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  1. 1. 1. Terminology 2. Theories 3. Using software 4. Photoshop 5. Blog 6. PowerPoint 7. Adobe design 8. Word 9. Scanning 10. Evaluation 11. File organisation 12. Photography skills 13. People skills 14. Next year?
  2. 2. From doing Media Studies at GCSE I went into A2 knowing quite a bit already, but I now have a wider vocabulary when it comes to specific camera angles or mise-en-scene. I also learnt new terminology at A2 for the film industry. Words like ‘distribution’ and “above/below the line” were phrases I didn’t know before a-levels. For next year, the terminology I learnt when doing textual analysis will help me to be successful as when we are filming our music videos, key Camera angles or editing skills will help to make my video appear professional and it will also help when doing my evaluation of my video because I can analyse my product to the best of my ability by using the correct terminology. Textual analysis terminology examples: •Ambient sound Birds eye shot •Shot-reverse-shot Incidental music •Key lighting Composition • • •
  3. 3. We haven't learnt about media theories yet so it will be something we have to look at next year.
  4. 4. Before this year I had never used prezi or even seen a prezi so it was completely new to me. I think it was easy to understand and after using it the first time I’d say that I knew how to use it well. I am happy with my prezi’s as I think they are an inventive way of presenting information which would usually be hard to make understandable. I hope I can use prezi next year as I think it helped me get a good grade in my evaluation due to being able to present your work to the best possible standard.
  5. 5. Photoshop was quite easy for me to use this year because of doing GCSE media studies and creating a fashion magazine in that. This year though I used more editing techniques like using another image for the background. An example of this is the union jack image I used in the background of both my front cover and my double page spread. I didn’t do much of this type of Photoshop work at GCSE so I’d say that over this last year I have gained a wider knowledge on how to edit images and use Photoshop to its full advantages. If I have to use Photoshop next year I think I’ll do quite well as I have gained a lot of knowledge from using it over the past 3 years.
  6. 6. I hadn’t used blogger before AS media so it was completely new to me. Although I don’t like blogger that much, I feel I know how to use it as best I can. Once using it for a few weeks it became easy to navigate and was quick to use. The only reason I don’t like blogger is because I feel it takes away a lot of the creativity in the process of creating a magazine, but it was easy to use and kept my work organised, so it will be useful to use next year.
  7. 7. I have used PowerPoint throughout high school and primary so I did have anything to learn when using it this year. I prefer to put my work onto a PowerPoint as you can be more creative with illustrating your work. It is also easier to present when putting onto my blog. Using PowerPoint also makes it easy to categorise my work into different slides and just makes presenting my work easier and more understandable. I will use PowerPoint again next year as I think it’s the easiest way to show your work.
  8. 8. We haven't used adobe design yet this year, so it’ll be something to look at next year.
  9. 9. I have used Microsoft word ever since I learnt how to use a computer so it was easy for me to use. However I have only really used word once this year to fill in a planning sheet for my magazine. Although word is easy to use, I prefer to use PowerPoint to record my progress so I haven't had to use word much. I will use it again next year, but again PowerPoint will probably be my preferred way to record my work.
  10. 10. We haven't had to use scanning this year, so again its probably something we’ll do next year.
  11. 11. In my evaluation I used a range of programmes like PowerPoint and Prezi. I did a different presentation for each question so that I could answer in depth. I found the presentation the hardest part of the whole coursework because of the depth I had to look into. But I am happy with my result and should be able to do a successful evaluation next year.
  12. 12. This year we used blogger to organise our work instead of the folders which were used in GCSE Media. Blogger meant that we could organise our files easier but it also constricted us to what we could so creatively. I wouldn’t mind using blogger again next year, but I would prefer to go back to using folders to organise our work, as its easier to find things.
  13. 13. Photography was obviously really important to my magazine, and with technology like digital cameras and green screens it was made easy. I wouldn’t have a problem doing photography next year.
  14. 14. Next year we will be making a music video, so for that some of the skills I learnt this year will help. Especially analysing the drama clips as camera angles will be helpful to convey the message of the song. I may not need Photoshop as much but the skills I learnt with photography from that will definitely help also.