Looking back at your preliminary task


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Looking back at your preliminary task

  1. 1. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel youhave learnt in the progression from it to the full product?You can see a great improvement form my preliminary task to my final product. I have put ina great amount of work in my research and planning and this has allowed me to create amagazine to the best of my ability. I have learnt many new skills along the way especiallywith Photoshop and Indesign, I have applied my new skills to my music magazine making itthe best I possibly can. The colour scheme I have used is a lot better than my preliminarytask as the colours jump out to the reader more grabbing their attention, also the structureand layout is better, making short points to jump out at the reader other than almostsentences on my preliminary task which wouldn’t attract the reader at all. The image I haveused is also a lot more effective by using a studio to shoot for my music magazine it hasallowed me to get a greater quality photo and with Charlotte laughing it really reflect hepersonality to the audience straight away.Also from the preliminary contents page to my music magazine contents page I havechanged the structure a lot, I’ve ensure that my contents page holds the reader’s attentionby being short and quick with exciting news using buzz words to really emphasise this to thereader. Also from my preliminary front cover to my music magazine front cover the image Ihave used in my music magazine is a mid-shot this allows a closer look at Charlotte’s facewhich is essentially what the audience focuses on the most. Also when it came to my doublepaged spread from my development of using Indesign and Photoshop I was able to create acolourful interesting spread, dodging the chance of it being boring with to much writing andtoo little colour.
  2. 2. After looking at a variety of magazines in my research, I found that NME best suited thestyle of magazine I wanted to produce. I really liked NME’s layout’s, colour scheme, artistsand genre’s. I have created an alternative/ indie magazine which typically follows NME’sconventions. I researched into a variety of NME magazines finding that there colour schemeran throughout which was red and yellow this highly influenced the colours I used for mymusic magazine. After looking at one NME magazine in particular it gave me the idea that inmy double page spread the first letter of the first word should be so large that the rest ofthe text can fit inside it, making it interesting and very quirky for the reader, very much myaudience would want. I also looked into the font NME used they used a few fonts to keep itinteresting for the reader but not too many to allow it to be easily readable for theaudience, I went for a very similar approach to NME.