Spa Style Bathroom Vanities To Complete Yo...                     by S. Lewis -
Spa Style Bathroom Vanities To Complete Yo...                     by S. Lewis -
Spa Style Bathroom Vanities To Complete Yo...                     by S. Lewis -
Spa Style Bathroom Vanities To Complete Yo...                     by S. Lewis -
Spa Style Bathroom Vanities To Complete Yo...                                                        by S. Lewis - http://...
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Spa style bathroom_vanities_to_complete_your_home_spa_makeover


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Spa style bathroom_vanities_to_complete_your_home_spa_makeover

  1. 1. Spa Style Bathroom Vanities To Complete Yo... by S. Lewis - ete-your-home-spa-makeover/ Spa Style Bathroom Vanities To Complete Your Home Spa MakeoverNot so very long ago, immersive, luxurious, total bathing experiences were the sole realm of spas and swankyhotels. But with the price coming down on luxury bathing equipment across the board, home spas are becomingincreasingly prevalent. From custom showers to deep soaking tubs and even home steam baths, its entirelypossible to get all of the equipment to need to enjoy every day what youd otherwise have to pay out the ears toexperience for just a few hours. But showers, bathtubs, and steam baths do not a spa experience make: you alsoneed spa style bathroom vanities to not only complete the ambiance, but to enjoy the truly cushy aspects of a spa.Pegasus Exhibit 60 Inch Bathroom Vanity With Rich Cinnamon FinishFirst and foremost, if theres one thing you always have on hand in a spa, its towels. Big, cushy, squishy, whitetowels all rolled up and stacked and stuffed in and on every available surface. And if youve ever been to a reallynice hotel, you know those towels are totally theft-worthy; its not just about getting dry - good towels make dryingas important a part of the experience as getting wet. As such, many spa style bathroom vanities have an openshelf design. More specifically, many of them, like this Exhibit Vanity from Pegasus, have several smallerboxed-off shelves that are perfect for stuffing plushy spare towels so youre sure to always have plenty on hand. page 1 / 5
  2. 2. Spa Style Bathroom Vanities To Complete Yo... by S. Lewis - ete-your-home-spa-makeover/Double Wall Mounted Spa Style Bathroom VanitiesIf your spa is part of a master suite and you want his and hers bathroom vanities instead of a double vanity, optfor ones like these Double Wall Mounted Spa Vanities from Bellaterra that have lots of towel storage. It will notonly give your bathroom an elegant, symmetrical, spa-like look and feel, but itll ensure that everyone always hasall the towels they need... though I cant promise you wont end up fighting over your towel warmer!Light Maple Open Construction Bathroom Vanity From Legion FurnitureIn addition to leaving lots of room for towels, having an open shelf bathroom vanity is important to a home spabecause it makes the space feel open and airy. While large, cabinet style bathroom vanities have a certainindelible heft to them that works well in a grand, decadent bathroom, spa style bathroom vanities are beautiful intheir simplicity. Home spas really thrive on being light, airy, and inviting, and adding a lot of white space in place page 2 / 5
  3. 3. Spa Style Bathroom Vanities To Complete Yo... by S. Lewis - ete-your-home-spa-makeover/of cabinets can go a long way towards creating a zen sort of atmosphere. This Light Maple Spa Vanity, forexample, leaves the bulk of the vanity open for towels, scented soaps, or just a lot of natural light - a great way tomake yourself feel pampered and provided for (even if you are the one stocking the bubble bath!)Abba 48 Inch Coffee Vanity From The Wyndham CollectionSpas are WET places, and a well designed home spa will be, too. More to the point, home spas have to be verywell waterproofed to stand up to all the steam and splashing a huge volume of very hot water can throw at it: tilewalls, well drained tile floors... and a very well waterproofed bathroom vanity. Where a typical solid woodbathroom vanity might not stand up well in a very humid environment, this Abba Vanity from the WyndhamCollection undergoes an 8 step painting and finishing process to ensure that the wood is superbly sealed and ableto stand up to heat, moisture, and constantly fluctuating conditions. Plus, its got space for four spare towels!Avanity Loft 48 Inch Bathroom Vanity page 3 / 5
  4. 4. Spa Style Bathroom Vanities To Complete Yo... by S. Lewis - ete-your-home-spa-makeover/Many of the features that define spa style bathroom vanities are part style and part practicality. For example, yousee a lot of slat-bottomed bathroom vanities, like this Loft Vanity from Avanity, in spas and home spas alike. Forone, its part of the vibe - the wood slat construction is reminiscent of traditional wood saunas. Theres somethingabout the simple plank style that simply suits a lot of steam. But thats also because it helps everything drain moreeasily downward and lets the wood breathe, helping to avoid some of the common problems caused by woodexpanding and contracting or warping when heated and cooled.Spa Style Bamboo Wood Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity From Legion FurnitureLight, unfinished looking wood (typically light maple or oak) is also very common in home spas, again in large partbecause of the influence of Nordic style saunas. Aspen, spruce, and cedar are all commonly used to buildsaunas, and are frequently a choice for spa style bathroom vanities, but not without reason. All three types ofwood are naturally highly heat, water, and warp resistant, which means that once again theyre very well suited tothe steamy task. This Bamboo Vanity from Legion Furniture is perhaps best suited for a smaller home spa, but therugged bamboo wood is light, airy, and built to handle the harshest bathroom conditions.Light Maple Spa Style Bathroom Vanity From Legion Furniture page 4 / 5
  5. 5. Spa Style Bathroom Vanities To Complete Yo... by S. Lewis - ete-your-home-spa-makeover/ That said, light colored spa style bathroom vanities are also nice because they help emphasize that light, airy feeling you want to have in a home spa. Like white bathroom vanities, one made of a light wood like this Light Maple Vanity can help enhance and reflect your bathrooms natural light, brightening and expanding your space and giving it a natural look and feel. Especially if youre emphasizing the natural, zen aspect of a spa, even if its finished, a light wood has a "raw" feeling, and pairs well with natural fibers and leaf-greens. Together, that makes for an utterly relaxing palette that can help you get in tune with nature, or at leas help you clear your head. So if youre in the market for spa style bathroom vanities, keep in mind: you want a bathroom vanity that looks light and airy, but is built ruggedly enough to withstand the rigors of a daily steam bath. What are your must haves for your home spa? Any particular look youre aiming to emulate in your own bathroom? Let me know in the comments! - Home Improvement Super Store Phone: 267-670-3883 Toll Free: 1-866-278-0880 Circle HomeThangs on Google+ Like HomeThangs on Facebook Follow HomeThangs on Twitter Follow HomeThangs on PINTEREST page 5 / 5Powered by TCPDF (