Shooting script


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Shooting script

  1. 1. Shooting ScriptIntro of guitar playing – pan shot of landscape, 360 degree view finished by a close up of artist.“I was only looking for the treasure in the dark” – close up of artist, gradually zooming out.“Not the tree’s and people in the middle of the park.” – still focused on artist but graduallyzooming out more the show the audience more of the back drop of the woods.“But the treasures buried under years and years of time.” Artist walking through the woods withthe guitar on back, showing the back of the artist to the audience.Solo guitar – Pan shot of Bus.“He put his hand in my hand and he told me son...” - Follow artist into bus, guitar on back midshot.“When they all come looking for you where you gonna run?” - Follow artist up the stairs, midshot, artist looking back smiling, giving an eye match to the audience.“Your hearts wired up to the eyes in your head and their flashing bright.” – Artist at the back ofthe bus on back row long/mid shot.“Be careful what you wish for when you’re young...” Artist singing chorus on the track roadwalking towards the camera, as I the camera man moves back long/mid shot giving eye contactto the audience.Solo guitar – running up the hill towards the fort.“I signed a deal with the devil and he took my soul…” Wide shot of fort followed by artist walkingin.“To a room with a table in the dark and cold.” – Ariel shot of the artist at the bottom of the fortwide shot zooming in.“I signed my name just the same as I’d done on the line before.” – Mid shot of the artist at the topof the fort with background of woods, mid to close up.“I was in the middle of the cliff and the sea...” Back of artist walking past the lake and tree to thewatermill, tracking long shot.“With a ditch right behind me that the bitch couldn’t see.” - Walking along watermill bridge,handheld long/mid shot.
  2. 2. “She came right at me with her teeth and her dress” - Up against the watermill with the artistgiving eye contact to the audience whilst playing the guitar.“And they both fell off.” Up against the watermill with the artist giving eye contact to the audiencewhilst playing the guitar, then looks down as the artist says this lyric.“Be careful what you wish for when you’re young.”At the top of the hill over the shoulder shot ofthe back of the artist looking at the view so also a point of view shot.Solo guitar – As the end guitar part the artist sets off Chinese lanterns of the top of the hill intothe sunset, long to mid shot.