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Be the content
Be the content
Be the content
Be the content
Be the content
Be the content
Be the content
Be the content
Be the content
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Be the content
Be the content
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Be the content
Be the content
Be the content
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Be the content
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Be the content


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. Be The Content
    Lessons for 21st Century
    Product/brand management
    Observations - Facts – Learning
  • 2. In a Networked World….
    ….People make decisions using communities of interest and influence (people, places and content aligned to their interests, needs and passions)
    ….Communities of interest and influence are networks of content creators and content consumers
    ….you can find them all over the web
    .... you are one and your product or brand is one too!
  • 3. The New Battleground for Decision Making Behavior
  • 4. “Be the Content” is about Content and Conversational Marketing in a Peer to Peer Networked World
    You must rethink your role, your relationship, and your approach to product/brand management
  • 5. Marketing Evolution
  • 6. Marketer’s Challenge
  • 7. Web 3.0
  • 8. Old Media New Media
    Users repackage and redistribute messages
    Users talk back – often start the conversation
    Marketing is about content relevancy
    Content is syndicated from your site to places you don’t own or control
    Controlled targeting & broadcast messages
    Publish web pages & download case studies
    Marketing is about efficient reach
    Content is rooted in places you own and control
  • 9. Real Challenges
    • Scale vs Relevancy
    • 10. Reach vs Engagement
    • 11. Automation vs Conversation
    • 12. Creative vsTechnology
    • R2integrated Social Media Marketing Survey 11/3/2010
    • 13. R2integrated Brand Tracking Survey
    Some Facts
  • 14. Content Publishing is A Primary Focus
  • 15. Eight in ten companies distribute some of their branded content through third parties, mainly the “Big Four”
    While continuing to favor traditional paid media approaches to audience targeting, even on the “Big Four”
    • CPC buys (38%)
    • 19. Behavioral targeting (32%)
    • 20. Text ads (30%)
    Still a Lot of Shouting!
  • 21. Short on Plans and Resources
  • 22. Unsure How to Measure ROI
  • 23. Not Engaging the New Influencers
    Does your company have some form of blogger outreach program?
    In Development – 22%
    No – 42%
    Unsure – 10%
    Yes – 26%
  • 24. Marketer’s Conundrums
    “I don’t have the staff or workflow”
    “I can’t explain what’s working to management”
    “I’m overloaded with data”
    “I Need to identify key areas of importance”
  • 25. Do your homework
    Build a Roadmap
    Think Like a Publisher, but Act Like A Peer
    Rethink the way you approach Media and Influencers
    Listen, Learn, adapt
    What to do?
  • 26. Do Your Homework
    • Who are the people who talk about your category or brand and where do they gather?
    • 27. Where is content and conversation about your category or product being consumed?
    • 28. Who shares your content? Why and where?
    • 29. Which content has the most velocity or engagement?
    • 30. Where are the most important conversations about your category or brand happening and how can you participate in the content or conversation?
    • 31. How can your content maximize engagement with key audiences and influencers?
    • 32. How do you query and respond to those who are speaking up and speaking out?
  • Develop a Roadmap
    Create and re-package campaigns and content - deploy across channels
    Develop a plan for participation, invitation and reaction
    Test, Learn and Optimize
    What are the points of entry for content and conversation?
    People and Places
    Identify, Understand and Prioritize
  • 33. Think like a Publisher and Act Like a Peer
    Find your voice
    Understand your contextual relevance
    Put your best foot forward
    Listen and learn
  • 34. Social Networks Work When They Provide Relevant, Useful Content and Conversation
    Most Important Factors When Deciding to Join Social Networks for Business Purposes According to Business Technology Buyers Worldwide, January 2010 (% of respondents)
    Quality of discussion and relevance of comments
    Topics discussed by the community
    Expertise and demonstrated thought leadership by participants
    Nature of problems/issues the community is formed around
  • 35. Approach Media and Content Distribution in New Ways
  • 36. Sample Road Map
    Phase 1) Audit and shape up owned social properties
    KPIs = increases in basic social metrics, fans, followers, and engagement. 
    • Social property audience and content audit
    • 37. Create a Social Analytics Dashboard and Listening Program
    • 38. Develop an Editorial /Content Calendar
    • 39. Setup workflow, escalation and conversation policy
    • 40. Tools assessment and set up
    Phase 2) Identify the People, Places and content that matter for Content Distribution, Amplification and Outreach
    KPIs = increase in SOV, positive sentiment, engagement and referral traffic to site and owned social properties. 
    • Work with PR to develop an influencer outreach plan
    • 41. Prioritize content and access point opportunities
    • 42. Leverage media assets and relationships to sponsor and syndicate content
    • 43. Drive traffic to your owned properties then Ttack and analyze results
    Phase 3) Integration of Conversational and Transactional programs
    KPIs = awareness, lead gen and conversion KPIs
    • Campaign planning and integration with advertising, PR, DM, Email etc.
    • 44. Integrate social into your website content
  • The Brown Lounge is a Personal Experiment/Journey I started in content and conversational Marketing.
    I turned my passion for food and wine into a content channel called the Brown Lounge.
    As a Social Media Marketing Practitioner I learn something new everyday, Both as a marketing professional in business and through the lens of my work on
    the Brown Lounge….
    Learnings From the Trenches
  • 45.
  • 46.
  • 47.
  • 48. Things I’ve Learned From The Brown Lounge
    • It’s scary
    • 49. It takes time and testing to figure out what works
    • 50. Social platforms are great for sharing content, promos, awareness and customer response
    • 51. But, your website is your central content repository and provides content organizing principles
    • 52. Your website is also the best place to convert real customers
    • 53. Content gains velocity fast, but loses velocity faster, you’re only as good as your last post!
    • 54. Each platform offers a different value to you, your brand and to your audience – use them accordingly
    • 55. You can only control the time and place of paid media, to drive reach and frequency through social (repost top content, pay attn. to what people respond to and when, respond when you get a comment to )
    • 56. Plan for your plan to change - this is the real time web
    • 57. If you don’t know who you are, your customers won’t be able to figure it out either!
  • Final Note
    “ Eventually, online social activities and connections will be baked into every form of digital content on the Web, from marketer brand Web sites to e-commerce shopping sites, to search engines to traditional media and entertainment sites.”
    Engagement cannot remain the sole province of a few social media experts, but instead must be embraced by the entire organization.
    – Charlene Li Altimeter Group
  • 58. Content Marketing Blogs
  • 59. Junta’s Top 20 Content Marketing Blogs
  • 60. Tools to Consider
    Radian 6
    Visible Technologies
    Sprout Social
    Targeting,trending and tracking
    Twitter Analytics
    Trendistic, Trendsmap, TweetStats
  • 61. Sites I Like
    Altimeter Group
    Brian Solis
    Buddy Media
    Digital Buzz Blog
    Marketing Profs
    Social Times
    What’s Trending
  • 62. @hollyabrown