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Question 3


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  • 1. 3. What have you learned from your audience feedback?
  • 2. Music Video Feedback...Whats your favorite location? The Bus was voted the favourite location therefore I made sure quite a lot of focus was on the bus Fort within my music video and really spent time making sure I used the bus in the best ways Bus possible, so I used several shot types to really show Watermill this to the audience.Should I have more than one artist? Here it was very clear that I should just stick to focusing on my artist, so from this result I made sure that my artist really represented the genre by Yes him always having his guitar and in casual clothes No putting more emphasis on his music than his image.
  • 3. Music Video Feedback... Do my ideas follow thecodes and conventions of afolk/ acoustic music video? From this result I didn’t have to change much I just ensured that the genre of my music Yes video was really put across to the audience through the location, shots/angles used and No the artist. Should I use an indoor location? As all my locations are outside I decided to get some feedback on it as the results show I kept all my locations outside I think by doing Yes this it really connotates the genre to the No audience and keeps the natural theme flowing.
  • 4. Music Video Feedback...Do I need to focus on thelocation as well as artist? As you can see the audience wanted more focus on the location as well as the artist so Yes on some parts when the artist was meant to be singing I decided to change it to focus on No the location.. You can see these changes on my edited shooting script. Does the song choice fit my ideas? As the results show my ideas do generally fit the song choice, therefore I really made sure I included all my ideas within my music video Yes and made them stand out to the audience. No
  • 5. Overall Music Video Feedback…• From my music video feedback I have concluded that my music video should follow the codes and conventions of a folk acoustic music video therefore from the help of the results of my feedback I ensured that emphasis was on the artist as well as the location, I ensure that all my locations were set outside to allow the natural theme of the music video flow throughout. Furthermore I also stuck with my idea of just having one artist within the music video and the feedback I got agreed with this. Also within my feedback the favourite location was the Bus therefore I allowed more screen time for this and really put a focus on it by starting it with a pan shot. So finally my feedback has reassured me of my ideas and helped me to conclude on ideas such as using more than one artist and if I should keep it all outside it has also helped me create the really natural theme of my music video and helped it to flow throughout in all aspects which is what I was looking for.
  • 6. Magazine Advert Feedback...Should my artist give eyecontact to the audience? This result confirmed that my artist should give eye contact to the audience in my mag advert. With my artist giving eye contact it Yes allows the magazine ad to grab the No audiences attention and make a connection with them. What font should I use? Funky As the result was very clear I decided to chose a simple yet stand out font. By Simple yet choosing this type of font it allows the font stands out to stand out to the audience yet still follow the natural folk/ acoustic theme that I am Very Simple going for. Wavey
  • 7. Magazine Advert Feedback...How much text should I have on my poster Loads Considering this result I decided to keep the text really simple to allow Moderate the focus on the image and also to keep in theme of the natural folk/ Keep it acoustic theme. simple Should my image be taken outside? Following this result and considering my theme and genre I chose to take my image outside by a watermill. This really ensures that I keep in Yes theme with all three products as this image is No taken by a place where I filmed.
  • 8. Magazine Advert Feedback...Should I use natural lighting? Following this result I decided to keep my natural theme flowing as much as Yes possible and only allow natural lighting No to be used to really connotate the theme to audience. Should the advert focus on the artist? Considering this clear result I ensured That the whole magazine advert focused on my artist who was giving eye contact to the Yes audience grabbing there attention and also No automatically creating connection between the two.
  • 9. Overall Magazine Advert Feedback…• My magazine advert feedback has really helped me to finalise a lot of my ideas. First of all the feedback allowed me to decide whether to really focus on the artist within the advert or the location as the results clearly showed it was emphasis on the artist so I pictured the artist giving the audience eye contact really creating a connection with them, although I also kept the lighting natural following the codes and conventions of a typical magazine advert and situated my artist by the lake allowing the location to shine through as well as the artist and for the audience to really recognise what this magazine advert is all about. Furthermore I also got feedback on how much text I should use within my advert, I was very unsure of how much to use as I didn’t want to bog down my audience yet I also didn’t want to not give them sufficient information, as my results show it says keep it simple with the text therefore I gave key information to the audience which stuck out to them but also didn’t take anything away from the main image and theme of the magazine advert. I was also very unsure of what font to use in the end and from help from my results I chose to go for a bold font but yet simple so it stood out to the audience and caught there eye but didn’t take anything away from the image, also on the text at the bottom I put a white stroke on the text so it really stood out to the audience and they wouldn’t miss it yet by using white it didn’t attract all the attention from the audience. So finally my feedback has reassured me of my ideas and helped me to conclude on ideas such as what font to use and how much to use of it, whether to use natural lighting and what location should I use all this feedback has really helped my advert to flow naturally and keep the them and genre flowing well.
  • 10. Digipak Feedback...Should I use the same image from magazine advert? Following this result I decided to use the very same image from my magazine advert for the front cover of my Yes digipak. This allows my audience to automatically recognise my digipak in No the shops and online from my magazine poster automatically giving it a head start. Should I use the same font as the magazine ad? Again following the result I decided to use the same font as it allows the audience to make that connection straight away from Yes the magazine advert to the digipak and No also allows it to flow nicely.
  • 11. Digipak Feedback...Should I use lots of text? Again similar to the magazine advert and following this result I decided not use loads of text and keep it simple. Yes This allows my natural theme to flow No nicely and also really lets my images shine through.Should all of my images From this clear result I ensured all my follow a theme? images followed a theme from down by the watermill. This really projects my genre to the audience of folk/ Yes acoustic, and allows my digipak flow from page to page and not get boring No and uninteresting for the audience.
  • 12. Digipak Feedback... Should my cd itself have an image on it? As this result was close I decided to use a very simple and subtle image for my cd which was flowing water from the Yes watermill. This image also allows my theme to flow nicely a natural folk/ No acoustic and really represents that to the audience.Should I use an image on each part? I decided to use a quite simple image on each page of my digipak apart from my front cover which is a very striking image to grab the audiences attention. I Yes decided to use an image on each part of my digipak so it doesnt get boring for No the audience and also allows the theme to flow nicely.
  • 13. Overall Digipak Feedback…• My digipak feedback has really helped me to finalise on a lot of ideas that I was unsure on. First of all I was unsure of transferring ideas from my magazine advert to my digipak so I decided to get feedback from it, first of all I got feedback on whether I should use the same image or not from the magazine advert, from my feedback it was clear that I should and so I did so. By using the same image it allowed the audience to identify with digipak when in shops or online from the magazine advert primarily through the image used. I was also unsure whether to use the same font from my magazine advert to my digipak yet as my feedback shows again it said I should therefore I did and again it allows the audience to identify with the digipak from the magazine advert and it really allows the advert and digipak flow together and not look completely different. I also got feedback on how much text I should use and following my feedback I decided to keep it to a minimum to all the natural theme to flow throughout the digipak. I also got feedback on whether I should use and image on each part of my didgipak and reflecting my results on this I decided to do so to ensure that I never loose the audiences attention and it never gets boring for them, I was also unsure to use and image on my cd following my feedback I used a subtle and natural image of flowing water so it’s not too in the face for the audience. Finally I was unsure whether all my images should follow a theme within my digipak as my results show it says that they should but following further feedback and trial and error I decided to make sure that a couple of images fitted in with the digipak yet reflected other songs within my digipak and not just my single, allowing the audience to get a real feel of the whole album by just looking through the digipak.