Aruba Central Bank In Their Silence Are They Aruba's Criminal Enterprise Driver document transcript
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Aruba Central Bank In Their Silence Are They Aruba's Criminal Enterprise Driver document transcript






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Aruba Central Bank In Their Silence Are They Aruba's Criminal Enterprise Driver document transcript Aruba Central Bank In Their Silence Are They Aruba's Criminal Enterprise Driver document transcript Document Transcript

  • Aruba Bank Are They Arubas Criminal Enterprise DriverThe Central Banking System that is charged with generating commerce and controlling the integrityof the banking system in a country is the key to a healthy growing economy. When that systembecomes corrupt it then is sitting in the drivers seat and steers the corruption. In the Dutch Antilles youhave a Banking System originating out of the Netherlands that through a series of strategic moves, hastaken over the Court System, gained control of the political parties and now laws that are written. It isin the stand alone power position that decides who wins and who loses in the Dutch Antilles. Theycontrol the dispersion of all Government contracts and what businesses succeed. If you are in contractwith this Banking system and run into trouble with it you are automatically going to lose as theycontrol the laws, the interpretation of those laws, the attorneys, the Judges including the court verdictsIn simple terms they control you, your family, the schools and its funding, hospitals and their financing,the police, the food prices, taxes, and everything you as a citizen come into contact with. They nowcontrol your life. Through a less than ethical, bullying type approach they have established theirrepresentatives in all of the important positions within that Dutch group of Islands.The recent news of the killing of Herman Weils a loud voice going against this corrupt system is just aprecursor of things to come.The recent public execution murder of Hermen Weils 2013 ( an important political leader seeking change and a cleaning up of the corruption is anexample of how ugly things have become. He looked to be getting too close and was stepping on thetoes of some of the criminal element and was in his last speech indicating he had a bombshell to reveal.He was near the Breeze Hotel in Curacao and was shot 7 to 10 times in broad daylight by 3 men in acar. He was wearing a bullet proof vest.Sunday was the day he released his protection for a day off.Weils had began to speak out about this corruption. He had recently received death threats. Manyspeculate it was the Lottery-UTS connection, still others claim it was the Dutch who felt the pressure ofhim closing in on their criminal driven system. With so many illegally tapping the system he was afterthere is more than enough of the criminal element to blameIf you are an outsider you cannot fathom the degree of the corruption and its affects on a country andits people. In Aruba these are some of the examples that have surfaced exposing corruption.There were 7 salaries being paid out to non-existant teachers in the Aruba School System while the kidsand their educators struggle for books and teaching tools. Where did that money end up? How comethere was never an investigation and someone prosecuted? It would be easy to follow the money trail tosee whose Bank account the money ended up into..The Prime Minister Mike Eman had been rumored to receive a 2,000,000 Awg Florin loan from ArubaBank in the unwinding of Interbank that he has never had to repay? Maybe the Aruban people arepaying for this as the Government turns their head away as people are losing their lifetime businessesbecause of the trolley car construction corruption that has at least 14 businesses now in some form ofBankruptcy..Construction continues in the downtown corridor of Oranjestad where a new rail system to ferrypeople around the business district originating at the Cruise ships and bus depot was started now over 3
  • years ago. Under normal conditions the roads might be torn up and impassible from 8 months to maybea year. In this case the construction is entering its 40TH month with no end in sight where only foottraffic can get through. Much of the time a gaping hole from door to across the street business door ispresent keeping all but the very adventurous from shopping that business district. The construction hasbeen sub par and has been redone several times and looks to be headed for a third redo. In themeantime costs have exponentially risen as local business owners are being forced into Bankruptcy.The Banks are repossessing those properties in a criminal type action with no help at all fromgovernment officials. The affected owners have no recourse but to spend hundreds of thousands ofdollars in a feudal effort to seek justice in a Judicial system the Corrupt Banking system controls andowns.Temporary politicians being paid off, corrupt court systems being controlled by a corrupt bankingSystem will not cure itself. Since the Judicial system is contaminated with this filth and the integrity ofthe whole system is in question do not look to the Dutch or the Netherlands for relief. They are thedriver and conveniently wash their hands of any involvement claiming that these islands areautonomous when in fact the Banking System and the Judicial System is directly accountable to theNetherlands Government. The Banking Cartel out of the Netherlands instead is really the driver of thiswhole nauseating mess. The politicians are just temporary as the Bankers make sure the players inplace receive their take of the spoils from this dirty corrupt system assuring the whole money streamstays intact. The people and wealth the Banks are after are the honest business people that aresuccessful in the community. The actual productive ones in any economy must be encouraged notstolen from and put in jail. In a criminally controlled society that is what happens and is occurring inAruba. In this case the producers (Banks are the predators as they provide no product but take from theproductive ones) are being diminished and removed as the only ones that survive this system are thevery best criminals. In a healthy ethical society good business people succeed and are encouragedcreating a system built on integrity that seeks the best for all members of the community