8-litre, and the advanced petrol-electric IMA Hybrid system. Power(kW) TORQUE(Nm) Power(kW) TORQUE(Nm) Motor Assist (IMA). With a CVT 120 120 Power(kW) TORQUE(Nm) automatic (Continuously Variable 90 Transmission), it offers an out- 100 100 174Nm/4200rpm 188Nm/4200rpm System power output 103kW/6300rpm 114kW/6200rpm 80 (engine + electric standing combination of driving motor assist 80 80 70 and environmental performance, 200 200 60 170Nm/2500rpm 200 delivering the potency of a 1.8-litre 85kW/6000rpm 60 180 60 180 50 180 engine on an amazing level of 40 160 System torque fuel economy. 40 160 40 160 Electric 140 output (engine + Motor Assist electric motor assist 120 A smoother drive 140 140 Engine Torque 20 20 100 Drive-By-Wire (DBW) throttle is 120 120 80 a feature on all Civic engines. 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 7000 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 100 7000 0 1000 2000 3000 4000 5000 6000 100 7000 rpm Instead of an inefficient mechanical rpm rpm connection from the accelerator to the engine, precision electronics 1.8-litre engine 2.0-litre engine Hybrid IMA engine respond directly to the pressure The 1.8-litre i-VTEC engine serves The 2.0-litre DOHC i-VTEC engine If you’re driven by outright fuel applied to the accelerator, optimising to reconfirm Honda’s prowess at demonstrates why Honda is the economy and emission control, engine power and efficiency, and building engines, producing 103kW world’s most acclaimed and largest the Civic Hybrid is your car. It smoothing out gear shifts. of power and 174Nm of torque, engine manufacturer. It delivers an showcases the next generation of resulting in the performance of exhilarating 114kW of power and Honda’s remarkable petrol-electric On the 1.8-litre engine, the DBW competitors’ 2.0-litre engines 188Nm of torque; enough to satisfy Hybrid technology, combining a throttle and i-VTEC combine while extracting the economy of even the sportiest of drivers. 1.3-litre, 8-valve SOHC i-VTEC, seamlessly to tailor the throttle a 1.5-litre engine through the i-DSI (Intelligent Dual & opening and valve inlet timing to use of variable capacity cylinder Sequential Ignition) engine, generate the power you need at management i-VTEC. with a synchronous drive, the maximum possible efficiency. ultra-thin electric motor in This results in truly outstanding fuel a system called Integrated economy and performance.
  6. 6. The Civic Hybrid has got the horses. And it’s less thirsty than ever. In Not only significantly With more cars in the world than at any other these fuel challenged times, the more powerful than its time in history Honda knows the need to protect the environment is more important than petrol-electric IMA Hybrid shows you predecessor, it has more ever. Now there’s another challenge: fuel. The Civic Hybrid meets environ- you’re stationary the petrol engine response than 1.8-litre can love driving and still love your petrol engines yet uses mental and fuel challenges head on. It looks every bit as sleek as its petrol powered stable-mates, but goes to standby, then the instant you need to accelerate it’s ready. To ensure abundant electric environment. less fuel than ever before, underneath lies a special breed of engine: Honda’s latest generation Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) system power, the Hybrid is designed to charge its batteries while you drive by recapturing energy during and with lower emissions. which combines a 3-stage i-VTEC, i-DSI engine with an intelligent, ultra- deceleration and by regenerative braking. (It doesn’t need to be It surpasses Japanese thin electric motor. Honda’s IMA Hybrid system has plugged into a power socket in your garage). So when you get in to drive, 2005 emission level already received wide acclaim for its economy, practicality and ease of the batteries are ready to go; you just turn the key to start it up. standards by 75% and use. It has been re-engineered to be even lighter, more efficient and more The Civic Hybrid is not about engineering prizes or newspaper already beats the stringent intelligent than ever. headlines. It’s about making And now, for the first time, an environmentally friendlier Japanese standards in the Civic Hybrid is able to operate on electric power only. car that’s sporty and easy to drive, and doesn’t compromise place for 2010. It’s also smart. For example, when on performance. 3-stage i-VTEC modes for the IMA system 1. Cylinders deactivated Inlet and outlet valves are closed, shutting the cylinder to reduce pumping loss, consuming no petrol. 2. Economy i-VTEC (low rpm mode) At low rpms, the inlet valve is partially opened for maximum fuel economy. The engine remains running to maintain vehicle speed. 3. Performance i-VTEC (high rpm mode) The inlet valve is fully opened at high rpms for maximum power and torque under acceleration at high engine revs. 1. Vehicle stationary (automatic idle stop): 3. Gentle acceleration (engine only): Engine 6. Rapid acceleration (engine + electric motor 8. Deceleration (IMA battery recharge mode): All Engine automatically stopped. Zero fuel consumption running in low rpm mode. assist): As speed rises, engine switches to high 4 cylinders are deactivated and fuel supply is stopped. and zero exhaust emissions. Automatic Idle Stop lamp rpm mode for higher power output. Electric motor The electric motor switches to regenerative braking 4. Low speed cruise (electric motor assist only): on. Engine automatically re-starts as driver releases assist provides additional power for strong, powerful mode and energy recovery is maximised to recharge When cruising on light throttle at less than 40km/h, brakes. Under certain circumstances, the engine acceleration. the IMA batteries. all 4 cylinders are deactivated, valves close and fuel might not stop, anticipating imminent departure. supply is stopped using a system called VCM (Variable 7. High speed cruise (engine only): Engine running 2. Start-up and acceleration (engine + electric Cylinder Management). The vehicle runs on power in low rpm mode. motor assist): Engine running in low rpm mode. from the electric motor alone. Under certain circum- Electric motor assist provides necessary additional stances the engine may not be deactivated. power to accelerate. 5. Acceleration (engine + electric motor assist): Engine running in low rpm mode. Electric motor assist provides necessary additional power to accelerate. 1 Vehicle stationary 2 Start-up and acceleration 3 Gentle acceleration 4 Low speed cruising 5 Acceleration 6 acceleration Rapid 7 High-speed cruising 8 Deceleration Automatic idle stop Engine + start-up Engine-powered Electric motor-powered Engine + acceleration Engine + acceleration Engine-powered Regenerative braking electric motor assist operation operation electric motor assist electric motor assist operation (IMA battery recharge)
  7. 7. Honda’s engineers have packed the Civic with advanced Formula One racing derived suspension and chassis technologies, so you can confidently negotiate even the trickiest conditions. Add ABS Brakes, Electronic Brakeforce G-forces on the vehicle. Should the SportShift, operated by Formula One Distribution (EBD), Emergency Brake car deviate from its correct path, style shift paddles positioned behind Assist (EBA), advanced MacPherson VSA activates to bring the car back the steering wheel. A slick shifting Sitting sure-footed on a long strut front suspension and multi-link double-wishbone rear suspension and it’s no wonder the Civic is such on track by applying the brakes to any individual wheel or adjusting the engine output. 5-speed manual transmission is also available for the 1.8-litre models. The Hybrid uses a CVT automatic wheelbase, the Civic flows along the a dynamic drive. Safer handling Electronic Stability Control (VSA), Electronic Stability Control (VSA) VSA is standard on all Civic models transmission for improved fuel economy and performance. road with a stability that inspires which includes Traction Control, works in combination with the DBW, braking and throttle system to without VSA absolute confidence. 1.8S Sport achieve safer handling in even the worst conditions. During cornering, VSA determines if the car is deviating without VSA with VSA from its correct path. The system monitors the speed of the car as well Transmissions How ABS, EBD and EBA work as the relative speed of each wheel, The 5-speed automatic on 1.8-litre together for safer stopping. The new generation Under emergency braking ABS stops the wheels from locking, enabling the amount of turn on the steering wheel and the yaw and lateral and 2.0-litre models allows sporty manual shifting using Sequential 2.0-litre, 1.8-litre and steering control to be retained. Independent left/right EBD works in Gear Logic Control A typical driver’s acceleration and braking pattern on a winding road IMA Hybrid engines put tandem with ABS to maintain vehicle stability and help prevent the rear of Gear Logic Control – standard on the automatic transmission – exhilarating power right the car fishtailing during emergency braking. EBA detects sudden assesses the current driving situation, taking into account at your feet. But what is brake pedal action to automatically boost braking power to reduce gradients, cornering and engine speed. Gear Logic Control then Accelerate Braking Accelerate Braking Accelerate Braking power without control? stopping distance. determines the correct gear to Brake points maintain your current driving style Automatic gear changes without Gear Logic Control ABS and holds it instead of unnecessarily gear hunting, giving 5 5 5 Steady driving 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 3 you more acceleration and control Rigid monocoque body construction, using when and where you want it. The high-tension steel, integrates the body and with ABS adjacent illustration shows a typical Optimised gear selection with Gear Logic Control chassis structures into one solid unit. This without ABS driving situation and the benefits of 4 5 Gear Logic Control. 3 creates a secure foundation for stable sporty handling and luxurious ride comfort.
  8. 8. The Civic has been relentlessly tested for safety in Honda’s omnidirectional crash test facilities to ensure it meets or exceeds the world’s most stringent safety regulations. Active head restraints move the front seat headrests forward in the event of a rear impact, helping reduce neck injuries. All seat belts are 3-point ELR (Electronic Locking Reel), with On today’s roads safety pre-tensioners and load limiters in the front. Three child seat tether points across the back shouldn’t be an optional extra. seat with Automatic Locking Reel (ALR) seat belts hold Pre-tensioner child seats securely. Advanced active and passive A vast array of active technologies are inside the cabin ready to protect Surrounding you is an integrated, one-piece (monocoque) structure collision, the ‘Catcher’s Mitt’ crash compatibility design better meets Energy dispersement you against the unexpected. reinforced by a network of opposing vehicles, irrespective of safety technologies ensure peace of Not only are there front i-SRS high-tension steel beams, side contact height. Energy is dissipated dual-stage airbags for driver and intrusion beams, energy absorbing both underneath and over the mind. In the sports performance of front passenger but also side airbags with passenger side OPDS structures and passenger safety zones – all part of Honda’s unique top of the monocoque structure resulting in less jarring within the High the Civic you can take comfort from (Occupant Position Detection System) and full length side curtain airbags. G-Force Control (G-Con) system. In the unlikely event of a frontal cabin and a safer vehicle. contact the armoury of world-leading Low contact Energy dispersement safety features. All these safety technologies are standard on every Civic. Honda believes that extra safety is not an extra luxury.
  9. 9. SPECIFICATIONS Accessories Colours Civic offers almost every conceivable option as standard including alloy wheels and six airbags. The 2.0S adds a leather interior, sunroof, 6-CD stacker and more. The Civic Hybrid combines performance and an IMA powertrain for an environmentally friendlier driving experience. For the ultimate in sports sedans choose the Sport models of the Civic range. 1.8S 1.8S 2.0S 2.0S HYBRID HYBRID If you like your car to be fully loaded, we may already Interior PERFORMANCE 1.8 litre, 16 valve SOHC i-VTEC engine with power of 103kW @ 6300rpm & torque of 174Nm @ 4300rpm • SPORT • SPORT SPORT have the look for you in the form of the Sport versions 2.0 litre, 16 valve DOHC i-VTEC engine with power of 114kW @ 6200rpm & torque of 188Nm @ 4200rpm IMA Hybrid system, with combined (Engine + Electric Motor) output of 85kW @ 6000rpm & torque of 170Nm @ 2500rpm • • • • of the 2.0S, 1.8S and Hybrid. For those who desire i-VTEC (Intelligent Variable Valve Timing and Lift, Electronic Control) performance and economy enhancing technology Drive-By-Wire (electronic throttle control) • • • • • • • • • • • • absolute personalisation for any model in the Civic LEV II (Low Emission Vehicle II) levels bettered ULEV (Ultra Low Emission Vehicle) levels bettered • • • • • • • • range, we offer the opportunity to enhance your 91-octane fuel. 50 litre tank capacity 5-speed automatic transmission with Gear Logic, Sport mode and +/- paddle operated SportShift • • • • • • • • • • car with genuine Honda accessories. 5-speed manual transmission CVT automatic transmission with Gear Logic and Sport mode • • • • 282mm front ventilated brake discs and 260mm solid back brake discs • • • • TRIM SEAT 262mm front ventilated brake discs and solid back brake discs with regenerative braking • • Accessories MacPherson strut front suspension and multi-link double-wishbone rear suspension with front and rear stabiliser bars • • • • • • Grey Blue Custom fitted carpet mats Roof rack Bonnet protector 15” aerodynamic alloy wheels, 15 x 6JJ with 195/65 R15 tyres. Compact spare wheel • • 16” 5-spoke alloy wheels, 16 x 6.5JJ with 205/55 R16 tyres. Compact spare wheel • • Front parking sensors Boot liner tray Headlamp protectors Grey Grey 17” 10-spoke alloy wheels, 17 x 7JJ with 215/45 R17 tyres. Compact spare wheel • • Rear parking sensors Door visors Side sill garnishes Black Black SAFETY AND SECURITY 17” alloy wheels Custom fitted car cover Rear door sunshades Driver and passenger front i-SRS airbags, side front airbags with passenger side OPDS and full length side curtain airbags • • • • • • Front fog lights Boot cargo net Bluetooth hands-free kit Ivory Blue Active headrests for front seats, height adjustable headrests for all 5 seating positions • • • • • • Tow bar Fabric and paint protection Ivory Sandstone Electronic Stability Control (VSA), including traction control • • • • • • ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) with EBD (Electronic Brakeforce Distribution) and EBA (Emergency Brake Assist) • • • • • • Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) ‘Catcher’s Mitt’ Collision Compatibility body design with G-Force Control (G-Con) • • • • • • For details of interior colour 3-point ELR seatbelts (front & rear). Pretensioners, load limiters and height adjustable anchor points for front seat belts • • • • • • combinations please contact your 3 child seat tether points and ALR (Automatic Locking Reel) seat belts in the rear. Child-proof rear door locks • • • • • • local sales branch. Engine immobiliser, remote central locking on all doors with visual answer back. Interior master door lock switch • • • • • • Keyless entry, with boot opener and central locking on key fob • • • • • • Integrated security alarm system • • • • • • EXTERIOR Body colour bumpers, door protector mouldings and chrome door handles • • • • • • Exterior Electronically adjustable, body colour door mirrors with integrated side indicator • • • • • • TAFFETA WHITE Mud guards, body coloured • • • Halogen headlights - low/high beam • • • • High Intensity Discharge headlights (HID) for low beam, halogen high beam • • Front fog lamps • • • • Dual exhaust pipes with chrome finishers • • • • Single exhaust pipe with chrome finisher • • Ducktail boot spoiler • • • SPARKLE GREY Front bumper under spoiler, rear bumper under spoiler, side skirts • • • Boot lid mounted wing spoiler • • COMFORT ‘Dual-Display’ dashboard for reduced driver fatigue and enhanced safety • • • • • • Leather trimmed tilt and reach adjustable 3-spoke sports steering wheel • • • • • • Ergonomic seats and organ style accelerator pedal designed to reduce driver fatigue • • • • • • QUICK SILVER 6-way adjustable driver’s seat and 4-way adjustable front passenger seat • • • • • • Climate control air conditioning with digital adjustment • • • • • • Cruise control, with controls integrated into the steering wheel and illuminated • • • • • • Audio system controls integrated into the steering wheel and illuminated • • • • • • Racing inspired paddle shifters for +/- SportShift located behind steering wheel • • • • Variable intermittent windscreen wipers • • • • • • Electric glass sunroof with tilt/slide function and integrated sliding shade, with one-touch open/close function and anti-trap • • OBSIDIAN Centre console with sliding adjustable armrest, twin cupholder with lid, storage trays and storage for over 18 CDs • • • • • • Rear seat folding centre armrest with twin cupholder • • • • • • INTERIOR Power windows with driver’s auto up/down and anti-trap, driver’s door mounted central locking and rear window lock/unlock switches • • • • • • Velour upholstery with metal-effect trim • • • • Leather upholstery with metal-effect trim • • Outside temperature display • • • • • • NEUTRON BLUE Folding rear seat, with 60:40 split and quick release handles in boot • • • • Driver and passenger vanity mirrors, front map reading lights, courtesy light and accessory 12V socket • • • • • • 1.8S Spring loaded handgrabs, one with fold down coathook in rear • • • • • • Shopping bag hook on rear of passenger seat • • • • • • AUDIO Integrated in-dash 45W x 4 stereo tuner with single CD player and 6 speakers, MP3/WMA compatible • • NEW CHERRY RED Integrated in-dash 45W x 4 stereo tuner with 6 disc CD changer and 6 speakers, MP3/WMA compatible • • • • In-dash auxiliary audio input jack - suitable for a portable music player (AUX) • • • • • • *Please ask your Honda agent Audio system controls duplicated into the steering wheel. Speed sensitive volume control (SVC) • • • • • • INTEGRATED M O T O R 1.8S 1.8S 1.8S 1.8S 2.0S 2.0S HYBRID HYBRID OR 130,000 KILOMETERS ASSIST HYBRID DIMENSIONS CAPACITIES MANUAL AUTOMATIC SPORT MANUAL SPORT AUTOMATIC AUTOMATIC SPORT AUTOMATIC AUTOMATIC SPORT AUTOMATIC WHICHEVER B AT T E R Y COMES FIRST WA R R A N T Y Length (mm) 4540 Luggage capacity (litres, VDA) 450 450 450 450 450 450 350 350 Width (mm, inc. door mirrors) 1750 Towing capacity - maximum warrantable (kg) 1200 1000 1200 1000 1000 1000 n/a n/a Height (mm) 1435 Steering wheel turns, lock-to-lock 2.7 2.7 2.7 2.7 2.7 2.7 2.5 2.5 Wheelbase (mm) 2700 Turning circle (metres) 10.6 10.6 10.6 10.6 10.8 10.8 10.8 10.8 Track – Front/Rear (mm) 1500/1520 Weight (kg) 1194 1221 1204 1231 1241 1251 1265 1272
  10. 10. Our Price Promise One sharp, fair price for everyone and better resale values. That’s our promise to protect the value of your investment in a new Honda. Special deals, demonstrator sales and fleet discounts all work to lower resale prices, undermining the value of your new car and speeding up its depreciation. So at Honda New Zealand, we’ve traded in the old sales model for a new one that is easier, fairer and offers our customers better value. You don’t have to negotiate to get a fair deal on a new Honda. Our Price Promise gives every buyer the same sharp price right from the start and we promise to keep our prices as reliable and consistent as we possibly can. And that means your new Honda will hold its value better than most other brands. So when you choose a new Honda, you’ll drive away with a great car and lasting value. We promise. The Honda TreeFund In 2004 Honda New Zealand initiated the Honda TreeFund, which funds the planting of ten native trees for every new car sold, with individual Honda agents funding an additional three trees. Trees are planted locally within the customer’s purchase region in association with Regional Councils, assisting in the restoration of communities’ biodiversity. This has proven extremely successful with over 75,000 native trees funded every year since 2004. You can see the latest total of trees funded by visiting our website. Honda purchasers and the wider public are welcome to donate to the TreeFund and join tree planting days with Honda staff and their local Regional Council. See Honda Finance Solutions Lease a Honda at competitive prices from Honda Lease Direct. Visit for an immediate quote online, call 0800 382 382, or ask your salesperson. Personalised finance options are available for your vehicle purchase. Visit for an immediate quote online, call 0800 382 382, or ask your salesperson. How to contact us: Tel: 0800 2 HONDA Fax: 09 262 3247 Email: Website: Honda New Zealand Limited,105 Wiri Station Road, Manukau, PO Box 97-340, Manukau City, Manukau 2241 Specifications and features listed are accurate at the time of printing (January 2010). Honda New Zealand Limited reserves the right to change specifications at any time without prior notice. Some vehicles may be shown with optional equipment and illustrated examples may differ slightly from New Zealand specification. Paint and trim colours shown may differ from actual colours due to limitations of the printing process. Part No. 09008-SNA-09. HON4686. © Honda New Zealand Limited. Printed in New Zealand on Environmentally Responsible Novatech which has EMAS, ISO14001, and FSC certifications and is ECF.