Matthew Johnston - Big Data Futures Outlook BCM


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BCM Conference 2013

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Matthew Johnston - Big Data Futures Outlook BCM

  1. 1. Big Data overview & future considerations for the BCM Professional Matthew Johnston Managing Director, South Asia Dell | Software 1 10/31/2013 Software
  2. 2. Agenda Big Data defined Big Data use cases BCM + Big Data Why Dell Software? 2 10/31/2013 Software
  3. 3. Big Data defined 3 10/31/2013 Software
  4. 4. The world of data is changing 4.3 connected devices per adult 85% 10X increase every five years 27% 4 from new data types use social media 10/31/2013 By 2015, organizations that build a modern information management system will outperform their peers financially by 20 percent. Gartner, “Information Management in the 21st Century“ Software
  5. 5. Data is created and consumed at a rapid pace… $232 billion dollars will be spent on Big Data through 2016 70% of data is created by consumers. But enterprises are responsible for storing and managing 80% of it. 247 billion emails are sent every day. 80% are spam. 4.4 million $600 billion IT jobs globally will be created to support big data. Only 1/3 will be filled. dollars in waste annually for bad data or poor quality data. 48 hours 37.5% 1.8 Zettabytes 200 million of large organizations said that analyzing big data is their biggest challenge. 5 10/31/2013 of business data in use in 2011, up 30% from 2010. of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, resulting in 8 yeas of content daily. photos are uploaded to Facebook every day. That’s 6 billion pictures every month. Software
  6. 6. …generating new sets of questions Why is our product more popular with teenagers? Advanced Analytics How do I capture, analyze, and manage all of this data? 6 10/31/2013 6 How will my social media campaign impact my product launch? Will monsoons impact my sales in Indonesia and parts availability from my suppliers next quarter? Social and Web Analytics Live Data Feeds How do I turn this data into operational intelligence? How do I make the connections? Software
  7. 7. What is Big Data? Information of increasing… Volume A large amount of data, growing at rapid rates Variety Velocity Wide range of data types and structure Data that must be processed at high speed to facilitate rapid decisions Results in datasets too large or complex for typical database or data management tools to… 7 10/31/2013 7 capture manage analyze Software
  8. 8. Big Data versus traditional database Traditional Database “Schema-on-Write” • 1. 2. 8 10/31/2013 Reads are fast Standards and governance Pros As data is being read into HDFS, the required columns are extracted during the process • New columns must be added explicitly before new data for those columns can be loaded into the database Data is simply copied to the file store (HDFS), no transformation is needed • An explicit load operation has to take place in order to transform data to the DB internal structure • • Schema must be created before any data can be loaded • Big Data (Hadoop) “Schema-on-Read” New data can start flowing at any time since the schema is created as part of the process 1. 2. Loads are fast Flexibility and agility Software
  9. 9. Forces driving Big Data advancement HPC Enabling exascale computing on massive data sets Cloud Helping enterprises build open interoperable clouds Open Source Contributing code and fostering ecosystem 9 10/31/2013 9 Software
  10. 10. Think Big Data when… Impossible / impractical to perform data analysis with existing technology stack Relevant data exists across multiple data sources and various formats Streams of data are being generated, but capturing, storing and processing presents challenges Cost to scale is prohibitively high Large volumes of useful archived data resides on tapes (unrecoverable after a certain period of time) Most of the data needs to be analyzed rather than just a small subset of the data 10 10/31/2013 Software
  11. 11. Big Data use cases 11 10/31/2013 Software
  12. 12. Big Data in action: Mobile subscriber QoS • Measure, save Replicate thin tocompare and understand what factors influence the number of people visiting a location at any time • Use analysis to improve subscriber quality of service 12 10/31/2013 Software
  13. 13. Big Data in action: IP TV subscriber recommendation engine • Collect subscriber clickstreams and viewing history • Add subscriber metadata from web-based movie database • Provide viewing recommendations to subscribers Clickstreams 13 10/31/2013 13 EPG VoD Software
  14. 14. Big Data in action: Financial services Overcome increasingly cumbersome data volumes scaling into petabytes that hinder analysis Gain operational efficiency by moving jobs to technology designed to process multiple data types Empower business users to ask different questions to improve decision making 14 10/31/2013 Software
  15. 15. BCM + Big Data Usage Trends 15 10/31/2013 Software
  16. 16. What is BCM and why Big Data? Business Continuity Management (BCM) Is a holistic management process which helps to assess, plan and strengthen the resilience of your value chain. Business Continuity National Focal Point - Big Data 16 10/31/2013 Enables the assessment & analysis of large disparate data sets. Software
  17. 17. Use cases for Big Data (Hadoop) Predictive Analytics (bigger questions) Customer 360 View Content Optimization Recommendation Engine Network Analytics Fraud Detection EDW Augmentation ETL Offload Batch Processing Data Reservoir Log Processing Operational Data Processing (data pain points) 17 10/31/2013 Software
  18. 18. Use cases relevant to BCM Predictive Analytics (bigger questions) Customer 360 View Content Optimization Recommendation Engine Network Analytics Fraud Detection EDW Augmentation ETL Offload Batch Processing Data Reservoir Log Processing Operational Data Processing (data pain points) 18 10/31/2013 Software
  19. 19. Why Dell Software? 19 10/31/2013 Software
  20. 20. Information Management Manage data and databases across structured and nonstructured data sources - cloud or on-premise Integrate data disparate data stores, cloud and on-prem Database management Application & data integration Business intelligence and Big data analytics Discover trends and make informed decisions with analysis based on all data 20 10/31/2013 Software
  21. 21. Information Management Database management Application & data integration Business intelligence and Big data analytics Data type agnostic Vendor agnostic Data location agnostic One Vendor – Complete Tool Chain - All Data 21 10/31/2013 Software
  22. 22. Dell Software Solutions Data center & cloud management Information management  Client management  Performance management  Virtualization & cloud mgmt  Windows server mgmt  Database management  Application & data integration  Business intelligence/analytics Security 22 10/31/2013  Identity & access management  Network security  Endpoint security  Email security Mobile workforce management  Mobile device mgmt  Desktop virtualization  Application/data access  Secure remote access Data protection  Enterprise backup & recovery  Virtual protection  Application protection  Disaster recovery Software
  23. 23. Summary • BCM is about risk mitigation • Big Data is about understanding data • BCM + Big Data = Better understanding & analysis of the risk 23 10/31/2013 Software
  24. 24. Thank you