Vlc jan28 2013


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Welcome to the Hoffman Family Library Weekly Announcements.

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Vlc jan28 2013

  1. 1. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning CommonsVirtual Learning Commons Weekly Announcements Weekly Announcements 1/27/2013-2/2/2013
  2. 2. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning CommonsThe Virtual Learning Commons is awonderful place for students,faculty, librarians and staff tocollaborate, learn, and educateeach other. It is always a work inprogress and you are alwayswelcome to contact us to add tothe site. From school, to art, web2.0 technologies, there is a wealthof knowledge out there justscreaming to be learned.
  3. 3. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning CommonsExhibit: Memoirs During the month of January, the Hoffman Family Library has a wonderful exhibit of memoirs that you should read. Come in and check out some of the fantastic titles available! Some memoirs have inspired film! Check out what is available for your rent in the library!
  4. 4. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning CommonsGoodwin College Celebrates Black History Month.Throughout the month of February, Goodwin College will have presentations and events celebrating Black History Month. To see what is happening, check out the link below. Goodwin College Celebrates Black History
  5. 5. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning Commons A Look Back at 2012 The past year saw Goodwin College continue to grow, literally and figuratively. Here’s a recap of the events, milestones, and memories that made 2012 special. Recap of 2012 The library welcomed twoGoodwin College’s new full time librarians!Community Gardenand Celebration ofBlack HistoryMonth! Crash Crew Dances Up Downtown Hartford
  6. 6. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning CommonsEnvironmental StudiesIncreased government and private investment ingreen technology combined with a growingawareness of environmental challenges makeenvironmental science some of the fastestgrowing — and best paying — emerging careerfields!Goodwin Colleges Environmental Studiesprogram provides technical training for jobs inthis rapidly growing field while also focusing onthe scientific arguments for environmentalstewardship. Graduates gain real-world skills, aswell as a comprehensive understanding of thefactors that impact environmental health.
  7. 7. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning CommonsNew Titles are Added to the Library All the Time! Check them out!!
  8. 8. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning CommonsHoffman Family Library is on Twitter! Follow us!
  9. 9. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning Commons Can’t get to the library? You can still get help Call! from your friendlyEmail! Goodwin College IM! librarians!! Text! Click here to find out more!
  10. 10. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning CommonsResearch Databases and Libguides at Your Fingertips!!The Hoffman Family Library offers its patrons a wide variety of researchdatabases and guides to assist in your education needs. Check themout today! Library Research Databases! Libguides on Many Subjects!
  11. 11. Hoffman Family Library Virtual Learning CommonsMore Questions? Ask Us!Visit the Library Website or Contact one of your friendly librarians for more information on School and Library News! www.goodwin.edu/library