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Asian vanities for_a_relaxing_asian_style_bathroom
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Asian vanities for_a_relaxing_asian_style_bathroom



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  • 1. Asian Vanities For A Relaxing Asian Style ... by S. Lewis - http://www.homethangs.com/blog/2012/02/asian-vanities-for-a-relaxing-asian-style-bathroom/ Asian Vanities For A Relaxing Asian Style BathroomIf youre looking to do a big, full-scale remodel of your master bathroom, Im willing to bet theres one thing aboveall else that you want that space to be: relaxing. A big, decadent bathroom is all about comfort and style - creatingyour own private little paradise where you can escape from the daily grind, settle into a tub full of bubbles or acustom shower and let your stress and worries wash away. If you really want your bathroom to feel like agetaway, aim for the exotic. An oriental or Asian-inspired bathroom decor can help transport you far, far awayfrom mundane worries and just maybe put you in a more zen frame of mind. How do you do it? Asian vanities area great place to start. As one of the most distinctive fixtures in any bathroom, the right Asian vanity can give yourwhole bathroom an exotic look, even if your other choices arent quote so bold.Ming Modern Vanity With Frosted Glass By Hardware ResourcesPagoda-style bathroom vanities are one of the easiest ways to set the mood for an Asian style bathroom. Theshape is utterly distinctive and fairly universally familiar, and will immediately train the eye how to interpret otherelements of the bathroom. This Ming Modern Vanity is a perfect example of what Im talking about: the flairedupper edge subtly echoes the wood construction and upturned roofs of pagoda towers, and the beveled, frostedglass paneling on the doors mimics their windows and doorways. As well, the glass door inserts are stronglyevocative of Japanese rice paper shades. page 1 / 7
  • 2. Asian Vanities For A Relaxing Asian Style ... by S. Lewis - http://www.homethangs.com/blog/2012/02/asian-vanities-for-a-relaxing-asian-style-bathroom/Asian Inspired 30 Inch Bathroom Vanity From Legion FurnitureThis Dark Walnut Asian Vanity is quite similar, again drawing on the rice paper style of repeating lighter squaresdivided by dark wood borders. But rather than a strictly architectural influence, the casually curved, overlappingedges of the vanity and especially those of the matching Mirror are reminiscent of elegant brush painted Chineseor Japanese character paintings. While the little flair at each corner is relatively subtle, it leaves a strongimpression on the Western eye and can really help transform your bathroom decor.Legion Asian Inspired Single Vanity With Vessel SinkEven just a little bit of curve on the legs is enough to add a touch of the exotic. As far as Asian vanities go, thisAsian Inspired Single Vanity is relatively neutral. No rice-paper style face, no overt flair. But the little flip of the feet page 2 / 7
  • 3. Asian Vanities For A Relaxing Asian Style ... by S. Lewis - http://www.homethangs.com/blog/2012/02/asian-vanities-for-a-relaxing-asian-style-bathroom/and the dark, lacquered wood finish are just different looking enough to draw the eye and make it the perfect pairfor an Asian styled bathroom.Silkroad Exclusives Asian Vanity HYP-0711-26The same goes for this Simple Asian Vanity from Silkroad Exclusive. The vanity is otherwise utterly minimal, butthe curved sides again give the subtle impression of brushstrokes. A little less bend to the edges and this vanitywouldnt be much to look at, but that simple bow and the flared feet, coupled with the dark espresso finish make itjust that little bit eye catching, maybe not enough to scream "Asian bathroom" on its own, but definitely a greatway to set the scene.Sagehill Designs Parkdale Bathroom Vanity page 3 / 7
  • 4. Asian Vanities For A Relaxing Asian Style ... by S. Lewis - http://www.homethangs.com/blog/2012/02/asian-vanities-for-a-relaxing-asian-style-bathroom/That said, rice paper styled glass-and-wood doors and drawers are really the most common features of Asianvanities of any shape or size. This Parkdale vanity from Sagehill Designs is pictured above with the defaultwood-frames-over-wood-paneling design, which is a little more subtle, but those wood panels can be removedand replaced with included obscured glass panels for a higher contrast rice-screen style look.Traditional Asian Style Double VanityRice paper patterning is probably so prevalent in Asian vanities because, in the Western world, its one of themost common and widely recognized Asian symbols out there. From privacy screens to paper lanterns to pagodastyle structures themselves, the fragile repeating frames speak to us generally of "the East" - making it an easyand fairly universal way to set the mood for an oriental bathroom. This Traditional Asian Vanity from Legion is aperfect example. Other than the lantern-style windows on the doors, there isnt anything terribly overtly easternabout it, but the style is just enough to set the stage for a more elaborate Asian style bathroom design.Legion Asian Influenced Modern Bathroom Vanity page 4 / 7
  • 5. Asian Vanities For A Relaxing Asian Style ... by S. Lewis - http://www.homethangs.com/blog/2012/02/asian-vanities-for-a-relaxing-asian-style-bathroom/One of my favorite things about an Asian inspired decor is that it pairs so well with a more modern design. Likemodern decor, the Asian aesthetic is typically fairly minimal and derives its distinct look primarily from simple,repeating lines. Combine the two and you get a really stunning look. Take this Modern Asian Vanity for example; ithas the characteristic rice paper doors and beautiful wood finish, but trims down the silhouette of the vanitysignificantly, making it quite shallow and visually giving the impression of being very tall. Add to that some ultramodern, minimal-yet-shiny door and drawer pulls and stainless steel feet and this Asian vanity suddenly looks alot more sleek than antique.Bambu Bathroom Vanity From XylemOf course, many of the vanities you might consider for your Asian style bathroom are actually pieces youdprobably never find in most countries in Asia. Especially in Japan and heavily populated parts of China and Korea,space is at a premium, and youd be hard pressed to find a space to accommodate some of the larger vanities.Instead, theyre likely to have a much more compact, often very modern design to compensate for the smallerspace. Thankfully, you can have the best of both worlds - this Bambu vanity from Xylem is compact, sleek, andmodern, and it uses another material we commonly associate with the east - bamboo - both in solid wood veneersand for an eye-catching Asian inspired accent. page 5 / 7
  • 6. Asian Vanities For A Relaxing Asian Style ... by S. Lewis - http://www.homethangs.com/blog/2012/02/asian-vanities-for-a-relaxing-asian-style-bathroom/Asian Inspired Double Vanity With Cherry Finish From Silkroad ExclusiveMaterial is another thing that can go a long way towards turning just a vanity into something that would work wellinto an Asian inspired bathroom. This Two-Tone Asian Vanity, for example has an Eastern look and feel almostexclusively because of the gorgeous wood tones and finish. The gorgeous golden wood paneling is reminiscent offine Chinese antiques. The bold red cherry body and golden panels make for a very Chinese coloration, and whenpaired with the same subtly curved legs as some of the other vanities here, it gives a very strong impression oforiental decor.Asian Inspired Modular Vanity With Floating Counter From Silkroad ExclusivesVanities with floating counter tops, like this Modular Asian Vanity, also leave a strong Asian impression. Onceagain, the modern design coupled with rich, decadent hardwood is eye-catchingly exotic, and is a prime platformfor an oriental design. In this case, the intricate but subtle carvings on the vanity doors do most of the legwork, butmaterial choice or coloration can go a long way as well. page 6 / 7
  • 7. Asian Vanities For A Relaxing Asian Style ... by S. Lewis - http://www.homethangs.com/blog/2012/02/asian-vanities-for-a-relaxing-asian-style-bathroom/ Sagehill Bathroom Vanity From The Apothecary Collection Finally, sometimes the right hardware is all you need. This Apothecary Asian vanity implicitly mimics old fashioned Chinese medicine and herb cabinets. Though the nine "drawers" are actually a single door covering a larger under cabinet storage (which is MUCH better when it comes to bathroom utility), the decorative antique hardwares create the impression of many drawers for a piece that looks straight out of a Chinese remedy shop. If youre looking for a recipe for a little R&R, an Asian style bathroom might be just the little change you need to help you unwind at the end of the day. The slightly exotic, slightly unexpected, and slightly unconventional style will help signal your brain that its time to relax, and the bold but subtle cues of Asian vanities are the perfect launching point. Why are you considering an Asian style bathroom? Are you more interested in the antique, the natural, or the minimal? Id love to hear about your up and coming remodel in the comments! www.HomeThangs.com - Home Improvement Super Store info@homethangs.com Phone: 267-670-3883 Toll Free: 1-866-278-0880 Circle HomeThangs on Google+ Like HomeThangs on Facebook Follow HomeThangs on Twitter Follow HomeThangs on PINTEREST page 7 / 7Powered by TCPDF (www.tcpdf.org)