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Recipe for the_perfect_bath_experience



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  • 1. Recipe for the Perfect Bath Experience by Megan Wahlberg - http://www.homethangs.com/blog/2011/07/recipe-for-the-perfect-bath-experience/ Recipe for the Perfect Bath ExperienceIn many cultures around the world and throughout history, bathing has been a ritualistic act. A bath cleansesimpurities and calms the spirit. Immersing oneself in water can feel exhilarating beyond belief. In the twenty-firstcentury, we have the technology to make our bathing experiences transcendent every time. Here is my recipe to abath that makes you feel rejuvenated, happy and healthy. 1. Squeaky Clean Utilities Toto, the manufacturer andnot the cute little dog, makes quality baths with hygienic features built into every part of their valves and plumbing.The anti-return valve for instance keeps bath oils and impurities from building bacteria up in the jets. There isnothing so upsetting as spotting a ring of dirt on the inside of a jet, or feeling nervous that the basin isntcompletely clean.The Nova from JacuzziThe Nova bath model from Jacuzzi uses the same technology. This company can produce whirlpool baths thatalso maintain a clean and healthy system. 2. Soothing Massage A lot of people love jets, but I personally findthem noisy and irritating. When a jet blows full blast on part of my skin, the area will become red and itchy. Doesanybody else have this problem? Toto engineers created an air bath option for their customers. These smaller,quieter jets distribute air bubbles throughout the bath evenly, resulting in a much more relaxing spa.Guinevere Bathtub from TotoThe Guinevere Soaker is shown on the manufacturers website having these features installed. It has a safety bar page 1 / 4
  • 2. Recipe for the Perfect Bath Experience by Megan Wahlberg - http://www.homethangs.com/blog/2011/07/recipe-for-the-perfect-bath-experience/on the inside to help users get in and out with ease.The Mio from JacuzziJacuzzi offers the subtle air jet experience as well. The Mio bath tub is a popular choice because it can produceboth the invigorating whirlpool effect or the more calming bubbling soak. One works for morning to get you readyfor work and the other for night to help put you to bed. 3. Beautiful SurroundingsEdwardian Tub from JacuzziJacuzzi makes this lovely free standing bath tub with claw feet that Ive always wanted. I had a friend in New Yorkwho had a studio loft apartment and she had to share a public toilet with everyone on her floor. In her studio,between the kitchen and the ladder up to her loft she had a free standing tub. It was so adorable! At parties shewould fill in up with ice and beer. 4. Comfort How can you float away when the rim of the tub is jammed in theback of your neck? page 2 / 4
  • 3. Recipe for the Perfect Bath Experience by Megan Wahlberg - http://www.homethangs.com/blog/2011/07/recipe-for-the-perfect-bath-experience/Tara Whirlpool Bathtub from JacuzziThe Tara whirlpool bathtub has that extra room for extra comfort as well as contoured back rests. This is that tubin which your only worry is falling asleep and getting a mouthful of bath water.Finestra Whirlpool from JacuzziThe door makes it easy and safe to enter and exit the tub. The Finestra whirlpool is guaranteed never to leak foras long as you own it. Rest easy knowing this bath is also safe for bath salts and oils. 5. "You" Time Designate aspecial segment of time for bathing. Dont allow pending obligations to weigh on your brain. Ask the kids to play agame together. The perfect bath is never complete without the sensation of letting go of the filth rinsing off yourskin, the worries, the dissatisfaction, or the exhaustion. Let it wash away and go right down the drain. So theseare the ingredients for blissful bathing. Dont forget the occasional candles and glass of Merlot for extra alone timeluxury. The mind needs meditation, and a bath every now and again gives us time to quiet our thoughts and page 3 / 4
  • 4. Recipe for the Perfect Bath Experience by Megan Wahlberg - http://www.homethangs.com/blog/2011/07/recipe-for-the-perfect-bath-experience/ remember how to relax. www.HomeThangs.com - Home Improvement Super Store info@homethangs.com Phone: 267-670-3883 Toll Free: 1-866-278-0880 Circle HomeThangs on Google+ Like HomeThangs on Facebook Follow HomeThangs on Twitter Follow HomeThangs on PINTEREST page 4 / 4Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)