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  • Today, Alexa ranks it 3 rd in traffic. Visitors average 20 minutes on site per visit.
  • Presentation 3 you tube

    1. 1. Google Tools And Intro to Video
    2. 2. Our email address: Our Start Page: Google Apps – free tools
    3. 3. • From the start page you can access the most commonly used registries, town property databases when available, team contact information, your mail account and docs will be stored there. • Gmail is a free way to get branded mail. • Calendar can be accessed from the mail page. Tour Gmail: Why?
    4. 4. Calendar
    5. 5. • HomesJustForYou Channel: http:// YouTube
    6. 6. Why Video? Old Spice Commercial
    7. 7. ∗ YouTube, the leader in Internet video search, said last year that viewers are now watching more than 100 million videos per day on its site, marking the surge in demand for its “snack-sized” video fare. ∗ Since springing from out of nowhere, YouTube has come to hold the leading position in online video with 29 percent of the U.S. multimedia entertainment market, according to the data from Web measurement site Hitwise. ∗ YouTube videos account for 60 percent of all videos watched online, the company said. … ∗ In June, 2.5 billion videos were watched on YouTube, which is based in San Mateo, California and has just over 30 employees. More than 65,000 videos are now uploaded daily to YouTube, up from around 50,000 in May, the company said. From Reuters 2006……
    8. 8. • People are using information platforms that have a social component engineered into them Engaging – Fast and Social YouTube video
    9. 9. ∗ Humor… ∗ “The video that started it all! My neighbors are a bunch of asses actually sold my house, landed us on the Wall Street Journal and led to our book "Big Bad Home Sale". It may be the first documented example of social media real estate success!” ∗ My Neighbors Are a Bunch of Asses! ∗ San Pablo Fixer Upper ∗ Steak Out in Franklin, MA What engages?
    10. 10. ∗ An account at – free – the Team has an account that team members can have video posted to ∗ An account at – free version; I have a version that allows me to create longer videos (all access pass is $30/year) ∗ PLUS about ½ hour = ∗ A powerful way to introduce yourself to your clients, educate people about your areas of expertise, and just a really fast way to connect What do you need?
    11. 11. • Choose about 15 or 20 photos on your computer • Easy upload; choose music • Let the video process • Upload it to your YouTube channel • Some examples: • My Old Spice Spoof 1400+ views • Shirley
    12. 12. ∗ It is not going to be perfect. We are Realtors, not directors. The point to any of this is getting content out there that will link your name with the niche keywords you want to be associated with ∗ Some Keywords – or topics: ∗ Short Sales in Massachusetts ∗ The Leominster MA market ∗ Selling your Lunenburg MA home ∗ The real estate market in Westminster ∗ First Time Homebuyers Guide by your _____________ Real Estate Agent Just Do It!!!
    13. 13. Reach your world quietly. Be remembered.