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College contents analysis 2

College contents analysis 2






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    College contents analysis 2 College contents analysis 2 Presentation Transcript

    • By using sub-headings, it gives an The masthead ‘COLLEGE’ is a very bright insight to the reader of what is inside red using capitals, amplifying it to the the magazine, hopefully making them reader. The red of ‘college’ also ties on want to read on. This front cover also with the red of the girls t- uses ‘Buzz words’ such as ‘new’ and shirt, demonstrating to the reader that ‘Teasers’ such as “the truth behind this red is the front cover colour scheme for legal drug” to entice the reader. this week’s issue. Furthermore by using the word ‘your’, you’re using synthetic personalisation to make the reader believe you’re actually talking to them.The main image is in the centre of themagazine, of a girl looking straight atthe audience giving an eye-line matchor a direct mode of address betweenthe reader and herself. The main imageis a mid-shot of the girl, allowingenough emphasis on the girls face toentice the reader in. This also shows usthat the target audience for thismagazine is college students. The mellow background using subtle colours is used to provide emphasis upon the girl. A shallow depth of field The mode of address is not specific within this is also used to immediately draw the magazine as it targets such a big audience. reader’s attention the main image or The subheadings down the side of the front the masthead. cover help to direct a certain mode of address to their target audience. By using blue and black font it puts emphasis on certain parts of the text rather than others.
    • The masthead at the top of the magazine cover The front cover tries to use specificin bold yellow font is made to stand out and techniques to grab the reader’s attention.catch the reader’s attention against the black Firstly the use graphic features, such as thebackground. The yellow font jumps off the page ‘Splat!’ on a pink background immediatelybecoming very eye catching to the reader. We jumping out to the reader by being thecan also identify the main story within the only pink on the page. Secondly the frontmagazine, this being the ‘Dancehall’s Bright cover uses ‘puff’s’ and ‘teasers’ such asFuture’, we are able to establish this by it being ‘ultimate’ to boost the magazines image.in the same colour as the masthead and it being Finally the front cover also uses ‘plug’s’the biggest text on the screen except the such as the subheadings to give the readermasthead. an insight to what the magazine is about. The main image on the magazine cover is what seems to be a college student holding booksThe mode of address is not specific and the front signifying to the reader that the targetcover shows a variety of different ones. Of course audience for this magazine is college students.the magazine is going to be based around college The main image is a mid shot taking up thebut it has to cater for all of their target audience majority of the page; the image is lookingtrying to reach every student. They’ve tried to straight out through the cover giving an eyeachieve this by using sub headings, opening the line match to the reader, making the readermagazine up to a wider audience. Sub headings feel more important. With the main imagecreate an insight in to the main subjects within the taking over the majority of the front cover youmagazine without diving into the contents page. can tell that it’s going to be all about college,The sub headings are either in yellow or white yet by having a cool good looking guy as thewhich jumps off the page when put onto a black main image it shows the reader that this isn’tbackground, grabbing the reader’s attention. just all about college it can be cool as well.
    • This contents page has a range of images dotted The masthead for this contents page is ‘What’saround the page giving the reader a more visual inside?’ which is a less formal way of sayingeffect. By each image is a page number, with no ‘contents’. In large turquoise font (keeping indescription leaving the image to do the with the turquoise theme) it’s very eye-catchingdescribing to the reader. There isn’t a main to the reader. Red font is used to highlight theimage on this contents page, as all three images importance of headlines and to catch theare similar sizes with one overlapping on the reader’s attention, whilst the rest of the text is inother two. black. Yellow highlighter is used over the ‘welcome’, in the top left hand corner to grab the reader’s attention which is then followed by an introduction from the editor.Turquoise and blue are the maincolours used within this contents Although this has all the key areas of apage. They are very eye-catching contents page it has quite a complex layout.subtle colours and really jump of It has a bar down the left hand side with pagethe page to the reader when on a numbers on then the main headlines withplain white background. descriptions on to either the left or right. This content page also uses plugs, such as the yellow circle to the left of the page giving further information to the reader.
    • There are three main images in the contents page which The mast head for this page being the contents isall use different camera shots, from a close up, to a wide in the largest font indicating to the reader it’s ashot, to a mid shot. By using a different shot type it gives a contents page and the title to the page. Red font isdifferent appearance and style to the reader, showing the used to show ‘Year 2009’, red shows themagazine at different angles appealing to a wide importance to the reader of when it was made.audience. Each image has a page number but no The headlines are in bold catching the reader’sdescription, letting the image speak to the reader rather attention with the description not being in boldthan the description. Yet the largest image on the page making it less eye catching for the reader so if theyusually indicates the main article to the reader, the main find the headline interesting they will read more.image on this contents page is 58. This is a very simple contents page with a very simple layout the mast head (‘Table Of Contents’) at the top, images making it more visual for the reader and then the main headlines making the magazine easier toThe magazine categorises the main navigate. To make the contents more excitingheadlines for the reader giving them and eye catching for the reader they coulda short description of what the article have used sharper colours or quotes andis about. Using page numbers and teasers from within the magazine itself.descriptions the magazine is madeeasier to navigate for the reader.