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  1. 1. Daily Bulletin 20-1-2010 Public help sought:- Old Delhi railway police have sought public help in identifying a body of male aged about 40/45, height 5’6” tall, shallow complexion, long face, thin built, wearing red coloured T-shirt and white pajama. ********* SPECIAL CELL DATED: 20.01.2010 • CHILD AGED 2 ½ YEARS KIDNAPPED IN SEPTEMBER, 2009 RESCUED. • FOUR KIDNAPPERS ARRESTED A team of officers of Special Cell under the supervision of Sh. Bhisham Singh, ACP consisting of Inspr. Manoj Dixit, Inspr. Ramesh Lamba, Inspr. Hridaya Bhushan, Inspr. Lalit Mohan Negi, Inspr. S.K. Giri, Inspr. Rahul, Inspr. Kailash Bisht, Inspr. R.S. Sehrawat and Inspr Vivek Tyagi have rescued an abducted child Pranjal (aged 2 ½ yrs) and apprehended a gang of kidnappers namely Narender Kumar Dabas @ Pony (aged 34 years) r/o village Barwala Delhi, Gaurav Kumar Khatri (aged 27 years) Amit Kumar @ Lachi Rattan (aged 21 years) both resident of Jain Colony, Prahladpur Delhi and Smt Santosh @ Meenu (aged 26 years) W/o Narender Kumar Dabas @ Pony (accused) r/o Jahangirpuri Delhi. A case FIR No. 302 dated 01.10.2009 U/s 364A IPC was registered at P.S. Bindapur New Delhi. On the intervening night of Sept 30/Oct 1, 2009, a child namely Pranjal (aged 2 ½ years) S/o Shri Surender Singh Solanki r/o WZ-41 Prem Nagar Uttam Nagar New Delhi was abducted between 11.30 pm to 5 am while the child was sleeping with his parents on the first floor of the house. In the morning of Oct 1, 2009 a call was received on the mobile phone of mother of the child. Someone was calling from Pasonda, Distt. Ghaziabad and told her that the child was in their possession. On the receipt of this call, a case of kidnapping was registered. In subsequent calls kidnappers demanded a ransom money of Rs. 40 Lakhs from the child’s family. Thereafter, ransom calls started coming from different PCOs of Delhi & Ghaziabad. The calls were made from Bhopura, Karera in Ghaziabad and Adarsh nagar, Azadpur Mandi, Pitampura, Janakpuri, Tilak Nagar in Delhi. In the night of 13.10.2009, the kidnappers called the family and asked them to deliver ransom amount on Mukarba Road GT Karnal Road, Delhi. The father of child went with the ransom amount of Rs.4 Lakhs but kidnappers became suspicious and did not accept the ransom amount. They asked the father to go back after
  2. 2. threatening him to kill the child. However, the kidnappers again called the family next day evening on Oct 14, 2009 and they took the delivery of cash Rs. 4 Lakhs from the father at Khatta near Sanjay Ghandi Transport Nagar, GT Karnal Road Delhi at about 2.15 am in the night. Despite receiving the ransom amount, the kidnappers did not release the abducted child; rather they kept on demanding more ransom amount. Subsequently the case was transferred to Special Cell on 27.10.2009. Special Cell made intensive efforts to trace the abductors and recover the child. Through meticulous planning and investigation the team of Special Cell managed to identify all the PCOs located in the vicinity of Azadpur, Fruit Mandi, Subzi Mandi, Jahagir Puri, ISBT, Wazirabad etc as the ransom calls were being made by the kidnappers from different PCOs located in there. The teams were deployed in all these areas in order to keep a close watch on these PCOs and not to give a chance to kidnappers to escape after making ransom calls. On 19.01.2010, the ransom call was first received from Bhajan pura area in the evening and thereafter Jahangir puri. When the third call was being made from Fruit Mandi Azadpur by a lady later on identified as Smt Santosh @ Meenu escorted by another accused Amit, Special Cell teams managed to reach there and apprehend both persons while they were trying to escape in a Honda Accord car. Honda accord car used in commission of offence has been seized. Subsequently at their instance, the abducted child was rescued from a rented premise in Jahangir Puri from the custody of Narender Kumar @ Pony. Another co accused Gaurav was subsequently arrested from Jain Colony, Prahaladpur, Delhi. All the accused persons were subjected to sustained interrogation. They revealed that Narender Kumar Dabas @ Pony is close relative of kidnapped child. His elder brother is married to the real sister of Shri Surender Singh Solanki. The father of child is in travel business. Accused Narender Kumar Dabas @ Pony learnt that Surender Solanki had received Rs. 40 Lakhs as his share in ancestral property. As such, Narender Kumar Dabas @ Pony hatched criminal conspiracy with his above said associates to kidnap the child for ransom. In order to execute the kidnapping, he and his associate Gaurav visited the house of Surender Singh Solanki in Uttam Nagar 2-3 times and receed the topography of the house. Finally, Narender Kumar Dabas @ Pony and Gaurav also involved Amit in their conspiracy. All the three went to the residence of Surender Singh Solanki on the night of Sept 30, 2009 in midnight in an Alto Car No. DL-8CNB-6029. They parked the car in the lane. Accused Amit Kumar waited in the car whereas accused Narender Kumar Dabas @ Pony and Gaurav went to the back lane of the house where accused Gaurav climbed the wall with the help of pipes in the back lane and reached on the first floor of the house. Subsequently Narender Kumar Dabas @ Pony also entered into the house. They entered the first floor residence of the complainant through the back door which was not shut properly and they could easily open the door. Accused Gaurav took the child Pranjal from the bed who was sleeping with his parents and handed him over to Narender Kumar Dabas @ Pony. Gaurav also opened the steel almirah for the purpose of getting some cash amount but he could not find the cash easily. Thereafter, they came out of the house in the same process. They took the child in their Alto car where Amit was already in driving position and reached Pul Prahaldpur, Delhi. There Amit was dropped and Narender Kumar Dabas @ Pony and Gaurav took the child to Jahangirpuri Delhi. Accused Narender Kumar Dabas @ Pony kept the abducted child Pranjal in his rented house on second floor in Jahanpuri where Narender Kumar Dabas had kept his second wife Smt Santosh @ Meenu. Thereafter, the duo went to Pasonda Ghazibad UP and from there accused Gaurav made a call to the wife of the Shri Surender Singh Solanki. Accused Narender Kumar Dabas @ Pony was already having the mobile phone of father and his family member. They made the
  3. 3. first call from Pasonda Ghaziabad UP in order to mislead the police that a gang of Western Uttar Pradesh is involved in the kidnapping. Efforts are on to recover the Alto car used to kidnap the child. Further investigation is in progress (ALOK KUMAR) Dy Commissioner of Police, Special Cell, Delhi 20.01.10 GANG OF DESPERATE INTERSTATE CARJACKERS BUSTED: FOUR ARRESTED: TWO SKODA AND ONE INDICA CAR RECOVERED TILL NOW South District Police has arrested 4 members of a desperate gang of carjackers, who are involved in several cases of jacking luxury cars in Delhi & NCR and are involved in a series of serious incidents. With their arrest, two jacked Skoda Cars, one Indica car, four mobile phones have been recovered so far. ACCUSED ARRESTED: 1. Sehnawaz Khan @ Babloo age 28 years (Gang Leader) S/O Zuber Khan @ Baba R/O Mohalla- Tilia Kot near police chowki, Rai Barely UP. 2. Noreen @ Mamu age 19 years S/O Matin Khan R/O Mohalla- Tilia Kot near police chowki, Rai Barely UP. 3. Nizam age 26 years S/O Sharif R/O Village- Chamri, PS Hapur, Distt Ghaziabad UP 4. Naresh Kumar @ Kake age 28 years S/O Late Sunder Lal R/O B-957, Transit Camp, Govind Puri, Delhi INCIDENT, TEAM & ARREST
  4. 4. In the recent past, several carjacking cases were reported all over Delhi and NCR especially on Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road and National highways. The robbers used to overtake the targeted vehicles at lonely road in the late night and overpower the driver by showing pistol and rob the vehicles. On 04/08/2009 similar incident was happened with one Saket Jain S/O Surinder Kumar Jain in The team worked relentlessly and collected details of several criminals which three criminals over took his car with similar modus- operandi and and forcibly stopped and took away the particular area of operation. These car. They also robbed his mobile phone details were analyzed minutely and it and cash. A case vide FIR no. 431/09 u/ came to fore that gang headed by one s 327/379/34 IPC PS Mehrauli was got Sehnawaz Khan @ Babloo might be involved in these incidents of registered. These type of incident were carjacking. highly publicized by the media which created terror in the mind of citizens who usually plying their vehicles during night. Similar incidents also happened in the adjoining areas of Delhi like Ghaziabad, Noida, and Gurgaon. Recently on 14/01/2010 similar incident reported near Pilkhuwa Ghaziabad in which one Skoda car was intercepted by the Indica car and two person wearing police uniform pant and black jacket robbed the same by showing the fire arm. They also robbed mobile phone and laptop and jewellery with cash of the owner of that car. A case vide FIR no. 16/10 u/s 392 IPC PS Pilkhuwa was registered. In order to prevent these incidents and to nab the criminals involved in these cases, several teams were constituted. A team of Special Staff, South District consisting of SI Jeet Singh, Sanjeev Kumar,Surinder Dahiya, Balbir Mann HCs Ram Kishan, Vinod Kumar, Vijay Kumar, Shyamvir, Mahinder, Sheo Ram, Hawa Singh, Ashok, Manoj and Satish Cts. Subash, Shalinder, Vikas,Raghubir, Vijay and (Driver) Lakhvinder under the supervision of Inspector Vijay Singh, I/C Special Staff and Shri Bal Krishan Sharma, ACP/Operations was formed to further develop the information and apprehend the accused. The team worked relentlessly and collected details of several criminals with similar modus- operandi and particular area of operation. These details were analyzed minutely and it came to fore that gang headed by one Sehnawaz Khan @ Babloo might be involved in these incidents of carjacking. Secret informers were deployed to collect the information about the activities of above said criminals. The hard work of police team bore results and specific information was received on 19.01.2010 that Sehnawaz Khan @ Babloo along with his gang members would come near Sangam Cinema. The team laid a trap on 19.01.2010 at near Sangam Cinema at about 4.30 PM, four persons came at main gate of Sangam Cinema in a sky blue colour Skoda car having number plate DL-6CJ-4592. They were identified by the informer as Sehnawaz Khan @ Babloo and his associates. The police team started moving towards them and after sensing the police presence they started
  5. 5. running, but police acted very quickly and smartly and apprehended all four accused person. INTEROGATION, MODUS OPRENDI AND PROFILE During the interrogation, it is revealed that Sehnawaz Khan @ Babloo is the leader of this gang. He disclosed that he came to Delhi and started his own business of car denting and painting with his nephew Noreen @ Mamu. He adopted a unique modus operandi that he purchase the scrap of He adoptedpurchase modusscrap of a unique operandi that he the accidental vehicles with papers from accidental vehicles with papers from local car dealers and insurance local car dealers and insurance company and after that they rob the company and after that they rob the same type of vehicles and put the same type of vehicles and put the details of these scraped vehicles on details of these scraped vehicles the on robbed vehicles and dispose off robbed vehicles and dispose off the same by posing as genuine vehicles. same by posing as genuine vehicles. In the incident of Pilkhuwa even they used police uniform pant and jacket. On 13/01/10 first they robbed Indica car from the area of PS Anand Vihar Delhi. They first took lift from the driver of Indica car and later threw him at lonely place and further using this Indica car they robbed another Skoda car from the area of PS Pilkhuwa UP. Sehnawaz Khan @ Babloo was born in 1982 at his native village due to poverty he has not gone to school and started helping his father in farming. He went to Indore in search of job and worked there in garage for 5/6 years after that he came to Delhi in search of job and started working with his nephew Noreen @ Mamu. During this period he fell in the company of bad elements and started consuming liquor. He made a plan to rob the vehicles to earn quick money. Noreen @ Mamu was born in 1990 and he came to Delhi in his childhood with his maternal uncle and started working in a denting painting shop. After that he opened his own workshop of denting and painting with his uncle Sehnawaz Khan @ Babloo. He suffered loss in his business and he along with his uncle made plan to earn quick money and started doing crime. Nizam was born in 1986 at his native village. He did his primary education in a school situated in his village. After that he came to Delhi and started working at tailor shop at Chandni Chowk. After that he came to Govindpuri and started working in a garage as electrician where he came into the contact of Sehnawaz and Noreen and started doing criminal activities with them. Naresh Kumar @ Kake was born in 1985 at Govindpuri, Delhi. He studied up to class 8th at Govt boys Sr. Sec. School Tugalkabad. After that he left the study and started driving his tempo. He came into the contact of Sehnawaz
  6. 6. and Noreen as their workshop is in the same vicinity and he became close friend of Sehnawaz khan. RECOVERY 1. Two Skoda Car. 2. One Tata Indica car. 3. Four mobile phones. 4. Bunch of keys. Investigation of the case is in progress and efforts are being made to effect more recoveries and arrest their other associates. (H.G.S.DHALIWAL) DCP/SOUTH DISTRICT