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Analysis of music magazine covers
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Analysis of music magazine covers



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  • 1. The masthead ‘NME’ being in bold red This magazine also uses Buzz words such as capitals stands out and amplifies it on the ‘first’ and Teasers such as ‘First report from white/grey background. It also ties in with the Albert Hall show’. This techniques are red/yellow theme with the main heading primarily used to entice and make the reader being ‘THE LIBERTINES’ following the Reading that they are getting the best they can out of and Leeds Festival colours showing straight this magazine. away to the audience what the issue is about.The mode of address from this front cover wecan tell is obviously ‘The Libertines’ fans ormore so people who are attending Reading orLeeds Festival. The skyline and subheadingshelp entice and target the magazine at a The main image is a mid shot of the band ‘Thebigger audience. Libertines’ looking straight at the reader giving a direct mode of address or an eye line match making the reader feel special. Also indicates to the reader that this issue is about ‘The Libertines’.
  • 2. The masthead ‘KERRANG’ has been covered by the mainimage which takes up the majority of the page showingthe importance and significance of the image to thereader. By covering up the masthead it indicates to usthat it’s regular customers who buy ‘KERRANG’ so they The mode of address is quite obvious for thisdon’t have the importance to show the whole masthead. magazine issue. Firstly ‘My ChemicalThe main image is an eye line match or a direct mode of Romance’ fans have been particularlyaddress to the reader, enticing the reader and making targeted along with any other music that fitsthem feel special. along with that genre. This magazine uses lots of techniques in attempt to draw in and grab the readers attention, they use techniques such as; Buzz words ‘PLUS!’, Teasers ‘THE INSIDE STORY’, slanting story to give the cover a quirky look, skyline to give extra exciting information, Graphic features such as smaller images to give an insight to the reader and finally puff and pull techniques.
  • 3. The masthead on this magazine cover is ‘METAL HAMMER’ yet ‘ARCHITECTS’ could be mistaken for the masthead as it’s in the same font and a This magazine cover uses techniques to amplify very similar size. Moreover the masthead, main itself to the audience such as; Buzz words ‘WIN’, heading and main image all keep in touch with Pull quotes ‘The MORE PEOPLE HATE, THE this issues red/orange fire theme immediately STRONGER WE’LL BECOME!’, and Teasers such as grabbing the readers attention. ‘HOT LIST 2011’. The main image is a close up taking up the majority of the front cover. The man is looking straight out to the audience giving them a directThe mode of address for this magazine is obvious. mode of address and an eye line match grabbingIt’s a regular niche target audience of heavy metal the readers attention. By putting the image andmusic lovers. The subheadings and skyline show text onto a black background it immediatelyto the niche market that they can exactly cater stands out to the reader jumping of the page atfor there needs with what’s inside. them.
  • 4. The bright red masthead stands out straight away to The mode of address is not completely specific withthe audience indicating what magazine it is. With this magazine. Although we know it’s targeted atthis being the only red on the front cover it music lovers, it targets a large range of music loversimmediately stands out and is one of the first things from indie rock such as ‘Florence and The Machine’you look out. to X Factor mainstream Simon Cowell. Showing this magazine has to cater for a very large musical audience. The main image on this front cover is a very poignant image it’s an extreme close up, also giving This front cover uses techniques such as; Graphical the reader an eye line match and direct mode of features ‘ZANE LOWE’, Buzz words ‘NEW’, and Pull address. By Florence wearing blue eye shadow it ties Quotes ‘I FEEL SO ALONE’ all to grab and pull in the in with other subheadings etc. Going on around the readers attention. page drawing them to the readers attention.
  • 5. The classic red ‘RollingStone’ masthead immediately grabs the reader. With this The mode of address is not extremely clear being pretty much the only red on the page with just Adele on the front as a range of it really jumps out to the reader straight music lovers like her. Yet as we look closer away. Also by giving the masthead at the magazine the Skyline say’s “BEST OF shadowing at the back it makes it look 3D it ROCK 2011” indicating to the audience that really does jump out at the reader. this weeks issue is directed at rock lovers. By using sub-headings, it gives an insight to the reader of whatThe main image on this page is a close up is inside the magazine,of Adele, who is a very popular artist and hopefully making them want toalso very well known attracting the readers read on. This front cover alsoattention. By Adele looking straight out uses ‘Buzz words’ such as ‘PLUS’through the page giving an eye line match and Teasers such as ‘THE MOSTand direct mode of address it immediately HATED GIRL ON THE INTERNET’connects with reader making them feel to entice the reader.significant.
  • 6. This layout isn’t very complex yet isThe masthead for this contents page is ‘INSIDE quite quirky and cool trying to tapTHIS WEEK’ which is a less formal way of saying into there target audience. With‘contents’, keeping it cool and quirky perfect for different style fonts and differentthere target audience. The masthead is in black style images scattered around theleaving the colors of the pictures doing the page it’s not the neatest or mosttalking and jumping out to the reader. sophisticated layout yet it still has allFurthermore all font on the page is in black, but the information needed. As well asto emphasize points they have either made the the main images and information ontext bigger/ different style font/bold or in italics, the page, the contents also has amaking the page more interesting for the ‘PLUS’ column showing to thereader. audience what else they have to offer.This contents page is very visual for the reader.Large images are used to entice the reader thenwith there big bold page number to the right ofthem the reader can jump straight to that page.Yet if the images don’t do enough talking, eachimage has a pull quote beneath it to entice thereader and then a short Teaser to quickly sumup what the article’s going to be about. Themain image on this page is image 23, it’s in thecentre and is the biggest immediately telling thereader that this is the main article for this weeksissue.
  • 7. Many text types, fonts, and colours have been used to make this contents page interesting for the reader. Firstly we haveThe masthead for this page is ‘CONTENTS’, ‘CONTENTS’ as the largest font on a blackyet the masthead from the front cover has background to immediately jump out to thebeen carried through trying to keep a reader. We then notice the ‘REVIEW’ is inrecurring theme of Q advertised on each the same font, same black background etc.page. Moreover contents has been put yet just smaller. The review is like a smalleronto a black background with white font to contents page on the contents page, it hasreally stand out to the reader. it’s own rectangle of information with page numbers, headlines and descriptions using graphical features such as the image to entice and give the reader an extra pocket of information. Furthermore ‘FEATURES’ and ‘EVERY MONTH’ have been put onto a red background with white font to grab the readers attention subtly, they then have bold headlines and descriptions beneath them with bold red page numbers to showThe main image on this page is a wide shot the reader exactly where to go. Finally thisof the band ‘THE COURTEENERS’. The month they have an ‘OASIS SPECIAL’ toimage takes up the majority of the page emphasise this point to the reader it’s beenand will most probably be one of the first put in a thin bordered box with gold writingthings the reader see’s, by the band all and gold page numbers to indicate to thelooking straight at the camera it gives a reader how special and rare it is.direct mode of address to the readermaking them feel significant. Beneath theimage it has a pull quote and page numberso you know exactly where to got to.
  • 8. The masthead for this page is ‘CONTENTS’,with ‘METAL HAMMER’ above reminding thereader that this is Metal Hammer magazine.‘CONTENTS’ has been put in black font on awhite background to immediately jump out tothe reader, with a Mental themed font toreally tap into there niche target audience.The same font has been used throughout thecontents page to keep the same theme The layout for this contents page isn’tflowing. The only times it hasn’t been used is very sophisticated, which has been donefor larger pieces of information such as on purpose to try and tap into theredescriptions and the ‘Editors Speech’ so it’s younger audience. Yet although on theeasy for the reader to read. Different colour surface it looks quite messy, it’s beenfont has been used throughout the page to carefully crafted to make sure they havehighlight key points to the reader and make all the key points in there. They alsothe page more interesting and exciting for the have the editors speech about theaudience. magazine , to make the reader feel special as if the magazine has been made for them. The colour scheme is kept within red, black, white and bits of yellow (to highlight points) – the colourMany images have been used on this contents scheme reflects a very heavy rockpage to entice the reader and make the page theme, which is exactly the targetreally jump off the page at you. Images have audience they are going for.been used with no description just a pagenumber to let the picture to completely dothe talking to the reader. Furthermore textboxes have been used holding little pockets ofinformation with pictures to try andadvertise/make the magazine look moreexciting. The also use graphical features to tryand connect with all there target audience.
  • 9. The masthead for this page is ‘CONTENTS’ in a bold yellow font on a black background so it really stands out to the reader. Which is then followed by ‘THIS WEEK’ on a yellow background with black font so the opposite to contents. Which is then followed by smaller sub- headings breaking up the magazine into sections for the reader, making it easy for the reader to navigate there way around.The main image used on this pagetakes up a larger majority of thepage making it one of the firstthings the reader will see. Themain image is then surrounded bygraphical features which aresmaller images. Each image has apage number, a headline for theimage in bold and then adescription if the reader wouldlike to find out any more about The layout for this image isn’t verythe image. complex it’s got all the key areas that a contents page needs and is laid out in an orderly fashion so it appeals to the target audience yet is still easy to navigate around. It also has extra parts to entice the reader such as a speech from the editor to make the reader feel significant and as if the editor is talking to the reader.
  • 10. Although this is a very simple layout it keeps the theme flowing nicely and doesn’t look cluttered at all. They have all the information they need onThe first word that comes to mind when you there to entice the reader. You can tellsee this magazine cover is classic. Firstly the this is more a classy or one offmasthead ‘CONTENTS’ is put into a bold red magazine most probably aimed at anbox at the top of the page clearly stated to older audience by it’s rich, classy,the reader. A royal red is used for the classic feel to it.background so that the contents stands outto the reader but is not so in there face andmanages to maintain the classic theme of itall. Furthermore down the right hand side ofthe contents page is sub-headings breakingdown the magazine for the reader. Each There are three images on thissubheading is in the royal red with a greyish contents page and there isn’t abackground to keep the theme running. This specific main image. Each image hasweek they have a special edition to the been separated by about a cm so thatmagazine which is ‘YEAR IN REVIEW’, in a it keeps the theme and doesn’t makeyellow tinted box just below the masthead it look cluttered. Also each image hasso it stands out to the reader, and signifies a small description in white writing,to them that this is special. towards the right hand side of the image – by using white subtle writing it keeps the theme of the magazine and doesn’t overwrite and ruin the image.
  • 11. There is one main image on the double page spread. The image is of the band ‘THE VACCINES’. The image takes up the whole of one page and about a 3rd of the second page, this has been done primarily for the The masthead for this double audience to connect with the band and get a real feel for who they are page is obviously ‘THE seeing as this is there first interview for NME and they are just starting out VACCINES’. By having it in big and are getting recognised. By the lead singer standing at the front closest bold font you immediately to the camera it allows the audience to recognise him as the lead singer understand that it’s the name of and the he plays the main role in the band. Each band member is looking the band and this double page is directly at the camera giving a direct mode of address to the reader, and primarily done on them. Directly for the reader to feel they’re looking at them. underneath the masthead is a little bit about the band hopefully enticing the reader to read on. Also within the text is aThe layout of this double page is pull quote, “We are a pop bandvery simple and isn’t very busy and we want to be a pop band”at all. They’ve do this to focus all ‘JUSTIN YOUNG’. By putting thisthe attention on ‘THE VACCINES’ pull quote in bigger font and inand nothing else. By having a blue it immediately will draw thevery large image immediately readers eyes to it, in the homethe audience can identify with that the reader will like it andthem along with the very large want to read the article.masthead. The colour schemefor this double page isn’t veryvibrant so that your focusdoesn’t fly all over the place.Bits of blue have been placed allover the place to connecteverything together, makingsure the audience understandsit’s a double page spread.Furthermore they’ve used blueto make it a bit more vibrant, asthe photo is quite bland keepingthe focus on the boys faceslooking at the audience insteadof what they’re wearing.
  • 12. The layout for this double page The masthead for this page is a pull quote, from Gerard Way lead is very simple and minimalistic singer of My Chemical Romance – “I REMEMBER SAYING, ‘IF WE yet it stands out to the NEVER DO THIS AGAIN, THANK YOU’…”. By having this as the audience. The three main masthead we can immediately tell that the audience is meant to colours used in this article are know who Gerard Way is and they don’t need to say anywhere red, white and blue.. Three very near it in bold or different colour that he’s the lead singer of My significant colours. By putting all Chemical Romance. By having a pull quote it should immediately of this onto a black background want the reader to read the article and entice them in even more. it really stands out to the audience, especially the article being in white makes the text clear and cut. By GerardThere is one main image on this wearing red, white and bluedouble page spread. We can and even having red hair! Heimmediately identify that it’s immediately fits in and doesn’tGerard Way by the ‘pull quote’. look out of place in the middleYet the editor presumes that of the text. By starting eachthe target audience will paragraph with red bold font itimmediately know who he is. brightens up the article andFurthermore the image is in the doesn’t make it boring for themiddle of the page breaking up audience.the text showing that he is verypowerful and that this article isall about him and his band.Furthermore Gerard is lookingat the ground, normally themain image is giving a directmode of address to theaudience. Yet the audiencealready identify with himenough that they don’t needtoo.
  • 13. The masthead for this article is‘THE ART OF SHREDDING’immediately telling the reader The layout for this page isn’tthat this double page spread is particularly tidy, yet this hasgoing to be on guitars. By been done on purpose to tryputting it onto a black and identify with thebackground it really stands audience. Yet there areout to the reader. Also by subheadings to categorise thehaving blood splatters on ‘THE guitarists making it easier forART OF SHREDDING’, it plays the reader to navigate thereon the word ‘SPLATTER’ and way around. By putting theshows this article isn’t for the main text on a whitefaint hearted as such and background with black text itshredding’s a hard task. really stands out the reader,Underneath the masthead also by putting the names ofthere’s a little pocket of the guitarists at the start ofinformation to entice the the text in red really drawsreader to read the article, with the reader in. this doublea picture of the guitarist next page spread also uses otherto it, this also indicates what techniques to grab thethe article is going to be like readers attention, such as pullfor the reader. quotes, plugs and graphic features. There isn’t a particularly a main image on this double page spread for each guitarist there has been an article on there is a picture with a description beneath, this creates imagery for the reader and they can also get to know some famous guitarists. By using guitar picks and amp plugs cleverly placed around the page it immediately shows the reader that this is purely a ‘guitar based’ article and also makes the article more interesting for the reader.
  • 14. The masthead for this double page The layout for this article isspread is ‘OUTCOME the FREAKS’. quite simple and easy for theAutomatically telling the reader that reader to navigate there waythis isn’t your everyday article. By around. By using a very largeputting emphasis on ‘OUTCOME’ and ‘T’ it indicates to the readerespecially by putting this in the the start of the article, also bybiggest font ‘FREAKS’ really standing using a smaller ‘R’ it showsout to the reader. Furthermore the start of a new paragraph.underneath the masthead is a teaser, Also in the middle of thetelling the reader what this article is article there is a Teaser givinggoing to be about. Within the teaser the reader information aboutthey have highlighted ‘RED HOT CHILI the Red Hot Chili Peppers newPEPPERS’ to indicate to the reader song. By using gold as one ofthat this is the band that the article is the main colours it adds classon if they didn’t already know or to to this article and it may bejump out to the reader and make aimed at an older audience.them want to read on. Also by using black text on a white background it really stands out to the reader. There is on main image on this double page which takes up just over one page. The image is of the band ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’, three out of four of the band members are giving the reader a direct mode of address or eye line match. By the fourth member not giving a direct mode of address it makes the image a bit more edgy. By two of the band members not wearing tops and flashing there tattoos, and with different hairstyles it reflects the mast head of ‘FREAKS’. Also by putting the photo shoot onto to a pink background instead of a plain colour like white or black, it really amplifies the ‘FREAKS’ part to the reader.
  • 15. There is one main image for this article, which is of Katy Perry and takes up half of the double page spread. She’s giving a direct mode of address and an eye line match to the reader to entice them and make them feel as if she is looking at them. They’ve tried to target a very large audience with this photo, firstly her fans as they want to read about ‘Katy Perry’, secondly women interested in the gossip about her and finally men by Katy wearingThere isn’t a particularly set such revealing clothes it may entice them to read on.‘masthead’ for this article.Although there is a statement,with a pull quote underneath toentice the reader to read thearticle. By putting it in themiddle of the article it willimmediately draw the readersattention and hopefully makethem want to read on with a pullquote. Furthermore by putting itin bold large black font on awhite background it’simmediately going to stand outto the reader. The layout for this page is very simple, it has the main image on one side and then the article on the other it uses pull quotes to draw the reader in, it also uses a skyline on the left hand side just to make sure that the reader knows it’s Katy Perry. The article does use a large A to show the start of a new paragraph and make it a bit more interesting for the reader.