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The Passive Voice

The Passive Voice

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  • 1. Raúl Holtermann Gil
  • 2. What is passive voice? • In English, all sentences are in either "active" or "passive" voice: • active: Werner Heisenberg formulated the uncertainty principle in 1927. • passive: The uncertainty principle was formulated by Werner Heisenberg in 1927.
  • 3. The Passive S + To Be + V(III) • Simple present She waters the flowers everyday The Flowers are watered everyday (by her)
  • 4. Present Continuous She is watering the flowers now The flowers are being watered now (by her)
  • 5. Present Perfec She has watered the flowers today The flowers have been watered today (by her)
  • 6. Present Perfec Continuous She has been watering the flowers this morning The flowers have been being watered this morning (by her)
  • 7. Simple Past She watered the flowers yesterday The flowers were watered yesterday (by her)
  • 8. Past Continuous She was watering the flowers yesterday when… The flowers were being watered yesterday (by her) when…
  • 9. Past Perfec She had watered the flowers when… The flowers had been watered (by her) when…
  • 10. Past Perfec Continuous She had been watering the flowers when… The flowers had been being watered (by her) when…
  • 11. Simple Future She will water the flowers in the future Thw flowers will be watered in the future (by her)
  • 12. Going to She is going to water the flowers from now on The flowers are going to be watered from now on (by her)
  • 13. Passive + Modal verbs S + Modal Verbs + be + V(III) She must water the flowers in the morning The flowers must be watered in the morning (by her)
  • 14. Choose 5 sentences in the active voice and turn them into passive voice. • Mark Twain wrote "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" in 1876. “The adventures of Tom Sawyer” was written in 1876 (by him) • They make many movies in Hollywood. Many movies are made in hollywood (by them)
  • 15. • The students will give a presentation tomorrow. A Presentation will be given tomorrow (by them) • The children have eaten the cookies. The cookies have been eaten (by them) • I must be repaired the bike in the morning The bike musn´t be repaired in the morning (by me)