Rustic Bathroom Vanities For A Casual Coun...                     by S. Lewis -
Rustic Bathroom Vanities For A Casual Coun...                     by S. Lewis -
Rustic Bathroom Vanities For A Casual Coun...                     by S. Lewis -
Rustic Bathroom Vanities For A Casual Coun...                    by S. Lewis -
Rustic Bathroom Vanities For A Casual Coun...                                                       by S. Lewis - http://w...
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Rustic bathroom vanities_for_a_casual_country_style_bathroom


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Rustic bathroom vanities_for_a_casual_country_style_bathroom

  1. 1. Rustic Bathroom Vanities For A Casual Coun... by S. Lewis - country-style-bathroom/ Rustic Bathroom Vanities For A Ca sual Country Style BathroomTo me, the bathroom is the ultimate place to unwind - somewhere casual, comfortable, and relaxing. Thats why Ilike a bathroom design thats a little more rustic rather than ultra sleek and modern. While theres definitely a placefor high design in a bathroom, I like mine to have a little more country than chic, starting with rustic bathroomvanities. The rough finished wood and simple handcrafted design give any bathroom a warm, inviting look andfeel thats perfect for a more casual design.Casual Elements Bathroom Vanity From Sagehill DesignsIf modern bathroom design is all about smooth, unblemished lines, country style bathrooms are all about ruggedtextures and natural variations in material and craftsmanship. Take this Casual Elements vanity from SagehillDesigns. It has a supremely simple, rustic construction, with cross-style supports on the legs and a slightly aged,naturally graying finish on the wood. Add to that the simple drawer pulls and youve got a rustic bathroom vanitythat feels more like a piece of furniture youd find in a cozy cabin than something from a magazine spread. page 1 / 5
  2. 2. Rustic Bathroom Vanities For A Casual Coun... by S. Lewis - country-style-bathroom/Sierra 30 Inch Bathroom Vanity From PegasusRugged craftsmanship is key to rustic bathroom vanities. Whether theyre actually handmade or not, rusticbathroom vanities that look hand crafted are the best for playing up a country or cabin style. This Sierra vanityfrom Pegasus is made with a log-cabin style light pine finish, but the real rugged charm comes through in thesimple, peg-style construction, which adds leaps and bounds to the hand-made, little home on the prairie styleauthenticity.Lexington Sink Stand From Sierra CopperThe simpler you go, and the more rugged the wood, the more rustic your rustic bathroom vanities will be. ThisLexington Sink Stand from Sierra Copper is about as simple as they come. Its little more than a few heavily aged, page 2 / 5
  3. 3. Rustic Bathroom Vanities For A Casual Coun... by S. Lewis - country-style-bathroom/weathered boards made into a rough stand for a trough-style porcelain or copper sink. Its a very different kind ofminimalism than youd find in modern design - not one thats stark and stunning, but a rugged minimalism thathearkens back to a simpler time. If you want to build a bathroom that truly goes back to basics, rustic bathroomvanities like this one are a great place to start.Heartland Home Bathroom Vanity From Sagehill DesignsHandcrafted, rustic bathroom vanities dont necessarily have to be simple, though. This Heartland vanity iscovered in beautiful woodwork, from the gorgeous shaped legs to the scalloped edges. But the combination oflight wood, artisan style craftsmanship, and the little details - like the matching wood (rather than metal) door anddrawer pulls - give this vanity a homey look and feel thats a little more refined, but still right at home in a countrystyle bathroom.Vigneron Bathroom Vanity From Herbeau page 3 / 5
  4. 4. Rustic Bathroom Vanities For A Casual Coun... by S. Lewis - country-style-bathroom/Wood is always the star of rustic bathroom vanities. While white vanities might work well in a cottage stylebathroom, country style bathrooms are all about natural, rugged simplicity, and that means showcasing yourmaterials au-naturale. This Vigneron vanity from Herbeau is a perfect example. While the construction is utterly,classically simplistic, the entire piece is made of solid ash wood, and each board is sanded smooth to showcasethe gorgeous wood grain in each and every piece. You can even get this same vanity unfinished, to allow thewood to weather and gray naturally over time for a truly one of a kind rustic bathroom vanity.Rich Cinnamon Bathroom Vanity From PegasusShowcasing the natural grain of the wood and featuring warm, light, natural wood finishes is also an easy way toimmediately warm up your bathroom. While modern bathroom vanities often come in dark, stark, even industrialcolors and materials that can make your bathroom feel cold or sterile, rustic bathroom vanities made with the rightwood do exactly the opposite, making your bathroom feel comfortable and inviting. This Rich Cinnamon vanity isanother great example, as the warm, honeyed finish is perfect for catching the light and warming up your space. page 4 / 5
  5. 5. Rustic Bathroom Vanities For A Casual Coun... by S. Lewis - country-style-bathroom/ Anna Bathroom Vanity From Sierra Copper Finally, rustic bathroom vanities work in a wide variety of homes. For example, the Lexington vanity might be better suited to a cabin style home and the Heartland vanity to an older farmhouse style building. This Anna vanity is quite similar to many of the other vanities on this list, but the addition of a copper sink, counter, and copper inlays give it a slightly more southwestern flair - perfect for an adobe home or Santa Fe style ranch. Rustic bathroom vanities come in a whole range of styles everywhere in between as well, and many of the simpler ones can change dramatically based on how you accessorize. That Lexington vanity, again, would look completely different with a porcelain rather than a copper sink, and depending on how you decorate around it, the Rich Cinnamon vanity would look pretty good in a spa style bathroom as well. So even if you dont want a traditionally "rustic" bathroom, you can still use rustic bathroom vanities to add a little natural charm to your bathroom decor. What are you looking for in a rustic bathroom vanity? Something more rugged for a cabin style home, or something a little more refined for a country style bathroom? Let me know in the comments! page 5 / 5Powered by TCPDF (