Stages of developing my music video

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  • 1. First thing I did was inserted the music which is Snowship by Benjamin Francis Leftwich, I chose toput the music in first so then I can make sure straight away that I can fit all my clips in and make surethe lip syncing is correct otherwise I have to re film parts of it.The first bit of filming I imported was the intro of the solo guitar and then the first couple of lines ofthe song which my artist Conor is lip syncing, I cut them down ensuring that the lip syncing was
  • 2. perfect and the view of the scnery ended as soon as the solo guitar ending ready for Conor to startsinging.Next I included my first scene which is the bus, I ahd three parts on the bus and made sure I gotthem in the right order of the music so the lip syncing and flowing of it all went well.
  • 3. Here im cutting the film from the bus the get the lip syncing perfect and for the timing to work withthe music so that it can all flow nicely.This is my second scene at the fort, again here I had three parts to film inside the fort and there wasa lot of lip syncing involved again so I had to cut it down the the milliseconds to ensure that lookedperfect and allowed the music video to flow nicely.
  • 4. Here im filing the chorus which is Conor walking towards the camera singing the lyrics and playingthe guitar, this was easier to get right as I made sure the timing was right when filiming it so I din’thave to cut it down much I had to just put it into place.Here I’ve started to add in transitions so that from clip to clip it flows nicely, I’ve decided to usesubtle transitions allowing the music video to keep its natural theme and keeping the video flowingnicely. I’ve generally used fades so that it looks as smooth as possible.