Holiday Vouchers


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Holiday vouchers to be used as ADD ON BENEFIT and gifted to customers / clients to increase productivity and gain customer loyalty.

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Holiday Vouchers

  1. 1. BUSINESS PLAN Four Seasons Holidays Holiday Gift Vouchers B2B Product for the Indian Market to be used as Add On Benefit for their Business. Lucrative & Easy to use Holiday Voucher to attract Indian Consumers to business transactions
  2. 2. BUSINESS PLAN Content Background information Summary Company Holiday Vouchers The market - Process Strategy and Implementation Reservations Team Contact Four Seasons
  3. 3. BUSINESS PLAN Who are We?  This is who we are... Companys information Details Managing Director Office Address Telephone Company website: Date of Incorporation: Industries: Resorts: Members : MD Firasat Hussain 204, HGH Residency L.K Pul X Roads Hyd. 040 4035 6666 10.10.2001 Leisure & hospitality Major Timeshare Resorts & Affiliated Chain of Hotels & Resorts Above 5, 00, 000 Members
  4. 4. BUSINESS PLAN Our Motto and Visions Missions and Goals Be Proactive… Take Responsibility. That’s our motto in Business which played a key role in our Success so far. We at FSH share a common vision, serve every Indian Family for a holiday at least once. To a normal Indian Family, A Holiday means an expensive Luxury; Our Mission is to make every Indian family used to enjoying Holidays. To be able to serve every business entity with our Consulting Services & provide solutions to improve Business.
  5. 5. BUSINESS PLAN Summary Who are we Four Seasons Holidays is a division of Four Seasons Consultants & Holiday Makers Pvt Ltd, A Brand which is now synonyms with Quality Consulting. What do we offer? Today’s demanding consumer and the competitive market is compelling several corporations, businesses, traders to market their products with Add on Benefits such as free gifts, discounts, holiday vouchers etc. We Offer the best Add On Benefit which can be remembered for life. Our Clients: Spencer's Hyper Market, Twinkle-Enviro Tech, M. M Meadows and Farms, Fortune Cars, Spring Club, Remi Group, Pioneer Consulting, Octek Consulting (US), Venus Marketing, Humsafar consultants and more…  Holiday vouchers Lucrative Holiday vouchers accessible in around 100 International Standard Resorts with in the country; which can be used as An Add On Benefit. Expected returns: The modus of Holiday Voucher is to provide better service in a different way, which should lead to Increase “Customer Loyalty”, “Customer Satisfaction” and resulting in “Repeated Business” consequently driving sales to higher profit margins.
  6. 6. BUSINESS PLAN Summary XYZ Business A Business entity that does not offer any thing to its clients Your Business A Business entity that offers Gifts & Add On Benefits to its Clients ABC Business A Business that just offers discounts and charges more than the market. Less Sales People will buy only for themselves and only those that are required. Best Sales Sales of immovable goods Sales of goods of higher margin profits Increase in revenue. Average Sales Every consumer understands that no discount comes with out heavy profit to the company Customer Satisfaction Might be satisfied with the product, but not necessarily the business entity. Customer Satisfaction Costumer Loyalty, Repeated Business Satisfied Customer Customer Satisfaction No Major Reason to come back as Discounts are available every cornor
  7. 7. BUSINESS PLAN Highlights Customer Satisfaction Every buyer will leave with a smile on the face High sales volume Selling Immovable goods. Selling high margin profits goods Customer Loyalty Refer more customers to you. Holiday Voucher Benefits Promotions The best advertisement: “word of mouth” Repeated Business Gets your customer turn towards you for every need.
  8. 8. BUSINESS PLAN Voucher Description Features of Holiday Vouchers The Voucher will be valid for 1 year from the date of issuing. Each Holiday needs to be requested at least 1 week before the preferred date of travel. Holiday against a Holiday Voucher will purely be based on EP Plan. (Economic Plan, i.e. only Accommodation) Reservations and Collecting Confirmation Vouchers will have to be from our Hyderabad office before the Holiday Date. Holiday is purely based on Availability Holiday Voucher is Valid for 2 Adults 2 Children only below the age of 12 years. Ownership Most of the Bookings will be provided on behalf of Existing Timeshare Members of Various Condominiums in India. Guests will use the properties on ownership basis on behalf of members Facilities and Amenities 3 Nights / 4 Days Accommodation All Club Facilities Health Club (Spa and Cardiac) Laundry / toiletries Kitchen & Utensils Gas Stove & Oven Swimming pool Indoor Games / Out door Games Trekking / Safari / Water Games
  9. 9. BUSINESS PLAN Pricing Regular Vouchers: Holiday Voucher slabs with Utility & Taxes Slab Cost 1) 500 to 1000 Vouchers ---------------------------------- @ Rs. 250/- Per Voucher 2) 2000 to 5000 Vouchers -------------------------------- @ Rs. 150/- Per Voucher 3) 10,000 & Above Vouchers ------------------------------@ Rs. 100/- Per Voucher Special Vouchers : Holiday Voucher slabs with out Utility. (Taxes Applicable) 1) 200 to 500 Vouchers ---------------------------------- @ Rs. 2000/- Per Voucher 2) 750 to 1000 Vouchers -------------------------------- @ Rs. 1500/- Per Voucher 3) 3,000 & Above Vouchers -----------------------------@ Rs. 1250/- Per Voucher Purchase frequency/product life span/additional benefits 1) Vouchers can be provided in break ups (2 to 3) 2) Valid for 1 year from date of issue. 3) honored irrespective of Seasons. 4) No Hidden Charges; All facilities & amenities at no extra cost 5) Additional rooms at Disounted Rates.
  10. 10. BUSINESS PLAN Product / Service / Features Regular Vouchers The Regular vouchers that can be purchased and distributed to clients’ customers Four Seasons Holidays Features: Holiday Vouchers Travel Planning & Budgeting Complete travel Arrangements Customer Loyalty Repeated Business Improving the Customer Support Customer Satisfaction Exclusive / co branding Vouchers Regular Vouchers with branding and promoting clients business Special consulting Special Add on Benefit with Holiday consulting and Representing Client to their Customers
  11. 11. BUSINESS PLAN The Market Regular Gift Voucher The normal holiday voucher with only Four Seasons Holidays name and Reservations / Customer Care Number. Co Branding Vouchers with Both FSH Logo and the clients Name & Logo with a caption. Customer Care Number of FSH Holiday Voucher Special Add On Benefit Exclusive Vouchers with a unique Customer Care Number that will receive calls on behalf of the Client; thanking the caller to be part of the clients Business. Exclusivity Vouchers Exclusively clients name and logo along with address mentioned. Customer Care of FSH
  12. 12. BUSINESS PLAN The Market Co Branding The Regular Vouchers that can be bought as per any slab mentioned. Vouchers will carry the clients (Purchaser) company name and Logo with a caption on them along with FSH Name & Logo An Additional Rs. 22,500/- to be paid with the total Purchase Price Regular Gift Voucher The Regular voucher that can be bought as per the slab mentioned. No Additional Charges. Special Add On Benefit The Special Vouchers with out Utility. Vouchers will carry the clients (Purchaser) company name and Logo with a caption on them. An Additional Rs. 50,000/- to be paid with the total Purchase Price. Callers will be received on behalf of the client thanking them for being part of the clients business and promoting to visit again. Exclusivity Vouchers The Regular Vouchers with a minimum slab of 5000 (five thousand) Vouchers. Vouchers will Exclusively carry the clients (Purchaser) company name and Logo with a caption on them. An Additional Rs. 35,000/- to be paid with the total Purchase Price
  13. 13. BUSINESS PLAN Features of Special Vouchers Important Features Special Attention to customers Showing Care and Concern and thanking them for their Investment & time. Almost % free holiday Additional Travel Services Security & Medical Assistance on Holiday Customer Care Callers will be received on behalf of The client. Most professional approach and attention will be provided. End to End Reservations Service at their door Step (If required) Thanking them for doing business with the client Taking Feed back of the product / service purchased. Re Assuring of better service on the next visit & Enchouraging with new products information. Example: Opening Call: Good Morning, thank you for calling “The Electronic Store” holiday reservations Desk, My Name is Dolly, how may I help you?. Dear Sir, how was the Product purchased at “The Electronic Store” how did you like it? Where Would you like to holiday with your family and what special services to you require? Finally, Thank you for doing Business with “The Electronic Store” and we assure you of better products. When can we expect your next visit sir?
  14. 14. BUSINESS PLAN Strategy and Implementation Process Flow Co Branding / Exclusive Vouchers Vouchers with clients name and logos along with caption with Special Series Special Consulting Vouchers Voucher with consulting and Customer Services, Special Series and Extension Regular Vouchers The Regular Voucher with its series. Reservations: Greeting & Wishes on behalf of Client. Regular Reservations with Additional Services Feed back of product / service and request to visit again. Non transferable Voucher Reservations: Regular Reservations against the Voucher Series Non transferable Voucher Reservations: Regular Reservations Against voucher Series. Non transferable Voucher Attracting new Customer Satisfied Customers will refer more customers with personal Assurance. Satisfied Customer Making them feel special will satisfy your customers and assures you in business for longer period
  15. 15. BUSINESS PLAN Reservations Team Core Reservations Team Excellent Customer Care. Personalised Reservations Center Round the Clock Reservations *24 hours On line and Telephonic help Desk
  16. 16. BUSINESS PLAN Contact Four Seasons Holidays Four Seasons Holidays Board Line Number: 040 4035 6666 Extensions & mail ids: For Sales of Holiday Vouchers: 212 or For Customer Care: 213 or For Reservations: 210 or Address: 204, HGH Residency Lakdi Ka Pul x Raods. Hyderabad – 500004, AP. Website: