Corner bathroom vanities_-_the_ultimate_space_saving_solution_for_a_small_bathroom


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Corner bathroom vanities_-_the_ultimate_space_saving_solution_for_a_small_bathroom

  1. 1. Corner Bathroom Vanities – The Ultim... by S. Lewis - -space-saving-solution-for-a-small-bathroom/ Corner Bathroom Vanities – The Ultimate Space Saving Solution For A Small BathroomThere are tons of ways to get the most out of a small bathroom, but balancing saving floor space and makingmore storage space - especially private storage space - isnt always easy. Shelves are nice for utilizing horizontalspace, and separate storage cabinets are great if you have the room for them, but sometimes you just needsomewhere to hide your unmentionables - and that means closed storage, no matter how small your bathroom.Corner bathroom vanities are the best way to get the most closed cabinet space while taking up the least floorspace possible - no area is wasted, and unlike some other compact bathroom vanities, ones that fit neatly into acorner utilize all the space they take up.Chesapeake Corner Vanity in Driftwood from PegasusTake this Chesapeake corner vanity from Pegasus, for example - like a typical contemporary bathroom vanity orcabinet, it has a square, relatively unadorned face made of simple lines paired with a beautiful natural woodgrainfinish, but it takes up about half the space of more conventional vanities that are the same width. While a typical30-36" bathroom vanity protrudes from the wall, taking up precious floor space, corner bathroom vanities occupythe least usable space in the bathroom, literally cutting corners that you probably werent using anyway. page 1 / 6
  2. 2. Corner Bathroom Vanities – The Ultim... by S. Lewis - -space-saving-solution-for-a-small-bathroom/ Vintage Oak Corner Vanity From Belle ForetThis is actually a bigger deal than it might seem. While a conventional or even modern bathroom vanitiesdesigned for a smaller bathroom - say, in a modern urban setting or an older cottage style home - seek tomaximize storage space with the smallest possible footprint, they run into a simple problem - if you put them rightup against a wall at a 90 degree angle, youre going to be bumping elbows with your light switch, and if you dont,youre simply making your bathroom less efficient. Corner bathroom vanities like this Vintage Oak Vanity answerthis problem by turning 45 degrees and facing you outward into a widening space.Richmond Corner Vanity in Mahogany from PegasusThat way, not only are corner bathroom vanities like this Richmond Vanity physically taking up less space, theyrealso giving you a little more room to move. Instead of having one side flat up against a wall, or wasting space to page 2 / 6
  3. 3. Corner Bathroom Vanities – The Ultim... by S. Lewis - -space-saving-solution-for-a-small-bathroom/make a little elbow room, corner bathroom vanities make a simple change that affords you all the standing roomyou need, again in the otherwise least-useful space in your bathroom.Richmond Corner Vanity in Parchment from PegasusAs well, where many compact bathroom vanities alternate between increasing storage area and visuallyexpanding your bathroom (often sacrificing closed storage compartments for bathroom-beautifying white space),corner bathroom vanities make the best of both worlds. Especially ones available in a light finish, like thisParchment Richmond Vanity, can have the same lightening, brightening impact of a white bathroom vanity, andhelp push out the corners of your bathroom, opening up the space both literally and visually.Single Basin Corner Vanity From Belle Foret page 3 / 6
  4. 4. Corner Bathroom Vanities – The Ultim... by S. Lewis - -space-saving-solution-for-a-small-bathroom/While very few corner bathroom vanities have the open construction thats sometimes desirable in a smallerbathroom (again, white space), almost to a one they have ample interior storage, which is nothing if not practical.Inside, the bases are, well, corner-shaped, which gives them less space overall than a full sized cabinet wouldhave, but all of it closed - and private. Look for one thats a little wider, like this Single Basin Corner Vanity fromBelle Foret to get a little more mileage out of your space.Corner Bathroom Vanity LTP 0126B-T from Silkroad ExclusiveCorner bathroom vanities are also available in a wide variety of finishes and designs. From simple andcontemporary to traditional and elegantly antique-inspired, like this Period Inspired Corner Vanity from SilkroadExclusive, it shouldnt be hard to find one in a style and wood stain to match your decor. The biggest differencesare ultimately in the shape of the front face. While this one forms a gently curved but fairly straight line...Manor Corner Vanity from Xylem page 4 / 6
  5. 5. Corner Bathroom Vanities – The Ultim... by S. Lewis - -space-saving-solution-for-a-small-bathroom/Other corner bathroom vanities bump the front out a little farther, giving the whole piece a diamond-shaped base(and even more storage space!). This Manor Corner Vanity from Xylem doubles up on doors, and even has ahidden pull-out drawer for keeping your most-used, smaller items close at hand. It only takes up a little morespace than a flat triangular-shaped vanity, but significantly increases the interior space, and allows for a muchwider variety of styles.Carlton Corner Vanity from XylemThis Carlton Corner Vanity plays with the form as well, mimicking open shelf vanities, giving you a little room toshow off towels or other bathroom trinkets while still keeping enough closed storage for the things youd rather notput on display. Paired with a matching corner mounted Medicine Cabinet, youre taking advantage of everythingthe space has to offer. And despite the slightly weird shape, a corner medicine cabinet can actually offersignificantly more storage space without protruding into your teeth-brushing zone. page 5 / 6
  6. 6. Corner Bathroom Vanities – The Ultim... by S. Lewis - -space-saving-solution-for-a-small-bathroom/ Palmetto Corner Vanity In Driftwood From Pegasus While it might seem a little counter-intuitive, cutting your vanity in half and putting it in a corner can actually offer you more storage space than many more conventional smaller bathroom vanities. Maybe even more importantly, even if youre sacrificing a little storage by choosing corner bathroom vanities like this Palmetto Vanity rather than traditional cabinets, you might make up enough floor space to have a whole other freestanding storage unit that a traditionally mounted bathroom vanity wouldnt accommodate. Where do you plan to install a corner bathroom vanity? In a small but majorly trafficked bathroom? A guest bathroom or powder room? To accommodate an oddly shaped master bath? Something else? Let me know in the comments! - Home Improvement Super Store Phone: 267-670-3883 Toll Free: 1-866-278-0880 Circle HomeThangs on Google+ Like HomeThangs on Facebook Follow HomeThangs on Twitter Follow HomeThangs on PINTEREST page 6 / 6Powered by TCPDF (