Giving Buyers Everything That They Need


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Giving Buyers Everything That They Need

  1. 1. © Ruark Consulting Group 2014
  2. 2. The goal of selling your home as quickly as possible has been quite a challenge for most home owners. In fact most home owners believe hiring a real estate agent will do the trick and they will just sit back and wait for the right buyer to walk through their home and say “I’ll take it.” Only to find out that isn’t always the case.
  3. 3. Although a real estate agent is highly needed to sell your home, they may not come with the total package required to sell your home Selling a home takes much more work than it use too a few years ago. Before the great recession a buyer would go to a Realtor and pick out some houses to go see to find the one that they want. Now buyers are bringing the properties that they want see to the Realtor, which means the game has changed.
  4. 4. What this means for home sellers… There is big change in the way that new home buyers buyers are searching for a new home, it has become very difficult to get the right buyers to your front door. Unless…
  5. 5. … you give buyers what they need. An attractive home, with a lot of value, and a great price. That what buyers are looking for. Remember one thing, value and price are not the same. Presenting a home that appears to be worth more than what your asking for will get the attention of any buyer looking in your market range.
  6. 6. New home buyers have needs just as much as the seller does. Being able to cater to these needs will put your property in a better position online. There are 4 very important criteria's that you must meet: Complete Property Information Accurate Property Information Quality Visuals Best Contact Information
  7. 7. Buyers have a tough time finding the right home. When a seller eases the process by providing more information to a buyer searching online, they will have a much better outcome when trying to sell their property.,, and the many others are being searched millions of time a month by buyers. That means hundreds of buyers are able to look at your property and never have to visit your home. If your listing is not on it’s A-game then you could be loosing buyers to your competition
  8. 8. Your property’s visuals consist of a video tour, a floor plan, and photographs. All highly important when trying to attract buyers. Most property listings online do not offer all of the visuals just mentioned. And the listings that only offer photographs do not always comprise of the maximum amount.
  9. 9. Besides the visuals of your property buyers need to have complete and accurate information about your home so that they can have all of the information that they need when searching for a home online.
  10. 10. Lastly your agent or broker needs to have the best ways to contact them when a buyer becomes interested in your property. Most buyers will not leave a message and that could be an opportunity that you have lost to sell your home. Providing this type of information to buyers gives them instant access to your home at all times.
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