Building Your Brand Using Digital and Social Media for NWFS April 2013


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This presentation was designed for the restaurant, specialty food and beverage, and food services business. But, its content and approaches are universally applicable to all businesses.

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  • Building Your Brand Using Digital and Social Media for NWFS April 2013

    1. 1. How to Use and Leverage Online and Social Media for Business Results
    2. 2. HOLLY BROWNPublisher, Foodie, Web TV Host THEB ROWNLOUNGE.COM
    3. 3. WHAT IS THEBROWNL OUNGE. COM A Syndicated Lifestyle Program “Where Food, Wine, and Friends Meet!”
    4. 4. THEBROWNLOUNGE.COM• WebTV Show• KIXI AM Radio Program• Blog• Integrated product and sponsor placement• Menus/Recipes• Party Themes• Photos• E-Commerce
    5. 5. SYNDICATED CONTENT NETWORK Network Platform and Partners:   iFood TV  Glam Media  YouTube  Twitter Facebook >>  Facebook  Slideshare Pinterest >>  Pinterest Twitter >>  The West Seattle Herald SlideShare >>  KIXI Radio AM 880/KKNW YouTube >>  
    6. 6. WE CREATE & P ROMOTE CONTENT WITH PARTNERS • Story & Recipe Development • Video Production • Photo Galleries & Product Placement • Weekly Blog • Menus and Party Plans • Social Content • E-Mail • Social Ads, Campaigns and PPC • Events
    7. 7. WHY YOU’RE HERE• Need to build awareness?• Manage your brand?• Promote what’s new?• Connect with your community?• Spend time and money efficiently and effectively• Business KPIs (recency, frequency, preference, average ticket, sales, leads, other?
    8. 8. Anything Else?
    9. 9. HOLLY BROWN• Brand Marketing Experience • Ogilvy and Mather• Digital/Social Media Innovation • Avenue A Razorfish/Publicis• Software/Technology Expertise • MRM McCann Worldgroup• Start-ups and Big Brands • Visio Corporation• Passionate Entrepreneur • Microsoft• Business Owner • Disney Destinations• Food Products and Services • Weight Watcher’s Intl. Partner • Ben & Jerry’s• Entertainment Personality •
    10. 10. WHERE DO WE START?In a connected world, brand love is driven by technologyplatforms and peer to peer networks: • Your customers discover, learn, and decide using mobile and digital technology • Your customers get real time input and feedback from people, places, and content aligned to their interests, needs and passions. • Your customers consume and share information with their friends via mobile devices • Brand ambassadors or EARNED not born!
    11. 11. YOU ARE HERE Web 3.0 ` ` Places Content People
    12. 12. DIGITAL MARKETING E VOLUTION Web 1.0 Web 2.0 Web 3.0 Shout Search Share
    13. 13. BRAND MARKETER’S CHALLENGE Shout Search Share Ads KWs Content
    14. 14. FROM PLAN & BUY TO PUBLISH, CONNECT, E NGAGE Old Media New Media Advertising Website Couponing Facebook FSIs Linked-in PR Twitter Open Table Google Pinterest Apps Yelp
    15. 15. Like it or not, you are a Publisher!
    16. 16. C ONTENT YOU C AN/S HOULD PUBLISH? • Videos • Banner Ads • Blog • Pre-Roll • Social Posts • Integrated Sponsorship • E-Mail • Apps • Photos • Campaigns, Contests and • Events Promotion • Keywords • Customer engagement and conversation
    17. 17. REAL CHALLENGES • Time and budget • Expertise and resources • Technology complexity • Workflow • Measurement
    18. 18. LESSONS FROM THE LOUNGE• Content publishing takes planning, feedback, and iteration.• Social platforms are great for sharing website content, promos, photos, and customer engagement, but……• Your website is still your central content repository and provides content organizing principles for your business, on your terms.• Don’t count on going viral.• Budget for Facebook and Google Ads as well as Sponsored Stories.• Share compelling, visual content, and make it shareable• It takes time and testing to figure out what works – pay attention.
    19. 19. UNDERSTAND SITE ACTIVITYGoogle Analytics • Daily traffic • Referral traffic • Geographic coverage
    20. 20. LESSONS FROM THE LOUNGE• Create and publish content that’s useful, newsy, and entertaining• Find and manage your voice• Video is the new platform for search and storytelling• Work with complementary partners and influencers• Engage in customer conversation• Use FB engagement metrics to test messages, then scale with paid ads and sponsored stories to drive incremental reach
    21. 21. OPTIMIZE YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE Track Reach and Engagement Use Your Cover image to show who you are and what you do? Cross promote your other channels Share Photos with links back to your website
    22. 22. UNDERSTAND YOUR AUDIENCE Know Know which who’s posts are engaging getting with your viewed, lik content? ed and shared Know who you’re reaching?
    23. 23. USE AUTOMATION TOOLS• Each social platform offers a different value to you, to your brand, and to your audience – use them appropriately• Capitalize on whats trending to be contextually relevant• Plan for your plan to change - this is the real time web
    24. 24. S OCIAL CONTENT AND BLOGGER INFLUENCE M ATTER TO Y OUR CONSUMER AND TO Y OUR BRAND• 81% of U.S online consumers trust information and advice from blogs• Web video has a significant influence on consumer purchases, and video results appear in roughly 70% of the top 100 listings in search results• 73% of online consumers trust Food Blogs• 81% of the population cooks dinner all or some of the time• Food is #1 category driving engagement on Pinterest• 61% of online consumers have made a purchase from a blog recommendation• Facebook shares have the greatest influence on Google Search Rankings
    25. 25. Q&A
    26. 26. Contact Holly Brown