LinkedIn - Provide Value and Exchange


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Provide value and exchange by updating your network posts with details about your industry and providing up to date, relevant information. Follow the 80/20 rule as a guide.

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LinkedIn - Provide Value and Exchange

  1. 1. provide value and exchange 5. • Update your network posts with details about the real estate industry and up to date, relevant information. Provide Value and Exchange5 80/20 Rule. Be Subtle. Never give a “look at me!” Vibe Be humble. Do NOT toot your own horn Be positive. Never be negative about another company, yourself, or the competition. It’s bad business practice and in the end we always need to stay positive and open-minded. Daily ENGAGEMENT Tips: Updates/Posts. LinkedIn offers an update option to post how business is doing, recent industry articles you have read, and relevant resources to your audience. Comment and Likes. Commenting and liking other posts will increase your visibility. Encourage your network connections by giving kudos on their updates and liking their shares. Read. LinkedIn offers excellent news articles from websites and industries across the board. Staying in tune with a variety of current events will encourage a broad range of topics for clients and potential leads. Maintain. Maintain this profile as if it were a live resume for your clients! Email Signature. Copy and paste your LinkedIn URL in your email signature for quick LinkedIn access. STEP • Your objective from the start is to promote your business within the real estate industry and get in front of qualified leads, as well as cross promotion with your connections. • If you know one of your connections just opened a new business and you saw an article online, share it on LinkedIn. For more ideas on how to market your business, visit
  2. 2. provide value and exchange 5. LinkedIn has reported that the more complete your profile is, the more business you’ll attract. Customizing your LinkedIn URL is a fantastic way to have your profile read by search engines. Using a person’s name is very common for a URL, so we suggest focusing on your business and connecting your name in your URL. For example, if you are a mortgage lender in Atlanta, a good URL could be / AtlantaLendingwithKathleen. Now, keywords are very competitive, so you may come across some challenges and the first few URLs you want may be taken, but eventually you will find one that is available. It’s not a bad tactic to use your name, but if you are able to use a URL related directly to your industry or business, you are reaching a larger audience. Good Luck with your LinkedIn experience! Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 100% complete! For more ideas on how to market your business, visit