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Rutte 'Let's make money together'

  1. 1. Rutte: ‘Let’s make money together’... Published On: Tue, Jul 16th, 2013 Main News | By Edition Rutte: ‘Let’s make money together’ WILLEMSTAD – According to the Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, one of the important goals of the business trip to the Caribbean territories of the Dutch Kingdom that he wants to reach is “to make tons of money together”. This is what Prime Minister Rutte declared during e press conference in Fort Amsterdam on July 16. He was accompanied by his counterpart Prime Minister Ivar Asjes. Rutte left Aruba Monday morning and will visit Bonaire, St. Maarten, St. Eustatius and Saba later this week. He praised during the press conference in Curaçao ‘the great opportunities that the Kingdom has to offer to do business together in Latin America’. This new attitude, business minded and focused on profit, fits, according to the Prime Minister, in the new relationship within the Kingdom. “On October 10, 2010, we entered a new political situation and the Netherlands has transferred its last euros to the Caribbean countries within the Kingdom,” he explained. “Now we look forward to future businesses. I am pleased that my colleague Ivar Asjes, just like me, has a business look at things and also just like me sees the importance of a good education, good governance and has a sound public finances as one of his priorities. Object1 pyright
  2. 2. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Investors Come to the Antilles Look What We Have Found AmigoeHome English Entrepreneurs Aqua Spa fight on Entrepreneurs Aqua Spa fight on Sunday, 28 October 2012 17:02 ORANJESTAD — In the multi-million claims case against Arubabank and Riffort Village/Renaissance Hotel, the bank recently lied before the judge, said Aruban entrepreneurs who instituted proceedings based on new evidence. A decision on this case from the meanwhile bankrupt beauty parlor Aqua Spa at the Renaissance Hotel on Curaçao is scheduled for Monday, October 29. The case had come up in court on September 18 on which the Amigoe reported on September 20. At the time the judge already paid much attention to the role of Arubabank in the company’s ruin. Entrepreneurs Hassell-Lopez (mother Mena and son Emile) claimed almost 12 million florins because they alleged the bank had connived with Renaissance so that the hotel could take over the spa for very little. Attachment of goods In court the judge mainly asked questions as to why the bank – when there was a question of arrears with the entrepreneurs – had closed the spa for two months and left the contents inside. A clear answer wasn’t given in court because Arubabank made it clear that it hadn’t actually closed the business on December 22, 2010. The bank implied in court that the spa could have continued its business. The bank had gone to the spa with a bailiff that day but only to take stock. By its own account the bank took that action because it feared the entrepreneurs would try to sell the insolvent spa. After all the bank had tried to contact spa-director Emile for days and on December 17 the bank finally visited mother Mena Lopez who supposedly mentioned the sale at the time. For that matter, the entrepreneurs categorically deny the sale. After the session in court on September 18 the entrepreneurs immediately started collecting new evidence against what the two bank employees had stated before the judge. A conversation followed with the bailiff and personnel from
  3. 3. Arubabank, who unexpectedly visited the spa and immediately closed the business. This bailiff states he acted by order of the bank to place an attachment on the goods. According to him, this automatically means closing the business immediately. The request to place an attachment had already been made on December 7, according to a letter from the lawyer currently representing Arubabank in this case. The Arubabank lied once again to the judge on having waited until after December 17 to take action, said Lopez. Matter of principle The bailiff also stated that the auction of the seized goods was held several months later because Arubabank negotiated with Eduardo de Veer Jr. from Renaissance on how much De Veer would pay for the goods. Entrepreneurs Hassell and Lopez consider this further evidence for their proposition that the goods were sold for next to nothing so that Renaissance could eventually reopen the spa quickly on its own. During the auction the goods were sold to De Veer for 76,000 florins. It was a public auction and according to a statement from another beauty specialist who wanted to make a bid, everyone who had come felt they were taken for a ride because apparently there was already an agreement that Renaissance would buy the business. The entrepreneurs also query this considering their current debt of 1.6 million which Arubabank had reclaimed while the bank had sold their goods for a very low price. According to Lopez, this also proves that the bank had lied about their collaboration with Renaissance. Lopez, who had a spa for years on Aruba, says this case has now become a matter of principle. “Behind our backs the bank negotiated with Renaissance to take over the spa, thus violating ethic rules. I don’t want to become 80 years and live with this dishonesty for years. We call this swindle here. During the court session the lawyer of Renaissance spoke of the goose with the golden eggs and that the hotel must not become a playground for companies. However, it happens to be their playground and they have the goose with the golden eggs while they and the bank abuse their power to put pressure on an ambitious entrepreneur.” This pressure continues said Lopez because despite the trial bailiffs still pay her salon on Aruba unexpected visits. She finds the conduct of the Arubabank – ‘I’m not talking about all banks because I had a good relation with RBC for example’ – and the lying shocking. “Like many, I’ve been raised to respect banks. They are to comply with high ethic standards; that’s how they promote themselves. At first I couldn’t believe their intentions and it took some time before I understood. That’s why I always compare my shock with that of the reports on abuse in the Catholic Church.” Events In any case Lopez will never borrow from a bank again. She sees events as the upcoming Aruba Small Business Week as a ‘front’ to get entrepreneurs to contract a loan. “I know them because I too visited such events. It sounds
  4. 4. promising for the average entrepreneur who has little time and listens to information that is aiming too high. These are socializing events where food and drinks are served, something comparable to falling in love. However, the wake-up call comes once you’ve signed. Signing a loan agreement with Arubabank with personal surety is like Hotel California to me: you can check out but you can never leave.” Lopez advises other entrepreneurs to use their savings or bring in capital together with other equal partners. “Take it slow, and grow step by step on your own.” On her trial she states: “the judge also urged for a settlement and was prepared to give more time. Lopez says there’ve been approaches by Arubabank and Renaissance since September 18 but there’s nothing concrete as yet. If the verdict next Monday is not in her favor, the entrepreneur will not give up. “It’s become a matter of principle; this is not how you treat people.” No comment Arubabank and Renaissance said they wouldn’t comment while the trial is in progress. As reported earlier by the Amigoe they deny the conspiracy. They blame the downfall of Aqua Spa on inexperience, especially of director Hassell, and consider this the risk of entreprenuership. Since this statement by The Renaissance Curacao Attorney the Renaissance Curacao was found guilty of damages. They have appealed. That will drag the Justice needed and asked for out further as The Hotel uses that World Class Spa for now going on 3 years? The Bank is exonerated when they were the alleged driver of this seemingly illegal operation? The Spa has spent approaching 150K in attorney fees. They have over 2 million invested that the bank and the Hotel are using. The Bank and Hotel have multiple cases pending against them and this system continues to operate with the Courts protection. THIS SYSTEM SEEMS CORRUPT! STAY AWAY AS IT LOOKS TO BE DESIGNED TO ONLY STEAL FROM YOU!! THE COURT SYSTEM LOOKS TO BE THEIR GUARANTEED BACKUP!! Investors Come to the Antilles Look What We Have Found American Investors along with their Aruba counterparts have by all indications uncovered an alleged organized illegal Business Banking Object2
  5. 5. system in the Dutch Antilles. It looks allegedly to be specifically designed to steal wealth from Investors. It seems to be protected by the Dutch Court System. Allegedly once you sign a contract with any part of this system you will be taken for a financial ride where the system is allegedly designed to shake you down for all your capital and possessions. It is alleged that the system continues simply because it is Dutch driven. Those caught in this trap are told to remain silent. Eduardo De Veer (Owner of the Renaissance Hotel Aruba and Renaissance Hotel Curacao) eluded to this through his attorney during the Aqua Spa case. His attorney remarked “But you went to the media.” These Americans have watched Orco-Aruba Bank and The Renaissance Hotel Curacao and it's owner Eduardo De Veer seemingly act much like a criminal organization to allegedly steal a Spa built with Aqua Spa's Capital. They have watched Aruba-Orco Bank allegedly use all means it could to not only close Aqua Spa but use their Bank executive Sharon Frankel to allegedly tamper with the Plaintiff's business and at least two of its employees in Aruba called “Mena's Skin Care”. Aruba-Orco Bank sat with the Renaissance Hotel as they supported each other through the entire court case. Aruba-Orco Bank continuously tried through gamesmanship to kill the Aqua Spa case that would have provided the money they claimed to be seeking. In the US these people would be under investigation by multiple agencies. It is nauseating to witness all this effort as they were allegedly partnered with the Renaissance in what is looking like a planned illegal business operation that has and continues to this day in the Antilles. During the court case The Bank did Lie when they claimed they did not close the Spa, as evidence submitted shows. Allegedly Aruba-Orco Bank has used a bailiff Marilyn Kock to harass and create unreasonable acts of aggression towards Mena's Skin Care business and her clients affecting the operation of this business. These alleged unreasonable, over the top acts by Aruba-Orco bank and their agent Marilyn Kock have caused damage to her business. It is an unscrupulous type behavior that is off the map for any legal banking Institution to be involved in. Marilyn Kock made up to 10 visits including one where she called police. She stayed 3 hours allegedly harassing employees and clients, threatening to enter the business and go through all of the files. When Marilyn Kock was asked to produce the papers allowing this, she could not and the police sent her away. In a recent court decision relating, the Dutch Court says they have no jurisdiction over court employees including Marilyn Kock. This seems to drive the people towards taking their own justice? How can this be? This looks to be a verdict used to protect the existing illegal operation. It
  6. 6. sustains the bailiff and protects their alleged illegal system against others who have court cases waiting. In the Aqua Spa verdict the Judge said “I cannot sit in the seat of the Banker.”This one statement clearly identifies a court system run by the Banks where they are the Judge. This is potentially what awaits you when you conduct business in the Antilles. Please don't get caught up in the Dutch controlled court system to seek relief. It seems to be a complete waste of money and your time. There is little transparency in what they do. In many cases its alleged they just delay the verdict to create costs and allow their system to continue as you are tapped. Do not fight them in a court that allegedly is specifically there to keep this illegal system in place as these Americans have found out. Allegedly all attorneys including the one you secure work for the illegal system as they take your money but fall down for the illegal system. Just stay away from the Antilles as the illegal operation looks to be entrenched, across the board on these Islands. Natalee Holloway and her family were treated in a very unusual manner. We now realize it was the Dutch controlled system that was the driver of the stonewalling that occurred during her disappearance. These Antillean people are good souls being allegedly held hostage to a Dutch system that is tapping their wealth and creating debt as a few Dutch Bankers, and Holland Politicians plus a few selected Antillean Business people get wealthy while they diminish their own country and its people in a treasonous type action. Aruba-Orco bank, always claimed they just wanted their money back. Its alleged that Aruba Bank has already received payment for the Spa. Allegedly Eduardo de Veer and Bas the CEO of Orco-Aruba bank met and came to an agreement for the price of the Spa prior to their collisional act of closing Aqua Spa. As business people the Americans have never understood why Aruba- Orco bank would barge in unannounced at the height of the Christmas season, demand the loan payment in full or they were closing the Spa. Why would a legal Bank damage their investment like that? Once it was closed the value diminished and the bargaining power the bank had against the Renaissance was gone. It was because they allegedly had already sold the Spa to the Renaissance. They could have easily negotiated with the Renaissance and sold the Spa in the open above the board legally like an ethical Banking Institution would do. This is not how an illegal system that has court backup works though. Instead Aruba-Orco Bank allegedly looked at this as a chance to get paid for the Spa plus collect the collateral that was put up as surety
  7. 7. for the loan by freezing out Aqua Spa in the deal they struck. This seems to be an illegal Banking-Business operation that was caught in the act. Aruba-Orco Bank's alleged Illegal and Criminal Acts 1. The Aqua Spa loan was tied directly to a Lease Agreement that was predatory and so restrictive it made the Spa unsellable. The Renaissance Hotel was to receive 28% of the first 1 Million dollars that went through its system or gross. No business can survive someone taking all the profits as this lease agreement ensured. In an act of alleged Banking Loan Fraud Aruba-Orco bank wrote the contract and presented this loan corner stoned by this Predatory lease contract knowing that the business would never succeed under that lease contract. There are still loans being wrote to these predatory type contracts as the system continues to entrap with allegedly the Dutch Court System their protection. This is completely off the map of anyone's understanding of why they would risk this being disclosed to the world's Business and Banking community. 2. The negotiated loan contract and written loan contract were different. When the borrowers went back just hours after signing the loan to discuss what they had discovered they were told its too late to change what have you signed? Why was this contract written in English when that is the 3rd language of most Arubans. It is absolutely infuriating to the Americans involved in this case. It means from the very beginning these people were allegedly picked and groomed by Aruba Bank to take their wealth. How can this happen in a civilized country. How can people working for Aruba-Orco bank use their their respected position in the community and their friendship with these Spa people to deliver them into a trap that would take their wealth? Shelia Van Veen even told Emile your Mom has lost it all? These are despicable people with no conscience or sense of community. It is no wonder Arubans do not trust one another. 3. That Aruba-Orco Bank Loan contract held not one line of protective language which should be standard to guard the disbursement of funds. This is a Banking Industry standard and part of Aruba-Orco Banks previous Contracts. Why was it removed in this contract? Is this an act of premeditated Banking Loan Fraud? Why did the Court not address this in their verdict? This is obscene and should be a warning to all contemplating spending any money in the Antilles. All judges are direct out of Holland as is this alleged illegal type Banking Business system. This is allegedly why the Court has turned away as if they didn't see what has happened. In this denial they protect the money stream from the
  8. 8. Antilles to the mother country. PLEASE DO NOT GET ENTANGLED WITH THIS UPSIDE DOWN SYSTEM!! 4. Why was no Aruba-Orco Bank construction supervisor appointed as was required by the contract? This Is alleged act of premeditated Banking Loan Fraud. 5. These two acts are just the beginning of what is a series of alleged premeditated illegal and criminal type acts by a Business-Banking operation designed to only generate loan failure. Aruba-Orco Bank put this loan and the collateral used for surety at an unreasonable risk through these negligent and questionable acts. The question begs why would they do this unless they were seeking loan failure? Why did the Curacao court not even mention this in their verdict? 6. During Construction Giselle Gillio account representative for Orco bank visited and asked to check the construction moneys remaining. She remarked that it was quite substantial. One week later the job went into a slowdown. There were days when no one was on the site. Many days the few workers present were standing around and smoking marijuana when there was a construction deadline looming. 7. Aqua Spa immediately asked to meet with the Bank at the site to discuss this. Giselle Gillio met with Aqua Spa and was asked where is the Bank oversight, we feel we are being stolen from? Giselle answered that's why we have Bruce here, signaling that they did not have their own supervisor but allowed Eduardo De Veer of the Renaissance Hotel Curacao to appoint his person as the supervisor. Instead of the Independent Construction Supervisor being appointed by Aruba-Orco Bank, Bruce was introduced by The Renaissance Curacao as “The only person who could bring the project in on time and within the budget”. He failed miserably as the costs and construction time exploded. He trumped his earnings with no penalties for missed completion dates and the cost over runs he and the Bank allegedly created by the slow down that occurred. Eduardo demanded that up to 2 million be invested in that Spa and that it was done to his specifications. The costs without the Independent Bank supervision ran 35% over the estimate. The slow down doubled the length of time it took to complete. These two single acts generated by negligence or premeditation by Aruba-Orco banks failure to act in a reasonable and accepted banking practice manner caused the costs to explode. 8. When Aqua Spa went back to talk with Aruba-Orco bank about start up capital now needed the bank replied you are on your own. This forced
  9. 9. Aqua Spa to seek outside investors. No Bank does this. Its you are on your own? Its their investment too or was it? They sure never acted like it belonged to them. What was the bank going to do, use Bank tellers to run it or just let it die? Maybe they planned on handing it over to the Renaissance right there. It now became evident why all protective language was removed, why no supervisor for the bank was appointed, why Giselle Gillio came to check the books and the slowdown happened immediately after her visit. Why at 150 days after opening Giselle said “we are thinking we will have to take your Spa to auction.” This at the same time Aqua Spa broke even months ahead of schedule. Emile the Spa director went outside of the alleged boycott of the Renaissance Hotel and was able to market more guests from outside Hotels than the boycott of the Hotel Renaissance was providing. At this time the boycott by the Renaissance allegedly went into full force and clients from the 200 room Renaissance Curacao Hotel diminished to less than one per day. Eddie De Veer Junior told Emile “I will not lift a finger to help you.” Its alleged that this was planned by the Renaissance Curacao and Aruba-Orco bank to fail so to get at the Jardines Condos used as collateral. This allegedly allowed Eduardo De Veer, Aruba-Orco banks business partner in this swindle to get a World Class Spa right when its finished and ready to go for little to nothing. 9.Many actions by Aruba-Orco Bank made little to no business sense. It became evident that their activity was not within Standard Banking practices. In March of 2010 Giovani Anthony in an email stated that Aruba-Orco bank and its board had decided to back up Aqua Spa in their Boycott case against Eduardo De Veer and the Renaissance Hotel Curacao. They never did. In fact they stood against Aqua Spa from the day they presented the original loan contract for signing. They changed the written contract that was earlier agreed upon by all parties in their loan contract meetings. 10. In another suspicious act the second part of that email introduced that Takeover Agreement. It was presented as a crucial document that must be signed in order to safely move that loan back to Aruba. Giovani Anthony used multiple tactics to pressure the plaintiffs to sign that illegitimate contract. In one act of alleged tampering they contacted Aqua Spa's accountant, Anthony Croes and had him arrange a meeting at his Deloitte and Touche offices where the plaintiff might feel more at ease. Anthony Croes told the plaintiffs you have to sign this Takeover Agreement which he then later denied saying. This was not signed as it contained fraudulent statements and would have made the Plaintiffs slaves for life as they turned over all that they owned to this Bank. It made them solely responsible for all those issues
  10. 10. Aruba-Orco Bank failed to do as a trusted Institution should have. It was not needed as an attorney representing Aqua Spa told the Bank. At this point it became evident that although Anthony Croes was the Plaintiff's accountant he seemed to be working for Aruba-Orco bank's best interest while allegedly passing confidential information to Aruba- Orco bank. 150 days after opening of the Spa they broke even, ahead of schedule. At the same time, out of the blue Giselle Gillio told the Spa manager Emile we will likely take you to auction. The next day Shelia Van Veen told Emile “Your Mom has lost it all.” Sixteen months later Aruba-Orco bank closed the Spa and the Renaissance froze them out not allowing entry while Aruba-Orco Bank did nothing. Two months later Aruba-Orco Bank sold the Spa furnishings in an alleged fixed public auction to the Renaissance Hotel. There is testimony that the Bailiff was told by Naglemakers the attorney for Aruba-Orco Bank to open the Bid at 75K AWG. Next the Renaissance would immediately bid 76kAWG. He was to take that bid and close the auction as he did. This allegedly is collusion and shows the illegal type contact between these two. This action was outside of the law and their contractual obligations to Aqua Spa. In a recent verdict from this case The Renaissance Hotel Curacao was found guilty of the damages. The court spent a good portion of the verdict exonerating Aruba-Orco Bank. Aruba-Orco Bank the alleged driver of this illegal operation and the Entity that took the lead attorney position in the Aqua Spa lawsuit was let off the hook and found free of any wrong doing. In that action the verdict implicated the Curacao Court as an active player in this illegal system. There is absolutely no way that The Renaissance could have carried out all the court claims if there had been ethically operating Bank involved as the lender. The court is the last line of defense against crime and protection of the rule of law. Until the Court system is flushed of this alleged corrupt system it is best not to engage in any Business or Banking in the Antilles.