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  1. 1. DATED 26th , FEB.-2010 PRESS RELEASE MURDER IN INFATUATION, PASSION AND LOVE SOLVED INTRODUCTION With the arrest of two persons namely i) Mohd Irfan Khan @ Pappan, aged 22 years, s/o Mohd. Ayub Khan r/o Loni Ghaziabad, U.P. and ii) Mohd. Arshad @ Arshad, aged 21 years, s/o Mohd. Shakeel, r/o Gokulpuri, Delhi, P.S. Mukherjee Nagar, North West Distt., has solved a murder case of one Hari Shanker S/o Tej Singh r/o Loni Ghaziabad, U.P. The Police team also recovered the weapon of offence i.e. blood stained dagger and TSR on the instance of accused persons. INCIDENTS & TEAM: On 12.2.2010 at 7.25 a.m a PCR call was received at P.S. Mukherjee Nagar that a dead body of male person is lying in the Nirankari ground. Immediately a Police team rushed to the spot and found that a dead body of a male persons was lying in the pool of blood near the temporary toilet at Nirankari ground and the throat was slit by a sharp weapon. The Police team found two blood soaked papers having telephone numbers from the clothes of the deceased. The Police team contacted these phone numbers and a person responded on phone from Loni, Ghaziabad and he was called at the spot, who identified the body as Hari Shanker r/o Budh Nagar, Dabar Taalab, near Shamshan Ghat, Loni, Ghaziabad, U.P. Accordingly a case FIR No. 46/2010 u/s. 302- IPC and investigation was taken up by a Police team comprising of Inspr. Krishan Lal/Inspr. ATO/Mukherjee Nagar, Inspr. Rajesh Dahiya, Inspr. Investigation, SI Ajay Kumar, HC Sardar Singh, Cts. Rajender Kumar, Pradeep Kumar and Radha Krishan led by Inspr. Satender Singh Yadav/SHO/Mukherjee Nagar under close supervision of Sh. D.K.S. Singh, ACP/Model Town. INVESTIGATION: During the course of investigation it came to notice that the deceased was earlier a TSR driver and he was last seen in the company of one Mohd. Irfran Khan @ Pappan and Mohd. Arshad, who also were TSR driver and plying their TSR on the same route on which deceased used to ply his TSR in Loni, Ghaziabad area. When Police team enquired about these two persons it came to notice that they are missing from their houses and were also not plying TSR on the said route. Further investigation revealed that Modh. Irfan Khan used to visit the house of deceased frequently in his absence and having strong infatuation towards the wife of deceased and wanted to marry her. She used to discourage his advance that she has a husband and four children and he should stay away from her. The Police team developed its intelligence and gathered information about the accused persons absconding from their houses. On 24.2.2010 the Police team received a specific information about the hiding place of the accused and raided the spot and apprehended both the accused persons namely Mohd. Irfan Khan and Mohd. Arshad.
  2. 2. PRESS RELEASE NORTH DISTRICT 26th FEBRUARY, 2010 HUGE FRAUD AMOUNTING TO RS 80 LACS PREVENTED With the arrest of (1) Santosh Kumar Singh, aged 28 years, s/o Sh. Ram Jan Singh r/o 15 A, E-Block, Sector 2, Kalpana Appartments, Vaishali, UP, (2) Pradeep Kumar @ Bittoo, aged 32 years, s/o Sh. Phool Singh r/o 29/886, Gali No. 2, Dev Nagar, District Sonepat, Haryana and (3) Satish Pandey, aged 32 years, s/o Sh. Satyadev Pandey r/o B-417, Supravishta, Indrapuram, Ghaziabad, UP., North District police has prevented a huge fraud in an appreciably pro-active manner. INCIDENT AND TEAM On 20/02/2010, Sh. Rajender Prasad s/o late Sh. Ram Das Gupta, a grain merchant from Naya Bazar, Lahori Gate, Delhi, reported that two cheques from the cheque book issued by Axis Bank, Chandni Chowk in favour of his firms namely M/s Laxmi Narain Rajender Prasad and M/s L.R. Food Mart Delhi were stolen. Accordingly, a case vide FIR No. 18/10 u/ s 380 IPC PS Lahori Gate was registered and investigation taken up. As the stolen cheques belonged to the commercial establishment having a huge turnover, a team comprising of Inspr. Karan Singh, ASI Narender Singh under the supervision of Insp. Prem Singh Hooda, SHO/Lahori Gate under the overall leadership of Dr. Rajeev Sharma, ACP/Kotwali was constituted to carry out sincere probe into the matter. INVESTIGATION The team was initially clueless as the complainant suspected none to be responsible for theft of cheques. The activities of probable suspects and servants of complainant were monitored. During investigation it was found that one servant namely Pradeep Kumar was found absent from the job. A hunt for the whereabouts of absent Pradeep Kumar was unleashed but he was not also found present at his native place in Sonepat, Haryana. His mobile number was also switched off. The Manager of Axis Bank, Chandni Chowk Branch was also taken into confidence who informed that the stolen cheques were presented for
  3. 3. clearance for amount of Rs. 60 lacs and Rs. 20 lacs respectively at Axis Bank, Vaishali Branch, Ghaziabad, UP by one Santosh Kumar Singh. The police team swung into action and apprehended Santosh Kumar Singh from Ghaziabad, UP. INTERROGATION During sustained interrogation, the accused Santosh Kumar Singh confessed that he had got that account opened an year ago on the advise of his friend namely Uday Singh but had not operated that account. On 18/02/2010, his friend Uday Singh asked him to check whether the account was still active or otherwise, as the opportunity to utilize the account had arrived. Santosh Kumar Singh checked the account and also deposited Rs. 5,000/- in the account and informed Uday Singh that account was functional. After this Uday Singh alongwith Pradeep Kumar gave both the cheques to Santosh Kumar Singh. Pradeep Kumar also gave him photocopy of old cheques containing signatures of Sh. Rajender Prasad. Santosh Kumar Singh in connivance with Uday Singh, Pradeep Kumar and one of his friends forged the signatures of Sh. Rajender Prasad on both the cheques and presented them for clearance for Rs. 60 lacs and Rs. 20 lacs respectively. However, the manager of Axis Bank, Vaishali, Ghaziabad, UP got suspicious as prior to that no transaction had taken place into that account. He informed the Manager, Axis Bank, Chandni Chowk as the cheques belonged to that branch. During investigation, Pradeep Kumar was also arrested. Initially, he denied his involvement but broke down after sustained interrogation. He confessed to have stolen the cheques and handed over them to his associates who in turn passed them on to Santosh Kumar Singh. Pradeep Kumar told that he had worked with the same firm two years ago but left the job as he was not given pay hike by his employer. Later, he again joined the same firm in order to settle scores with his employer. He also stated that when the Manager of Axis Bank, Vaishali Branch did not clear the cheques, he contacted accused Satish Pandey who visited the Manager of Axis Bank, Vaishali Branch and tried to pressurize him to clear the cheques in question. Satish Pandey told the Manager of Axis Bank, Vaishali Branch that he was an Advocate of Supreme Court of India and the Bank would have to face legal action if the presented cheques are not cleared. Satish Pandey is a law graduate from Gorakhpur University, UP but is not into practicing law. Efforts are afoot to arrest remaining accuseds. PROFILE OF ACCUSED 1. Santosh Kumar Singh, aged 28 years, s/o Sh. Ram Jan Singh r/o 15 A, E-Block, Sector 2, Kalpana Appartments, Vaishali, UP. He has studied till class 10 th. He is married and is working as a property dealer in Vaishali.
  4. 4. 2. Pradeep Kumar @ Bittoo, aged 32 years, s/o Sh. Phool Singh r/o29/886, Gali No. 2, Dev Nagar, District Sonepat, Haryana. He has studied till class 10th. He is married and has two children. 3. Satish Pandey, aged 32 years, s/o Sh. Satyadev Pandey r/o B-417, Supravishta, Indrapuram, Ghaziabad, UP. He is a law graduate. He is married and has one child. He is working as a property dealer. (Dr SAGAR PREET) IPS Deputy Commissioner of Police North District, Delhi Dated 25.2.2010  Desperate gang of chain snatchers busted  Three arrested including two jewellers  Eight snatched gold chains and one Mangal Sutra recovered  Found involved in at least 12 cases of snatching in Delhi The Crime Branch of Delhi Police has busted a desperate chain snatcher gang active in the area of North and East Delhi. Three persons have been arrested including two jewellers. The main accused is a Bad Character of PS. Nand Nagri and has numerous past criminal involvements including robbery, possession of illegal arms, snatching, liquor smuggling and drug peddling. One motorcycle along with eight snatched gold chains and one snatched mangal sutra have been recovered from their possession. The gang disclosed its involvement in numerous cases of snatching and 12 cases of snatching registered at various police stations in Delhi have already been linked. The arrested persons are:- 1. Ram Gopal @ Gopal (22) r/o Nand Nagri, Delhi – He is the leader of the gang and is a Bad Character of PS. Nand Nagri, Delhi. He has a past criminal record since the year 2003. He came out of jail in the month of May, 2009. He was again in jail for two days in the month of January this year. Two gold chain snatched recently, were recovered from his possession. A Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle used by him for chains snatching was also seized. His associate Dinesh r/o Loni, Ghaziabad is absconding. Another receiver, Palle Ram of Nand Nagri is also absconding. 2. Munna Lal (48) r/o Jagatpuri, Delhi – He is a jeweller and used to buy snatched gold chains from Ram Gopal at 70% of the actual price. He also has a past criminal record. He has already been arrested twice in the past
  5. 5. for similar offences. In the year 2005 and then again in the year 2007 he was arrested by Police Stations Shalimar Bagh and Seemapuri respectively for buying stolen property. He runs a small jewellery shop in the area of Nathu Colony, Jagatpuri, Delhi. Six snatched gold chains and one snatched mangal sutra have been recovered from him and his son Jitender. 3. Jitender (19) r/o Jagatpuri, Delhi – He is Munna Lal’s son and actively participated in buying snatched chains from Ram Gopal. ASI. Harcharan of Special Investigation Team, Crime Branch Sector 18 Rohini, Delhi received information that Ram Gopal and Dinesh were actively involved in chain snatching in Delhi. A team led by Insp. Rajesh including SI. Sharat Kohli, ASI. Harcharan, ASI. Shivkumar, HC. K P Singh, Ct. Atul, Ct. Kaushal, Ct. Narender and Ct. Amit Tomar was formed to further develop this information. After sustained efforts, on 24.2.2010 at about 11:00 am the Crime Branch Team finally succeeded in apprehending Ram Gopal @ Gopal near A-2 Block, Nand Nagri, Delhi. Munna Lal and Jitender were picked up subsequently by the police team at his instance. Recovery 1. Eight snatched Gold Chains 2. One snatched Mangal sutra 3. One Bajaj Pulsar Motorcycle used for snatching Further investigation in the case is on. (NEERAJ THAKUR) ADDL. COMMISSIONER OF POLICE CRIME: DELHI DATED : 26.02.10
  6. 6. ONE MUSIC DIRECTOR, COMPOSER AND SINGER RAJIV DWIVEDI @ SHIVA @ RAJIV @ KARAN @ SHIV MURTI @ SHIVROOP @ SWAMI @ ICHCHADHARI SANT SWAMI BHIMANAND JI MAHARAJ CHITRAKOOTWALE ALONGWITH ANOTHER PIMP PARVEEN KUMAR AND SIX SEX WORKERS INCLUDING TWO AIR HOSTESSES ARRESTED With the arrest of two pimps and six sex workers, the South District Police has unearthed a prostitution racket being run in posh areas of NCR and Delhi. The main pimp is Shiv Murat Dwivedi popularly known as Ichchadhari Sant Swami Bhimanand Ji Maharaj Chitrakoot Wale. In disguise of this spiritual façade, he is a pimp and tout who supplies sex workers in posh areas of Delhi including five star hotels. Two of the sex workers are Air Hostesses, one of them is an alumni of a reputed college of Delhi University and another is pursuing Management Degree from Symbiosis University. ACCUSED ARRESTED 1. Shiv Murat Dwivedi @ Shiva @ Rajiv @ Karan @ Swami @ Ichchadhari Sant Swami Bhimanand Ji Maharaj Chitrakoot Wale, age. 39 years s/o Bachcha Lal Dwivedi r/o C-120 Jwahar park, Devli Road Khanpur, Delhi. 2. Parveen Kumar, age 28 years s/o Ram Narayan r/o O-5, C.R. Park, New Delhi.. 3. Ms. Shria Gautam (Name changed), age 22 Years. 4. Ms. Anzelina Malhotra (Name changed), age 19 Years. 5. Ms. Ritka Singh (Name changed), age 23 Years. 6. Ms. Rubi Sharma (Name changed), age 25 Years. 7. Ms. Saina Chakrabourty (Name changed), age 30 Years. 8. Ms. Julie (Name changed)age 22 years INCIDENT & TEAM An information was Two of the arrested girls are received regarding a flourishing airhostesses, British Airways and prostitution racket in posh areas Jagson Airlines, one is pursuing MBA of NCR especially Delhi. In from Symbosis University whereas one pursuance of which a team is an ex-student of Air Force Golden consisting of Insp. Dharmdev Jubilee School, Delhi Insp. Investigation Saket,
  7. 7. Insp Ram Kumar-A.T.O. Saket, SIs Dalip Kumar, Praveen Kumar, Sanjay Sharma, Arvind Kumar, HCs Ravinder, Devinder Cts. Jagpal, Shodan, Niranjan, Manoj, W/Cts. Sharmila, Savita from PS Saket and ASI Bijender, HCs Sanjeev Kumar, Mohan Chand HC (Dvr.) Mohan Singh, Ct. Girish, W/Ct. Kavita under the supervision of Inspector Pankaj Singh-SHO/Saket and Sh. Mehar Singh, ACP/Hauz Khas was formed to develop information and take action in this regard. ARREST AND INTERROGATION On 25-02-10 SHO Saket Sh. Pankaj The main pimp is Shiv Murat Singh received Information that some Dwivedi popularly known as pimps with sex workers are about to come Ichchadhari Sant Swami to PVR Saket for the purpose of alluring Bhimanand Ji Maharaj potential customers. At this, he constituted Chitrakoot Wale. He was a raiding party with the above mentioned previously arrested twice - in staff of PS Saket and departed to PVR Saket. 1997 for carrying out ACP/ Hauz Khas Sh. Mehar Singh also prostitution, whereas in 1998 reached there. After briefing the staff a trap for receiving stolen property. To was laid and SI Sanjay Sharma was deployed conceal his misdeeds he as decoy customer and SI Dalip Kumar was changed his appearance and deployed as Shadow witness. SI Sanjay disguised himself as Sharma was handed over 5 currency notes Ichchadhari Baba and claimed of Rs. 1000/- each after noting there himself to be a great disciple of numbers. At about 10 PM when the Sai Baba informer identified two Honda cars SI Sanjay Sharma and SI Dalip Kumar were sent to strike a deal. They both were in civil clothes. After striking the deal SI Sanjay Sharma signalled back to the raiding party acting upon which they swung into action and apprehended above mentioned 6 sex workers and 2 touts in a Honda Civic and a Honda City car. On interrogation, the pimp Shiva Murat Dwivedi revealed that he originally hails from Chamroha, Chitrakoot UP who came to Delhi in the year 1988. He started working as a security guard at a five star Hotel Park Royal in Nehru Place, New Delhi. Later he started working in a massage parlour at Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. In the year 1997 he was arrested for carrying out prostitution. He was again arrested for receiving stolen property in the year 1998. To conceal his misdeeds he then changed his appearance and disguised himself as Ichchadhari Sant Swami Bhimanand Ji Maharaj Chitrakoot wale and claimed himself to be a great disciple of Sai Baba. He started meditating in a Sai Baba He constructed his own Sai Baba temple at Jawahar Park Khanpur Delhi. He also temple in Badar Pur Delhi.and started holding Pravachans and Satsangs. gradually started a flourishing On one such satsang he got released a flesh trade racket in disguise of video CD in the name of Shri Sai Amrit spiritual life. He constructed his Varsha and his articles were published in own Sai Baba temple at Jawahar E-Times magazine. He also constructed a Park Khanpur Delhi. He also 200 beds hospital and a huge temple at started holding Pravachans and his native place in Chitrakoot Satsangs. On one such satsang he got released a video CD in the name of Shri Sai Amrit Varsha and his articles were published in E-Times magazine. He also constructed a 200 beds hospital and a huge temple at his native place in Chitrakoot which were to further his business interests in the garb of charity.
  8. 8. Two of the arrested girls were airhostesses with Spicejet, British Airways and Jagson Airlines who are living in huge apartments of posh areas of south Delhi. One of the girls is pursuing MBA from Symbosis University and the other is an ex-student of Air Force Golden Jubilee School Delhi and presently taking acting classes from a training institute in Vasant Vihar and is an aspiring model who wants to fulfill her desire for debut in Bollywood. RECOVERY 1. Honda Civic car no. DL-4CAA-0300 2. Honda City car no. DL-7CF-2115 3. Rs. 1.55 Lacs reportedly earned from prostitution. 4. 1 Gold bracelet (baju band), 1 Gold Locket procured out of the sale proceeds 5. Copies of E-Times Magzines containing Articles of accused in the disguised name Ichchadhari Sant Swami Bhimanand Ji Maharaj Chitrakoot wale. 6. Copies of video CD’s containing Pravachans of accused in the disguised name Ichchadhari Sant Swami Bhimanand Ji Maharaj Chitrakoot wale. 7. 1 photo album of different spiritual functions held by accused in the disguised name of Ichchadhari Sant Swami Bhimanand Ji Maharaj Chitrakoot wale. 8. 10 packets of calendar cards in the disguised name of Ichchadhari Sant Swami Bhimanand Ji Maharaj Chitrakoot wale. 9. Saffron (Bhagva) dresses. (H.G.S. DHALIWAL) DCP/SOUTH DISTRICT 26th FEBRUARY 2010 PRESS NOTE – CENTRAL DISTRICT TWO ACTIVE SNATCHERS NABBED
  9. 9. One Smt. Shobha Bansal w/o Shri Suresh Bansal r/o AG-361, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi reported that she is posted as Manager in Syndicate Bank, Rajendra Place, New Delhi. On 23.02.10 at about 8:10 PM, she along with Chief Manager and Senior Manager was going towards Metro Station on foot. When they reached in front of Jain Corner, Rajendra Place, two boys came there on a motorcycle and the pillion rider snatched her bag containing some articles and cash Rs. 620/- and fled away. She raised alarm and HC Jagdish Prasad of PS Prasad Nagar who was performing motorcycle patrolling in the area chased them and apprehended the pillion rider with the help of the passersby whereas the motorcycle rider managed to escape from the spot leaving behind his motorcycle. The pillion rider was identified as Satish Talwar @ Babu s/o Pritam Lal Talwar r/o WZ-44A, Sharda Puri, Ramesh Nagar, Delhi. The snatched bag was recovered from his possession. On his personal search, a dagger was also recovered. Consequently, a case vide FIR No. 32/10 u/s 356/379/411/34 IPC & 25 Arms Act was registered at PS Prasad Nagar, Delhi. Later on, at the instance of accused Satish Talway, his accomplice Vikash Khokhar s/o Ram Kishan r/o B-14, Police Colony, PS Sarai Rohilla, Delhi was also arrested. During interrogation, it was revealed that Vikash Khokhar is a student of B.Com (IInd Year) and Satish is 9th standard pass. They were in dire need of money for their enjoyment with their friends in the society. The motorcycle used in the commission of crime was registered in the name of Vikash’s sister. DY.COMMISSIONER OF POLICE CENTRAL DISTRICT, DELHI. DELHI TRAFFIC POLICE DATED: 26.02.2010 PRESS RELEASE The festival of Holi (Dhulandi) will be celebrated on 1st March, 2010. Like previous years, Delhi Traffic Police has made elaborate traffic arrangements to ensure safety of motorists on roads and check the incidents of drunken driving, rider/pillion without helmet on two wheelers, over speeding, dangerous driving, triple riding, minor driving, overloading etc.
  10. 10. Special checking teams armed with alcometers and speedometer etc. will be deployed at all the major intersections to detect & prosecute such violations. In case of drunken driving, besides prosecution, the drivers are liable to be arrested and their vehicles impounded. Local police will also be teamed up with the traffic police to check revelers. Last year on the day of Holi about 10,000 people were prosecuted for Drunken Driving, Overspeeding, Triple Riding, Dangerous Driving, Traffic Signal Violation, Without Helmet and other offences and violations. Delhi Traffic Police appeals to all motorists to avoid indulging in traffic violations especially drunken driving. Parents should avoid allowing their minor wards to drive vehicles. All motorists are advised to obey the traffic rules and regulations and follow the directions of the Traffic Policemen on duty for their safety as well as the safety of other road users. Satyendra Garg Joint CP/Traffic 26th February 2010 DELHI TRAFFIC POLICE PRESS ADVISORY PROCESSION OF IDD-E-MILAD UL NABI Markazi Anjuman Idd-e-Miladun- Nabi will take out a procession commemorating the birth anniversary of Hazrat Mohammed on 27.2.2010. The route of said procession is as under: - START AT 11.30 AM FROM BARA HINDU RAO – PAHARI DHIRAJ – BARA TOTI CHOWK SADAR BAZAR – QUTAB ROAD – LAHORI GATE – KHARI BAOLI - MASJID FATEHPURI KATRA BARYAN – FARSH KAHANA - LAL KUAN – HAUZ QAZI – JAMA MASJID – BAZAR MATIA MAHAL – CHITLI QABAR AND TERMINATE AT HAJ MANJIL, TURKMAN GATE.
  11. 11. TRAFFIC DIVERSIONS:- As per the location and ground situation of this procession on the above- designated route, traffic will be diverted for some time at the following places/roads: - 1. Bara Hindu Rao 2. Sadar Bazar 3. Qutab Road 4. Lahori Gate 5. Fatehpuri 6. Hauz Qazi 7. Chawri Bazar 8. Jama Masjid Traffic Police has made elaborate arrangements in order to regulate movement of procession and give diversion wherever required so that the road users face minimum inconvenience. To facilitate movement of processionists, traffic will be stopped/diverted on the above-mentioned route. The public in general and motorists in particular are advised for their own convenience to avoid journeys on the routes of procession and roads leading to the route and follow the diversion given by the Delhi Traffic Police on duty. Commuters are advised to resort to carpooling and to alternatively make use of metro services in order to avoid the roads affected by the movement of the procession in the city. Public cooperation is solicited. (R.K. PANDEY) Dy. Commissioner of Police Traffic Northern Range