Open shelf bathroom_vanities_-_great_ways_to_put_your_vanity_on_display


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Open shelf bathroom_vanities_-_great_ways_to_put_your_vanity_on_display

  1. 1. Open Shelf Bathroom Vanities – Great... by S. Lewis - ays-to-put-your-vanity-on-display/ Open Shelf Bathroom Vanities – Great Ways To Put Your Vanity On DisplayIf youre a regular follower of this blog, you know Im a big fan of bathroom storage, especially when it comes towell designed bathroom vanities. But while I tend to prefer cabinets and drawers to keep my toiletries hidden, Imwilling to admit that theres a time and a place for open shelf bathroom vanities, too. Specifically, I love bathroomvanities that are just slightly impractical, with enough open space on the outside to put a few beautiful bathroomaccessories on display.Dark Cherry Sink Chest From Legion FurnitureThis is actually the biggest draw of open shelf bathroom vanities for me, and it works especially well with anantique or period-inspired decor. Take this Dark Cherry Antique Vanity from Legion Furniture, for example. Thedark cherry finish and delicate woodwork are all old world elegance, perfect for a truly decadent style. Sure, youcould put some rolled up towels in those open shelves, but I think thats just wasted space. This isnt the kind ofvanity you go for if you dont happen to have a linen closet. Instead, Id fill these shelves with beautiful antiqueglass bottles, delicate vases, decorative soaps, or even vintage style powder room accessories. page 1 / 5
  2. 2. Open Shelf Bathroom Vanities – Great... by S. Lewis - ays-to-put-your-vanity-on-display/Distressed Parchment Antique Style Vanity From Belle ForetAdding period appropriate accessories to a vanity like this Antique Parchment Vanity from Belle Foret will helplend authenticity to your decor. Especially if youre going all out with the antique style, you really want to get thedetails right. Just make sure that your accessories matches your vanity and your overarching decor. For thisvanity, for example, youd probably want something a little more delicate and feminine to go with the antiquedparchment finish, whereas the cherry wood of the other vanity would work well with more masculine accessories,like a vintage shaving set.Vermont 48 Inch Vanity From AvanityOf course, the vanity itself doesnt have to be over-the-top antique for this look to work. In fact, while this Vermontbathroom vanity from Avanity retains a similar shape and structure to the other two, its a very pared down version page 2 / 5
  3. 3. Open Shelf Bathroom Vanities – Great... by S. Lewis - ays-to-put-your-vanity-on-display/without any of the intricate woodwork found on the others. This is a great way to bring the impression ofdecadence into a more contemporary bathroom. If you arent in it for the whole parlor-style period-inspiredbathroom, a more transitional bathroom vanity like this is a great way to even the playing field. Opt to decoratewith nice toiletries in pretty maybe-antique-maybe-just-chic bottles for an elegant display.Cruz Bathroom Vanity From JSG OceanaKeep in mind, though - a beautiful display doesnt have to have anything to do with a period style. Modernbathroom vanities are often designed to serve much the same purpose - though obviously with a much differentdesign. The staggered shelves on this Cruz bathroom vanity from JSG Oceana are anything but practical for dailyuse, but they have just a slight museum style flair that makes them perfect for enhancing your decor. Look forsmall decorative figurines, especially interesting geometric shapes with a glossy finish. Forget perfume bottles,this simple vanity is the perfect way to play with modern art. page 3 / 5
  4. 4. Open Shelf Bathroom Vanities – Great... by S. Lewis - ays-to-put-your-vanity-on-display/Oxford 38 Inch Bathroom Vanity From AvanityIts important to make the distinction between shelves that are practical and ones that are purely for display. Theshelves on this Oxford vanity are just about tall enough to house a bottle of hotel shampoo or a 3 oz. travelcontainer, way too small to serve any practical purpose. Short of stashing some creatively folded washcloths, theshelves on this baby arent good for anything BUT display.Vineta Vanity From JSG OceanaThe open shelves on this Vineta bathroom vanity, on the other hand, are among the most genius Ive seen.Perfectly curved to give it a hollowed out urn shape, the sloped sides of this vanity are the perfect shape forstuffing spare, rolled up towels if you need them... or creating a Brady Bunch style display case with four sectionssheltered sections on top of the closed cabinet - perfect for displaying small breakables you dont want bumped orknocked. So when youre shopping for a bathroom vanity, remember to consider whether or not all of the openshelves are usable. If not, ask yourself whether you need the storage space, or if buying a vanity with space youcant use for something practical will give you permission to have fun playing with your design! What are somethings you would love to put on display in your bathroom? - Home Improvement Super Store Phone: 267-670-3883 Toll Free: 1-866-278-0880 Circle HomeThangs on Google+ Like HomeThangs on Facebook Follow HomeThangs on Twitter page 4 / 5
  5. 5. Open Shelf Bathroom Vanities – Great... by S. Lewis - ays-to-put-your-vanity-on-display/ Follow HomeThangs on PINTEREST page 5 / 5Powered by TCPDF (