Kitchen ranges by_aga_-_the_only_cooking_appliance_you_need


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Kitchen ranges by_aga_-_the_only_cooking_appliance_you_need

  1. 1. Kitchen Ranges By AGA – The Only Coo... by S. Lewis - ng-appliance-you-need/Kitchen Ranges By AGA – The Only Cooking Appliance You NeedThe average kitchen is full of cooking appliances - from your standard ovens and ranges to microwaves, toasters,slow cookers, grills, rotisseries, deep fat friers, steamers, and toaster ovens. For every type of cooking and everykitchen application, theres a unique piece of machinery to do the job. AGA seeks to consolidate all thatfunctionality into a single appliance. Their kitchen ranges are custom designed to be the right size and producethe right temperature and type of heat for a huge variety of applications, and are made with interchangeable partsso you can get exactly the functionality you need.AGA Pro Style Kitchen Range With Dedicated BroilerSo how does it work? Its pretty simple, actually - AGAs kitchen ranges have a somewhat vintage flair to them,with tons of small doors and drawers and brightly colored enamel finishes, arranging several different, specializedovens around a central heat source. Outwardly, their ranges more strongly resemble vintage ovens than shinymodern appliances, but even the most wood stove-styled of their ovens like this Pro-Style Broiler are made withsophisticated heating technology. page 1 / 5
  2. 2. Kitchen Ranges By AGA – The Only Coo... by S. Lewis - ng-appliance-you-need/AGA Pro Style Electric Range With Three OvensAGAs kitchen ranges, like this Pro Style Range are made of smaller cast iron oven units centered around aprimary heating source, typically gas, though this model has an electric range. Each smaller stove is designed totransfer heat in a specific, targeted way to create a variety of heating environments in a single appliance. All theovens are heated by a central burner that transfers heat via cast iron plates to the individual ovens, without anyheating elements in direct contact with your food. This provides an incredibly precise, even, radiant heat thatcooks your food naturally and consistently, and with a great degree of control over the temperature.AGA Dual Fuel Range With 4 Burners And 2 Electric OvensThe beauty of AGAs kitchen ranges is that they can be completely custom designed to your needs, mixing and page 2 / 5
  3. 3. Kitchen Ranges By AGA – The Only Coo... by S. Lewis - ng-appliance-you-need/matching parts to help replace your existing appliances. But what kinds of oven compartments are we talking?The obvious one is the baking oven - a medium sized oven that produces an even, moderate, all-around radiantheat thats perfect for getting a golden, flaky crust on pastries, and even, moist cakes and casseroles. This is oneof the ovens that comes standard on most AGA kitchen ranges, including compact models like this 4 by 2.AGA Pro Style Range With Three Ovens And Storage DrawerNext, many AGA kitchen ranges include a roasting oven, like this Pro Style Range. These are about the samesize as the baking ovens, and produce an even, flameless and coil-less heat that cooks evenly and wont dry outmeat. The roasting oven cooks quickly, and can cook a 28 lb turkey start to finish in just 3 1/2 hours. The cast ironinterior of the roasting oven gets quite hot, which means it can also double as an indoor grill, giving a crisp char tomeats and vegetables alike when used on high heat.Signature Simmering Oven From AGA page 3 / 5
  4. 4. Kitchen Ranges By AGA – The Only Coo... by S. Lewis - ng-appliance-you-need/The simmering oven on AGA kitchen ranges like this Cast Iron Dual Feature is the perfect replacement for yourfavorite slow cooker, producing an extremely consistent, low heat and cultivating a moist environment thatsperfect for breaking down tough meat over a long cook time. You can even safely leave it on all night long, justlike your slow cooker, but with a much higher capacity...and without wasting valuable counter or cabinet space.The simmering oven also dual purposes as a steamer, as the gentle heat is perfect for steam cooking vegetables,especially root vegetables, without an extra bulky appliance or using up a spot on your stove.AGA S-Series Six-Four Classic Kitchen RangeEven the range itself on AGA kitchen ranges is unique, with a rapid-responding ceramic grill-style gas stove andspecialized plates that produce a very high, very even heat thats perfect for searing meat, stir frying, or deepfrying. While many conventional stoves dont get hot enough for a genuine stir fry, AGA kitchen ranges aredesigned specifically to rapidly produce, maintain, and withstand very high heats. Many of them can even be usedas grills, and some, like this S-Series 6-4, come with an additional cast iron griddle for breakfast foods - two moreappliances you wont need.2 Oven Setup With Separate 4 By 2 Module Range page 4 / 5
  5. 5. Kitchen Ranges By AGA – The Only Coo... by S. Lewis - ng-appliance-you-need/ Like the increasingly-popular double oven, AGAs kitchen ranges provide significantly more functionality than your average oven, but only take up a fraction of the space. Even a simple, totally average sized oven offers as many as four different cooking "zones" in a single unit, plus the whole range configuration on top. If that still isnt enough cooking capacity, you can double up and get a modular secondary smaller unit, like this 4x2 Modular Range. With almost infinite customizability, preparing large meals is easier than ever. You wont have to juggle your oven between many multiple dishes, because each dish will have its very own oven. And because each and every one of AGAs kitchen ranges is hand built and painstakingly finished in a color of your choosing, you know youre getting a quality product that will not only declutter your kitchen, but make it look beautiful as well. What type of cooking would you like your kitchen range to be able to do? Any appliances you really wish you could replace? - Home Improvement Super Store Phone: 267-670-3883 Toll Free: 1-866-278-0880 Circle HomeThangs on Google+ Like HomeThangs on Facebook Follow HomeThangs on Twitter Follow HomeThangs on PINTEREST page 5 / 5Powered by TCPDF (