2008 Honda Accord Body
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2008 Honda Accord Body






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2008 Honda Accord Body 2008 Honda Accord Body Document Transcript

  • 2008 Honda Accord Body Accord Sedan and Coupe design sketches Overview With its new larger size and bold, sophisticated styling, the 2008 Honda Accord Sedan aims to become the benchmark in its category. More dynamic and emotional in design than any previous Accord generation, the 2008 Accord Sedan grows more expressive in its sedan style with more a substantial front end with a distinctive 6-sided grille, taller hood line, more aggressively arched fenders, unique upper and lower style lines along the body sides, and a dynamic sweeping roofline with chrome window trim. For 2008, the new Accord Coupe dramatically breaks from the Accord Sedan with 100% unique sheet metal, glass and exterior lighting that creates a rakish and aggressive appearance. From its recessed grille, projector-beam halogen headlights and flared wheel arches to its 18-inch wheels – a first for Accord and the biggest ever for a Honda automobile – the Accord Coupe V-6 pushes Accord to new levels of excitement. 2008 Honda Accord Sedan Design Concept To stand out among expressive midsize competitors such as the Nissan Altima and Volkswagen Passat, styling for the new Accord had to be more expressive and dynamic. The designers sought to create a new Accord style that is: • Powerful • Bold • Sophisticated • Prestigious • Distinctive The Accord Sedan design is both sharp and strong, with a powerful-looking stance. Starting at the front, the Accord Sedan’s nose is pushed out and raised for dynamic character, and incorporates a strong 6-point grille surrounded by chrome detail, sharp and wide headlights, and well-defined wheel arches that provide a strong stance and muscular tension. 2008 Honda Accord 1 Body
  • The hood line is taller by more than two inches, and together with the more upright appearance of the grille surface, results in a particularly strong character. The flow of the Accord’s dynamic lines is intentionally reminiscent of the Honda S2000 sports car. The fender lines are broad, like strongly muscled shoulders, with prominent character lines that sweep along nearly the entire body sides, and wrap across the trunk lid. Besides providing visual distinctiveness, these character lines convey strength and structural depth. Spacious For the first time the Accord Sedan is classified as a Large Sedan by the EPA. Its increased size brings passenger volume to 106.0 cu. ft., a 3.3 cu. ft. (3.2%) increase over the 2007 Accord Sedan’s 102.7 cu. ft. of passenger volume. As a result, the new Accord looks, feels, and simply is more spacious – with improved ingress and egress as well. In fact, the new Accord is larger in all key exterior (and interior) dimensions. By comparison to the 2007 Accord, it is three inches longer, its wheelbase is up 2.3 inches, its track width is an inch greater, and overall width has increased by over an inch. The 2008 Accord Sedan also comes standard with 16-inch steel wheels with wheel covers, or16- or 17-inch aluminum wheels depending on model. (The Accord Coupe has 17-inch aluminum wheels standard, with 18-inch aluminum wheels available on the Coupe V-6). The 17-inch wheels are the first for a four- cylinder Accord and the Coupe’s available 18-inch wheels are the largest ever for a Honda Coupe. Accord Sedan Dimensions: Compared to the restyled 2007 Nissan Altima, the Accord is now over four inches longer. By significantly expanding its exterior dimensions, the 2008 Accord is able to offer more interior volume and with it, more comfort plus distinct advantages over rivals Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima and Nissan Maxima. (Please see Interior tab for more information.) 2008 Honda Accord 2 Body
  • Sedan Exterior Dimension Comparison (Amount different from 2008 Accord Sedan) Overall Overall width, Overall Wheelbase, length, in. in. height, in. in. 2008 Accord Sedan 194.1 (L4) 72.7 58.1 110.2 2007 Accord Sedan 191.1 (-3.0) 71.6 (-1.1) 57.2 (-0.9) 107.9 (-2.3) 2007 Nissan Altima 189.8 (-4.3) 70.7 (-2.0) 57.9 (-0.2) 109.3 (-0.9) 2007 Nissan Maxima 194.4 (+0.3) 71.7 (-1.0) 58.3 (+0.2) 111.2 (+1.0) 2007 Toyota Camry 189.2 (-4.9) 71.7 (-1.0) 57.9 (-0.2) 109.3 (-0.9) Standard Accord Sedan Exterior Features Four-Cylinder Models Standard exterior value features for the 2008 Accord Sedan LX include: • 16-inch steel wheels with covers • P215/60R16 tires • In-glass radio antenna • Power windows, locks and outside mirrors • Daytime running lights Added exterior features on the Accord Sedan LX Premium (LX-P) include: • 16-inch alloy wheels • Exhaust finisher • Auto up/down passenger window Added exterior features on the Accord Sedan EX include: • 17-inch alloy wheels • P225/50R17 tires • Power moonroof • Heated outside mirrors Added exterior features on the Accord Sedan EX with Leather (EX-L) include: • Auto headlights V-6 Models The upscale and sophisticated 2008 Accord Sedan EX V-6 adds: • Fog lamps • Chrome door handles • Dual exhausts with finishers • Auto headlights 2008 Honda Accord 3 Body
  • Headlights The Accord Sedan uses headlight arrays inside styled clear lenses that subtly protrude from the body contours for enhanced visual presence. Meticulously designed and detailed, the halogen low and high beams, along with the accompanying turn signals, have a sophisticated, technical appearance. Door Handles All Accord V-6 models have stylized chrome-plated exterior door handles. The four-cylinder models have body-color matched door handles. All door handles are soft to the touch underneath to improve operating comfort. Accord Sedan Specifications Comparison 2008 Accord 2007 Accord Difference Sedan Sedan Overall length, in. 194.1 (L4) 191.1 +3.0 Overall width, in. 72.7 71.6 +1.1 Overall height, in. 58.1 57.2 +0.9 Wheelbase, in. 110.2 107.9 +2.3 Track, F/R, in. 62.2/62.2 61.1/61.2 +1.1/1.0 Passenger volume, cu. ft. (Mfr.) 106.0 102.7 +3.3 Cargo volume, cu. ft. (Mfr.) 14.0 14.0 – EPA classification Large Midsize Wheels, standard 16x6.5 15x6.0 +1.0/0.5 Wheels, available 17x7.5 16x6.5 +1.0/1.0 17x7.5 –/– Tires, standard P215/60R16 P195/65R15 +20/-5/+1.0 Tires, available P225/50R17 P205/65R15 +20/-15/+2.0 P205/60R16 +20/-15/+1.0 P215/50R17 +10/–/– 2008 Honda Accord Coupe With its combination of aggressive styling, dynamic performance and advanced technology, the 2008 Accord Coupe’s design philosophy is aggressive and powerful. Its sophisticated design takes the Accord Coupe further toward exciting, sporty performance than any Accord Coupe in history – and then delivers on that promise. There are no visible exterior body panels, lights, glass, grille or bumpers shared between the Accord Sedan and Accord Coupe – only the door mirrors and door handles are common. Beneath the skin, the underlying chassis construction is the same between the Sedan and Coupe, except that the Coupe wheelbase is 2.3 inches shorter. 2008 Honda Accord 4 Body
  • Accord Coupe Design Philosophy The 2008 Accord Coupe’s exterior styling reflects its fun-to-drive nature. That’s by design, because Honda wanted to expand the segment by creating a more sporty and aggressive car. Thus the Coupe’s goal is to be the sporty leader, not only with its styling but its driving excitement as well. Exterior features back up the Coupe’s styling and the driving mission. Every Accord Coupe has a deck-lid spoiler and large exhaust tips with 2.25-inch openings. Four-cylinder Accord coupe comes with 17-inch alloy wheels and the Accord Coupe V-6 has standard 18-inch alloy wheels. Standard Accord Coupe Exterior Features Four-Cylinder Models Standard exterior features for the 2008 Accord Coupe LX Sport (LX-S) include: • 17-inch alloy wheels • P225/50R17 tires • Power windows, locks and outside mirrors • Daytime running lights • In-glass radio antenna Added exterior features on the Accord Coupe EX include: • Power moonroof • Heated outside mirrors Added exterior features on the Accord Coupe EX with Leather (EX-L) include: • Auto headlights V-6 Models The 2008 Accord Coupe EX V-6 adds: • 18-inch alloy wheels • P235/45R18 tires • Rear spoiler • Fog lamps • Dual exhaust with finishers • Chrome door handles Accord Coupe Front Grille The Accord Coupe has a powerful and sporty-looking 6-point grille, with a unique 3-dimensional bar and mesh design. Beneath the grille is a broad air dam with aggressively sculpted channels to direct airflow and provide visual identity. Widely spaced fog lamps are integrated below the headlights on V-6 models. 2008 Honda Accord 5 Body
  • Accord Coupe Profile Along the side of the Accord Coupe body, strong character lines extend from the front fender nearly to the tail lamps. The roofline is streamlined and flows aerodynamically from the top of the A-pillar to the rear deck. Long doors provide a generous 43-inch opening for easy entry and exit, while an aggressive wedged shape builds a unique identity for the Coupe. Accord Coupe Projector-Beam Halogen Headlights The 2008 Honda Accord Coupe is equipped with projector low-beam headlights. Projector headlights provide a distinctive sporty appearance with a bright, focused beam for confident nighttime driving. Flush-mounted clear covers blend in with the Accord Coupe’s front fender lines for a sleek appearance. On the V-6 models, fog lamps are also recessed more deeply into the front bumper than the Sedan’s. Accord Coupe Tail Lamps Brake light and tail lamps are unique to the Accord Coupe. As aggressive as the front end and headlights, they promise both performance and attitude, and their compact dimensions contribute a precise look. Accord Coupe Wheel Design The Accord Coupe has standard 17-inch alloy wheels with five pairs of sharply sculpted spokes. The available 18-inch alloy wheels have ten evenly spaced, smoothly contoured spokes. Accord Coupe Specifications Comparison 2008 Honda 2007 Honda Difference Accord Coupe Accord Coupe Overall length, in. 190.9 187.8 +3.1 Overall width, in. 72.8 71.3 +1.5 Overall height, in. 56.4 55.7 +0.7 Wheelbase, in. 107.9 105.1 +2.7 Track, F/R, in. 62.2/62.2 61.1/61.2 +1.1/1.0 (with standard 17-inch tires) Passenger volume, cu. ft. (Mfr.) 104.1 104.0 +0.1 Cargo volume, cu. ft. (Mfr.) 11.9 12.8 -0.9 EPA classification Compact Midsize Wheels, standard in. 17x7.5 16x6.0 +1.0/1.5 Wheels, available in. 18x8 17x6.5 +1.0/1.5 Tires, standard P225/50R17 P205/60R16 +20/-10/+1.0 Tires, available P235/45R18 P215/50R17 +20/-5/+1.0 2008 Honda Accord 6 Body
  • Shared Body Design Elements High-Strength Sheet Steel High Strength Steel Application The body uses 48% high-strength sheet steel for greater stiffness and reduced weight, compared to 39% in the previous-generation Accord. This greater use of this steel (590 and 440 grade) reduces body weight while increasing rigidity, which pays dividends in ride, handling and interior quietness. This also helps the 2008 Accord target the top durability, quality and reliability (DQR) in its class. Increased Rigidity New design techniques and the widespread use of high-strength sheet steel make the 2008 model the stiffest Accord ever, and yields benefits in ride, handling and overall durability. With the most high-strength steel of any Honda car in history, the 2008 Accord is stronger as well as larger, without imposing a significant weight increase. Specific improvements are found in the rear of the vehicle, where 33% greater vertical rigidity directly enhances ride quality and handling. A summary of Accord’s rigidity improvements compared to its predecessor include: • 20% greater torsional rigidity • 33% greater rear vertical rigidity • 36% greater front horizontal rigidity Frame Rail System The 2008 Accord is the first vehicle to use Honda’s new unit-body frame rail system. Positioning the stamped steel frame rails above and inside the Accord’s body structure floor – instead of underneath it – creates a nearly flat bottom under the car. The result is greater aerodynamic efficiency for improved fuel mileage, and reduced interior noise that can result from air turbulence underneath the car. The Accord’s new frame rail design does not compromise interior room. Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) Body Structure The Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) body structure is a pioneering Honda unit- body construction technology. Introduced to Accord for the first time in the 2008 model, it maximizes the body’s ability to disperse crash energy in a frontal collision and is designed to deliver top safety ratings. The 2008 Accord Sedan and Coupe are projected to receive a 5 Star frontal impact rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA*) and a “Good” frontal crash safety rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). (Please see Safety tab for more information.) * Government star ratings are part of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) New Car Assessment Program (www.safercar.gov). 2008 Honda Accord 7 Body
  • Bumpers Front and rear plastic bumper fascias on the V-6 models are uniquely sculpted for enhanced visual appeal. (Please see Safety tab for more information.) A-Pillars More slender body A-pillars, constructed of high-strength steel, provide a greater field of view without compromising strength. Based on Honda internal measurements, the new A-pillars allow a greater effective visibility rate (the index for visibility during cornering) than either the Toyota Camry or Nissan Altima. Noise Reduction Features All Accord models use a dual door-seal system to reduce the possibility of wind noise or rain intrusion. To further reduce operating noise, the 200-hp four-cylinder and V-6 Accords feature under-hood noise insulators and acoustic engine covers. Accord Sedan and Coupe V-6 with automatic transmission, and all four-cylinder EX models, also feature a special Active Noise Control (ANC) system. (Please see Interior tab for more information.) Fuel Tank Fuel capacity has increased to 18.5 gallons from 17.2 gallons, an increase of 8%. The most ever offered on Accord, the additional fuel capacity helps extend cruising range between fill-ups. Made of polypropylene resin, the tank is located farther forward than in the previous generation Accord, helping to improve mass centralization for better ride and handling, and rear-seat roominess. Fuel tank Aerodynamics Reducing audible wind noise was an important Accord engineering goal, particularly high- frequency noise that can be distracting and impede conversation. The flatter bottom of the car, together with careful tailoring of the body shape, window moldings, windshield wipers and outside mirror shapes, all play a part in reducing wind noise. Aerodynamic efficiency is likewise improved. The coefficient of drag for the 2008 Accord is just over 0.31 Cd for the Sedan and 0.33 Cd for the Coupe. This compares favorably with the 0.34 Cd figure for the previous generation Accord. In addition, the Accord’s coefficient of lift (Cl), which indicates how much body lift occurs at speed, drops from over 0.20 Cl to just over 0.17 Cl for the Sedan and 0.14 Cl for the Coupe. Additional under-vehicle aerodynamic aids include a wide chin spoiler that directs air under the front subframe. Additional strakes are positioned ahead of the front and rear wheels, plus two additional deflectors that smooth airflow over the front suspension. An engine under-cover directs airflow under the engine, while two middle under-covers direct air around the edges of the fuel tank. 2008 Honda Accord 8 Body
  • Moonroof In addition to being lighter and wider, and offering a greater opening range, the moonroof operation is also improved. To tilt or slide the moonroof the driver or front passenger needs only to fully press the ceiling-mounted switch once (instead of pressing and holding it for several seconds). The moonroof fully opens or closes automatically. However if the operator wishes to only partially open or close the moonroof (such as to achieve partial ventilation), a lighter touch yields fully manual control. The moonroof can also tilt to provide ventilation. A pinch protection feature is built in, helping to ensure that the moonroof will not forcefully close if someone’s hand or arm is positioned in the path of the moonroof. If an obstruction is detected, the moonroof mechanism will reopen the moonroof. Power Windows In addition to an auto up/down driver’s window feature, every 2008 Accord model except the LX Sedan has an auto up/down feature for the front passenger’s window. As with the moonroof, the power windows include a pinch-protection feature. All power side windows and the moonroof may be opened via the keyless remote. In addition, turning the key twice in the driver’s door lock simultaneously closes the windows and moonroof. Windshield Wipers The windshield wipers on the 2008 Accord Sedan and Coupe are tucked below the hood line, out of the direct airflow over the hood to reduce turbulence, aerodynamic drag and noise. The arms are unobtrusive to the driver’s field of view, and their clean design allows air to flow past with less turbulence. Trunk Large storage volume is a big selling feature for sedan customers. With 14.0 cu. ft. of storage space, the new 2008 Accord Sedan matches the excellent trunk volume of the previous generation. The exterior appearance of the trunk lid is improved by the elimination of the key cylinder. On all 2008 Accord models, the trunk is released via a lever located on the driver’s side floor, or else by the trunk-release button on the remote. Some of the target cargo capacities for the 2008 Accord Sedan include up to four typical suitcases or two large suitcases, four golf bags, a stroller or wheelchair, or a large ice chest. The lift-over height is a low 28 inches for the Sedan and 31 inches for the Coupe. The trunk is a generous 46.75 inches long in the Sedan and 46.5 inches long in the Coupe, allowing the storage of some surprisingly long items. Maximum trunk width is likewise impressive at 55.5 inches for both vehicles. In the Coupe, when the rear seat is folded down, the maximum storage length grows to 76.5 in. The Coupe trunk volume is 11.9 cu. ft. The steel trunk lid has a composite garnish at the bottom rear, which can be replaced after a collision. This lowers repair costs to lend a more favorable profile for the Accord in IIHS repair- cost studies. 2008 Honda Accord 9 Body
  • Chrome Trim In keeping with its expressive nature, the 2008 Accord has more chrome-appearance accent pieces. On all V-6 models the door handles are of a chrome appearance vs. painted on the four- cylinder models. In addition, all Accord models except the LX Sedan have chrome-plated muffler tips for a more sporty appearance. Exterior Colors The 2008 Accord offers a dynamic color palette that adds character and boldness to both the Sedan and Coupe. All-new colors for the 2008 Sedan include Mystic Green Pearl, Polished Metal Metallic, Bold Beige Metallic and Basque Red Pearl. White Diamond Pearl is an all-new and exclusive color for the V-6 Sedan. For the 2008 Coupe, Belize Blue Pearl and Polished Metal Metallic are new additions to the color lineup. All the new colors change in appearance depending on sunlight conditions, further amplifying the Accord’s dramatic bodylines. Accord Sedan Exterior Color Availability Color Type LX/LX-P EX/EX-L V-6 White Diamond Pearl Pearl • Taffeta White Solid • • Alabaster Silver Metallic Metallic • • • Polished Metal Metallic Metallic • • • Nighthawk Black Pearl Pearl • • • Bold Beige Metallic Metallic • • • Basque Red Pearl Pearl • • • Royal Blue Pearl Pearl • • • Mystic Green Metallic Metallic • • Accord Coupe Exterior Color Availability Color Type LX-S EX/EX-L V-6 Taffeta White Solid • • • Alabaster Silver Metallic Metallic • • • Polished Metal Metallic Metallic • • • Nighthawk Black Pearl Pearl • • • San Marino Red Solid • • • Belize Blue Pearl Pearl • • • 2008 Honda Accord 10 Body